Full Interview: Rick Perry on Hannity

Rick Perry hits Mitt Romney quick, referring to him as ‘Obama lite’ and saying that whoever becomes the nominee must provide a stark contrast to Obama. In substantiating his ‘Obama lite’ comment, he pointed directly to what Mitt Romney said on the O’Reilly Factor, that Romneycare was the right thing for Massachusetts and then cited the report than came out last week suggesting otherwise.

Hannity also pushed Perry on Social Security, fixing it or repealing it. Perry was pretty clear that he wants to fix it and he discussed ideas on how one might fix it, but he never claimed any of the ideas as something he would push for. He kept emphasizing wanting a conversation to discuss it and I was noticing on twitter that people weren’t very keen on the fact that he isn’t talking more specifics that he would push for.

The last big issue was illegal immigration and Perry stood his ground on the Texas Dream Act, but shifted more toward a federal stance of securing the border being the only way we can begin to get a handle on illegal immigration.

Here’s the full interview:

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