FULL INTERVIEW: Sarah Palin talks Ted Cruz, Obamacare defunding with Cavuto

Sarah Palin was on with Cavuto today to discuss the movement led by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to defund Obamacare and speaks out against those who want to ‘surrender until we win’.


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124 thoughts on “FULL INTERVIEW: Sarah Palin talks Ted Cruz, Obamacare defunding with Cavuto

      1. Obama hasn’t been “right” even when he first took his oath of office! How can you question my logic? I think obama is arrogant, narcissistic and a traitor to this Country. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

        1. I question your logic because you say people hate Palin because she is right. That is a strange statement to make. I think people dislike Palin because they see her as being unintelligent.

          1. You’re kidding right? Unintelligent? She has more sense in her small finger than most. If you watched the video, you would know that. Are you sure you are an American?

            1. Positive. I am not saying she is dumb. I think she is pretty average as far as intelligence goes. I know she reminds me alot of my mom. I am just telling you what the national consensus is about her. She has been stereotyped as a ditzy hockey mom that is out of her league. I think the katie couric interviews plays a large role in this.

              1. You are probably right. I had already read books about her before that interview. She was a book worm. It was clear to me that during that interview she did not want to answer the question and I wish she had just said so. I am no fan of Katie Couric. The question was stupid. But, Sarah P. is a very smart woman and never gives up. That’s what I like about her.

                1. I dont know enough about Palin to pass judgement but I thankyou for being honest. Alot of people dont want to admit she messed up in that interview.

                2. Palin is the real thing! People could learn from her. I think she is close to the only good thing McCain ever introduced to us. As to the interview – it was so unimportant, yet liberals and progressives, with help from MSM made a big deal out of it. They basically are scared to death of her and that’s why they tried to destroy her. It worked on some people unfortunately. But if one listens to her and learns her background, (with a heart for what is right), they would see that she is no dummy to be played with. Thank you for your comments.

                3. She is a reality tv star. Nobody fears her because she poses no threat. She is not in the position to win any elections.

      1. Thank you for backing me up. Tired of being attacked, but of course that’s all they know to do. What a shame! Cannot debate on honesty, just attack.

  1. Can anyone tell me why there is a 3.9% tax on me selling my property? This is no more about health care than I’m the man in the moon. This has always been about power and control, Oh yea and taxes.

  2. She knows how to get down to it. However, she needs to stop protecting John McCain who takes any opportunity he can to indirectly attack her while he sends out Wallace and Schmidt and his fat air headed daughter to attack directly.

    SP has the power to save the GOP by flushing the likes of McCain and anyone associated with him.

    1. She doesn’t HAVE to name McCain directly…she’s told us what she stands for, and it’s directly against what McCain stands for. McCain does the same thing…he doesn’t attack Palin directly either, but it’s clear he thinks all the conservatives are “whacko birds”, which presumably means her too.

      It is clear they respect each other personally but not each others political philosophies. They wave different flags.

      1. I know what you are saying but she needs to name him and flush him. she needs to dish the dirt, sling the mud but in her defense timing is everything. She just might be keeping her powder dry.

        1. We already know how she disagrees with McCain and there is nothing to be gained by calling him out yet. It isn’t a matter of personalities, anyway, it is a matter of principle.

          1. I don’t think you understand what I am saying and talking at me does little to further the conversation.

            No it isn’t a matter of personalities. It is a matter of principles as well as agendas. McCain has his own agenda and he is dishonest at best. He has his minions smearing Palin all over the web and media, which derails the conservative agenda, while he keeps his hands clean. At some point in time she might have to confront him. if the Arizona GOP doesn’t get him first.

            1. If at some point she has to confront him, she will.

              And I doubt very much if he runs another term because he would be voted out.

            2. I understand and it is unecessary. Everyone knows where each of them stands and we know where the loyalties of the people are.

              1. No you know form your little world here at RS but you don’t know overall. As one who works in political circles I can tell you McCain has considerable clout…corrupt and warped as he is. He just got re-elected to the Senate…that alone should tell you a lot.

                She at some point in time needs to expose Schmidt, Wallace, and even McCain to discredit them. And they need to be discredited. Exposure to sunlight is the best disinfectant and remember she made her name by exposing corruption on the same side of the aisle. Hopefully that wasn’t all talk and political opportunity. But as I said timing is everything.

  3. I missed Sarah’s interview and I am so glad I caught it here. She’s naming names…..take that Morris and Rove!! Nothing makes me smile more than when Sarah is speaking truth to power. She’s been very active for the past week. More, Sarah, more!

  4. “Surrender until we win”. That’s the best phrase I’ve heard in a long time.
    I want to try to say this more clearly where I don’t get 20 dislikes again. We have too many weak links in the GOP that are against this, Boehner being one of them. If we’re going to do this, we have to be strong and give it our all…all the way through. From the time it goes back to Congress to when the government gets shut down.

    I have a feeling Boehner is just playing games, like usual. He is only doing this under pressure from the public, and as soon as it comes back from the Senate with Obamacare back in it, he will say “we voted, we lost, it’s over”. If he does that it will have been a dangerous waste of time because it was nothing more than a game to him. He better not do that, or he will face the wrath of his base.

      1. Yeah, I started off by saying it was a waste of time. But I followed it up with what I said above. Boehner said he won’t let government get shut down and it gives me the impression that he just wants to take a vote and when it comes back with Obamacare back in it he will say “we voted, we lost”. He’s just trying to get us off his back right now, but will not follow through.

        Everyone thought I didn’t want to defund it or I was giving up or something. Got a couple bad responses….”you’re no better than Boehner” (but she took it back after I explained).

        1. But said the same thing. I don’t think the filibuster was a waste of time but I do think Boehner will pull a bait and switch,

          1. Cruz is giving it his all, and Boehner is going to stab him in the back. Bait and switch, huh? Maybe he’ll switch it to “delay”?

            1. No he won’t. Bull elephant out of his mind McCain just knifed Cruz in the back and sided with Democrats. He will put pressure on Boehner to side with Democrats.

      1. Boehner is “retiring.” Can’t stand the heat so he’s going to [the] lobby. (I know, bad play on words…)

  5. If not for Gov. Palin who’s endorsement got Ted Cruz elected to the Senate,
    we would not have him standing up against this train wreck.

    GO CRUZ!!

  6. It’s easy for her to speak about killing the ability for everyone to have insurance. It’s easy for her because her family is covered by Alaska Native Healthcare via IHS (Indian Health Services from Todd’s Tribe, Federally provided), all of them, down to her daughter’s son Tripp. Mrs. Palin herself is covered for life via the State of Alaska plan even though she did not finish her term as Governor. When the State and the Federal Government are already providing insurance for your entire family I find it disingenous to speak to deny coverage to those willing to pay their own way.

    1. Listen AK, Sarah is for less Gov’t intrusion and Obamacare is a disaster for everybody that works and wants a better life. She is the perfect person to speak of this. A side note, just because she is against Obamacare does not mean that she wants people to suffer, she just wants better solutions for everybody not just a few.

      1. Well, she bungled Medicare so badly in our State that 220 old folks died while seeking treatment due to the red tape snafu that she created. I don’t think she’s the best ambassador for any health care situation.

        1. Name for us one true thing Obama said about this law that was true. Just one true thing. Every syllable he said about it while trying to sell it was a bold-faced lie.

        2. I can see that many that I respect such as Rshill7 are giving you a run for your money so I will sit back and be entertained by their excellent responses and your feeble ones!

        3. go ahead and cite objective proof regarding your statement. after all these years you cowards still keep attacking palin. why? her position goes towards the big picture. this obamacare law is an insidious monster

      1. Unions are just pissed that they will be taxed. They are used to having things their own way, isn’t that why you right wing folks hate them so much? Congress will have to shop on the exchanges same as anyone else, that’s why they are afraid, no more free ride for them, and well it shouldn’t be since most of them don’t support the opinions of those that elected them.

            1. And when they are 27? 26 year olds are commonly called, uh, adults.

              Can you keep your healthcare? No. Can you keep your doctor? No. Will your rates go down? No.

              Will young people be paying for older people while unemployed? Yes. How is that supposed to work? Answer: It won’t, dumbass.

              1. Not so much adults yet, basically still in college and thinking about their future. Generally kids that age are healthy and at 27 they can visit and exchange and purchase insurance. If they can’t yet afford it then they can opt out and wait and pay a small tax penalty. If they get sick, then the parents can help them pay for an insurance plan through an exchange as pre-existing conditions must be covered. At least they won’t have to go bankrupt if they get sick and most parents and down with the financial support thing until kids are out of school and on their own, which sometimes can be as old as 30.

                1. Gee…when I went to college…I worked 3 jobs and paid for my own insurance! I paid my own rent and had my own apartment! I didn’t live with mommy and daddy! Too bad college kids today are so smart that they would allow a community organizer to sell their future down the drain for them! Living with mommy and daddy while getting a PHD?! Are you kidding? If you can afford a PHD, you can buy your own damned insurance! Just like our Community Organizer in chief, they can play the system and hide in fake academia…wow…mom and dad should be so proud! It’s an excuse to stay lazy, undisciplined, and have no direction and now you want the government to force the Americans, who do work for a living to foot the bill! NOT!

                2. Their parents could buy them their own health care plan if they need help, since they are paying for college for them too. Why should WE sponsor their college career? No one sponsored mine, and I did fine.

                3. By having pre-existing conditions covered, everyone will wait to get insured after they have been diagnosed with a major illness. That guarantees failure right there with catastrophic amounts going out and much less coming in.

        1. Wrong…Congress will not be on this! They have their cadillac plans and won’t lose them! Still waiting on the one true thing. What? Are you thumbing through your Odumbocare script?

        2. among many reasons, unions are disliked because of how the burden businesses, get money for nothing and for supporting progressive policies that will ruin this country

    2. According to the CBO, even if Obamacare were untouched, there will still be 30 million people uncovered through 2030. How does that cover “everyone”? It doesn’t. Not only that, I thought this was to help the working poor. Bullshit! Those working poor are having their hours cut to 28 per week! How does that help them? This law is seriously hurting the very people it is purported to help. The name of it is as misleading as misleading can be, as usual with democrat legislation.

      And what about the middle class? Those making up to 250K per year. Their premiums are going up as never before. Sarah Palin is not speaking for herself. She is not as selfish as you pretend.

      Her words are not for her own family, they are for the majority of Americans. Who the hell are your words for? Yourself? Your neighbor? Poor folks? If they are, then they are phony, incorrect words which you should shove into any personal orifice you deem appropriate.

      Please name for us one true thing Obama said about this law that was true. Just one true thing. Every syllable he said about it while trying to sell it was a bold-faced lie.

      You suck!

      1. Those companies that are cutting hours to avoid insurance will find that they are unable to find qualified workers to fill those positions. Some will simply rely on unemployment and others will find other jobs that provide insurance coverage. I’ve seen this in action and companies that do this soon find themselves hiring from a pool that is not qualified, not dependable, and in the end this practice is a detriment to the operations of the organization.

        What is it that you find so abhorrent about people being offered an opportunity to pay their own way, medically, rather than living off of the emergency room and medical bills they cannot pay?

        You’ve obviously not read the bill or you would know that the $250K people are not paying more for insurance. Get back to me once you’ve read the ACA, in full, until then, just keep being afraid because some numbnuts tell you to. What a way to live.

        1. Please name for us one true thing Obama said about this law that was true. Just one true thing. Every syllable he said about it while trying to sell it was a bold-faced lie.

          I’ll be waiting.

          1. Well, for one, children remain on the parent’s plan until age 26. That’s a pretty big deal. That began in 2012 and I know many parents and children that are very grateful as at that age a lot of kids are still in college working on Masters or PhD’s and could use the coverage without paying.

            1. 26 year olds are NOT children!! At 18 they are legally considered adults! But thanks to this law…they will be broke and unable to be gainfully employed and live in mommy and daddy’s basement!

          2. This is the whole problem with Obamacare. Ted Cruz is giving a passionate case against it. I have not heard one Democrat give a passionate case for it. Obama’s wishy washy style of speaking can hardly be called passionate even when he is lying.

            1. If you don’t already have insurance you don’t have to participate, you can simply pay a 1% penalty on your tax return for not participating. No one is making you get insurance, just realize though, that it will be more difficult to have tax payers cover you through medicaid if you don’t sign up. If you are poor your coverage could still be subsidized, just like medicaid. I don’t get why people are freaking out.

              1. How many doctors in your area accept Medicaid patients? Most don’t in my area…you have to travel 200 miles to find a doctor who accepts it and isn’t already swamped with patients, kind of hard to travel that far if you are poor enough to qualify for Medicaid in the first place.

              2. The people who are “freaking out” are those who understand the issue and the fallout this freaking “care act” creates. The only correct word in it’s title is “Act”. It destroys competition and the medical delivery system we currently enjoy (including those who have no insurance) and it has ratcheted up everyone’s premiums; in some cases it has caused insurers to withdraw desirable plans from the market.
                It is not “Affordable” nor is it “Care”. If you think otherwise, you yourself need to “read the bill”.

        2. That’s hilarious coming from a drone that believes this Imposter in chief! We are waiting…name a single thing that Odumbo promised about this law that is true? You can’t and you know it! Everyone’s insurance has sky rocketted! Those of us who do carry policies will be forced on this government crap that is far inferior to what we had! It’s a crap law and you can’t defend it because no matter how much you claim to give a shit about the poor…there are more middle class joining their ranks because of this! The rich are richer, the middle class will cease to exist, and won’t we all be happy being poor and living in a bankrupt nation?!

        3. If you actually AND understood that bill, then you would not support it. if you truly understand the bill’s ramifications, you would not be support it. if you do, then you are either a troll or an obama zombie…you know, the type who can find no wrong with obama

        4. I doubt if you have read all 2000 pages of the bill plus the 33,000 regulations that have come out of it SO FAR, and understand it all.

      2. They passed this monstrosity for the 40 million who were uninsured. And many of those uninsured just wanted to spend their money on other things instead. Now everyone pays more, gets less for it, and 30 million people will still not be covered. Tell us how that is good health care?

      3. I believe that Obama did called the bill his signature bill. This is true. It describes exactly how awful he really is. It’s a perfect example or reflection of his total incompetence. Did I find the one true thing? Did I? Did I?

    3. This is the biggest fiasco since the Iraq War. Palin called Obama out on it. That’s what you can’t stand. You don’t care about Palin’s insurance.

    4. The government can’t run the post office and you want them to run healthcare?! Government isn’t the answer to the healthcare problem and it never will be the answer for a great deal of problems! The only ones benefiting from Odumbocare are his cronies and the tech businesses to keep your personal health data in governments hands, and law businesses having to unravel billion loopholes for the unions to weasel out of what they fought for! The poor will still get poor healthcare, now all of us will get it right along with them! Every member of Congress gets life long cadillac healthcare plans for themselves and their families, even if they only serve one term! If it’s so great, why isn’t Harry Reid on it? Why isn’t Pelosi and her family on it? How about Barney Frank? What part of WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS!! Is too hard for you liberals to get?
      You ever dealt with the VA…it’s a nightmare…and that’s what all of us will get with this disaster!

      1. Exactly, only it will be worse than the VA or Indian Health Service or other programs. Or it will be like Medicaid…when most doctors will not even accept Medicaid patients, what good is it? Now doctors are not accepting new Medicare patients either.
        Ever been to an inner city free clinic? That is a lot of what Obamacare will look like.

    5. disingenuous applies to all the hypocrites and scum who pushed this anti-Constitutional piece of garbage down our throats and either got waivers or passed laws to avoid obamacare

  7. I love her strength of character, her conviction and her love of the country and the Constitution. Fearless!

  8. Love her! Keep it up governor! There are so few in government today that truly remember they’re servants of the people, not the other way around! Glad she mentioned that!

    I’ve called my senators today and numerous times in the last weeks. One of mine is Blunt.(Missouri). They said he was with Cruz and do whatever it took to get rid of obamacare, but hannity didn’t include him in the group standing with Cruz. Feel like some staff person played me!!

  9. I guess that Cruz was “unable to stand” after only an hour because he turned the filibuster over to Mike Lee.

      1. Where did this comment come from? Socialist? What does that have to do with anything except for cheap right wing talking points thrown out with no point of reference? BTW, you’re supposed to spell is “soshulist”, your buddies read phonetically, don’t give them a brain freeze, m’kay.

        1. ahhh I see it is o.k for you to throw out cheap left wing talking points regarding intelligence of the right wing, kettle pot black and that whole thing,

    1. cruz is truly intelligent and gifted…your idol imam barack can’t give a speech without his teleprompter. otherwise you hear a lot of “uhs” and “ahs” ..give me a break

  10. With the indefatigable Sarah Palin backing Cruz and us, I feel like I can see light in dark places..God uses her to perfection!

      1. If by “calls them as she sees them” you mean, “incoherently spews word salad out of her old hooah!” then I totally agree with you! Palin always gets her panties in a wad, but for her to take them off and wave them around on national television really proves that she has absolutely no class at all!

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