FULL LETTER – Social conservative groups warn RNC supporters could abandon GOP if party abandons principles

Social conservative groups are standing up to the RNC, warning they if they abandon the principles they adhered to in the 2012 national platform, then there could be a massive abandonment of the party by constituents, something they say they couldn’t control even if they wanted to:

NBC NEWS – A group of high-profile social conservatives warned Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus in a letter this week that their supporters could abandon the GOP if the party seeks to change its position on social issues, particularly same-sex marriage.

Thirteen social conservatives, representing various influential groups, wrote Priebus ahead of the RNC’s quarterly meeting this week in Los Angeles to sternly rebuke the conclusions of a post-election report that advised Republican elected officials to adopt a softer tone toward social issues.

“We respectfully warn GOP Leadership that an abandonment of its principles will necessarily result in the abandonment of our constituents to their support,” concludes the letter, which was obtained by and independently verified by NBC News in advance of the meeting this week.

The letter further asks GOP committeemen to pass a resolution at their meeting this week re-affirming the party’s 2012 national platform, which includes language calling for bans on abortion and same-sex marriage.

“Chairman Priebus agrees that we must stand up for our conservative principles while we work together to grow our party and win elections and has been traveling the country with that message,” said Kirsten Kukowski, an RNC spokeswoman. Furthermore, she said that a resolution re-affirming the platform was currently being drafted, and would likely win approval from the full RNC this Friday.

Much of the conservatives’ letter to Priebus stresses the issue of gay rights, and challenges the logic of the Growth and Opportunity Project’s advice to broaden the party’s appeal. Holding the line against same-sex marriage, the letter argues, would allow Republicans to make better inroads, for instance, into more traditionally-minded corners of the African American community.

“It is the faith-based community which offers Republicans their best hope of expanding their support in these groups,” the signatories wrote. “Going ‘vanilla’ or even changing long held positions would quickly end this opportunity.”

The conservatives additionally expressed their anger at what they said was an insinuation that they had treated gays and lesbians unkindly.

“The fact that the party is strongly committed to traditional marriage has not prevented their involvement through GOProud or Log Cabin Republicans,” they wrote. “We deeply resent the insinuation that we have treated homosexuals unkindly personally.”


I did a little searching on the internet and here is what I believe to be the full letter via GING-PAC:

Dear Chairman Priebus,

We write to express our great displeasure with the RNC commissioned report titled Growth and Opportunity Project. As individuals and organizations which represent millions of grassroots, faith-based voters who have supported (politically and financially) thousands of Republican candidates who share our values, we write to say:

The Republican Party makes a huge historical mistake if it intends to dismantle this coalition by marginalizing social conservatives and avoiding the issues which attract and energize them by the millions.

Unfortunately, the report dismisses the Reagan Coalition as a political relic of the past. It’s important to remember that from 1932-1980, the Republican Party was a permanent minority party. Political debate was confined to economic issues like the expansion of the Federal Government, taxes, and national security.

It was not until 1980 with key changes in the GOP Platform and the nomination of Ronald Reagan that social conservatives were clearly invited to be an important addition to this coalition. Millions of “Reagan Democrats” voted not only for President Ronald Reagan, but became active in supporting other GOP candidates who shared their faith-based family values. That’s how Republicans achieved many successes since 1980 at every level of government.

The report states on page seven that “America looks different.” It certainly does, but here are

some facts about minority outreach…not opinions and theories from DC Consultants:

1. In 2004, President Bush carried Ohio because of the outreach to African-American pastors supporting a traditional marriage amendment on the ballot.

2. Bush received more than 16% of the African-American vote in Ohio that year which played a key role in his Ohio and presidential victories.

3. A 2012 referendum on same-sex marriage in Maryland lost, but received 5% more of the vote than Mitt Romney.

4. Today in Illinois, despite a massive 74-47 Democrat majority in the Illinois House, a bill to pass same-sex marriage has been stalled because of successful, meaningful outreach by social conservatives to black and Hispanic pastors.

Minority outreach, to be successful, needs to be personal and genuine. It needs to focus on issues where there is mutual agreement like traditional marriage, vouchers, and abortion. That’s how relationships are formed and trust is built to work together to elect candidates who support these issues.

It is the faith-based community which offers Republicans their best hope of expanding their support in these groups. Going “vanilla” or even changing long held positions would quickly end this opportunity.

Page eight of the report makes what we believe to be two contradictory statements about gay rights. First:

There is generational difference within the conservative movement about issues involving the treatment and the rights of gays – and for many younger voters, these issues are a gateway into whether the Party is a place they want to be.

The next paragraph contradicts this statement by saying:

…just because someone disagrees with us on 20% of the issues, that does not mean we cannot come together on the rest of the issues where we do agree.

We agree with the final statement and disagree with the first. Many homosexuals are active in the GOP because they agree with Republicans on economic issues. The fact that the Party is strongly committed to traditional marriage has not prevented their involvement through GOProud or Log Cabin Republicans. We deeply resent the insinuation that we have treated homosexuals unkindly personally.

And we would like to point out that in the four blue states where voters narrowly voted for same sex marriage in 2012, Mitt Romney, who refused to discuss the issue, lost by an average of five points more than the state initiatives to preserve marriage.

Republicans would do well to persuade young voters why marriage between a man and a woman is so important rather than abandon thousands of years of wisdom to please them.

We believe that part of the 2012 failure was caused by the over concentration of funds by Republicans in paid media and a lack of attention to the “ground game.” And we would note that successful ground games in the past have been driven by the passion of social conservatives.

Amazingly, there is no reference to the 2012 Platform in this document. It’s one thing to say the Party is open to all. It’s quite another to suggest that the Party should retreat in midstream from their own platform. In so doing, the GOP further confuses voters about their own identity.

The GOP needs fewer consultants and more communication of positions that distinguish the Party clearly from Democrats on the economy, social issues and national security.

Finally, real and respectful communication is needed with our organizations. Alleged gaffes by candidates in 2012 on social issues could have been avoided if Party leadership had consulted us, the experts on how to articulate those positions.

The Republican Party has flourished because it is truly a reflection not of Washington, D.C., but of the values of Americans across this great country.

We respectfully warn GOP Leadership that an abandonment of its principles will necessarily result in the abandonment of our constituents to their support. We could not change that even if we wished to.

As a gesture of good faith and an affirmation of its positions, we strongly recommend that the RNC meeting in Los Angeles on April 9th pass a resolution reaffirming its support of the 2012 National GOP Platform adopted in Tampa.

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86 thoughts on “FULL LETTER – Social conservative groups warn RNC supporters could abandon GOP if party abandons principles

  1. @ http://www.livefyre.com/profile/13438898/

    So far only three deep blue states voted to redine marriage. Right
    now 41 states define marriage as a man and a woman. As for
    legislation I said I’m for civil unions. Federal benefits can be
    changed to reflect civil unions. It’s better than changing the
    meaning of marriage.I do think homosexual couples should have a right
    to have their relationships recognized. I would agree with Civil
    Unions and allow visitation , property transfers and tax laws to
    apply. Its not marriage.
    The Government recognizes, protects, and promotes marriage as the
    ideal institution for having and raising children. Promoting
    traditional marriage doesn’t ban anything. Adults are still free to
    make choices about their relationships, and do not need government
    permission to do so. The radicalism is in the Left redefining
    traditional values, the civil society and thousands of years of
    history. Redefining marriage opens a Pandora’s box of “marriages”.
    In addition there are victims of gay marriage. Gay marriage in MA.
    has led to the Catholic Church being forced out of the adoption
    business. As a result fewer children are adopted. Should I claim you
    don’t care about orphan children.?

  2. Sooo wrong.  Who/what was your source of information for this “vote”?  Civil unions would be great- but the LAW limits benefits on a federal level to the survivor of a ‘union’ vs. a ‘marriage’….. but you already knew that.  The problem is that civil unions, in court, are a second class status and result in seriously unfair adjudication against a same sex civil union.  The way the law is written the word used on paper must read “marriage” to be equal.  

    Radicals?  Radicals are the ones who suggest that gay marriage would somehow make heterosexuality evaporate into thin air.  Why do you care?  If you feel like your (hetero) marriage isn’t what it used to be once the Federal court rules that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness does in fact apply to gay people too- then the one who has the problem is you, not the gay people.   If you disapprove of gay marriage, then don’t marry a gay man.
    I love how you misspelled ‘sacred’ in your blurb.  You said the “scared” institution of marriage…… now if that isn’t Freudian, then I don’t know what is.

    1. Vholdemort By the way I’m not sure why liberals feel the need to act like pseudo-intellectuals over a misspelled word. It rarely happens to me but I’ve see it all the time on threads. It just makes the person pointing out the error seem like such a priss rather than discussing the substance of the issue at hand

  3. So funny… “Lost Boys”
    I left the GOP years ago. They are betraying any credibility they may have had and they are getting worse in a desparate attempt to regain power. They keep compromising and moving to the left…
    America is becoming mad as hell and we’re not going to take this anymore. Boehner should be the first out the door – traitor! Then kick McLame and Graham’s traitorous butts out next. I don’t trust Priebus or any of the RINOs in that party. Yes, there’s a handful of faithful, true red, conservatives left (Ted Cruz comes to mind) but when you see Tea Party darlings like Pat Toomey losing his mind too (See Rubio, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan also), then you start to lose faith in any of these guys.
    I’m very pro 3rd party right now (other than Libertarian – though I might reconsider that in 2016 if there isn’t another viable candidate from the GOP opposite Hillary). The Republicans are a drunk squirrel show right now and are incapable of getting their act together it seems.

  4. Although I appreciate this very truthful letter, many have abandoned the GOP not only because of the election, but also for the way GOP candidates that were elected have behaved since they were placed in office!  They are making deals with the devil, instead of making a stand!  We are sick of the GOP selling us a bill of goods and betraying our principles that they ran on in order to get elected.  I am no longer a Republican because of that very reason!  I am an independent now and am fully prepared to rake both sides over the coals before giving them my vote!

  5. Social conservative groups warn RNC supporters could abandon GOP if party abandons principles.
    They better listen too.

  6. What good does it do the GOP to “win elections” if they ultimately are going to behave and legislate no differently than the totalitarian leftwing Democrats?

    1. Unionville Exactly, and the GOP is going to rediscover what losing elections is like. 2010 spoiled them, and I do think they really thought 2012 would be theirs so they didn’t worry too much about those pesky teapartiers. Well, we lost, and Obama is still in and now bad times are a’coming, though the Establishment GOP can’t/won’t see it.  As they seem to be traveling down the same road of denial of needing the base and not adhering to conservative principles, they’re going to lose.  The base will stay home. Because at this point, we’re asking ourselves “what difference does it make?”

  7. This letter reflects my daily thoughts. Instead of being labeled “cuckoo birds” maybe it might be in the best interest of the Republicans all around to find out the source of the disagreement within the party instead of just cutting the rope. Especially McCain and Graham as well as a few others. Otherwise your days are numbered in your respective seats. Voters can be fickle.

    1. DawgfanInFL The GOP will forever be seen as arrogant and elitist if it constantly harps on and on and on about gay people.  For Pete’s sake- if Elizabeth Hasselbeck can realize that maybe- just maybe- her time (and the GOP’s) might be better spent figuring out how to bring down our national debt, curb gun violence, or how to save social security rather than figuring out how to stop two men from making a life commitment.  Bottom line- two gay men have the power to permanently shatter the Republican Party?  Seriously?  Wow.

      1. Vholdemort DawgfanInFL Well, let’s make a distinction between the acceptance of homosexuality, which is NOT the issue as far most of us are concerned, that issue is about gay marriage – which is not marriage at all in a religious sense, as defined by all major religions since the beginning of time. Otherwise, gays have equal everything, including civil unions. So, the government can step out of the business of marriage, gays can do what they want, and we’ll all give our civil union certificates – heterosexual and homosexual couples alike from the government. Of course, be prepared for the further disintegration of society as the family unit, made up of a father and a mother, is the healthiest foundation.  
        Gays, don’t just want to live and let live, they want everyone else to say it is “ok.” That’s not going to happen, as our core religious beliefs actually speak against it. Me, I like live and let live…but while I won’t condemn, neither will I condone, especially when it comes to what’s best for society and mankind.

        1. Lady_Penquin Vholdemort DawgfanInFL We’re lucky to have women like you who know what everyone else is thinking to lead us all out of the depths of hell- and lucky that you know that gay people are trying to destroy you, me, my children, and the fabric of society as a whole.  What you’ve written here certainly does not speak to “live and let live”.  It’s an added bonus that you know just what is best for “society and mankind.”  (You do realize, don’t you, that for centuries the church taught you that the Earth is flat, the Earth is the center of the universe, and women born with warts on their faces are witches and servants of the devil who need to be destroyed by fire or else it will lead to the disintegration of society leading us all to hell?)  Seems like the wisdom of the religious may not have been so wise after all.  Time proved the religious to be very very wrong.  Funny how history repeats itself.
          My point is this- you are unqualified to tell me or anyone else what will happen to a society when social change is about to occur.  You are in no position to judge anyone else.  You aren’t qualified (the ones who think they ARE qualified to condemn others seem to forget the biblical warning- Judge not- lest you be judged by your own measure.)  These arguments were used against mixed marriages, Jews in Germany, mixing of races in the military, etc etc.   It’s pompous people trumpeting the righteousness of God’s law upon their fellow man that has lead to war after war after war after war.   Like the Pharasees and the Saducees who condemned anyone who did not fulfill the law to their understanding- anyone who was not like them was condemned as evil- all the while quoting scripture to justify themselves.  (Remember they were the religious leaders at the time.)  I LOVED it when Jesus ripped them some new a-holes.  They were so offended- so angered by how Jesus called them vipers and hypocrites that they (tried to) organize the assassination of Jesus- the very Son of God.  
          It’s quite clear by your rhetoric that you will in no way, shape, form, or fashion consider anything at all that does not comply with what you think God wants from us….. which is actually a good thing in terms of faith and devotion to God.  I hope for the sake of ALL of OUR souls that God isn’t offended by some of his children condemning other of his children causing some people years of depression, separation, even suicide.  I don’t ever want God to say to me, “Do you realize that what you’ve done here has caused young people- MY young people- to commit suicide?  Do you think I wanted you to do that in My Name?”
          You seem arrogant enough to take that responsibility.  The consequences of your rigidity are entirely yours as well.

        2. Vholdemort Lady_Penquin DawgfanInFL Gee, so much vitriol. Seems like you missed the very first few lines of my comment…”gayness” is not an issue to me or many others, the radical agenda on the part of that group’s extremists, is the concern. Quite simply, you want gay marriage, that undermines society and survival of mankind.
          You want homosexual adoptions, which goes against faith beliefs, the Catholic Church for one, and has now had to shut their adoption agencies because of homosexuals’ demands that they get children for the Catholic agencies – which would have forced them to violate their faith beliefs. State gov. adoption agencies can give the homosexuals’ their children, so why couldn’t they leave the Church alone? 
          Anyway, last I looked the First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion in this country. You don’t have to follow the tenets of any of the Christian denominations in this country, nor Judaism, nor any other faith, go create your own church or no church, but it doesn’t give you the right to tell mine or any other church how to believe.  BTW, 5,000 of human history is behind the one man and one woman concept of marriage for procreation. 
          You call me arrogant because I can give you facts. No one is taking gayness away, but demanding that others give up their faith for hedonism and atheism is a little extreme.

        3. Lady_Penquin Vholdemort DawgfanInFL  When did I demand you give up your religion?   I am not gay- but know of two gay people who killed themselves because of hateful arrogant people like you filling their heads with how God hates them, how they are going to hell, parallels to beastiality, rape, etc.   You say live and let live, yet somehow you equate letting someone else live their life that somehow they demand of you that you give up your religion.   That never happened.  
          Why can’t gay people leave the church alone?  Because the church won’t leave them alone.  I agree with you on the shuttering of Catholic adoption agencies (I am a Catholic.)  That truly was evil.  I was also adopted so I have a special place in my heart for the whole adoption process.  I also agree with you completely that abortion is murder.  
          I never demanded of you to give up your religion.  I never demanded of you to turn your back on your faith.  Here’s what I’m saying to you:  BE CAREFUL.  No human being is in a position to condemn another human being.  Only one ever lived who was qualified to do that- and considering that Jesus hung out with prostitutes and drunks I wonder how He would measure up on your scale.  Again- just be careful.  
          When did I say I wanted homosexual adoptions?
          How would gay marriage undermine heterosexuality?  It would have to do that to undermine the survival of mankind- your words.
          Two people of the same sex getting married will not undermine heterosexuality.  To suggest that is akin to the statements that have made the Conservative Republican party look feebleminded.

        4. Vholdemort DawgfanInFL You’re projecting onto me, and being obtuse about the gay agenda by disregarding the their means and modis operandi already enacted. I believe in “live and let live” which is accepting of homosexuals/behavior, the thorn is I don’t believe in gay marriage – because “marriage” is defined spiritually by our faith beliefs. And while you say no one is “asking” us to give them up, that’s an either naive belief or deliberate ignoring of the facts. People of faith who run businesses, photographers, florists, bakers (refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple) even a tee-shirt business (who referred the customer to another printer for their desired shirts), are being sued. To these Christians, who live their belief system (think of the Amish for ex.) they are being forced by the fascist march of the GLBT lobby to do their bidding and go against their religion. Which, BTW, violates our 1st Amendment rights.  So we have the tyranny of the minority over the majority.  
           BTW, let me address your remarks attributing to be some kind of intolerant, bigoted belief system, which no reasonable person who has read my remarks would conclude. I’m simply taking a stand against the infringement on my religious (or anyone else’s faith belief) against destroying the core foundation of a healthy society. I have moral beliefs (which btw, the Founders have imbedded in the Constitution and their numerous associated founding documents), believed.   
          It is always a tragedy for anyone to take their own life, but to attribute blame to people like me…well, heterosexual people commit suicide too, so where and why did they do it? Loneliness, depression, angst with life are not unique to one group in society over an another.

        5. Vholdemort Lady_Penquin DawgfanInFL So you blame us because some nameless, faceless persons you know committed suicide.
          You must still be grieving and I am sorry for your loss.

        6. Lady_Penquin Vholdemort DawgfanInFL That was very well said. Nothing needed to be added. : )

  8. the GOP can count me among those that will leave. Drug legalization will also bring that about. 

    Mind you I am a lifelong GOP’er who has worked many a campaign both local up to presidential going back to the late 70’s. At some point in time a person has to realize when the party is over.

  9. I spent the summer and fall working for a conservative nominee for the Texas Legislature in Jason Vilalba. I did everything I could to help him get elected for no money and was proud when he won, trust me I don’t just go for the most known guy.  There are several factors that determine a good candidate.

  10. Missouri was unique because you had two decent candidates in Steelman and Burner but they split the vote and the Democrats along with Huckabee pushed for Akin.  Dems did same thing for Angle.   Rule of thumb Jayrae, when the Democrats are supporting a specific candidate in the GOP Primary their doing because that person is weak and a horrible candidate.  Pick anyone else other than the Democratic nominee.

  11. No actually Jayrae Akin was Huckabee’s candidate.   The GOP Establishment want a business guy named Burner.  I was fine with Steelman as she hadn’t said anything idiotic, would have been fine with her.  I picked rubio over crist in 2010 when I was a college student at Florida.

  12. Akin and O Donnell were awful as was Angle.  Angle couldn’t beat and unpopular terrible Harry Reid.   Akin was against the most unpopular senator in a red state and lost because of his mouth.  How are those two not bad candidates.  I didn’t say that there aren’t good candidates.  I am from Texas and am proud of Ted Cruz but the rest of America isn’t Texas.  Despite Cruz being a great candidate do you really think he could get elected in a deep blue state like New York, not light blue but deep die hard blue.

    1. JamesBouras Quit spreading lies.  Akin was the gopE candidate in that election. Sarah Steelman was the conservative. Go back to Tokyo Rove Central for new talking points!

    2. JamesBouras If you think Reid was easy to take out then you don’t know Vegas. He has the political machine in his back pocket. O’Donnell wasn’t a strong candidate but its Delaware we are discussing. Any GOP candidate would be long shot. Please spare me about having Mike Castle in the Senate. Having liberal Rinos undermine the party. I’m not against mush Rinos in the party. However Obama hugging Rinos and apologists like McCain and Susan Collins undermine the party more than helping it as they act like gadflies in front of the DC press corps.

  13. Gay marriage passed in Canada a few years ago. Research Brandon Lee’s short vid on it & how it is turning everything into chaos. God will not be damned,nor dishonored. Gay marriage accomplishes both.

    1. mcgurn Yes- two men living together will annihilate all that exists in the known universe.

  14. Um… not trying to be mean, but if these social conservative groups have time to write a letter, where are they doing the counter push to the MSM and Obama?

    1. jcrichichi Pretty much everywhere.  It just doesn’t get covered.
      This is why people need to support things like Glenn Beck’s channel, Project Veritas, the NRA, and many, many more.  They help provide exposure.

  15. Some places are going to stay blue forever, ie (New York and California).  Schumer is an idiot but the political majority in those two states are delusional.  California reelected Boxer despite her state being in the gutter.  Big difference between blue states like New York and California compared to states like Missouri, Indiana and Ohio which can lean one direction but will vote one way 60 plus percent of the time.  Ronald Regan could come back from the dead at 55 years old, there could be a steep recession and Joe Biden could be his opponent and I guarantee you people New York and California would still vote for Biden.

    1. JamesBouras They used to say stuff like that about Reagan when he had yet to win the Presidency.

  16. Notsofastthere remember that Pelosi and Biden are in areas that are entirely blue.  Reid didn’t start running his mouth until after Bush became unpopular, when he was in the minority during Bush’s first term he was quite.  Obama lied his ass off and produced no legislation and ran as anti bush.  If Obama would have said that he was for universial health care in the primaries than Hilary would be present.  He shut his mouth till after he became president.

  17. I have been upset with Karl Rove in the past and don’t agree with him on everything but if I recall he did support Rubio, Paul and Toomey in 2010.  His criticism that year was against O Donnell and he was 100% at that issue.  Rove should not discriminate based on voting record but if the goal is to revent more Todd Akin’s then that’s fine, if the goal is too exclude all conservative candidates then that’s a problem.  Remember the Buckley rule “pick the most electable conservative canidate.”  Rove’s problem with King is legitimate because King has made some outrageous statements that remind you of Akin and O Donnell.

  18. I’m not trying to sound too pro establishment but there is difference between Rino’s like Charlie Crist and Arlen Spector, and Susan Collins and reliable guys.  The fact is Akin, Murdoch, Angle and Christine O Donnell were horrific candidates but there have been successes like Rubio, Paul, Toomey and Cruz but they don’t say idiotic things that alienate swing voters.  Kim Reynolds would be a solid pick in Iowa.  Remember its not just the voting record as it is what a candidate says to make them electable.

    1. JamesBouras I’m not sure I agree with your horrific candidate’s statement.  I think the Left media drug up every little thing that they could to paint these candidates as extreme and yet ignored blunders by there own candidates.

      1. Conservative_Hippie JamesBouras  Exactly. 
        Angle was an excellent conservative candidate with a remarkable record. Unions elected Reid. I’m really tired of seeing her name mentioned when discussing losses. I think Angle would have ended up being better than Rubio and Toomney since we’ve now seen them both in action, Rubio with immigration and Toomney with gun registration.

        1. cabensgConservative_HippieJamesBourasToomey’s and the GOP’s betrayal on gun registration is an absolute disaster for this country. Not only does it infringe on the 2nd Amend, but worse, the 4th Amend. Invasion of privacy big-time, as it will connect your ownership of guns to a federal database, collected by Obamacare/IRS. Right now, New York’s new draconian law is taking registered guns from owners whose doctors report them for receiving treatment/meds for psychological conditions. “Anxiety” is just one of them. Broad definition of mental health denies huge numbers of the population the right to own a gun. Not only that, does anyone realize that more than half of the population in this country is on some sort of psychotrophic drug? What about the children they’ve forced onto neurostimulants like Ritalin and Adderall? They’re marked for life…Are they going to be denied the right to “keep and bear arms.”
          Pat Toomey is a quisling. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quisling

        2. Lady_PenquincabensgConservative_HippieJamesBouras 
          Perfect description for Toomey and others and yes they will be marked for life if they don’t commit suicide or become addicts as so many have.

          The drugging of Americans especially our children is criminality on a nation scale and allowing the government to be involved in  mental screening after allowing this is suicidal for our nation. You were of course correct in saying children will be denied many rights because we allowed them to be fed these dangerous drugs.

          We can also count on the fact the truly mentally ill will be medicated and thrown back out on the street to medicate themselves with drugs that actually induce homicidal rages. 

  19. My point is to be conservative in your voting record but to be disciplined into not saying outrageous and idiotic things.  Pick the most conservative candidate that can win.  For example don’t pick Steve King not because of his record but his verbal statements remind people of Todd Akin.   Also when picking candidates remember state demographics as well Texas and Utah are far more conservative than states like Michigan and Ohio.

      1. deTocqueville1 JamesBouras Exactly. I’m done with the gopE. I’m also fed up with getting labeled as someone who was for Akin. The freaking gopE was for Akin and I refuse to allow the gopE ba$tards to rewrite history. Sarah Steelman was the TEA Party candidate in that election.

    1. JamesBouras It’s odd that Pelosi, Obama, Biden, Reid, and Schumer can say outlandish, moronic things and get reelected every time.

      1. notsofastthere JamesBouras  Not odd at all since moronic, outlandish and un-American are resume enhancement for Democrats.

    1. Being from Tennessee, I’ll be not at all surprised to be ‘volunteering’ to help a Texan.
      From the Alamo onward, we always seem to have much in common, especially orneriness.
      I’d love to see a Cruz/Palin OR a Palin/Cruz ticket. Either way all the bad guys would be a’wailing and calling for mommy.

        1. Heh, I grew up in Davy Crockett/Daniel Boone/Alvin York/Andrew Jackson country.
          I can’t help myself, I’m proud of my heritage. I grew up roaming the hills and woods with a rifle, like those guys. Kind of ticks me off that boys will never be able to do that again, unless we win.

  20. Conservatives shouldn’t abandon their principals but they can’t be say idiotic stuff about rape and tying it to god.  Its not a bad thing if a politician is against gay marriage but if asked they should just say ” I am for traditional marriage but it’s for the individual states to decided, not congress and not the president” that way the GOP doesn’t alienate its base nor moderates on the issue.  We don’t need anymore Todd Akin’s or Richard Murdoch’s saying idiotic things that cost us senate seats.  Rubio and Paul are conservative but you don’t hear them saying idiotic things.

    1. JamesBouras So in other words, keep quiet so people don’t know what you really think. Not sure I agree with your sentiment no matter how well intended. Sorry, no intention to offend.

  21. Haven’t had the opportunity to read the full letter above, but I did a little writing to the RNC myself.  A couple weeks ago I received a fundraising letter.  Well, obviously I’m not sending them any money these days, but I didn’t want to just throw away the letter.  So, I did the next best thing…returned the letter on their dime with the following hand written on neon green sticky notes:
    “At this time the republican party is so wishy-washy they do NOT represent my true conservative values.  Stand up and Fight! Fight for the constitution! Fight for the freedom and liberty our Founders fought for.  Fight for our 2 amendment rights.  The party in power is destroying America but the republican party is a willing accomplice.  Do the hard work we sent you to Washington to do.  FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!”

  22. Letters are good, especially love kind. GOP stays GOP take over, continues, 2014 bigger chunk Sarah owns, secound generation (cruz missile) improved / servants arrive.  GOP old boys gutted,  2  1/2  years improved GOP emerges. Letters are good / beyond letter writing time .. gloves off, buck up or stay in truck .. hard work, pavement to pound. 2014 things heat up, smoke clears TP / SP standing .. put that in a letter.

  23. The United States is no more because
    the constantly repeating sand paper of the Ministry of Truth has finally completely
    eroded our belief system. A country like a person behaves in accordance with its
    beliefs about itself. Once the press has used the propaganda of collectivism to
    retrain the original belief instilled in us by our primary caregivers the
    country will never recover. Today the 2nd Amendment is about to be
    voted out of existence by a vote of Congress! This is completely
    unconstitutional and highly illegal. Everyone I went to civic class knows this
    from high school. The thugs didn’t like our class in American government and
    they cancelled it along with the space program, theBoy Scouts, the Girls Scouts, the Post
    Office, the American car industry, the 1st Amendment, the principle
    of checks and balances, the right of privacy, the right to educate your own
    children, the right to fair elections, the right of privacy on the data in our
    emails, the right to a free pres….and yet there is hope which must be tended
    like a tiny flower garden. What is so
    delicious to me is that the memory of Margaret Thatcher will always bunch up
    the panties of the eternal children of the left.She was their worst nightmare: a parent.

  24. IMHO, any third party that has a chance in hell of succeding is going to have to start this way – big players, groups like this coming, together and forming an alliance.  As individuals, we can talk all we want about leaving the GOP, but to form a viable conservative party, this kind of approach seems like the only one that would work – big conservative donors and groups coming together to provide an alternative.

  25. I left the GOP long ago, and don’t regret putting daylight between myself and the party of RINO Michael Steele and pretentious punk Reince Priebus. I will not participate in the Republicans slide to the left, and will become proportionately hostile to Republicans, as this continues.

  26. A third party is like letting the genie out of the bottle.  No one knows exactly how it would play out, but at this point I’m leaning towards supporting a third party, or at least an alliance of conservative groups like this, giving the GOP an ultimatum :  “Get on the right course, force Boehner, Cantor, McCarthy and McConnell to give up their leadership positions, or we’re starting our own party.  Any true conservative Republicans can change their party affiliation and come join us.  The rest of you – who cares?”

    1. Heh, I was thinking as I read this that it’s already a done deal, judging from the general tenor of posts here and at other conservative blogs.
      It seems to me that that genie is out of the bottle.

    2. stage9 Exactly. Not could — but will. I will never support a Party that violates conservative principles — and by that I mean the principles of national sovereignty, sanctity of life, marriage, and 2nd Amendment Rights (NO infringement). If the RNC wants to join the liberals in their “take-down” of America, count me out, for good, and forever. I will spit it out like I spit out poison.

      1. OliviaHT stage9 I know, right? They’re speaking in future tense. We view them in past tense. Maybe they need to catch up!

  27. I would send another letter to Karl Rove respectfully telling him his services are no longer needed!

    1. JohnSchaffran 
      I was trying to figure out why Rove is still on FOX – since he is making a fool of himself
      As I see it — He is working for free – So he can get exposure for his non-profit 
      just sayin’

  28. What the GOP doesn’t think about is that voters who have core principles, like many of us do, will have absolutely no reason to vote for them. At this point voting for candidates who are joining the communist Dems, like Sen. Toomey, on the 2nd Amendment, essentially makes them one of them.  We have nothing left to lose so why would I continue to vote or support GOP candidates when they aren’t any different from the Dems. Caving on social issues destroys all differences. Gay marriage subverts the very core foundation of this country Judaic-Christian precepts, so if you’re willing to throw out morality, as they’ve already done with the vile murder of the unborn, then you’ve written this country’s death warrant.

    1. “nothing left to lose”
      So true. Once one figures out what is really going on – that is exactly it.

      1. Vholdemort Lady_Penquin What’s wrong with civil unions? Why do we have to allow radicals to attack scared instiutions like marriage to appease thems? The country is with conservatives on this issue. When its been put to a vote by citizens tarditional marriage has won overwelmingly.

  29. I hope these groups take a strong stance on the GOP challenging the 2nd Amendment and pushing illegal alien amnesty.  Same-sex marriage is not the only issue that will cause the base to walk away and they better get the message and get it soon.

  30. I wrote the GOP a quick e-mail last night telling them that the Second Amendment is not negotiable and that those senators caving on this (McCain and Graham) need to be thrown out. I also told them until they grow a backbone there will be NO MORE $$$ headed their way from me.

    1. Last week I received a letter from Priebus enclosing a RNC membership card and telling me I had not renewed my membeship and asking me to renew and donate.  I cut up the membership card and sent it back telling them that I will not be renewing my membership and will not be donating another dime to them while Boehner and McConnell are in Republican leadership positions. I told them they have strayed from their core conservative principles and I do not support them any longer. I told them that any money I part with for political reasons will go to the Tea Party or conservative candidate of MY choice.

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