Full Speech: Allen West at CPAC 2012

If Rep. Allen West’s speech doesn’t get you out of your seat in applause, the ending sure will. I think my reply to this speech on twitter was “HOLY CRAP! That was absolutely incredible!!!!!!”

Must Watch:

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157 thoughts on “Full Speech: Allen West at CPAC 2012

  1. Nothing new. Same old platitudes. He lost me when he said “WE know that each American has a sovereign right to the fruits of their labor. THEY believe that the government has an unlimited claim to every individual’s possession, anytime those in power can put those possessions to good use”.
    This is a lie. The Republicans have not ever stood for the sovereignty of the individual any more than the Democrats. What is this guy talking about? Sovereign right to the fruits of ones labor immediately cancels out an income tax. This guy is all slogans and bumper stickers. Safety Net-Hammock…give me a break


  3. My God….I’m breathless. With a wonderful man like this…on the right side, on OUR team…NO ONE should feel hopeless about the future of America. What a refreshing speech. He saved the best for the very last minute. God Bless him…and America.

  4. I was away and missed all the CPAC news.

    Rep Allen West’s speeches are always hopeful and uplifting. I question his vote for the NDAA and Patriot Act. Unfortunately because of those votes he no longer has the trust of many that he once had. Looking for his reason on those bills.

    Thaks RS for making the CPAC speeches available. This is by far the best well rounded message board available.

  5. I was away and missed all the CPAC news.

    Rep Allen West’s speeches are always hopeful and uplifting. I question his vote for the NDAA and Patriot Act. Unfortunately because of those votes he no longer has the trust of many that he once had. Looking for his reason on those bills.

    Thaks RS for making the CPAC speeches available. This is by far the best well rounded message board available.

  6. WOOHOO! Call 9-1-1 because West is on fire!

    I want to write in “Allen West” in November. Can we draft him?

  7. Me too. I can’t change the channel fast enough when he comes on with that nose in the air trying to spoon feed us the pablum he’s dishing out. I do READ what he has to say because I need to stay informed, but to look at or listen to—I’m gonna hurl just thinking about it!

  8. What a bunch of bologna. I imagine God’s just a little too busy to move into the white house. WWJD? By today’s standards, he’s a liberal. He definitely would give and not greedily hang on to his money….

    1. In what part of the speech did he say God should move into the White House? Is it because he is a God-fearing man that turns you off from him or it is another reason? I know it is impossible for the Liberals in America to understand that being a God fearing man and holding office at the same time is what we need more of. Obviously the unethical leadership we have today has not brought America into a new generation of greatness, so is this about his faith in God you do not like or something else? The Left is very lucky, lucky this man will not be on stage debating Barack Obama because everything you thought about the man Obama, the great speaker, would be dwarfed by what Mr. West could throw at a crowd. One day he will run, and the Left will go out of their minds not knowing how to combat his logic. Hate if you wish, but if there is anyone left in either party that can stand up and do more for American than anyone since Lincoln has done, it is this man!

  9. Why do we have the nimrods we have running for president when we have people like Allen West, Paul Rayn and Marco Rubio?

  10. everything he says is racist and a lie and i mean it…everything he stands for is RACIST AND A LIE…..and every word that comes out of his MOUTH is meant to divide and is anti American….ok….. enough about The Liar In Chief…..I JUST LOVE THIS MAN……..telling the truth in a windstorm of satanic lies and distortions…standing against the overwhelming tide of filth and propaganda from the Soviet Style Propaganda Machine (lame stream media) and carrying the 5 gallon gas can of truth through the flames of hell to save this country from leftist destruction and the lies they spread….

    you go West…keep fighting the good fight……..

  11. This man has spoken the truthwith out a doubt in my heart, he has given us the path and lighted the way,,,,,,,what we do about this “TRUTH” will determind the future of this great land we all live on!

  12. This man has spoken the truthwith out a doubt in my heart, he has given us the path and lighted the way,,,,,,,what we do about this “TRUTH” will determind the future of this great land we all live on!

  13. Awesome. This guy has to be put into some kind of power if we win. Maybe I should say put into some kind of higher service. He has too much to offer to not be used in any government. Thanks Mr. West for having courage when so few do.

  14. I called his office and begged him to run last year…he said he wasn’t ready and was just learning how to do the job he has now. Said he needed more experience and more time to figure out how D.C. worked. He also said that he’d only consider it in the future if God wanted him to run and he had peace about doing it. He is a bright star in a dimly lit sky right now.

    Santorum/West 2012

    1. I surely wish Obama had the same humility. Instead of “I just got here…heck, I think I deserve to be President.”

  15. LTC West is the most important man in American politics today. AS a counter force on capitol hill, He’s a great match-up to the Black strategy of manufactured crisis: whose insolubility has been befuddling Whitey, and marinating thru out the Congressional Black Caucus and America’s Black sub-culture since the mid-sixties. (Think: Shaming Whitey with the brutal, unremitting disintegration of the Black Family as a powerful tool.

    Methinks West is working on this dimension having already kicked off an active Conservative Black Congressional Caucus.

    The truly infuriating, yet amusing dimension of Obama’s schtick is that it can truly be said, “IF HIS LIPS ARE MOVING HE’S LYING”. Practically every statement he utters is factually challenged: intentionally so. That’s the primary task and MO of the Alinsky model of, “Neighborhood Organizer. (AKA “Rabble-Rouser”). And, like his role model, Br’er Rabbit of “Uncle Remus”, fame, he thoroughly enjoys the audaciousness of his fabrications to the befuddlement of his guilt-ridden enemy (whitey). Hence the most accurate reflection of his essence is incorporated in my favorite name for him: “Messiah The Liah”.

  16. As a Canadian I agree with West when he says that if the US falls to tyranny than the rest of the world will follow. Keep being that beacon of light!

  17. Now I finally have felt what Chris Mathews has been feeling with that thrill running up my leg, thank you Allen West. This guy has got to be the VP on the republican ticket in November for a winning ticket.


  19. Scoop – Col. West just used YOUR link to his speech on his Facebook page. Y’all are gettin too cool for school these days!! Don’t you go changin on us now that you’re in the Bigs. hahahahahaha But seriously, congrats on your recognition & great site. A job well done!

  20. Holy Guacamole! Great ending to a great speech!! A couple of highlights for me:
    Public Good vs. Personal Good = good job Col. West!
    I also like the safety net not becoming a hammock comment.
    Just great speech Col. West. Wish you were at the top of a ticket. You get our blood pumpin!!



  22. Rep. West is a man who says what he means and darn well means what he says. He grovels for no one and there are few that would call him a racist to his face. Admire his devotion to God and country and belief in the constitution!

  23. OK. It FINALLY downloaded so I could watch it. When I watch the pretenders who wanna-be, and then I watch Col West, I ask, “Why?” There are no comparisons. Allen West is the REAL DEAL! Why, oh, why is Allen West not a candidate? Yeah, I know he is, as they like to say, green. And here I thought he is black. Shows what I know. Ok, so ‘green’ means low on experience. To me that means knowledge of double-speak, back-room deals, party kowtowing, and loss of integrity. I hope Col West will never be that way. He possesses the honesty, knowledge, integrity and LEADERSHIP ability that we need NOW! Come on brokered convention!

  24. Another reason to get Homeland Security after me, Allen West a true American and far better than the man who says he is president, that bows down to our enemies, subservient to the Muslim Brotherhood, who he placed inside Homeland Security and has them as advisers in the White House.

  25. I would go through literal hell 20 times over to vote for this man! He’s absolutely an inspiration and role model for every human being on the face of the planet.

  26. This man is a giant among men… seriously, we are but ants in his shadow.

    Awesome! HE should be the president. Period.

  27. There’s no “might” about it – we always need patriots with integrity. They are few and far between in the public theatre, but Lt. Col. West is truly one.

  28. I find it ironic how this black man kept referencing “the founders” and the Constitution and how much the founders loved liberty. I guess he doesn’t know that the founders of this country were slaveowners and that the Constitution had to be amended to recognize the humanity of former African slaves.

    1. I suspect that Alan West is perfectly aware or the circumstances surrounding our founding. Thanks God we eventually corrected things.

      That said, I am in total agreement with you. Conservatives should be able to disagree without tearing each other down, and Liberals and Conservatives should be able to do the same. We should always accept that those that disagree with us are acting in good faith. We should try to change their minds. But insults and demonization is not only wrong, but generally not very effective. Let’s debate the issues and not focus on who can deliver the greatest barbs.

      1. The problem is that our ideologies are so far apart that there is no way to bridge the chasm. Liberalism leads to loss of freedom and tyranny while conservatism is about liberty and individual rights.

        1. I understand where you are coming from. And I don’t mean to say that in fact, liberals are always acting in good faith, though many are. But here is the point: has anyone ever changed their political views because someone insulted them? Not likely. Go a step further. How many former liberals do you know who have become conservative? There are many. I’m one (Milton Friedman’s” Free to Choose” converted me). And how many former conservatives do you know who have become liberal? Precious few, I suspect.

          Many many liberals will never be converted to conservatism. Their worldview is such that only something very traumatic can ever make them change their perspective. But many liberals have no coherent worldview; they are just going with the flow. It behooves us to help them make the change. We’re not going to do that with insults but with persuasion. It can be quite fun and satisfying to take a liberal apart and show all the world what an idiot they are. But it will probably make them less likely to ever become a conservative.

          I’ve probably converted just a handful of liberals in my life – and I am getting up there. But I never stop trying and I hate to admit that I seem better at it than converting people to Christ. Just think where the conservative movement would be if we could all manage to convert just one liberal every decade? Treat liberals with some respect, try to engage them and make a case. It can be very frustrating at times, but you just never know when a little bit of what you say might get through.

        2. The Republican “conservatives” we have today believe in your freedom, liberty and individual rights so strongly they voted to give the President the right to detain you indefinitely without a trial or a charge, or kill you. That sounds pretty conservative doesn’t it? It’s called the NDAA

    2. They weren’t all slaveowners. Many worked tirelessly to try to get anti-slavery positions in the Declaration (which had several drafts) and the Constitution. However both the Declaration and the Constitution contained in them all that was necessary to begin the ending of slavery. Without both of those founding documents, the abolotionists would have had a lot more problems getting rid of the shameful institution.

      The amendments you refer to were put in the constitution to facilitate the citizenship of slaves explicitly, so as to remove that choice from the states, and also to make congressional representative apportionment work against slave states. But they did not “enable” the abolitionists. Both founding documents gave the abolitionist movement all the power needed to legally move the US to a point where slavery could be made illegal across the land.

      Colonel West knows his history, and he knows that the founders intended an end to slavery. Several founders who owned slaves wanted an end to it. So no irony adheres to his referencing the founders at all.

    3. Perhaps what you don’t know is that there were also blacks INVOLVED in the revolution and foundin of this country.

    4. Of course you realize that FREED Black slaves who migrated to the South’s border states bought slaves and took them to their new location. The fact is, slavery in that other age was an institution widespread in the World, and today is in fact only practiced in “Non-White” countries, and predominantly in Sub-Sahara Africa by Muslims. In fact, in the Middle East, most are very comfortable with the concept of slavery, whether sexual or otherwise.

      You are wrong to focus on one point in American history, rather than the continuum of perpetual self examination, rectification and improvement. Freedom from slavery for Blacks was accomplished by Whites after all, many of whom lost their lives in this pursuit.

      1. Slavery and slave trading is still going on amongst muslims.

        Sex trafficking even of children is a form of slavery and is still going on even in the US. US tourists go to Bali and other countries to rent and use little children for their despicable lusts. Porn is also a form of human trafficking and incredibly, US citizens, even clergy are found with this #@#%&&* on their computers.

        Slavery to sin is another kind and there is only one cure, repentance, surrender, the Cross, blood and resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

    5. It is a bad idea to judge our forbears through the lens of our present understanding. We might think they were foolish to believe the world was flat or that it was all right to own slaves, but that is how they were raised.

      Change took time, but it happened in the end. How will future generations judge us?

    6. Yes.
      And if you were to transcribe the message or listen to it carefully you notice that he really didn’t say anything that any and every other candidate could not have said. It was all slogans and bumper stickers. Then he quotes Bastiat, whom I doubt he has ever read. This was an obvious attempt to garner favor with Ron Paul supporters. Overall I think this speech was nothing more than a regular old establishment speech.

  29. Thanks RS– and Holy guacamole! This guy is so RIGHTEOUS. God Bless you, Allen West. I sure hope he thinks about running for President SOON.
    The last best hope for freedom on this planet– dang skippy, Sir!
    And Romney is NOT the man to lead this fair land.
    “Choose ye this day whom ye will serve!” AMEN
    Steadfast and loyal. (Oh my goodness my goosebumps have goosebumps.)

        1. It is not our so-called leaders who make this Republic, it is WE THE PEOPLE. If you and I still stand, then so does the Republic. Be of good cheer and listen to that speech again.

  30. And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the LORD, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”
    (Joshua 24:15)

    1. That is possibly my favorite Bible verse. I know it by heart. Every time I hear it, read it, or recite it, my heart beats a little faster and I get goosebumps.
      I realize that it is a little blasphemous to politicize it, but now when the opposition wants to stomp all over religious freedom, it seems rather appropriate. And I can’t help but think Reagan was thinking of it in his ‘Time for Choosing” speech. Does anyone recall whether he quoted it?

  31. Love, love this man! I agree, Attorney General or in charge of border control. VP would be nice – position him for the future presidential run. God Bless and keep him. We need so many more like him.

    1. You can’t be attorney general without being an attorney. Congressman Lt. Col. (Ret.) West is not an attorney.

  32. This man just leaves me in tears almost everytime I hear him speak.
    Mark my words….he will be POTUS someday, but for now, we need to make him Speaker.


  33. Yes that was a GREAT speech by West!!!! Let’s have C-PAC 2011-2012 Keynote Speakers on our Presidential Ticket!!!!!

    Palin/West 2012!!!!!

  34. I see my earlier comment got deleted. Oh and thanks Virginiagentleman1 for the comment.
    So I’ll post it again:

    I just tuned in…and Col West was up. Outfriggingstanding!!Just a little reminder about people like Lt.Col West. Pay attention libsticks:”A ‘Veteran’ — whether active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve — is someone who, at one point in his life, wrote a blank check made payable to ‘The United States of America,’ for an amount of ‘up to, and including his life.’Lt.Col. West continues to keep his oath, and has not torn up his chit.My kind of commander… who by the way, is still leading from the front.

      1. Thanks for that information. I thought maybe the gremlins from the Kremlin got in your data stream or something….:p)

    1. Huzzah! Great point! How many public servants (not to mention Commanders in Chief) can say the same?

      I did not serve, but many in my family have and I have 100% respect for our men and women in uniform. They are what keeps America free to enjoy peace and liberty.

  35. Can you make that ending a ringtone??

    This man’s got me considering naming my unborn son Allen West… a real American hero.

  36. Good speech, but I think overall, the speeches fall short of what Rush did a few years ago. West has the most passion.

  37. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC SPEECH REP. WEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Already looking forward to 2016 Presidential Race!!!!!!!

  38. Seriously, this has to be one of the best speeches I have ever heard. Always favored West, now I REALLY know why!

    Truth on courage = Alan West.

  39. I have been gone for a few days. What a way to get back into the fray by listening to great speakers at CPAC. I have to say that West is my fovorite. This is the man for the future of the USA. I will vote for him anytime anywhere that I can legally vote for any office.

  40. I don’t care where we put this guy, but we dam-sure better not let him get away. I’ll take a whole black man any day over a half-a$$ one.

    1. He isn’t going away brother, he is one of us. He knows we need him, much like when his troops needed him in battle. But this war is much bigger. As I stated over on the Marco Rubio speech post, the only one I see that is better is Allen West. I love this man and his ability to connect with all people. His message is clear, concise, directly to the points and issues. He makes us proud of the USA again. He gives us hope that we can turn this Obama Marxist Disaster around. Thank God for giving us this great man, Allen West!

      I say all this and I am unable to watch his speech because I am at work but I can’t wait to get home and see this awesome speech 🙂

  41. Absolutely incredible!!!! This is a black man I would VOTE in for PRESIDENT!!!!! Oh wait, does that make me racist because I LIKE THIS BLACK MAN and NOT the OTHER ONE?????? I’m so confused…..

    1. Personally, I neither notice nor care what his skin color is. When I hear him open his mouth, I hear the words of a true American Patriot who understands American values and can clearly articulate them with a passion.

      I know exactly what it feels like to be beyond race, and when listening to him I believe that he does too.

  42. Great speech from the heart. Sure wish he was in a position to kick a&& and take names. I would love to see him as Secy of Defense or head of Homeland Security.

    1. I agree. Can you imagine a debate? Barry wouldn’t be able to answer the bell, and would be huddled up in the fetal position under the desk in the Oval Office.

    2. Actually, I think he’d roll over and pee himself if Colonel West just walked up and looked him straight in the eye.

    3. I wonder if Larry O’Donnell would dare to question his blackness like he did Herman Cain. Barry never gets his hands dirty. He lets his media pals do it for him. And they’re so eager & willing.

  43. I love his passion and strong defense for Conservatism…He’ll go far by virtue of the ideals he fights for! Thank God for men like West!

  44. I’ve been saying for over 3 yrs that he should run for POTUS! Oh, and I notice the lack o a teleprompter!

      1. They’re usually present, but I seriously doubt Allen West was reading from it. I did, however, see him glancing at his paper notes.

        1. Yeah, he had prepared notes to be sure. Not a thing wrong with that or a teleprompter. The problem is that Obama uses it for a crutch because he has no moral conviction nor the ability to convey his thoughts without a lot of help.

  45. I was watching this live and did exactly that, applauded!

    Every time I hear this man speak I say to myself, “we need this man to run for President”.

    1. Great men are not aware of their greatness. He has such humility and sincercity. He probably, like George Washington, has no idea why so many people want him to be President. Ironically, this is the very reason why we want him, he is in it for others and not for gain.

      1. On the money! Unlike some Presidential candidates who will remake themselves to fit the poll numbers, West speaks from the core of his convictions.

    1. Yes or Alan West for Attorney General, at least. Put this man in charge of men with guns and make him the arbiter of the future of those attorneys who skated into the DOJ on Obama’s slime trail.

      1. I’ll take him wherever we can get him–Speaker of the House would suit me fine until he runs for POTUS!

            1. I agree. We are on borrowed time. If barry wins this election I hate to see what this country will be like.

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              tvlgds wrote, in response to aZjimbo:
              Amen! If we don’t there won’t be anything left in 2016 for Allen West to salvage! Link to comment

              1. He will unleash hell on us like we’ve never seen. I’m waiting for the executive order proclaiming himself king.

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