FULL SPEECH: Allen West at CPAC 2013

Watch Allen West’s full speech from CPAC 2013 below:

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48 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Allen West at CPAC 2013

  1. What a waste it will be if Allen West never becomes President of the United States. This man is the real deal.

  2. Content-wise… this speech has a lot of meat and an abundance of truth. AllenWest really nailed it with this excellent speech!

  3. Outstanding Speech, and does it resonate in and of the Patrriotic Constitutional Conservative movement and people, Yes it does !

    1. SuzanneNoel If Allen West supoported NDAA, he should be confronted with it, and we should know his position and stance, and why it is so, before we condemn him without due process.

      1. RReaganRepublic SuzanneNoel He has been confronted and his statement is “There is no part within the NDAA that states we can indefinite detainee american citizens”. This was at a Young Americans Foundation Conference I was at. I was not happy with his answer. He has done some great work and is admirable, but he is way to militaristic for me. We can’t be so pro-intervention in every war or conflict we see. We need to fix the problems at home first.

      2. RReaganRepublic SuzanneNoel Glenn Beck interviewed him the shortly before he voted on it, and he was adamant that it would only be used for “terrorists.”  Duh.  According to the Obama Regime, anyone in the TEA Party is a terrorist.

  4. Thank you  President  West, I feel so warmly welcomed once again to the CPAC of next Generation.
    Thank you Scoop for bringing the renewed GOP Next Generation Speech forward.  Comrades like West makes me fearless to live in the mouth of the beast here in the San Francisco region. Before the Liberals throw out all God, Bible and Gun loving folks from CA, I shall let them know that this Land is also my land. and I’m going to do all I can to make it a CA that God wouldn’t mind drop over and hang out. 
    Vital that we lift up the Spirits of our Young Blood  Leaders in Prayers for wisdom, strength, safety , best of health, peace, be filled with love, and Spirit of Fearlessness and Boldness.
    I believe the Old Guards are all due retirement to their backyards. Let’s redeem what’s let of the day and REBUILD.

  5. The best line (for me): The US was formed under a Constitution that limits the Government, not the people. (paraphrased?) How far down the wrong path we have traveled. Courts have made a mockery of that original intent. That said; a good safe speech for CPAC.

  6. Apparently Rand Paul is there speaking right now on getting on board with drug legalization and all other social issues. He euphemistically called it ‘personal freedom’ and is selling it under that guise.

    I could sell a whole lot of things under that guise.

  7. I love the speech. It has Patriotism and heart and Now lets see some action. Work on getting Obama Impeached so we can get our America back from the Abyss and rid of Obamacare. We then can get rid of all gun banning and all other corruption.

    1. MaryEllenLucas I agree but it is very difficult to undo something once it’s been done. The left knows this and banks on it.

      1. Laurel A MaryEllenLucas  I agree as well.. But one thing is certain- anything that man can make, man can unmake.. whether good, or bad, it is all up to the will of those who seek to undo the mistakes of those who wish us, we the people, harm. Bad legislation, is bad legislation, and must be reversed, period. eg; Prohibition by Constitutional Amendment was reversed, and so can Obamacare be reversed, however it can be accomplished- preferably by a US Constitutional Amendment, if not by legislative and executive repeal.

        1. RReaganRepublic Laurel A MaryEllenLucas No it wasn’t reversed, it was amended and thus can be amended again. You are talking in theoretical terms and I am speaking to application. People grow used to things and removing them frightens them especially when you have agitators purposely frightening them. Some things can be undone but the actual undoing can be more harmful than the original problem for many people. I would like to see entitlements undone completely but the actual undoing frightens people. They need that crutch. Oftentimes things get undone due to lack of funding. Where this country is headed that could be the case.

  8. My daughter is there and was at the speech. She said the crowd went wild for him. Everyone gave him a standing ovation.

  9. My daughter is there and was at the speech. She said the crowd went wild for him. Everyone gave him a standing ovation.

  10. My daughter is there and was at the speech. She said the crowd went wild for him. Everyone gave him a standing ovation.

  11. My daughter is there and was at the speech. She said the crowd went wild for him. Everyone gave him a standing ovation.

  12. We need Allen West so much right now. I really hopes he runs for president one day. To see him debate a liberal would be fantastic and would convince Americans that conservatism is the way out of this mess, NOT more government control and tyranny.

  13. West’s energy and righteous anger are encouraging and inspiring. I especially enjoy hearing him exposing Islamic Jihad, which is of particular relevance to CPAC. It looks like this speech was an opening event for the conference. Perhaps he’ll have an opportunity later at the conference to excoriate American inattention to stealth jihad as he is so capable of doing.

    1. I didn’t find it great really… but just perfunctory.  I’m concerned that West’s allowed himself to be circumscribed by the dictates of the ACU.  West spoke at Pamela Geller’s event last year, or the year before.  And that really pissed off Khan.  Khan and Geller and Spencer got into a shouting match… you can see it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRRFCe5POj0

      That was surely not lost on the ACU Jihadists Khan and Norquist when West spoke for them.  It did not look like West’s  heart was in it.  It was dutiful, not revealing.  It was boilerplate patriotism.  Coming from West in comparison to other RINOs it was fantastic.  But comparing West to West, I detected something unenthusiastic.

      1. Las1 As far as content and patriotism… he was above everyone else imo.
        However, you make a fair point. He seemed lukewarm passionate – which is uncharacteristic for him. I felt that too…

      2. Las1 I too felt his speech was not up to his usual. His complimentary remarks about Art Cardenas seemed somehow forced. (With good reason in my opinion).

  14. Amazing speech!! palintologist I read that he did vote to pass the NDAA which is a Defence budget act. Did he join RP in opposing the Amendments of Indefinate Detention?  Secondly, I live in FLorida and we have a very large populace of Illegal Immigrants that require Medicaid/Medicare benefits due to their status. I asked the Cato Institute this question: “How can Republicans remain compassionate and not expand federally funded healthcare to it’s illegal residents and not burden the legal residents?”  They have not yet responded.

    1. Pamela63 palintologist I’m from California and we have a bankrupt state partially because of the burden of illegal residents….but our state encourages and passes the legislation inorder for them to have benefits…This is why we need comprehensive immigration reform to settle all these issues.

  15. If I could speak like him, I would say exactly what he is saying…..he is right on and I’m so proud to be in among his ranks.

    1. I second that…fantastic job, Scoop, as always.  Keeps me coming back
      to TRS!  Good work on cutting DISQUS,loose too – I think Livefyre will
      suit us here just fine.

  16. I believe his duty to serve this country is courageous.  I have no problem with him directing the Next Generation!  The Next Generation is lost without people like Allen West.  We appreciate his efforts in informing the public and be willing to fight for our freedoms!

  17. I’m always shocked that West’s horrendous votes in Congress are overlooked.  This guy voted for Obamacare funding in FL, continuing bloated budgets and NDAA, but you still want him?

    1. palintologist He did vote to defund obamacare.  I believe his motives were not to chip away at the problem but go for it because it is so flawed.  The House passed the defunding  245 to 189 and alas it is going no where…..

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