Full Speech: Andrew Breitbart at Right Online 2011

Andrew Breitbart spoke at the Right Online Conference 2011. It was an excellent speech with the theme being his specialty, the media.


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31 thoughts on “Full Speech: Andrew Breitbart at Right Online 2011

  1. I think Breitbart is just one of those guys/thinkers that you take “as it” – and that’s with the good and the not-so-good (little “bad” in what he says or how he says it!). He seems to ramble, but his meme is unwavering – his life’s work now is exposing the liberal media and not only their bias, but their unholy collusion with the DNC and all the crap that THAT entails! And I think we all enjoy his constantly poking the obnoxious left while still be charmingly (IMO) self-deprecating. He knows whereof he speaks, and his irreverance toward all things elitist Left (or leftist elite) is unfailingly refreshing and welcome.

  2. “Freedom and liberty…and the Republicans make it sooo boring…”

    He’s right about that.

    We need to work on that.
    Because conservatives are not boring.

  3. Well. That was tough to sit through. I’m not going to bother to remark on anything but Andrew’s philosophy regarding why he goes on liberal shows and his quip at the end about Alan Colmes.

    Breitbart is great during interviews with conservatives. But when he’s on liberal shows he comes across poorly. He tries to reason when he should know liberals are incapable of it. He should follow his own advice and be petty. When he’s accused, again, of editing the Sherrod video he should simply say “that’s a lie” and challenge the interviewer until they change the subject. But he hasn’t in any interview I’ve seen. No, he launches into a long, drawn out sentence about how the video he posted had the part about “her basic humanity blah blah blah” and he has trouble spitting that out.

    He’s convinced himself that he makes a difference by going on Maher but he keeps using that one barista as an example. Great. A million people see him as a dufus but one idiot with an earring likes him now. Wonderful.

    Alan Colmes is a lying sack of sh*t. Followed in close second place by Juan Williams. Williams actually had the nerve to tell Mary Katherine Ham that her views were “beneath her” when she remarked on Weiner the other night on O’Reilly. Neither one of them know no shame and if Breitbart thinks he can win over the Colmes of the world he’s drinking a lot more than wine.

  4. The guy before Brietbart had a pretty good speech on the essence of Reagonism and Reagan’s speaking technique.

  5. RS thank you for all that you do everyday!!! If there could be a way where you could get a clip of Breitbart introducing “The Undefeated” Also Bannon Talking about “The Undefeated” In Minneapolis. Thanks.

  6. I would like to see Briebart replace Beck on Foxnews. I think he can ably fill that slot and perhaps grow to be bigger than Beck was. Just my opinion.

  7. Breitbart epitomizes the evolution of critical thinking and awareness that I wish for all defiantly ingnorant leftists.

  8. I adore Andrew and forgive me for saying this, but I think he’s drinking heavily or doing drugs. I’ve been watching his speeches since CPAC and he really does seem like he’s not sober. I’m worried for him.

    1. I want that Irish Brew. Whatever he is drinking. He makes more sense than a lot of journalists.

    2. Why don’t you drop him a line and show your support. We are all flawed and sometimes seek outer dependence when we are stressed. Let him know that you are rooting for him to stay on the straight and narrow.

    3. Perhaps he was just intoxicated on the vibe…the attention.
      And in the case above…on all the love in the room.
      I dunno.
      He does seem kind of giddy.
      That may not be from intoxicating substances though.

      But I heard him mention one time that he has ADD.
      So if he’s on the meds that are prescribed for that, that may be what it is.

  9. I can’t stand Fund. He was at the WI rally and only spoke for about 2 minutes. I don’t know if it was to cold for him or if it was because Gov. Palin was there.

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