Full Speech: Daniel Hannan at CPAC 2012

If you want to hear from someone who unmistakably understands the profound impact of America’s founding and believes there is still time for its citizens to take hold of its bureaucratic laden government and return it back to the will of it’s founding, then you must hear this speech from Daniel Hannan. You’ll appreciate America all the more afterwards, I assure you.

Note: I missed the first sentence or so, but it is the full speech nonetheless.

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145 thoughts on “Full Speech: Daniel Hannan at CPAC 2012

  1. Wow…A politician who understands…
    Politicians with promises to take care of the population are as dangerous as drug pushers on a corner. Who could resist? A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage…they are the impossible promises that are the Siren’s Song of doom and gloom for those who follow it with their votes and support. Until people realize that it is impossible for a government to give anything away for free or to provide it cheaply we will continue down the spiral that Hannan warns us about. Besides borrowing and printing (which is borrowing) money it can only come from the citizens. Tax the corporations and they too must and will eventually pass on that cost to the very people who want the government to take care of all their needs. This song has played throughout history and the results are always disastrously the same…the politicians get the power and control and the people get nothing but suffering. When will we ever learn?

  2. If the people in the audience believe what he’s saying they will vote for Ron Paul for he is the ONLY candidate who has faithfully upheld his oath to the Constitution.

  3. He is awesome and has lots of good information. However, not all of our officials are elected. More and more are being appointed and we have no control over them.

  4. It’s too bad Daniel Hannan can’t run for U.S. President. He has everything we’re looking for in a candidate…charisma, intelligence, wit, common sense, Conservatism, and is another “Great Communicator”. He is the Ronald Reagan of the United Kingdom!

  5. Great speech mr. hannan, Tell me, when he says we need a statesman that follows the constitution who do you think of? Romney? newt? Rick? No my friends just look at there big government background who supports unconstitutional wars and a central bank that our founders warned us against. The only candidate that stands up for the constitution and our liberties consistantly is only ron paul. Just look at his voting record over his long carreer and you will see he has always voted what our founders wanted for this country. You better wake up before its to late for our once great country.

  6. Awesome and absolutely dead on. 100% accurate. We MUST unelect nobama in November or our precious country is finished.

  7. I attended all three days of CPAC. Outstanding program, candidate speeches and panel discussiones. Most were on top of their game. The most profound and moving speech I heard was this one by Daniel Hannen, a Brit and member of the EU Parliament. Every American should hear this speech and Mr. Hannan’s background. Since retirement I have studied the our political history which led me to study England and Great Britain’s as well. His perspective and the content and delivery of his speech are exceptional.

  8. I attended all three days of CPAC. Outstanding program, candidate speeches and panel discussiones. Most were on top of their game. The most profound and moving speech I heard was by Daniel Hannen, a Brit and member of the EU Parliament. Every American should hear this speech and Mr. Hannan’s background. Since retirement I have studied the our political history which led me to study England and Great Britain’s as well. His perspective and the content and delivery of his speech are exceptional.

    Sandhills Whig

  9. This speech reminds Of the days where I learned these things in the classroom. That’s why we have children of the day so not caring about anything. They don’t know what they are missing.

  10. I was transfixed. He made me proud of America. Then, I was sad. To think that a stranger, could come to our shores, and describe our great nation, while no one in Washington has the intestial fortitude, to do it. Our President is athema to USA freedom, yet elected by a majority. Then, I hear the bickering of the candidates, and I am ashamed, once again. WHATS NEXT!

  11. Just Superb!!!! With all these wonderful people and our kids get nonsense in schools.
    Love this man. Thank You Daniel

  12. How refreshing, succinct, cogent, and concise are the points put forth by this man! The UK is a better place for having him, and I pray his life’s work is completed. He is right, we need to fight for the heart and soul of this nation!

  13. Is Daniel Hannan sure he’s British?

    We need hero’s like him in our country to stand up to the political machine. We need our conservative representatives, like Allen West to continue to stand up to the establishment both from the left and the right that we are not going to stop to defend our liberties and freedoms.

    Mr. Hannan is a patriot and I only hope in his country they appreciate him for fighting to maintain their sovereignty.

    Can you imagine that our politicians weren’t voted in? It boggles the mind how a society can withstand such type of political system.

    That’s why we are an exceptional nation – no other has our system of government. We must preserve it – always.

    Way to go Mr. Hannan!

  14. Godspeed Daniel Hannan!
    If you have a chance, read his book “The New Road to Serfdom – A letter of Warning to America”.

    I’m glad to see he has a few partners with his vision in the EU. May his following continue to grow.

    1. Unfortunately for Britain those who march in step with Daniel Hannan are not in his Conservative party. They are emigres from that party who have reformed as the UK Independence Party, UKIP, which seeks to take Britain out of the European Union.

      I am sure that I speak for most members of UKIP when I say that we would be overjoyed should Mr Hannan join us in UKIP since we have as leader Nigel Farage, the other great orator of our time.

  15. Sadly Dan is a lone voice in the wilderness over here, in Europe..
    But it is time to try and revive ‘international conservatism’ as a global political movement.

  16. If this guy can produce his Hawaii birth certificate, the same way the obamessia has, he should run for president of the USA.

    1. Justin, Paul has good ideas. But, just because we agree with Dan doesn’t mean we support Ron Paul. They are two different people, Justin. We are all individuals, meaning that one person isn’t the same as the other. Don’t get caught up in seeing everyone as one, if there ideas are similar. Your logic sucks, bro.

      1. stevenbiot, you have told us what you do not like. May I ask you to kindly let us know what you propose for the common good?

      2. Wow, calm down man. Justin was merely pointing out that Dr. Paul has been saying every one of these things since 1976. No need to go off.
        If you don’t like Dr. Paul, fine.

  17. Crickey! Amazing. (Although Jefferson and Washington both lived in elegance and not austerity – and Reagan had multiple homes including quite a spread in Santa Barbara).

  18. There are certainly some Brits who get it and this gentleman I nominate as an honorary Unites States Citizen born abroad, unlike another better known character with whom we are all sadly familiar sans the fantastic liberty oriented worldview.

  19. Great Speech from the heart, it is easy to see the difference in a person delivering a heart felt ideology, as opposed to a speech someone has written for them.

    I expect to see PM Daniel Hannan soon.

    You don’t miss your water until the well runs dry.

    Often it takes someone from another country to point out how far we have strayed from the Constitution, and are on our way off the cliff.

  20. What Daniel Hannan didn’t say in this vid is what he said in another vid a few days back; which is that in Europe, there is no distinction between political parties. Conservatives and Liberals are just two sides of the same coin. That is what our political parties are becomming. We need a contrast between parties and goals. No more RHINOs. We don’t need a European style political system.

    He also didn’t mention that what made the new US different from Europe at our founding, is that we had a President, while they had a monarch. Their rights came from their Monarchs. Ours come from God. Their rights are removable by the state. Ours are unalienable, self-evident, immovable and unassailable.

    Hear hear, Mr Hannan.

    1. anne, it would be nice to have an Arkie speak out with such conviction as his, or a West, or Ryan, or Rand Paul.

      1. I thought that I just did..love all three of those.
        Some here take offensive at Arkie…I am proud to have been born and raised here…most of my adult life was spent up North (Chicago, MA, NY) and abroad…returned to my beloved state and so glad to be here in the beautiful Twin Lakes Region of the Ozark Mountains.

        1. Best to you Anne!!!

          You live in a very pleasant area of the state, we do have some pretty lakes and streams. I’ve been here all of my life. I am back in central AR, after about 15 years in NWA. I love it here and don’t even mind the humid summers. It is nice to meet a fellow Arkansan on TRS!!!

          1. Nice to meet you too…we were raised in South Arkansas, Camden, which was a fantastic place to grow up…being a teen there in the fifities was like Happy Days for sure…it is changed now…the paper mill went down in the late nineties and the economy tanked….the tourist industry keeps it alive now with the 20+ beautiful ante-bellum homes, the Confederate Cemetery, Poison Springs Battleground, the Daffodil Festival, Tate Barn Fair and a few other great things…go back now for re-unions…my best friends from high school and college are still there.
            We moved up here after I retired from teaching in Camden in 2001…love it…our house overlooks Lake Norfork.
            Our kids live in NYC, Seattle, Charlotte, NC, and South Florida…they complain about how hard it is to get here….true.
            We are active in the local Tea Party, which is alive and well.

  21. To hear Hannon speak is like listening to fine music or eating a most favorite meal. He’s as inspirational as the Battle Hymn of the Republic, reminding us of our country’s greatness and our duty to keep it that way.

  22. He had it right, that a portion of our DNA was conceived that day of our separation from England. This is where we get our fundamental principle of ‘Pro-Life’. America is OUR child. We refused to abort our gift from God. We are all parents raising a beautiful child to carry on what we have learned. We all want to give our a child a bright future. We want to give them the ability to be comfortable. But none of that will happen if we as parents don’t take responsibility for our actions. The child always learns from the parent. What are we teaching and leaving to ‘our’ child?

    May God have mercy on our souls if we are the generation that loses our beautiful ‘child’ blessed by Him.

    1. That’s borderline profound. Maybe a little more on the profound side. Thank you for that thought! It makes my day!

  23. BRAVO, Daniel Hannan, MP! It should be the goal of England to elect you as Prime Minister and withdraw from the EU immediately and bring Great Britian back to her greatness!

  24. we need a majority in the house and senate…
    Oh ….who knows how to do that?


  25. Incredible!
    Mr. Hannan is a pleasure to listen to.
    He’s knowledgeable, and the view from his window allows us a remarkable perspective.

      1. It is what is euphemistically known as “Mid-Atlantic.”

        Translation: we don’t really know where it originates. 🙂

  26. Terrific speech! Daniel Hannan’s speech really highlights for me the great need to educate the next generation on the History of English Liberties.

    While I do have some knowledge in this regard, I fear that my own level of relevant historical and philosophic knowledge is not as quite as strong as it should be–and the light will dim in each generation unless we renew it with the right basis in historical knowledge….

    The internet may just be a saving grace for effecting that needed education for the next generation–it is a crucially important project. It will take even more effort and time to wrest the education establishment in the US away from the liberals and leftists–I tend to believe that the success or failure of that project will eventually be the deciding factor in our fate…

    1. Really interesting point about using the internet to circumvent the leftist education system – and just to give you a look into your future (as we are posting on a US is heading to Europe themed vid), my 11 year old daughter did well in her school report last year. Mostly As and Bs spread among her 5 classes on fair trade and 2 classes on Islam. I’m not joking. English, Maths, History, Geography and one other I can’t recall were about ”fair trade” and Religious Education and Citizenship* were both about ”Islam”.

      *In case you aren’t aware of the UK’s ”Citizenship” classes – it’s basically a compulsory twice weekly class that teaches young people how to become good Labour voters. It teaches children about the wonders of multi-culturalism, the evils of capitalism and how everything crap in the world is down to the British empire/the crusades/slavery/Margaret Thatcher (delete as appropriate).

      1. I comprehend and empathize totally. When Newt Gingrich talks about restoring the America most of us grew up in, there’s nothing abstruse about it. If someone had tried to convince me 30 years ago that we would be in this cultural condition today–and would’ve elected a president like this one–they would’ve found the task impossible.

        Daniel Hannan’s speech really piqued my interest, once again, in the whole historical education issue–I really do believe that without adequate historical, as well as philosophical, perspective on individual liberty, we’ll eventually find true liberty impossible to maintain. I also believe that fact is far from lost on the leftists who have been dumbing down, empiricalizing, relativizing, and proseytizing multi-cultural statism via the education establishment.

    2. I agree. This internet has become so valuable now that some of us seniors have taken it over (lol).

      I know that internet access is not one of our fundamental rights but I would not resist an Amendment to the Constitution to guarantee free access to all in this country and to restrict, now and forever, government control. As we find our voices, we become mature and we can manage this wild river.

      Maybe Newt will issue an Executive Order in the meantime. I’m a Newt guy.

      1. FYI, there is already a law on the FCC books. Obama has ignored it. Your posts are already being, ‘editied’. I suggest you vet your candidates. I still will vote for Newt.

  27. …this speech should be replayed in every high school ,University, church , synagogue and especially in the HALLS OF POWER in WASHINGTON D.C..

  28. The Conservative party should have chosen/elected Daniel Hannan instead of David Cameron. How the heck can Britain ever move towards Capitalism and a Free Market, when the Conservative leader is a massive advocate/supporter of the NHS (National Health Service) aka. Socialized Healthcare.

    1. I’d rather see Daniel Hannan come over to UKIP. The Conservative party hasn’t been conservative since John Major. Or at least it hasn’t been on the front benches – certainly some likeable back benchers (I’m thinking Peter Bone, Douglas Carswell, Mark Reckless and Priti Patel) that are still generally conservative – but the fact they never make it to the front benches speaks volumes.

      1. Hi Mark – I’m afraid that I was there when John Major “did” for the Conservative Party in GB. I remember suddenly feeling alien in my own party and the end result was a 13 reign by Socialists. That was the legacy of John Major. Here I sit in the US now and in 3 years the country has been changed although one believes it is not irrevocable….we just need a “few good men to come to the aid of the party” as the old saying goes.

        1. Yeah, I must admit, I almost put ”since Thatcher” but decided that was a bit too cliche and to give Major a token nod (he’s certainly conservative in comparison to the current clown PM).

          I still have total faith in your country. The very fact that a website like this gets the hits it does, the fact that these CPAC speaches are getting 12k FB likes, the fact that the people ”rebelled” and put people like Rubio and West into office tells me that you guys can turn it around.

          The UK is a different story. We are over that lethal threshold where more people are in receipt of government handouts than not, making a shrinking of government all but impossible. In the area I live in, 70% of local GDP is government spending – that is a statistic that would make Stalin blush.

          1. Nothing commonplace about Margret or Golda or Elizabeth in my book. I’d refer to any of them anytime and feel quite original.

          1. Apropos what? You really boggle the mind!!! What point are you trying to make or are you just posting mindless drivel because thats all you are capable of??!!!

  29. Daniel Hannan called our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, a ‘secular’ miracle in Philadelphia that made America great, but truly, it was a full-fledged divine intervention. No group of human beings could have achieved such ideas without the help and guidance of God that these wise men sought day after day.

    Hannan also said, the greatest gift in government is ‘the renunciation of power’ and limited terms for head of state. The former UK Bishop Nazir Ali, a native of Pakistan, wrote that one of the signs of tyrannies such as we see in communist and Islamic countries is the reluctance, indeed, the refusal to give up power. In the Middle East assassination, riots, war and revolution are the usual methods of change of government. Elections only follow revolution and these elections always bring about the desired result or there is another assassination, riot or election. There is continual instability that keeps these nations from prospering in peace and freedom. Peaceful change of power is a sign of a civilized nation.

    Our current president, according to several psychological profilers, is a narcissist with high dictatorial traits and tendencies. Just this week, in dealing with contraception and abortion, Obama has shown that he is a usurper of powers beyond those given him by the Constitution. He is dictating that insurance companies pay for contracepton. This is typical Obama’s administration. They are not respecters of the law…they ignore it.

    Moreover, Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, are not using the powers given them to stop Obama and Holder. They are ignoring the brazen crony corruption, his unconstitutional acts and the absurd, horrendous, profligate looting of our economy, the ludicrous Occupy Wall Street movement, the threats of violence by Soros and Hoffa.


    Are they cowards or just too corrupt themselves to act or even care?

    Newt is the only one, beside Bachmann, who seems to understand the horror of what is going on in Washington.

    Bachmann said that Obama is extremely dangerous to the security of the US. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtRx90ey2HU&feature=player_embedded

    Here is her CPAC speech: http://constitutionclub.org/2012/02/10/michele-bachmann-cpac-speech-2012/

  30. Where does it come from? He asks.

    It comes from God. But he does not acknowledge that. America’s character does NOT come from her institutions. To the extent that it does it does so only peripherally. America’s Republic is made only for a virtuous and moral people… and that’s fast being degenerated unless there is a moral turnaround. No institution can make a bad people good. That’s the crossroads where the West stands now.

    Hannan is a product of his European lapsed Christianity. Philadelphia’s not a secular miracle as he insists. Until they recognize God… they will still walk around in their secular fog
    thinking they can have freedom without recognizing the freedom giver… the moral giver of law… and that is God. You can’t get what America has by grasping for freedom without grasping for God. It’s not possible.

    Even Europe at one time believed in God… and God blessed Western Civilization because of it with great minds like Locke, Montesquieu, Adam Smith where God played a major influence in their thinking, Montesquieu less so.

    But America is the pinnacle because of God. Yet so many European’s who admire America refuse to see God. And that’s the mistake Hannan, as good as he is, is making.

    1. When Ginsberg told Egypt that they should ignore the US Constitution when writing their own, I was offended deeply at first. How could a US Supreme Court justice have such a low opinion of our founding document?

      Couple of days later, one of the esteemed Right Scoop contributors, 911Infidel, in a debate on the ACLU story, included a John Adams quote, unknown to me:

      ……. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

      Maybe Ginsberg was merely pointing out the obvious in a way a Muslim could never comprehend. I will no longer criticize Justice Ginsberg, unless she screws something else up.

        1. That was Italy. Benito Mussolini made the trains run on time. Train engineers faced the death penalty for non-compliance, a typical fascist motivation technique.

          He and Mrs. Moose ended by with their corpses hanging upside down,humiliated and despised. That’s vetting in Europe.

      1. He’s just mirroring what secularists cannot see.

        I’m a great fan of Hannon, but I’ve always noted his ignorance of Europe’s Christian roots. Ayan Hirsi Ali and Niall Ferguson are the same. Ferguson did a whole series on Western Civilization without any recognition of Christianity.

  31. But that one of our own political leaders could articulate what is at stake so well. I didn’t want it to end.

  32. Everyone should realize that Europe is a sneak peak into our future, if we continue on this road. Hannan brings that out better than anyone I know.

    I love the way he calls Congress ‘the House and Senatorial benches’. Very British.

  33. Daniiel Hannan said…

    Well, Hannan said so much so well, and… he said it without a teleprompter… that I will mention only one thing.

    The aphid is NOT on the leaf… yet.

    The Republic must… MUST… get rid of BHObama and his progressive socialist marxist regime… MUST.

    Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul and Willard Romney…

    … did you hear Daniel Hannan speak?

    Talk like THAT… please.


    1. It was a marvellous speech delivered with passion, conviction and sincerity. I have long admired Daniel Hannan and would commend his latest book to my fellow Conservatives on this blog if you have not already read it – “A New Road to Serfdom”

  34. “replanting the vineyards.”

    Until we are re-grafted back into the Eternal Vineyard again, we will never have the nation we care to have. A nation takes on the identity of the values of its people. Where do our values lie?

    Our Founders didn’t simply give lip service to God (from which all rights extend); they understood that individually — personally it was necessary to imbibe the Word of God into their own lives. To then take those values and institute them into a document that would reflect those values.


    ““America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” — Alexis de Tocqueville

    And THIS is what is at stake here. The moment we commit to abandon God, we commit to abandon Liberty.

    Europe is in a moral free fall. THAT is where Europe is today, and THAT is why Europe is in the mess it is in.

    The economics and all the frivolous details are mere window dressing, by-products of this overarching fact — Europe has ceased to be good and that is why it has ceased to be great.

    “[W]e have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. . . . Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams (Source: John Adams, The Works of John Adams, Second President of the United States, Charles Francis Adams, editor (Boston: Little, Brown, and Co. 1854), Vol. IX, p. 229, October 11, 1798.)

    1. Thanks, Marky_D…

      Bookmarked and ready.

      – Do you have links to what Hannan has said about the islamic invasion and sharia?
      – Is there a time frame for when the minarets will be installed on Buckingham Palace?
      – Has Prince Charles said the Shahada 3 times yet?

      Just wonderin’…

      – – – – – – – – – –

      What is the “Shahada”? – IslamWorld.net –
      >> http://islamworld.net/docs/become.html

      “The Shahada can be declared as follows:


      “The English translation is:

      “I bear witness that there is no deity but, Allah, and I bear witness that Mohammad is the messenger of Allah”


      1. Unfortunately Dan H. is somewhat quiet on the Islamic threat front (or at least I haven’t read anything he may have said on the matter). To be fair to him, in his view – and mine – the greatest threat to the UK is it’s relationship with the EU.

        Our current situation is that even if we elected a government whose sole purpose was to halt the islamisation of the UK, they could not act on that goal as it is illegal for us to limit immigration from the EU (so newly arrived non EU muslim immigrants to other EU states could in time claim EU citizenship and then head to the UK) whilst we are also restrained from deporting foreign born islamic hate preachers by European courts.

        Or to put it another way, the European Islamic threat is like all the other problems in Europe. The people recognise the threat but are powerless to respond. In the UK we have a three party system where all the parties are the same, equally unresponsive and equally unaccountable to the electorate and all of which can be overruled by an even more unaccountable european dictatorship. We can’t control our borders, like we can’t control our fisheries, our agriculture policies or our employment laws because self governance is for independent sovereign nations and the UK has long sinced seized to be one of them.

        1. The EU and Islamization…

          Thanks, again, Marky_D, for such a clear explanation.

          It’s too bad that Daniel Hannan is not more vocal about islamization and sharia, sharia courts and islamic no-go-zones.

          What a mess when a sovereign nation can “… not act on that goal…” to protect it’s national identity.

          In addition to private citizen Douglas Murray, is there NOBODY?… SOMEBODY?… ANYBODY?… in government who can articulate a common sense defense against islamization and the goal of putting miniarets on Buckingham Palace and demanding that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles and Prince William and et al. say the Shahadah 3 times?

          Douglas Murray – “Tolerating Islam is Suicide – Britain Has Gone Too Far” –
          >> http://youtu.be/hvkWghTOkVM


          1. We have a programme on the BBC called Question Time which follows the following format:

            An audience of spotty 17 year old, poorly educated marxists put a series of questions to a panel of –
            3 politicians (one of each flavour – but all basically the same wishy washy pro-EU, pro multi culturalism, soft on crime, big on socialised healthcare types)
            2 non politicans but policitally involved types (journalists, political commentators and the like)
            1 or 2 comedians or celebrities (ultra left turds normally).

            I make a point of only watching this left wing, propoganda drivel if there is one voice of reason on the panel – which normally comes in one of the following forms: Douglas Murray, Peter Hitchens or Melanie Phillips. Outside of these voices, there is almost no-one talking sense in the UK – and none of these 3 are directly involved in government.

            No-one in government is brave enough to confront the threat. The last government flooded the country with immigrants from the most corrupt country in the world (Pakistan) and then made the form of registering your vote that is the most vulnerable to corruption available to all (postal voting). The result was unprecedented postal vote fraud – all of which benefited Labour.

            The current Conservative party under David Cameron has obviously decided that this is too large (albeit partially non-existant) a voting block to upset. It also knows that there is no need to pander to those concerned about immigration while the alternative parties openly support open door immigration policies. Weak as their immigraton policy is proving to be, the non-conservative Conservatives are still the default choice for the anti multi-culturalists.

            1. It’s worse than I thought…

              Marky_D, if you adduce ONLY these 3 prominent non-government voices, Douglas Murray, Peter Hitchins and Melanie Phillips and NO government people, well, the sovereign spiral down is nearing the nadir, it seems to me.

              >> Douglas Murray – http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/author/douglasmurray/
              >> Peter Hitchins – http://hitchensblog.mailonsunday.co.uk/
              >> Melanie Phillips – http://melaniephillips.com/

              Where’s the Margaret Thatcher of the 21st century who can stand in the gap and counter the Archbishop of Canterbury who speaks like a humbled dhimmi and defends the islamization of Europe.

              I wonder if N. T. Wright is being vocal about islamization?

              It’s worse than we in America have been led to believe.

              Thanks again, Marky_D, and keep us informed here in this TheRightScoop forum.


              1. I just watched the Diane Abbott grilling by the host of “This Week” (found it through your Douglas Murray link.) It’s fun to watch liberals meltdown on camera.

            2. Winston Churchill said,

              “We shall not flag nor fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France and on the seas and oceans; we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air. We shall defend our island whatever the cost may be; we shall fight on beaches, landing grounds, in fields, in streets and on the hills. We shall never surrender and even if, which I do not for the moment believe, this island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, will carry on the struggle until in God’s good time the New World with all its power and might, sets forth to the liberation and rescue of the Old.

              I quote Winston frequently here at home and in character.

              My wife is reading a Winston biography and has a “crush.”

              We believe that there has always BEEN an England even if it was just a faint yearning to be free in an ancient slave’s heart.

              We believe that there will ALWAYS BE and England.

              Belief can be a powerful force, even more powerful than the words used to express it.

              Please see the WordsFailMe History of England post on the Newt Gingrich story if you can.

              Thank you for the Daniel Hannan link!

        2. With regard to the combination betwen the stranglehold of the EU bureaucracy and the Islamic threat, I somewhat wonder if, ironically, German Nationalism will be the salvation of Europe this time around…

          I’ve read that, statistically, a negative attitude in Germany toward Islam is the strongest of any Western country…

          1. The irony here is that Germany always formented Jihad in order to knowck the British over. If Germany now stands against the Islamic threat then there isn’t hope because Germany has lost two great wars in teh twentieth and I’m sure the rest of the Islamic loving EU would attack her on this issue as well.

            The EU is very simliar to the story Babel except of course the common language in this case is socialism and woven into the very fabric of what was supposed to be an economic treaty. God is erily absent from the constitution but all references to the first socialist, Satan, is everywhere declaring entitlements for all until finally all are iin misery.

            1. My impression is that the Germans were amenable to starting WWII because of the misery (following WWI) the last time, and without the US having gotten involved, Germany would’ve eaten Europe’s lunch, on a schedule…

              Germany is propping the EU up today, somewhat reluctantly I think, and is going to be called upon increasingly to do so to an ever greater degree… German industriousness is indomitable, and I tend to think that along with it goes a deep cultural unwillingness to be unduly restrained or mired in futility. When it becomes unavoidably apparent that German industriousness, nor anything else, can continue propping up the EU at an acceptable cost, the changes in Germany will come as fast as if someone had flipped on a light switch.

            2. My impression is that the Germans were amenable to starting WWII because of the misery (following WWI) the last time, and without the US having gotten involved, Germany would’ve eaten Europe’s lunch, on a schedule…

              Germany is propping the EU up today, somewhat reluctantly I think, and is going to be called upon increasingly to do so to an ever greater degree… German industriousness is indomitable, and I tend to think that along with it goes a deep cultural unwillingness to be unduly restrained or mired in futility. When it becomes unavoidably apparent that German industriousness, nor anything else, can continue propping up the EU at an acceptable cost, the changes in Germany will come as fast as if someone had flipped on a light switch.

  35. Daniel Hannan is one of maybe a handful of British politicians I can be proud of (another being, Nigel Farage of course – but being a member of UKIP I would say that), I’m just gutted that Dan refuses to jump ship from the not very conservative Conservatives to UKIP where he would probably in time end up leading the party.

    This is what gives me hope for your country – I’d put Daniel Hannan at the very top tier of intellectual conservative thinkers in the world – but in the UK he’s almost a lone wolf. You guys have many great people saying the right things – be it on talk radio, standing for political positions or even running sites like this one. In the UK, Dan Hannan is considered a weird outsider – his views so ”out there” that his own party leader feels he needs to apologise for him.

    Don’t get me wrong, the things Dan Hannan says ring true with alot of my countrymen (especially about the EU) – in fact I was at an event last year where he spoke and his speech received the best response of the day – but the political discourse in the UK is so far left that even the supposed right tries to ”out-socialist” the socialists. If you doubt me, listen to BBC 5 live at midday (GMT) Wednesdays during prime ministers questions and you will hear the ”Conservative” party boasting that they will be spending more taxypayer money on our social healthcare than their leftwing opposition.

    Love Daniel Hannan – just wish we had more like him.

  36. I loves him! If I had to give Beck credit for anything nowadays, it would be for giving that man a platform. He truly knows what we are in for. I remember a great smack-down of PM Gordon that came courtesy of Mr. Hannan..my was it something!

    1. Yes he is – he is certainly of the fiery mould although DH is by far the better orator. His delivery stands alone….almost Churchillian although that is an oft over-used and ascribed laurel.

  37. It was Gordon Brown.

    On 24 March 2009, after Gordon Brown had given a short speech to the European Parliament in Strasbourg in advance of the G20 London summit, Hannan followed up by delivering a 3-minute speech criticising in very strong terms the response by Gordon Brown to the global financial crisis.

  38. Wow, that was a powerful speech.. refering to America as the bastion of English liberties.
    What a great shared history we have with England. What a great history America has and how sad that everyone of us doesn’t know every detail of it.

    1. Sheesh… we have like 2 or 3 decent politicians here in the UK and you want to grab our best one? Shame on you! 🙂

  39. Danial Hannan is one of the best public speakers I’ve ever heard! I’ve been a member of Toastmasters… he does it better than almost anyone I can think of. Accurate, concise, eloquant… Brilliant! And his message is indeed a dire warning that must be acted on!

    This was my favorite speech of the CPAC – Allen West was a very close 2nd. Brilliant!

    I pray that America heeds his warning… otherwise it’s serfdom.

  40. I remember seeing videos of him speaking before Parliament a couple years ago, and then he made the circuits in the US media. He’s fantastic.

          1. Thanks Cindy:
            When opposing ideas are discussed in congress, I would much prefer to hear the combative tone of Daniel Hannen and his British counterparts than the conciliatory language we hear from our legislators like, “the Gentleman or Gentlewoman from” are used.
            If someone is pushing damaging legislation, or just a STUPID idea, what is wrong with calling them out on it and doing so with clear, concise, and forceful language.

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