FULL SPEECH: Dr. Ben Carson speaks at CPAC 2013


Dr. Ben Carson spoke today at CPAC 2013 and you can watch the full speech below:

(h/t: Mediaite)

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45 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Dr. Ben Carson speaks at CPAC 2013

  1. America uses the term “the free market” – which isn’t working now, but that was the ideology. The Europeans do not use that word – they use “the common market” – comes from community – communism. Say John and Jack have something to share between them – they use the “free market” – gov stays out. In the common market John and Jack like each others toys and they play together – sharing their toys the way they choose, but Judas – well they don’t like him, or his toys, but to let him play in this common market-society, big daddy tells Jack and John they have to share and the gov takes some of their toys, give them to Judas so he can play too (and of course the gov. takes some for themselves.

  2. Who would you believe–A community organizer who was “groomed” to be one of the elite, or a brain surgeon who grew up very poor, had the motivation to succeed instilled in him by a mother who worked more than one job, believed in her children and the American dream? Like the man said, it isn’t brain surgery.

  3. 21 years ago I first became acquainted with Dr. Carson through a video produced by American Life League under the direction of Mrs. Judie Brown.
    You can see that entire video now on YouTube at the American Life League channel at the following address:
    The video is entitled “Dr. Ben Carson – Gifted Hands” and runs just under 28 minutes long and features him actually operating on patients and discussing a wide range of issues.  What you saw at the CPAC 2013 convention and at the National Prayer Breakfast is what you saw 21 years ago in this mesmerizing video.  I have never forgotten what I saw in this video about Dr. Carson.  It is truly profound what he said and did 21 years ago and remains timeless.
    Dr. Carson was the first surgeon to successfully operate on a child in its mother’s womb in 1986 and has often helped many indigent patients out of his own pocket as you will see in this video.
    Be forewarned that some of the surgery segments are not for the faint of heart. 
    The video is divided into 4 or 5 segments interespersed with promotionals for various groups and people, such as the singer Pat Boone.
    John Craven – New Orleans

  4. Pride goeth before a fall. I have admired Dr. Carson. I see now there is a difference between skill (being a brain surgeon) and knowledge (understanding how you got the opportunity be that brain surgeon), and that very intelligent people can be stupidly simplistic.

    1. JonJaxon Are you implying he was magically given his knowledge by the educated elite? He had to study, retain and practice. The educational elite didn’t do that for him. Get out of your mother’s basement and into a library. Of course Ben Franklin and Andrew Carnegie, those evil rich white guys had something to do with us having them in America, so maybe you better not. Not PC enough for you.

      1. janemecom JonJaxon I think he’s implying that for all the brilliant work Dr. Carson has done in saving lives on the operating table and as eloquent and and engaging as his speech was it also demonstrated a striking ignorance on the role of government in a republic of the people, for the people and by the people. If he knew anything about about the nature of politic within our current government he would know that the entitlement (a mislabeling since most people who receive them pay into them) to the poor which he speaks of with such contempt pales in comparison to the entitlement received by elite class with their army of lobbyist picking the tax payers pocket. Perfect example of over simplification. Dr Carson spoke of “proportionality” when comes to taxes comparing to tithing I guess in scripture where rich or poor everyone pays the same rate, 10 % but Jesus also spoke about the fact that to whom much is given much is expected in the parable of the talents. I wonder if Dr. Carson would consider Christ a redistributionist when he told the rich young ruler to sell all that he had and give it to the poor. I wonder if he would consider if he would consider the church of the book of Acts foolish communist and socialist because the had “all things in common”.  Just wondering.

  5. Dr. Carson has a very clever way of criticism of the President. I like his optimism. It is a very good trait. I really liked the speech.

  6. While I agree that his comments about geographical relations to AR-15 ownership is a little off putting, I’m sure that if he did run – which I support – his advisers would get him to see things the way that gun owners and staunch Second Amendment types look at it. There’s too much about his opinions and speeches that scream out libertarian/conservative that would have me believe he fully supports banning semiautomatic rifles contingent on where you live. If you listened to what he actually said, he said that he “didn’t know” if you should have one if you lived in a dense urban environment a la a big city, but he said rural areas were okay. So, while his answer was less than absolute, he never said he supported an outright ban. And, yes, I am a NRA member and own several “assault weapons.”

    1. You might support him but we are wise and on to him already.  The 2nd Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights, rights given to us by our Creator.  He preaches enough, should know that.

      1. OneThinDime local gov should be the ones to decide things like this……why should someone like diane fienstien from california decide whats going to happen in e.g  white river junction,vermont???

        1. I hope you don’t live in the US.  If you do, check out at the next border crossing and we’ll take a 2nd Amendment loving and respecting Canadian like LAS1 or BlueGood in your place.
          You are truly so ignorant to believe that the Constitution is a local gov’t issue? Must be a liberal or liberal-lite libertarian

      2. OneThinDime Exactly!  I want someone in charge that doesn’t even hesitate about fully supporting the Constitution and our rights as American citizens.  There are just too many people trying to say whatever appeases the public instead of standing strong for what we were founded upon.  Too much worldly conformation.

        1. Bingo!  For those that don’t honor and respect the Constitution, we should start trading them for people in Canada that do.

        2. KimmieSmith OneThinDime  
          Love how the constitution enthusiast love to talk about rights from the “Creator” but yet fail to acknowledge the “Creator” when He told His disciple to sheath his sword because those who live by the sword die by the sword. So I wonder which one of the assault weapons that we currently use to kill 6 year old is God’s particular gift to humanity?

      1. lexi63 If he FULLY supports the 2nd Amend. then there should be NO hesitation in your answer to someone about your thoughts on it.  He clearly said in the interview that he thinks it depends on your location.  It states what it does for a reason and should not be up for altering or changing in any way according to our own personal opinions about it.  It’s either you support it, or you don’t, there’s no in between.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

        1. he CLEARLY SUPPORTS the constitution & the 2nd amendment . he  simply said  he would prefer  that people dont  have them in crowded cities  & said ABSOLUTELY   was his word , that people  SHOULD  be able to own them .  so  NO I HEARD NO WAIVER in his response at all  , perhaps  you watch it again, you apparently  didnt hear  the words ABSOLUTELY  & SHOULD ..

        2. lexi63, only “low-information” posters would believe that Dr. Carson doesn’t support the 2nd Ammendment to our Constitution when he clearly and unambiguously supports everything about how our nation was founded and the documents upon which we were founded.  He wouldn’t have written a book called America The Beautiful if he didn’t think America was beautiful from the get go and that would include the 2nd Ammendment to our Constitution.
          You might be interested in this video about Dr. Carson from 21 years ago: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zan0hC8yV6A&list=UUl0rWf_kR2NVeKLrXPUcCEQ&index=1 . If you liked what you saw at the CPAC 2013 Conference and the National Prayer Breakfast you will love this video of Dr. Carson walking the walk and talking the talk to anyone who will listen.  It’s a mesemerizing video and not for the faint of heart at times but it will melt your heart if you have one to begin with.
          John Craven – New Orleans

        3. Thanks John ,  &   DR.Ben   has my vote in 2016 – he  not only GETS IT what is going on in this country , but i am well aware of his humanitarian  efforts ( those certainly dont take a brain surgeon to  find out about  )   but a lot of these folks i am surprised can fnd the on switch to thier computers ::::  . I welcome the video very much & your right  these  misinforms  who are probably already  mesmerized & hypnotized   by  the new bilderburg psy-op sheep herder rand paul  that anything  real life  is so far  out of range for them , viewing it might be  more then they can handle      : ))))    LOL

        4. KimmieSmith, I haven’t seen that video on Glenn Beck.  I tried to when it was first posted on The Blaze and for some reason I couldn’t access it.  Now he may well say somethings in it that might leave me scratching my head as to what he means.  But I tell you point blank, I’d take him over anything that’s running for the presidency right now, including Ted Cruz, who I think is fantastic.
          I was more than happy to say I stood with Rand Paul on his filibuster of Brennan but I scratched my head when he voted to confirm Chuckles Hagel for secretary of Defense.  Rand Paul raises a lot of questions in my mind about many things and he does the same for Mark Levin.
          Dr. Carson doesn’t raise any red flags for me because the man you see today is the same guy you will see 21 years ago in the video I’ve told you about.  And again it is not a video for the faint of heart.
          Steel yourself and go watch it.
          John Craven – New Orleans

      2. Having a local gov’t decide if you can own a gun is not supporting the 2nd Amendment.  He is a distraction, likely set upon us by Obama to distract us from what Obama is doing.  He has raised a boat load of money, all tax free of course for his “nonprofit”.  Wonder how much is being redirected to Obama’s new “nonprofit”

        1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zan0hC8yV6A&list=UUl0rWf_kR2NVeKLrXPUcCEQ&index=1
          Maybe OneThinDime you should watch another video, the one I just posted above and come back here and say Dr. Carson is a distraction sent from Obama with a straight face.   Be forewarned that it contains scenes which a delicate stomach might not be able to handle, such as actual scenes of Dr. Carson cutting into a human brain.  Please let us know if you could handle it.
          John Craven – New Orleans

        2. Hey Liberal-Lite that gave us Obama for 4 more years, who gives a rats behind if the guy can do surgery, that doesn’t mean he knows dittaly squat about the Constitution.  We need elected officials that SUPPORT our Constitution, which is not Ben Carson.

        3. i have some batteries  for your hearing aid  if you would like to watch  again  so you can  LISTEN THIS TIME .  Dr Ben  CLEARLY  SUPPORTS THE CONSTITUTION OF THE U.S  & THE 2ND AMENDMENT –  charge  your  hearing aid  please . geeeeeeeeesh  & remember rand lier paul  is a bliderburg PSY-OP . so stop being stupid .

        4. I’m far from deaf.  He clearly told Glenn Beck that people living in populated areas shouldn’t have guns because the wrong person might be ahold of them, that those decisions should be made at the local level. Why don’t you go give it a listen. Ben Carson is an opportunistic Obama supporter.

        5. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha   that is the most rediculous thing i have ever heard . you really MUST HAVE THAT HEARING AID FIXED.  geeeeeeeeesh, looks as if you have drank the bilderburg/rand  coolaid , its obviously too late for you . the brain washing has taken fool effect  or ?  at any rate  i’m dont chatting with you. i dont  do sign language  & i have no antidote for stupid.

        6. I’ve never said you were deaf OneThinDime but for anyone to think that Dr. Carson is an opportunistic Obama supporter knows absolutely nothing about what he is talking about.
          He was the first surgeon to successfully perform brain surgery on a child in its mother’s womb back in 1986.  Such a man would not ever be an enthusiastic Obama supporter, especially when at CPAC he “illustrated” as Rush Limbaugh so accurately described today, how Obama is destroying our nation by destroying our economy and ransacking our military and ruining the things we have always valued.
          I agree with Rush, the Democrats – and sadly, the spineless Republicans – have got to be terrified of this man.  At CPAC, Dr. Carson even referred to some of the really vile hate mail he’s gotten for taken on Nero Obama, even being called the N-word by some of Obama’s “low-info” drones.  You’ve fixated on one thing he told Glenn Beck without acknowledging the other things he said which was pointed out to you by lexi63.  Why aren’t you being fair to the man?
          John Craven – New Orleans

  7. I recommend watching the entire video – even with the bad static. Eric Metaxis also speaks and makes some terrific points on the difference between freedom of worship and Freedom of Religion. (Plus some more great commentary on the changes brought about in our society through the impetus of our Christian forefathers)

  8. am I the only one getting audio feedback in the background of this the clip? Hard to listen with that annoying sounds, sucks!

      1. billma40 Yeah I had to listen to this speech over at Mediaite, and it was a great speech, especially talking about taxes, healthcare, and God/Jesus.. Bummer the youtube clips are messed up here..

        1. StevenValdez billma40  
          I wouldn’tvote for a man that claims he’s for the second amendment, then seconds later he proved that he wasn’t by saying in some areas it should be up to local governments. The second amendment is too important.

        2. billma40 StevenValdez I was very excited to hear everything Carson had to say until he said in an interview that he thought the 2nd Amend. should be location-dependent.  The 2nd Amend. should not be altered with period.  I really admire Dr. Carson and think that he’s very intelligent, has high morals and a lot of common sense, but why in the heck did he say what he did about the 2nd Amend.?

        3. OneThinDime I agree 100% One Thin Dime!  I do not trust anyone who says great things in one conversation and then turns around and contradicts what they stand for in another conversation.  That is too inconsistent and not trustworthy.  If he fully supports the 2nd Amend. then there is to be not hesitation in standing strong for what it says, none of this being dependent on location thing, he is much smarter than to have to have someone “coach” him into why we the people believe in sticking with the rights we were given.

    1. StevenValdez You aren’t alone. I listened to this over on HotAir with sound quality just as bad, but the entire video is worth watching. Eric Metaxis (author of Bonhoffer) speaks before Dr Carson. Good stuff even with the static.

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