Watch Full Speech: Glenn Beck at Values Voter Summit

Glenn Beck gave a great speech today at the Values Voter Summit. Here is the full 40 minute speech:

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69 thoughts on “Watch Full Speech: Glenn Beck at Values Voter Summit

  1. The Judeo/Christian value system allows us redemtion through faith and charity. Whether you approach this sytem from Judaism, Catachism, or Protestant views, the outcome is still the same. Whether or not one agrees with the differences in dogma and doctrine, this message is for all of us to clean our own doorsteps, embrace basic values and be willing to help others. How can this be wrong? Glenn outlines a path that allows us to achieve the ability to look ourselves in the mirror and be comfortable with what we see. This journey has taken me years, I hope you find your path.

  2. bs detector…


    Some atheists say that their “bs detectors” indicate that Glenn Beck is full of it.

    Well, some theists say that their “bs detecors” indicate that Glenn Beck is speaking truthfully.

    So, who you gonna trust?

    Those for or those against Beck?

    The atheists need to articulate an issue in which Beck exhibits, uh, being full of bs before theists can agree if it is bs or not.

    That seems fair and balanced, does’t it Jaynie59?


    1. One example is his fake crying jags. You don’t fall for that do you?

      Do you really believe that a grown man could investigate several different churches and come to the conclusion that the Mormon church is the only one that makes sense?

      Why is it that every point he makes always revolves around him and his company? A new company that he promotes in every speech he gives?

      Why does he continuously go out of his way to blame both sides? Why is it so important to him that people NOT align themselves with the Republican Party when defeating the Democrats is the only hope we have of saving this country in 2012? If he really cares he must know there is no other option for 2012. Maybe after 2012, when Obama is gone and the Democrats are a minority, THEN and only then can we afford to work on a third party. But Beck never says that. He seems to want to split the conservative vote in 2012. Why? Because it will make him money and give him power, that’s why.

      While I’m loath to give Keith Olbermann any credit for anything, Beck really is Lonesome Rhodes. You want to fall for his act go right ahead.

      1. With a loss of God comes a loss of the spirit of God. With a loss of the spirit of God comes a loss of compassion. With a loss of compassion comes a loss to cry and weep for others. Glenn cries when he thinks of the good and bad of the world. As an Athiest, you lack the spirit or gift to cry. Trust me my young, educated Jaynie, it is a gift of the spirit to empathize and to cry.

      2. Well now…

        Thoughtful sentences of opinion. Period.

        -“fake crying” – opinion without substance (he is emphatic)

        -“… investigate … conclusion … sense.” – opinion from an atheist about the/a “true” church is irrelevant (from a theist, the truth has no agenda other than to protect the innocent, and Beck will understand the error of Joseph Smith re: his usurper LDS Christianity vs. historic “… called out of the darkness into HIS marvelous light” Christianity as Peter said in 1 Peter 2:9)

        – “… every point … always …” – opinion without substance

        – “… revolves around his company … promotes … .” – opinion without substance

        -“Why … continuously … out of his way … blame both sides?” – What the??? – opinion without substance

        – “Why … so important … NOT … .” opinion without substance (he is NOT doing this)

        – […] – all opinion without substance

        – “He seems to want … .” “seems” is DEFINITELY opinion without substance

        – “Why? Because … money … power.” – case closed – DEFINITELY opinion without substance

        – “… Olberman … Beck … .” – false comparison is most DEFINITELY opinion without substance

        – “… fall … .” – suggestion based on opinions without substance is irrelevant and ignorable.

        There’s no there there… all opinion without substance.

        I, along with Palin, Cain, Beck and others, stand with ALL the people of Israel
        To STOP! Islamization of America
        I propose calling on the Hebrew personal name of YHWH (Yahowah – some prefer Yahweh) vs. the Arabic name of Allah (… and Allahu Akbar)

  3. Too all doubters – ” He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world”. The world is sensual – carnal without inner voice. Born again Christians have a discernment that is not worldly. The manifestation of the spirit was taught to the disciples by Christ. Learn what this is that I am saying. True discernment comes by the “Holy Spirit.” Accept the “Holy Spirit” through Jesus the Christ and take your place in heaven.

  4. I choose good and I choose God! Thank you Glenn for putting truth on the line and thank you RS for presenting the speech in its entirety so we can know the truth about it!

    Let’s go forward to do as God would have us do, in prayer and trembling, with “malice toward no one,” and truth on our lips and in our heart.

    God bless the United States of America!

  5. Really great stuff from Glenn. Thanks again for posting this RS. You do a great service to your fellow man.

  6. Notice how Beck didn’t finish the name of the church he belongs to. He knows.

    I don’t know who I’m supporting yet but I know one thing: any candidate who aligns himself with Glenn Beck will NOT be getting my vote. Forget his opportunism and blatant self promotion. Anybody dumb enough to keep falling his fake crying jags is just too stupid to hold any office.

    1. I take it you will vote for Obama then and fall for his blatant lies? Glenn wants you to have freedom to live your life however you choose to pursue happiness. If you would rather vote for a dictator you are the one being mislead.

      1. What are you? About 14ish? I’m a Republican.

        As far as what Glenn wants? I hate to break this to you but Glenn Beck is not a God. He may think he’ll be one someday but today ain’t the day.

          1. Oh, I’m still very liberal when it comes to some things. But they’re trivial things for the most part. Hey, I know religious people don’t consider it trivial, but it really is. In the grand scheme of things if there does turn out to be God then I’m covered because any all knowing, all loving, all powerful God would love to have someone like me around. And if he isn’t all those things, but a monster like some people seem to think he is, I wouldn’t want any part of him anyway. So it doesn’t really matter.

            But I’m fine with the notion of a Christian nation. I prefer that to a Muslim one, which is where we’re headed. I don’t have much hope left, though. Christians are cowards. They’re our last and only hope but they won’t fight. None of them are willing to risk it. Look no further than this blog. Just the concept of who is a Christian is such a sore subject the comments have to be closed.

            Yeah, I’m a liberal. I can’t find a hero.

          2. This a huge problem we have here Dax. People are proclaiming Christianity and when a person disagrees we call names. Jaynie59 does make a point and by Christian standards should be able to do so without being called names. Would Christ handle things this way? No. Im a Christian. The problem in this country isn’t atheists or liberals and so on. It’s Christians. Jesus would be disappointed in us. The woes in this country could have been avoided if it weren’t for us. We’ve had the majority in this country from the beginning and have let our country down. We’ve allowed morals in this country to deteriate. We’ve let our schools to hit bottom and as Jesus said made kids in this country twice the sons of Hell. Let’s get our own house in order first. Me, us as Christians have let our God founded country down. Christians have been the majority from the beginning and can blame no one but ourselves for the state we are in. We’ve had the votes to keep our country on a morally sound track and have failed. I plan to change that in my own life and surroundings.

            1. Also to all my Christian brothers and sisters. Actions speak louder than words but not nearly as often.

    2. By the way Jaynie59 aren’t you an athiest? Forgive me if Im wrong but I saw you flaming on another site about christianity. Thats totally fine …I just wanted the bloggeres here to know. Glenn and I will support and defend you and your right to do so and will expect nothing in return. Flame on.

      1. Yes, I’m an atheist. I have a pretty good bs detector when it comes to religious people. And Beck is all bs all the time.

        1. Does the sun come up and lower everyday just because? Isn’t it a coincidence that the sun if 100 miles further or closer to the sun people would freeze or burn to death? You think that happens by accident? For there to be a creation there needs to be a creator! BTW everything that Beck has said, Caliphate coming, is starting to happen. You can sit there and mock Jesus and GOD all day, but in the end GOD created everything. Things just do not happen Ie big bang theory. If you call out to GOD ( and not when you have turbulence at 30000 feet) he will answer you! You can’t do it just once though. I know people that were there and they say thank you for giving them the tools to reach out!

          1. I’m happy for you that you believe in something constructive. Don’t screw it up by falling for Beck’s marketing campaign.

            1. I promise you Jaynie that one day you will see Christ. And when you do, your only quip will be “my bad”. What then to all of the thousands who heard your words and believed. “My bad” will not cut it. The proof is in the doing….follow His teachings and see how you feel. If you still feel the same, then “my bad”.

    3. Not only are you the minority on here, your post wreaks of misery. Sorry for your loss. Sorry you weren’t raised to recognize truth whether it is from Mother Teresa, Billy Graham or Glenn Beck. Sorry you didn’t study history enough to see the relationship between a moral people and a nation that falls apart when morals fall apart. Well, you will get to live it in your life time. Please don’t ask, why is this happening?

      1. Don’t get me started on Mother Teresa. That woman is personally responsible for more suffering than most despots. She epitomizes the horror that is religion with her “noble suffering”. Bite me.

    4. When you go through a life changing event such as alcoholism, illness, or family crisis, you sometimes lose control of your emotions or they are close to surface. If you have not experienced this, you will have difficulty accepting/believing it in others. Often times you are uncomfortable and dismiss it as weak or false. It is neither. And I would never presume to know someone’s heart.

    5. You may want to rethink that. Google Cain Enron Scandal. Then look at his pastoring at a liberal Jesse Jackson church. Then check that he was a Clinton democrat as was Perry. Then check out Aquilla and then Fed Chair Kansas City. Check Perry NAFTA, North American Trade Union, deal with Vincente Fox of Mexico, 60% increase in illegal aliens in his state ONLY. Then look for his interviews confirming that he met with the Bilderberg group in 2007 and appears to have been at secret meeting in St. Moritz in 2011.

      You see, this elite group that decides world affairs always meet with the democrat nominee and decide whether they can be puppets. Clinton did and was the nominee just like Perry did. Perry is not conservative. It was not about denying education to illegals (even though we must to stop bankrupting our country deport illegals) It was about not giving encouragement to invade our country, get an in state discount on tuition and pell grants. Perry and Cain don’t have the background that Romney does. Massachusetts (Romney Care) is not Obama Care. Obama Care is Hillary Care and nothing like voter and legislature approved 72 page Mass. Care. Please visit and to get the truth. Perry was the establishment and media pick. Romney scares them. Issa endorsed Mitt. Issa is going after the corruption and subpoenaed Holder and the admin. Sherrif Babeu of AZ endorses Mitt. Rush did too in 2008. Get the facts or be quiet. Are only shot to oust the Dictator Obama is to unify and get behind Romney. He has the support and ability to save America. He saved Massachusetts (left 2 billion surplus) and the Olympics (100 million). He started Staples and Sports Authority. His company bought 400 companies and save all but a handful.

      1. When they call you a bigot, tell them that the democrat party was built on slavery, secession, segregation, socialism and the sin of genocide. Republicans freed them. We fought for their Civil rights that were blocked by LBJ while he was speaker of the House. The left lied. This explains what they have been up to since 1963. Please look at the US Senate hearing transcript below the video.

  7. Depending on what America will become in the future, Glenn Beck shall be one of two things:
    Either a great American who would have felt at home with the founders, or a man totally erased from the pages of history for the truth he delivered.

  8. First time commenting RS, I was only able to listen to the first half.

    I am kinda Beck listener, but he has been behind my observations and evaluations over the years. He was a little ahead of me on the gold, mainly behind on the political over the years though.

    Anyway, God Bless and Peace. But remember, there is only one law. That be Natural Law. Do no harm to another, and do not infringe on their Natural rights of Life, Liberty and Property.

  9. What a great message! Glenn is right, when smaller government wins we must be there to offer a helping hand. As HRC said, it does take a village….. NOT A GOVERNMENT!!
    Bless you Scoop for blessing us!

  10. Reflect on that speech! With malice towards none. Conservatives, time to unite and quit fighting over church doctrine. One God. We are all His children and He will relate to us personally and individually. Give it up to Him to worry about that stuff. Now let’g get busy. We have work to do!

    1. I disagree with your statement that all are God’s children (creation, yes – children, no) I can disagree with someone theologically without malice toward them. I agree with Glenn politically, but disagree with him theologically and I do it with no malice whatsoever.

      1. I’m sure I can find something to disagree with about everyone but lets all agree that freedom is the only thing worth fighting for. God does not force us to make certain choices nor should we towards our fellowman. We must only uphold the rights of all and I mean all. Any other way is just evil, and that is how you decern the righteous from the unrighteous

  11. Like the dreams dreamt for us by our own grandmothers, forgiving the warts of our past mistakes, but we must know them, so that we may grow beyond those mistakes , not to make them again. Then we rise above the petty and trite, to become a better people and a better nation.

  12. Thank you for this post TRS; But, could you please upload Sarah’s Palin’s Liberty University speach too. Thank you very much.

  13. Thanks, “Scoop” for all of the informative postings! I choose not to waste hard earned money on cable TV and your website is among the best sources of news information available on the internet!

    God bless you and continue to strengthen you in the days, months and years ahead – America is depending on freedom of information via the internet!!!

  14. Well well thought out and said; and it is true that Americans need to raise the right values and principals’ bar

  15. Personally speaking, the message was well thought out and delivered; and it is true that (if) America(ns) raise(s) the right moral and ethical values and principles’ bar; for, as the Good LORD says, “if my people who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (II Chronicles 7:14). Then, we will begin to see a beautiful and glorious Revival throughout the USA.

    1. ***Dripping Sarcasm Alert!!!***

      … what are you talking about Dax? Beck is no Christian. I mean he says he believes in Christ. He thinks that Jesus is the creator and savior of the world… but God knows, Rick Perry’s pastor is the arbiter of who is and isn’t a Christian… therefore, sorry Glenn, see ya in hell buddy.

      1. No kidding. I am also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I frankly don’t care who says or doesn’t say I’m a Christian. I don’t need the label one way or another. Christ said that “by their fruits ye shall know them”. I, like I have all my life, will let my actions be the final definition of what my Father in Heaven thinks of me.

        I’ve been disappointed in the flaming that has gone on recently in blogs here and elsewhere on conservative sites–everyone pounding their chest about what a Christian is or isn’t. This is EXACTLY what the left is hoping for-watching us “eat our own” again. I have a good friend who is a Ron Paul supporter. He has taken his support that “extra step” now and is viciously attacking Cain and others in the race. It is sad really. Cain is a good man.

        Ann Coulter had the left pegged in her latest book regarding their mob mentality. The right’s greatest strength (our lean to independant thought) sometimes lends us to getting in a circular firing squad. What I would like my Christian friends to do is rally around beating these Marxists back and less anti-LDS dogma. We need to focus on the real goal, or sooner or later we will all lose our choice to be whatever faith our heart tells us is correct.

        Our very liberty is under attack. Let’s remember that please.

        1. I agree with several points you made, especially the fact that liberals would love to use this to promote in-fighting between conservatives. To be 100% honest, though, I think theology is ultimately more important than politics, because that deals with eternity. Because of that priority, I have to comment on this.

          By no means do I think Mormons are being malicious when they claim to be Christians, but there are some really important differences which make them mutually exclusive; most significantly, God allegedly told Joseph Smith that all the Christian denominations of his time (which are really no different than today’s) were an “abomination.” So unless you’ve redefined the word “Christian,” by your own beliefs it would be a bad thing to align yourself with modern-day Christian denominations.

          There are other insurmountable differences too that I wouldn’t have the time to get into, but briefly: radically different view of Jesus, infinite regress of past Gods, the ability to become a god yourself, etc..

          All in all, it’s important distinction worth keeping in mind. But I will be right beside you in the ballot box voting for a CONSERVATIVE president in 2012!

          1. Dittos Jeff…

            As the bible says, God is not a respecter of persons, whether members of the historic catholic (from the Latin for “universal”) church, or, as you wrote,

            >> ” … unless you’ve redefined the word ‘Christian,’ by your own beliefs it would be a bad thing to align yourself with modern-day Christian denominations.”

            There is a time for everything and now is NOT the time to throw theological stone and daggers at our LDS friends.

            We are united in a global ideological war with the atheist / neo-marxist supremacists, aka Sorosbots and et al, and the theist / neo-nazi islamist supremacists of Allah, Muhammad, Islam and sharia.

            What Joseph Smith wrote and defended is still relevant as a theological issue and will be revealed to Glenn Beck in time because, as he says “the truth has no agenda”… other than to free the innocent and uninformed and to continue to protect the freedom of the innocent and informed.

            I, along with Glenn Beck, stand with ALL the people of Israel
            To STOP! Islamization of America
            I propose calling on the personal name of YHWH (Yahowah – some prefer Yahweh) vs. the name of Allah (… and Allahu Akbar)

          2. Like pearls before the swine. What is your long life here on earth for; your trails and suffering and bold stance for truth? To sit on a cloud forever playing a harp and singing? Is God so in need of a choir that he puts us on earth for try-outs? Ye know not the God you serve he has bigger things for you his literal son all that he hath is what he offers all of us ALL is the word God used and he will keep his word. It is in your very Bible I suggest you have the faith to believe it.

        2. Not attacking you, but it is a shame that the Mormon’s caved on homosexuality. They were afraid that their buildings would be burned I guess. But this is one place you can never give in. The Bible is clear about this, as long as they want to be saved and change their lifestyle they can be saved, but if they don’t, then they can never partake in, nor learn the mysteries of God. I know we will be persecuted greatly for this in the next few years, but all will cave on this issue except those that are called, chosen, and faithful.

          1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has never caved on their stance on homosexuality. If you would like to know more about their stance, google “The Family: A Proclamation to the World”.

    1. I agree, civil wars are coming to this nation and it’s too easy to shut down cities since the Supreme Court confused the right to assemble with the right to create anarchy.

  16. I wish more Americans could hear this speech. Instead it will turn up as soundbites taken out of context, and people flocking to attack the messenger without listening to the message.

      1. Thank for this and all the other excellent videos that you have posted. This site has quickly become a go-to site for the best info on the most important issues.

    1. I listened to the entire thing, and I’m thinking it’s lame. What inspired you about this speech?

      1. Glen as usual brought the message down to the basic message, which is that it is up to the individual to do what is right for America and to have the strength to do it. I guess if I gotta talk in hippie language then I guess what I would say to liberals is ‘ Power to the people’

        1. no thanks. Long enough the first time. I heard :
          kinda pastor talk
          kinda politcal talk
          kinda historian talk
          and I’ve heard better sermons, politicians and historians. So, like Glenn says : I’m just sayin’…..not that great. My opinion, and I’m in the minority it seems.
          Reminder to you : speeches are made up of words. It’s the way they are put together and delivered that inspire people.

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