FULL SPEECH – Glenn Beck’s Keynote Speech at the NRA

Via the NRA:

Radio host Glenn Beck speaks at the NRA Stand and Fight Rally, an event of the 2013 NRA Annual Meetings in Houston, Texas. In his highly-anticipated keynote speech, Beck conveys his message through stories often ignored by the mainstream media of law-abiding citizens defending themselves with firearms, and the cold, hard facts about gun control that have been rejected by the political elites. “So what is this gun, good or evil? It is nothing! A gun is only a reflection of the people that use it,” he declares.

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89 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH – Glenn Beck’s Keynote Speech at the NRA

  1. Excellent speach, and there is not one thing I can disagree with in in; except, We must regain CONTROL over the jobs being done in our name by our represenatives. They are not there to get things for us from the federal govmnt, they are there to express the desires of We The People to that goverment on how it exercises the Limited 17 powers the Constitution grants it. Once we have corrected that misconception then we can correct the problems created by our inattention over the last 100+ years. God Bless America, Glenn Beck and you the American people. 
    From My cold dead hands…..

  2. That was a great speech but Beck appears to be getting ready to do the same thing with the NRA and gun control that he did with the tea party. He’s going to compete with it. His knock on LaPierre and the whole thing about “from my cold dead hands” was typical Beck. Beck is a real piece of work and the fact that he fools so many conservatives is very telling about the state of the conservative movement. When Charlton Heston said “from my cold dead hands”, or whoever he was quoting said it, that’s a powerful thing. So Beck set out to undermine it. And then he did what he always does, he teased about something that’s coming. From him of course. Of course.

    1. nt250  And you of course, are not fooled by anything he says.  Must be nice to possess an intellect that allows one to remain far above the turmoil and confusion the rest of us have to endure because of our poor understanding of the world around us.

        1. white531 nt250 Sometimes I wish I were still a dumb liberal. Life would be a lot easier.

        2. nt250 white531  What’s worse, nt?  Being a dumb Liberal, or being a Newborn Conservative, who still wants to argue the Liberal position?  At least when you were still a Liberal, you had an honest belief.  As a Newborn Conservative, you wind up being a fake.  I think you need to take some time by yourself and think about your priorities.

    2. nt250 Did soro’s tell you come here and slam Glenn Beck? 
      Did Boy Georgie say, “hey tool of mine, go over to TRS and do what you can to cause trouble, if you can cast Glenn Beck in a bad light there will be an extra bone in your food tray and you can sleep by the fire tonight”?
      Better luck next time…

  3. reevers   What I find most reassuring about Glenn Beck is that he always says, “Don’t take my word for it.  Do your own research.”

  4. Wow. Longest speech I was ever able to sit through. Beck is a compelling speaker, no wonder the left wants to silence him.

  5. Thank you Scoop. Great Testimony , great outreach angles, got me emotional and choked up few times. God Bless and protect you Glen. God Bless us all, and America.

  6. Thank you, Scoop. Most inspiring thing I have ever seen on The Right Scoop.  Blew me away.  God Bless Glenn Beck and all that he does for us.

  7. theblaze and the rightscoop and facebook are my main sources for “real news”. No fox unless it’s here.

  8. Guns are inanimate objects. Nice, straw man, Beck. No one said guns are evil. What guns are are dangerous. They can be used to kill people, as illustrated by the tales Beck told of people who were threatened by criminals with guns. You don’t see Democrats trying to ban pillows.

    1. notpilgrims Nice straw man about pillows.  You do understand that Feinsten and company keep trying to ban aspects of guns that have no impact on the ability to commit mass murder, or make them one bit more effective in criminal use than a basic rifle or handgun don’t you?
      Sure you do.

    2. notpilgrims You have no wisdom which makes intelligence dangerous and worthless. Thanks for the pillow talk. Your illustrations are wanting. Knives are used to kill people just the same. I’m tired of having to say that but dang it, you keep throwing the same old crap. I say people like yourself should give up YOUR rights first!! Show us please how that works out.

  9. The disarray we see around us today is a symptom of a greater spiritual war we are involved in….only MANY are not.  Even believers are not aware that the spiritual battle is raging, trying to take the true Light of the world, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to destroy its power forever.  It is my opinion that Lucifer, that great deceiver, has been unleashed for his final effort to destroy the people of God, and so to wipe out any mention of, or memory of God, Christ, etc.  He will not succeed, but he will do great damage…unless this is not his time and God allows us to throw off this tyrannical government and enjoy another period of freedom.  Only God knows the time, whether this is the End Times, or if there is time to save America and turn our nation back to a semblance of a God-fearing nation again. 

    I pray for all believers, I pray for the Truth of God, for the truth about our history, for those being persecuted for righteousness sake, for those who are taking a strong stand for what is right…in spite of ridicule and mockery, that we will all examine our hearts and make things right with our Creator, and make things right with one another, then stand on Truth and for justice…and never back down.  May God bless us in this.

    Right Scoop…thanks for posting these speeches and giving voice to the things that need to be said and heard!

  10. Love you Beck, that is the attitude that could save America from the Leftist traitors.

  11. He should’ve consolidated it down to 50-some-odd minutes. Some of the history was very interesting. Love stuff like that.

    1. Rshill7 I’m loving it and I just past the one hour mark. I also appreciate the history as you mentioned.

  12. I am so glad he is putting this in spiritual terms.  We have neglected the spiritual battle, bringing us to this place of chaos and distress.  We must realize that our only strength is in the power of the HS when we place our trust in God and stay humble, loving, but determined to do right and to hold the line of righteousness.

  13. When he spoke of the love he has for this country I choked too, and was also cleaning my tears. NOT THE FAKE ONES BY O WHEN SPEAKING OF THE CHILDREN THAT WERE MURDERED IN CONNETICUT.

  14. I still can’t forgive him for skewering Newt G. but will listen and comment afterwards 🙂
    Is it really over an hour long? We’ll see.

    1. Rshill7 I think that makes him true to his word. NG is a progressive and Glenn focused on the Big Government progressives whether in the Republican party or the Democrat party. For example, Newt completely supports Chris Christie who is just another Big Government Progressive. This was a fantastic speech deleivered by Glenn Beck.

    2. Rshill7  He still does it when the opportunity arises.  Drives me crazy!  But there is just so much good that he does, I have to put it on the shelf.

    3. Rshill7  I feel the same way when he shuns or belittles Sarah Palin, then he says things that I agree with so wholeheartedly. Do love his guest on his show and his interaction with them.
      This was a very good speech IMHO. Particularly the history and emotion Glenn does so well.

      1. PAWatcher When did he belittle Sarah Palin? I have never heard him do that before.  She completely supported him and spoke at the gathering in Washington, DC. I think that there is some tension there between the two of them but not sure why it’s there or where it originated.

        1. marketcomp PAWatcher  When he does happen to mention Sarah Palin on his shows- and that is very seldom- he prefaces his remarks citing a slur against her i.e. gabby’s  target nonsense.

        2. PAWatcher marketcomp Mmmm. I will listen more carefully next time. I know he spoke highly of her doing the Chris Kyle funeral. Thxs for the heads up. I really loathe anyone  and I mean anyone who degrades Sarah Palin, and I really  don’t care who they are!

        3. marketcomp PAWatcher http://www.video.theblaze.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=23495547
          I’m not that good with cut and paste, but if you go to the Blaze TV and type in Sarah Palin you can hear the 4 times Glen has talked about Sarah Palin. Defending her?, only after he gets the nasty message out there I think.
          I may be hearing it wrong, I am sensitive to anything against Sarah that’s unfair.

        4. marketcomp PAWatcher I agree. He only delivered a very mild criticism some time ago but has generally supported and admired her. He may be insonsistant at times, but he’s a great American. By the way, the Blaze has been taken up by Cablevision which is great news.

        5. PAWatcher I didn’t exactly see a criticism of Sarah Palin but I, like you, have a keen ear for any bad comments made about her and the second I hear that he has done or said anything to demean Sarah Palin in any way I will be the first one to critisize him.

    4. Rshill7 Well, I like Newt, and voted for him, but there are times he has deserved it, too!  He goes from side to side, much like McCain or Graham…but with a greater degree of intelligence, which is what makes it so exasperating!

        1. K-Bob slhancock1948 Rshill7 I really like Newt when he talks about our history and he has the brains and political experience to know what needs to be done to fix the biggest problems.
          But he is also responsible for bringing us some of our big government problems. And he has some troublesome history with some entrenched progressives. He likes big government on his terms. I would have voted for him if it came to that, but I’d rather he focus on America’s exceptionalism. Of course it’s all water under the bridge now, but point well taken about Mr. Rubio  🙂

        2. patriot077 K-Bob slhancock1948 Rshill7 You’re correct about Newt.  I’d definitely put him in the class of Great Americans, and he’s been excellent to see on campaigns, because he educates people.  So we’re better for his presence, overall. But great men often make great mistakes, and Newt has done that, for sure.

          Even Churchill had his own, famous, incredible screwups.

  15. An absolutely wonderful speech and a history lesson for those who did not know about the Southern Dems etc. Thank God we have people like Glenn on our side and still have a country where someone like him or us for that matter can speak freely.

  16. Sorry Glenn… you’re still a transplant.  The big hat thang just isn’t your “thang”.  Still love ya though.

    1. Las1 Expect more.  I think a bunch of us will be emigrating to the Republic of Texas in the future.

      1. K-BobLas1 
        If you do, be careful not to be ‘a litterbug’ Bob. 😉 😉

      2. K-Bob Las1 Come on down K-Bob. We need as many as we can get. I like Perry going after businesses in California except for the fact that it brings a slew of liberals with them.

  17. The Klan knocked on my door once, he had a gun…I didn’t…I had my mouthy self but my friends wouldn’t let me use that….Wish I would’ve had a gun then…

  18. Glenn Does a wonderful job of pointing out the erosion and rewriting of our history, showing just how far we have gone. We know this history rewrite, sometimes it helps to hear it back, driving home the point the line has been crossed and the push back effort needs redouble! 
    This distortion of our history was done so the left could position us where they have today, to get the adamant unwavering support of those taught the lies, and their unwillingness to search for the truth. To use them as tools for sacrifice as needed to the lefts ultimate cause, control and destruction.

  19. Beck is a terrific speaker. Better than any of those lefties. Just on performance alone he is something to marvel.

  20. Excellent speech and exactly the way I see things. 
    Now I’m going to tell you a ‘gun’ story only you will ever heat about. As some hear know I work the overnight shift, Friday and Saturday nights in a C-store/gas station. I put in my 2 week notice a while back because I’m tired of dealing with ‘Drunks and Punks’ (along with some medical issues the VA said I have to deal with (stress) if I plan on living much longer).
    Last night (about 5am) a Mercedes Benz with big ‘bling wheels’ on it, pulls on the lot and disappears out of sight on the side of the station, instead of in the parking spaces or up to the pumps. (red flag #1). The guy driving it, comes inside, the first thing he looks at are where the security cameras are (red flag #2), then he casually wanders around all the aisles like he’s looking for something (but he’s still looking up at the cameras, not at what is on the shelves, red flag #3). Finally, he selects a deli sandwich, which was right by where he came in. (red flag #4) and comes up to pay for it.
    I wear a long sleeved flannel shirt over my store shirt, not because it’s that cold but because I have a revolver sticking out of my right front pocket, and the shirt covers it. 🙂 😉 As he started to reach in his big, baggy, pants pocket (hanging down off his butt), I pulled back the flannel shirt, exposing the revolver. He looked down at the revolver and then up at me, then took his hand out of that pocket and reached in his other pants pocket for some money to pay for the sandwich.
    Was he ‘casing’ the place to rob it? Damn right he was! I’m from LA, this ain’t by first prom dance. 😉 😉
    If I hadn’t been carrying MY gun (like I always do at work), I easily could have been shot dead on my FINAL night working there.Did I mention I’m a lifetime NRA member? 😉 😉

    1. I am glad that was your final night and that you had your gun. Thank God you are okay!

    2. tinlizzieowner Awareness and preparation saves lives!  I’m glad you won’t be working there any longer, I pray the scum doesn’t return.

    3. tinlizzieowner Yes, indeed!
      The gun at home in the gun safe doesn’t do much good when you ain’t there to baby-sit it.

      1. K-Bob tinlizzieowner 
        A gun in a ‘safe’ might as well be a gun on a store shelf, as far as I’m concerned. Either way, you’re not going to be able to get at it in the brief seconds you might have, to need it. 🙁

    4. @tinlizzieowner  Thanks for sharing your story, so very glad you ok and that you were aware, prepared, and willing to defend yourself.

        Can I say 100% for sure the guy was going to rob the place? No, I can’t but there’s a little more to this story, (I was trying to keep it brief).
        $40,000 cars with $5,000 worth of custom (bling) wheels on them, are rare in my sleepy, little Florida town, at 5am. I was standing outside smoking and drinking coffee, (because the store is usually empty that time of night), with one of the other old guys who comes in for coffee early in the morning. He’s a dear friend and a 60’s ‘Hippie and we go round and round (politically) every morning. He stayed outside and once this guy was gone, he came in and said “that guy was creepy, I dialed 911 and I was just waiting to press ‘send’ if a gun came out of that pocket”.  I still had my gun in my pocket and pulled my shirt back. Usually, the gun is on a custom shelf (I made), that customers can’t see, between the 2 cash registers. I told my pal, “He would have never made it to firing position, Mike”. 😉
        Note: If I had been working in a company owned Shell/Circle K station, (instead of a privately owned one), I would have been fired the first night I showed up for work with a gun.

        1. @tinlizzieonwer, I saw your reply in my inbox, so i clicked on reply to send you a reply, well I just spent 40 minutes writting you a response and the LIVEFYRE will not post it, the wheel keeps turning. Anyway maybe it well post sometime later? If it does you’ll read where I’ve been through something simular. Glad your Ok and there wasn’t a swerious problem.

        2. sorry but my long reply is gone, the livefyre was having some sort of problem. This is the main reason I spend much less time on this site as I once did. There seems to be on going problems replying to comments or posting comments. I just do not have this problem on other sites, I just don’t know whats going on. But no need to worry about it.
          As the old saying goes,  it is what it is  ((:

        3. TIMERUNNERSC 
          There seems to be some kind of a time limit (not just the edit limit) to compose a post as well. I’ve run into the same thing

  21. I would love to hear La Pierre speech I heard it was priceless.

    1. Proudhispanicconservative I think Nranews.com has all of the speeches archived.

        1. Proudhispanicconservative y.w. I just went there and listened to a couple that I hadn’t heard and I saw Wayne’s speech is there. Good quality too. When I tried to listen to it live I gave up …

    2. Proudhispanicconservative
      Here is The NRA-ILA speech  

      2013 NRA Members’ Meeting: Wayne LaPierre 

    3. Proudhispanicconservative It was an excellent speech (I caught it on C-SPAN).
      The only criticim I had was that he’s not a gifted public speaker.  (I won’t bore people with my basis of that minor criticism). His actual words were very well thought out, and his serving notice to the gun-obsessed, control freaks–that we will never give up this right–was well done.
      I also liked it when he said “damn them all”.  It’s not often that people use “Damn” in the correct sense and context.

      1. K-Bob Proudhispanicconservative Spot on. I picked up on that particular comment also. It was a good speech chock full of what needed to be said. I enjoyed it too when he addressed comments to the media who were in attendance 🙂

      2. K-Bob
        “The only criticim I had was that he’s not a gifted public speaker.” Please explain?

        1. clockwindingdown K-Bob I spent years in performance.  There are all sorts of things people can do to improve their speaking, but few in politics ever manage it. But seriously, all the points I could list aren’t really worth going into.  He’s not going to change, and he’s doing a great job.

          I could also help several favorites of mine if I knew they would listen, but the ones who WILL listen already have trained themselves.  The ones who won’t, won’t ever change.  It’s kind of weird.

  22. Thank you SCOOP…tried to watch this morning on NRA site and The Blaze…was not co-operating….

    watching NOW..and Am SO happy to here Glenn speak of absolute TRUTHS & FREEDOM!!!!!!

    Semper FI!

  23. Inanimate objects cannot be responsible for animate action. It is a logical impossibility.
    SUVs do not drive themselves, and guns do not kill people through free will.

    1. DarrellGriffin A lot you know. SUV’s are secretly plotting the overthrow of humanity.
      Google it.

        1. @K-Bob  these days we’ll take all those real feel good laughs we can get.

      1. @K-Bob   these days we’ll take all the the real feel good laughs we can get.

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