FULL SPEECH: Gov. Scott Walker speaks at CPAC 2013

Gov. Scott Walker spoke this morning at CPAC 2013 and you can watch the full speech below:

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12 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Gov. Scott Walker speaks at CPAC 2013

  1. Great speech from Scott Walker; he is very promising. I never get any hinky feelings about him when I hear him speak.
    Admittedly, I am quite cynical these days, but even Ben Carson doesn’t ring entirely true with me though I like almost all of what he has to say.

    1. patriot077 I get what you’re saying about Carson. Not quite ready to “immaculate” him as Rush says. Wait and see on him.  Do you happen to watch PJTV videos. Whittle and Klavan have a video on the danger of charisma.  You have to be a member, but it is really excellent.

      1. PJRodman patriot077 I am a PJTV member so I remember the one you are talking about. Both of those guys are fantastic, but especially Bill Whittle. Love his thought process.
        I read Carson’s book “America the Beautiful” and found it good, but simplistic. A couple of topics that he did not cover at all well were disturbing to me because I know damn well he knows the underlying reasons. States rights, the 3/5ths clause, and the 17th Amendment. Some of his proposed solutions are as troubling to me as our current mess. I think he’s for a smaller big government, but would want it to be more honest. Good luck with that.
        I’d like to hear Thomas Sowell’s opinion of Ben Carson …

  2. Dang that sucks, there is audio static feedback in the background that makes his clip unbearable to listen to his speech

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