Full Speech: Governor Scott Walker at CPAC 2012

An excellent speech from Gov. Scott Walker tonight. This is a man who is on the bleeding edge of fighting the progressives in his state, but so far he is winning. He spends a fair amount of the speech touting the success he’s had in bringing the state back to a more fiscally responsible position and creating an environment where unemployment is actually on the decline. He also talks extensively about the fight against the progressives and why they want to take him down.

Here’s the full speech:

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87 thoughts on “Full Speech: Governor Scott Walker at CPAC 2012

  1. I’m confused. WI has lost jobs every month for the last six but the country has increased jobs. This says he has added jobs!!! Also, Walker said he balanced the budget with his wonderful policies, but he has $143,000,000 shortfall and he and his Attorney General are taking $25,000,000 from the fund the big banks designated for housing reparations for the citizens of WI to cover some of the shortfall in a budget where he gave businesses and the rich tax cuts.

  2. I’m confused. Wisconsin has lost jobs every one of the last six months while jobs have been created nationally. oldwhitefemdem

  3. A few notes on what Mr. Walker did before becoming governor, from someone who’s lived through it:

    -The Milwaukee County government was scandalized. A pension policy had been adopted by the County Board and the County Executive which guaranteed very lucrative bulk payments at retirement, on top of a very generous pension.

    This enraged local taxpayers, who recalled and threw out a significant portion of the County Board. The County Executive was successfully recalled, but retired before having to face the ballot box. In the special election to replace him, Scott Walker won on a campaign of frozen taxes and smarter, smaller governance. And, a promise not to take any enhanced pension payments, plus returning $60,000 of his annual salary to the taxpayers.

    Despite the County Executive having very little real power, Mr. Walker successfully worked with the County Board to hold the line on taxes and demand more for less. During that time, Mr. Walker took the worst the left had to throw at him – and won every election by a larger percentage than the one before.

    This man has been walking the conservative path in Milwaukee since 2002. His trustworthiness in this relative little earned trust in much – and he ascended to the governorship in 2010 with leftist promises to remove him as soon as possible, before any agenda could be enacted.

    The successes since then may surprise some around the country, and even some in Wisconsin.

    But here in Milwaukee County, we exepcted no less. And we are not disappointed.

    We will keep Scott Walker.

  4. Yes he’s a great guy…
    Break our unions, enslave us in poverty. Grant special priveledges to the rich, they are the “KINGS” of our society. I don’t want to live to a ripe old age and retire with dignity. I want to slave away in poverty and die young.

    1. that’s EXACTLY what the “other” 84% of the non- union workers feels about the Unions….enslave us in poverty paying the bills of the chosen while we continue to pay more and more for healthcare. Obama raised the price of healthcare for all …not just the slobs paying the bills. Non Union people can not continue to pay rising healthcare cost and pay yours as well. You voted for Obama …you got what you deserve.

  5. I truly believe that this facade of a recall election is making Wisconsin look even worse than it did before. There’s always been questionable election tactics in this state and now the liberals are trying to toss out a governor that has proven he can fix things. Wisconsin is NOT one of the bright shining states on a hill, but if we can manage a conservative stand against this onslaught from the democrats we can turn this around for the state.

  6. Walker says Illinois is doing horribly and Wisconsin is doing great

    Here is an article that compares jobs in Illinois and Wisconsin


    Here is another


    Watch the video, read the articles
    You decide who is lying

    1. This is so funny–quoting the Madison media complex. The union trolls are everywhere. I live in Wis and I can attest that Governor Walker is doing a very good job so far. Everyone that has any concern for this state should contribute to Walker’s re-election. He has allot to contend with from the federal government. Kick Obama out and we will see things pick up on the state level but until then it won’t happen.

    2. THEE MOST LIBERAL BIAS PAPER IN THE COUNTRY…..They assault the governor on a daily basis …so much made up nonsense it’s unbelievable. This paper is read in Madison only and lines the bottom of bird cages in the rest of the state.

    3. THEE MOST LIBERAL BIAS PAPER IN THE COUNTRY…..They assault the governor on a daily basis …so much made up nonsense it’s unbelievable. This paper is read in Madison only and lines the bottom of bird cages in the rest of the state.

  7. It’s vitally important for folks on the right to recognize that Walker’s efforts are not directed at unions in general. Somewhere in time, the states allowed public service employees to unionize. This is something that should have been prevented in the articles of the Constitution, and anyone attempting to set up a similar style of juicing the public sector should be convicted of a high crime and serve major time.

    The problem isn’t that there are many members and they vote. The problem is that YOUR tax dollars are used against your interest by laundering it through public sector unions to promote single-party government. This is corruption made legal, and it has to stop.

    Strong unions that use member money to help those members are not the problem.

    But no union should have preference over the individual. If union leaders threaten public groups–like the local Chamber of Commerce–with work stoppages throughout the city if businesses fail to hire union workers, then that should be considered a criminal act.

    If unionization is forced on people, as was done in the home childcare industry in Michigan recently, then that should be an act punishable by long jail terms.

    These kinds of problems only occur when unions are given preferential treatment under the law. Law-abiding unions are not the problem.

  8. I believe Scott Walker will run for president, and hopefully become president, sometime in the next twenty years (maybe on the “sooner” side of twenty). He has a lot to commend him: strong character, steady temperament, political boldness, firmness with kindness, integrity of philosophy and life. He’s socially and fiscally conservative, with an ability to make strong, articulate, and intellectual arguments for his convictions.

  9. RightScoop, the clip goes into terminal buffer at 27:34…any suggestions on how to get it to continue? Thanks

  10. If he is recalled it will be a tragedy for his state where he has done so much good for them and the rest of our country.

  11. Let’s donate to Scott. He’s a standup guy, and he’s fighting a fight against unions that have alot of swindled cash at their disposal.

  12. Having followed Governor since before he was elected, He has proven to be an upstanding man, a great leader for Wisconsin. He said he would bring Wisconsin back to fiscal sanity and he did.

  13. hang together vs. hang separately…

    There was something about the “deeper implications” of what Gov. Walker said when he quoted Ben Franklin’s “hang together … hang separately” phrase that has been buggin’ me for some time now.

    There is a putsch being perpetrated by the BHObama regime that reminds me of what we have read in history books and what we’ve been shown on tv, The History Channel for example, about how Chancellor Adolf Hitler snoockered, i.e., he LIED to, the German people into “giving” him dictatorial power… to save the Reich, of course, and at the same time he started the nascent demonizing of the Jewish people… to save the Reich, of course.

    What happened to opponents of the Reich… the regime?

    It is at THAT point that the FREEDOM “deeper implications” are starting to materialize… right before our eyes in real time.

    Is it possible that “never again” is starting to happen again… starting with the Roman Catholic’s?

    Are we at that point where future generations will say, during the Obama regime “first they came for …”

    Yes, if we don’t hang together, we will hang separately… again.

    All right thinking Republic watchers must understand what is the final putsch by neo-nazi and neo-marxist progressive socialists marxists.. all are extremists.

    I like the German word “putsch” but the dictionary definition is much more poignant.

    Putsch – “A sudden attempt by a group to overthrow a government.”

    That describes the neo-marxists and the latest idiocy of the “occupy” puppets who really believe that George Soros is not their puppet master and that BHObama is attacking FREEDOM of religion… to save the Republic, of course, and attacking all political opinions that are contrary to his regime… to save the “transformed” Republic… of course.


      1. I’ve got Jindal. He’s busting those teachers unions down here by offering parents the choice to send their children to charter schools. Conservatives are really trying to make a difference. Unions are destroying competition and lowering standards. We need to bust them, and implement right to work in every state.

      1. He not completely against the unions, he is only trying to limit the public unions. A drawback I know, but everything else about him is purity conservative.

        1. Unions, nowadays, drive up consumer costs and force the private sector to pay wages that aren’t market competitive. Hayek says that what happens is wages are increased, along with costs of goods. The worker feels that he is getting an increased paycheck, but in reality the cost of goods has increased to make up for the above market wage increase. Inflation is the end result. Union wage increases is strictly a Keynesian model for inflation. Keynes economics is a complete disaster. Government loves his model, because it gives governments the ability to print money and artificially improve employment for the short term. Overall, the end result is humungous deficits and the destruction of individual liberty. Damn! I wish I hadn’t read Hayek!

  14. After reading Hayek’s ” A Tiger By Its Tail,” I believe Unions are going to be the death of this country, due to their demand of wages above market levels, which creates inflation. I donated to him a couple weeks ago, because the unions are trying to get him removed from office. All of you guys, if you can spare a couple bucks, donate to Scott Walker, so he can remain in office and fight the union thugs.

    1. Unions served a purpose once… back when there were such things as “company towns,” “company housing” and “company stores,” and it was nearly impossible for workers to pay off the debt they owed to their employer. Now, they’re a dinosaur that has outlived its usefulness. If you don’t like how your employer is treating you or you aren’t earning the prevailing wage for your work, you can leave and find a job for someone who will treat and pay you better – even if it means relocating.

      Unions today exist to protect the job of the worst employee and to line their own pockets. Some members defend the unions based on the pension system, but how many union leaders have NOT looted the pension fund for their own, selfish interests? How many unions are running pension deficits and looking for bailouts? How many companies are going to fall into debt and are failing because they’re forced to pay huge percentages of their profits to retired, former employees?

      It’s estimated that unions have shrunk the US economy by over 1 trillion constant dollars annually for the past 5 decades. While union members do get a slightly larger piece of the pie than their non-union counterparts, the way they hamper the economy means they’re just getting a larger piece of a much smaller pie. It is time for a national right-to-work law if not a constitutional amendment.

  15. I guess I take it for granted that I live in Alabama. The Bible Belt. Red State. My hats off to you ppl living in Wis, Minn, Ill, Cali, NY, etc. Your work is cut out for you. I just said a prayer for you and your families.

  16. I am so very proud of my governor! His speech comes from the heart and common sense. If you don’t live in Wisconsin, just know that the fight to recall our great governor is coming from a small percentage of our population fueled by outside influences. As he said in the speech, “its all about money” for them. We will prevail but there is hard work ahead.

    1. The union thugs aren’t going to be successful in their attempt to remove Mr. Walker. He’s trying to uphold conservative principles and fight inflation in your state. We, as a nation, cannot afford the unions push for increasing wages and perks beyond market levels. I donated to him, because he is standing on principle.

      1. Is the expression ‘union thugs’ original to you? You are parroting words that big business wants you to. If you have retirement, sick leave, a 40 hour week, insurance, etc., you can thank a union somewhere. Dues and strikes and sacrifice achieved so many benefits for the working, middle and upper-middle classes.

  17. This was a great speech. I have nothing but admiration for Scott Walker. He remains one of my heroes. He’s got gots, grit, and suffers the slings and arrows of evil to do what is right. I’m angry and outraged that the parasitic and twisted unions and progressives are attacking a man who is making things better… just because it doesn’t benefit them. It’s wrong and unfair.

    I will continue to contribute to his battle and I pray for protection for him and his family. May God allow a conservative victory in Wisconsin. May right triumph over wrong.

    1. This recall, besides the fact that it should never have occurred, should be a no-brainer. Everything this man did has worked and everybody in the state has gotten benefit from it. But still, there are those few who claim, ‘he must go’.

      What is it, exactly, that these people read while drinking their morning coffee? Do they ignore all reality or do they actually know the truth and just feel they must do something evil today? I don’t know. How does one continually combat that crap?

      1. They’re angry that other people are now making “their” money and that their racket has been found out. It’s not “fair” in their twisted minds.

        This is the scary thing. Unions and Maobama know that once Americans fall under their control and get in line, then it’s nearly impossible to get them off and free again. Honestly, they make more money than their private counterparts and the moocher nation makes bucks (and food stamps, and other bennies) for doing nothing. Why would they want to get off of that?


        1. I definately understand the Unions. I had to work in one myself. Never did me any good whatsoever. When people can make a decision to not pay their Union dues compared to being forced to, then the Unions are doomed. I just hope the everyday Joe out there isn’t hogwashed enough to vote against their own well being.

      2. Nothing has worked to the benefit of Wisconsin residents. Plus he’s likely to be charged with some felonies from his Milw County Exec days. Check it out.

  18. The speech is a bit long, but the the achievements of his administration are remarkable, and Governor Walker deserves every accolade he receives. He has been a fine example of “doing the right thing” and courageous leadership in politics and government.

    1. Yea, it was more like a State of the State address than a CPAC speech but I appreciated the depth. So often they speak in platitudes but this speech introduces a broad audience to his actual accomplishments.

      I also like that he comes from humble beginnings. Too many are out-of-touch, especially the ones born with silver spoons in their mouths. Hint Hint.

    2. He has no achievements. Check the facts. We now have a deficit bigger than when he started dismantling the state. Don’t beileve what he says. He has a problem embracing the truth and he demonstrates his problem with no shame and with a very straight face. Read some Wiscosnsin newspapers. Follow him at your own peril.

  19. I’m very proud to have Scott Walker as our Governor. The liberals and unions are just plain unhinged with anger, they spew hatred at him his family and the other republicans. The media stands by and does nothing. Every story that has to do with our state or our governor is slated as negative as can be in our local paper. He is in for a tuff fight but I believe he will win.

    1. We will be praying for him and his family and I will continue to send contributions to his good fight.

      This must end, NOW.

  20. He has such a natural, engaging demeanor and delivery. I love that he does the right thing without question or hesitation and that he cuts right through the union’s “we’re for the working man” facade and tells the truth about their true, money-grubbing, power-mad agenda. What a great leader. Glad to have him on our side!

    1. Nope. Not true. He has basically destroyed this state.

      We now have a deficit bigger than when he came on board and he’s robbing the mortgage/foreclosure settlement payments to pay for it. What happened to all of that money he fleeced from public employees to cover the deficit? The deficit has actually grown. We’ve lost more jobs than any state in the union. We now have the most suppressive voter laws in the country and the unemployment rate is above the national average. Several of his former aids from Milw country are perp walking and I expect walker will too. He constantly lies about all kinds of things and always has some lame explaenation about why he “mispresented” very simple facts. He’s cut all kinds of services to citizens. He spends most of his time out of state begging for money.

      Remind me again what he’s done FOR the state? Support this guy at your own peril.

      I live in Madison, Wisconsin and I see him close up.

      1. you are an idiot,i own my own business, quit whining about having to pay ur own insurance,he has lowered taxes, Has done exactly what he said he was gonna do, when i voted him in,THANK GOD, for walker.I think he should run for president,And you people in the public sector should quit raping people who make less then you,I compare you people in the the public sector,Wellfare mommas.And moochers of the hard working, people in WISCONSIN,Dont like where you are now get a 9-5 job that pays 7.50 an hr.And then tell me you feel the same way

      2. You are an idiot,He has to fix the mess doyle made,and quit whining about having to pay for your own pensions and insurance,dont like what you got now,you could always get a 9-5 job and get paid 7.50 an hr and know what the rest of the people have to go through.I VOTED HIM IN HE IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID HE WAS GONNA DO.I hope he runs for President. I COMPARE you idiots to wellfare mommas,and moochers of the state.AND If you still have your job quit the temper tantrum,i have enough of that with my 2 yr old. The way you behave my 2 yr old could do your job,if it is a about acting like a child.

  21. First time I’ve heard him and I really like him. No stumbling over words and speaking from the heart. Why can’t he be a 2012 choice? 🙂

    1. He’s young. After a couple terms fixing one of the most progressive states in the union, he’s a shoe-in to be at a top-tier candidate. Assuming, of course, he can overcome all the cheating and fraud that will surely occur in his recall election this year.

  22. I heard the other day that the authorities in Wisconsin will not verify the authenticity of those people that signed the recall petition. This is an outrage to say the least. The people of Wisconsin voted the man in legally. He should at least be able to question the legality and legitimacy of the recall effort against him. The Filthy Unions and the Dirty Democrats are behind all of this.

    Scott Walker is to be commended and held up as an example of how to turn things back around and be fiscally responsible. He took back control from out of control government bureaucrats. We need an army of Scott Walkers!

    1. Seems to me like, if one signature on any paper petition is fake, it calls the whole thing into question. There are plenty of volunteers who are willing to verify the signatures, so it shouldn’t be a problem that they be allowed to do so. If the election board won’t let them ensure the recall is legitimate, the Walker camp needs to sue. Take it to the state supreme court and maybe to federal district court. He can’t let himself be taken out by cheaters.

      1. That was certainly the GAB’s position when we submitted signatures to try to recall the Dem Senators. But not this time.

        Of course, when one of the members is openly tweeting anti-Walker smears and outright lies on his private Twitter account, the answer to the “Why?” becomes quite clear…

        1. Danny, do listen to WISN? All of the hosts hit on this everyday, but Vicky McKenna is the one who inserts the most attitude into it.

        2. Anyone on the board who shows even a hint of partiality should be removed if he isn’t willing to recuse himself. Otherwise, there’s no way to count on an objective ruling and reliable results.

      2. Over 10,000 volunteers (from all states) are working on the petions. We have found thousands of false signatures so far and we are still working on the data. Volunteers are entering around 2700 names per minute. If you want to help please join the effort, it’s easy, free and can be done anytime you have to offer. Over 1mil signatures to through and we need to give Gov. Walker a chance to continue his effort and just maybe we will one day have a chance to nominate him to clean up DC.

    2. Well, they can’t very well win in a fair fight now can they.

      This is one of my top 3 hot button issues for this election. This sort of evil corruption must come to an end immediately. Unions must go – they are robbing our nation and ripping it apart.

      I support a national Right-To-Work law.

    3. I was discussing the evidence of fraud in the petition process with my wife, who is an accountant and former auditor. I argued that fraudulent signatures called the petitioner’s reliability into question. She disagreed, saying that, if a sample audit turned up one bad signature on a paper petition, it would not be enough to call all of the signature on that paper or all the signatures collected by that petitioner into question, but it would would justify a thorough audit.

    4. PFFV, I heard that the authorities won’t accept anything that comes from a tea partier. I am not a tea party member, but I do believe in smaller Government for the authorities NOT to accept either help or complaints from a tea party member is ridiculous.

  23. I hope Governor Walker’s record showing that his policies are improving the state of Wisconsin will overcome the smears and lies of the democrats/progressive unions! His recall election is HUGE! It’s very important he Wins!

    1. If he loses, America loses because union thugs and progressives across America will become emboldened and start attacking all these brave conservative people who are making a stand for what is right. These heroes are literally on the front lines. Support them.

      1. If anyone who reads this site regularly hasn’t sent a small $25.00 to his recall election campaign, SHAME ON YOU!

        C’mon folks, we can’t leave the ones who have the cajones to do what he did out to dry.

        If 1 million conservatives, just 1 million, all gave $25 he would have one hell of a war chest.

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