FULL SPEECH: Israel PM Bibi Netanyahu speaks to the UN, draws red line on Iran

Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu spoke to the United Nations today, laying out his case for the world to unite against Iran and draw a red line on their enriching of uranium. Not only did he draw a red line for everyone to see, but he was specific and clear about what must be done in order to stop Iran from continuing development of a nuclear bomb and when they will finish it if they are not stopped.

But the question that must be answered, Netanyahu said, is at what point during the final stages of their development process will we be unable to stop Iran from having a nuclear weapon. This is the only question that matters right now.

Watch the full speech below:

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78 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Israel PM Bibi Netanyahu speaks to the UN, draws red line on Iran

  1. You lost me at the “three religions coexisting in peace.” Islam wants a fight; we should unite and bring it to them.

  2. The Israelis should have already made Iran a fire ball. Don’t worry, Benjamin; we will stand by you wholeheartedly.

  3. 15 minutes and 44 seconds. That was how far BiBi was in his 30ish minute speech before they switched from the green light on the podium, to the flashing red “get the hell” off the stage” light-as he was explaining the difference between a secular Marxist with a nuclear weapon and an muslim extremist with the same. Unbelievable. How glad am I that BiBi has big brass ones, and was able to cooly draw his speech to it’s conclusion with unflappable calm.

  4. When a baboon martyr dies, he goes to his heaven where he is given 72 virgins, more than the total number of sisters he had while in life

    Not so glamorous but still enticing for the female baboon. When she dies, she goes goes to mooslum Hell where she continues to live as the concubine of a pig, but she doesn’t have to do housework.

  5. If you ever wondered what a true leader looks like – here he is. He doesn’t mince his words or try to appease anyone, he tells it like it is and doesn’t care who may be offended. This man loves his country and makes no apologizes for it. He reminds me of Reagan to great extent.

  6. This is a chilling video. I can just imagine the pressure Netanyahu is under right now. Time is running out and the world will soon have to say what side it is on, Israel’ s or Iran’s. I think we all know now what side Obama is really on, which is why Romney really needs to be elected. Every Jewish individual in this country that can vote for Romney MUST vote for Romney. Israel’s existence may very well depend on it.

  7. It’s a shame that we don’t have a President like this man. Israel would be safe, America would turn the corner and grow again, and peace through strength would reign.

    What a stark contrast with the whiny apology, lie-filled speech of Caesar Obammus.

  8. Weren’t the muslims the first ones on the moon? Didn’t they invent the car and plane? Didn’t muslims create so much of the technology we enjoy today?

    What? No? Oh, wait….that’s Obama’s narrative, not mine.

    The red line will not stop radical Islam, but it will tell them what will happen if they cross it.

    1. They’ll get another strongly worded letter from the UN? With NObama in office, it’s the more likely option.

      NObama – leading from behind.. Way WAY!! behind… Funny thing, that’s where pulls all of his ideas from as well.

      1. Y’know Wolfie (like the new name!) every time I hear that leading from behind nonsense in the lsm, it strikes me afresh how bally stupid and infantile it is. I mean really – is it not the whole point of this ass zero, that black is white etc etc etc? An appropriate metaphor only for this disastrous Presidency. Fit only to be used to illustrate points like yours. Well said.

        1. Glad yo like the name, I promise it’s the last change. 😉 NObama is indeed a joke. Only one of those that at first you find funny, but soon realize it’s not a funny joke at all and you kind of get a little sick just thinking about it, because you realize it’s all too real and we’re the butt of his jokes. 🙁

  9. I’m not real comfortable with Obama’s treatment of BB and Israel. I just can’t trust the liar. So can anyone enlighten me as to why the NY and Florida Jews are still aligned with the Democrats and Obama?

    1. Outstanding question and I for one would also like to be enlightened. I have never had a answer to this question and it is beyond me how they can do this to their own people. I know we have Jewish bloggers here and if you would, please answer indethinker’s question, it would be very much appreciated.

      1. The great and prolific Norman Podhoretz (inventor of neoconservatism and former incomparable editor of the fabulous Commentary Magazine) asked the same question: Why Are [American] Jews Liberal?, in a good book by the same name, a few years ago. He noted how illogical it is–we earn like Episcopalians but vote like Puerto Ricans, and we’re the only group that votes against our own self-interest.

        It appears to be a phenomenon of the majority of Jews’ having hailed from non-religious, socialist-oriented poor folks from E. Europe in early 20th Century. Having discarded religion, liberalism/socialism became their religion.That’s why such strong Democrat membership. Podhoretz posits that to give up on this new religion would have been too difficult, even in the face of evidence that Jews were not being served by it. Old habits die hard, and today’s Jews, whose interests are not aligned with the Dems’, haven’t gotten the memo. Tough to split from one’s parents’ devotion to Roosevelt–even though, ironically, he was no friend of the Jews, either, having done next to nothing to save millions in Europe (e.g., turning back ship from U.S., spelling certain death in Europe; refusing to bomb death-camp railway lines long after it was obvious the Allies would win the European war).

        The disconnect continued as those well-intended Boomers (of which I am one) wouldn’t be caught dead being Repubs, which in the ’60s and ’70s meant unhip, conservative, Nixon, Reagan (when the latter was governor), pro- “heartless big business”, and other uncool, unprogressive, truly illiberal things. But surely after McGovern campaign, no excuse for Jews to remain Dems–starting w/J. Jackson’s “Hymietown,” some famous woman’s physical/emotional embrace of Arafat’s wife, and other indications that the so-called “liberals” had turned into radicals, which ALWAYS means anti-semites or something very close (and functionally indistinguishable).

        So, as amazing as it is, all those relatively intelligent, well-informed Jews who stick to Ovomit like flies stick to s***, in the face of mounds, tons, unlimited evidence that he’s an evil guy–w/not secret plans to all but destroy this country that he hates– continue to carry his water. But, just as the latter-day Nazis didn’t hesitate to blow away Best Friends Stevens, Corrie, the Italian journalist, et al., Obummer and Jewish turncoat pals Axelrod, Emanuel, and all the others (including the idiot “journolists” like Klein and Beinart) will be among the first ones led to the slaughter, should the Islamos get thru the White House gates (they’ll probably arrive by invitation, in fact). Wait for the collective shriek, as the knives are being sharpened: “But we’re your FRIENDS!! We LOVE you!! We’ve always supported your rights to slaughter the Jewish People in (and out of) their land in which they torture and oppress your poor ‘Palestinian’ brothers!! How could you . . . [gurgle, aargh, echhhh, glub, glub, glub, oh, s***. . . .]”

        Lord, I don’t want to be in that number, when NObama’s pals go marching in.

        Hope that answers your question.

        1. Great response, than you WD. How shameful that the MB hasn’t just been invited to and feted in the WH, but every other branch of Goevernment, including the security services that served Amb. Stevens so poorly, if at all.
          Nice allusion to the saints in that last line…

        2. Here’s a rumor–After WWII, the tribes living in exile in Europe split up:

          —The tribe of Ben-Gurion, having the genes of King David, migrated to Israel.

          —The tribe of Dershowitz, having inherited the greater share of genes from Bathsheba (or “Bath Shebha, daughter of the oath”-Arabic), came to America. (Like Anthony Wiener, King David married an Arab-neither career soared from that point.)

          Turns out that there were more Dershowhitez than there were Ben-Gurions.

      2. Joseph, perhaps you’ve seen this already seen
        MUST GO VIRAL: The truth about the Obama administration and Israel, but if not, check out K-Bobs post.

        Posted by The Right Scoop on September 27th, 2012

      3. If you just received a post from me that made no sense – please disregard. Check MUST GO VIRAL: The truth about the Obama administration and Israel

        Posted by The Right Scoop on September 27th, 2012 in Politics
        you might find some answers there.

  10. Netanyahu clearly thinks Obama is weak and is not impressed with him. Netanyahu will not weigh in on the elections but he secretly hopes for a Romney win. Romney and Netanyahu have been friends for a long time since they worked together at Bain. An endorsement from the prime minister could do Romney a lot of good right about now.

    1. Bibi is too honourable to do such a thing – it would not be right and in any case would simply draw fire from Israel’s enemies.

  11. Let me guess Obama had his hands over his ears and was saying nanny , nanny boo boo I don’t have to listen to your NOISE>>> our allies are noise and our patriots are bumps in the road..Hope he never finds out the true purpose of allies..

          1. Hello my friend, yesterday I was like the fifth person over at Ann’s d.c. and I typed this thing didn’t save it and they flagged it..I went to look for it this morning and there was no sign of it on my dashboard..very very strange happenings over there , for me and that is the only place that ever happens…I have no idea why they would flag it nothing offensive just mainly liking what she wrote and a link to a black bishop telling his congregation to stop voting dem….I guess I officially give up over there..

  12. Kick the UN out of New York!
    Kick NObama out of the WH in November!
    Kick the jihadists where it hurts most – repeatedly!!!

    We stand with Israel. A simple statement that NObama can’t bring himself to say. No, he’s more interested in bowing to enemy Islamists than standing by our Israeli allies!
    NObama is making a laughing stock of America with his appeasement!

  13. I can rely a hundred percent on my Prime Minister.
    However the majority of the Jewish people do not believe you can rely on other countries, due to the long history we know.

  14. Can someone tell me what is it that the Arabs have invented or produced, other than perhaps oil which is a natural commodity? Other than that they produce only chaos and destruction. They suppress Arab women- when a man is tired of a woman he can make-up lies or have other men say that they were spotted with another man so the man beats the woman or slaughters her by stoning her to death. This is horrific for women and I do not understand with all of the funding the US gives to these Arab countries why they don’t have one of the conditions for giving that they absolutely must grant women rights to live in freedom. Israel does not do this and the test of how a nation treats its people is how it treats all of its people, women, disable, and others.

    1. Believe it or not, in mathematics. the arabs “invented” the concept of ZERO–“0.”

      While use in math. the ZERO symbolizes what the arabs are capable of what their value on this planet is, where they are headed and how much mercy we should show them in battle–less mercy than we’d show to an actual baboon.

      1. I’m struggling to agree 100% with you, Words, and with Marketcomp. I agree yes, that Arab civiliztions in general are opressive to women, but I don’t want to lump all Arabs into your generalization. Not all Arabs are oppressive, some I’m sure live in peace with others.

        I guess what I’m having a problem with is you stating that we should show more mercy to baboons. Believe it or not, Jesus died for the Arab people just as much as he died for All People. Forgiveness is offered to not just the Jews but also the Gentiles.

        1. Islam’s desire to control the world is less sensible than a baboon’s desire to steal a banana. I can understand and forgive a baboon. But I will revel watching Islam burn in the fire of its own arrogance and hate. God blessed Jesus with infinite compassion. Let God bless me with a sharp sword and a pure heart.

          But CH-this. If 10% of US muslim residents began to kill non-muz in Dearborn MI, what would the other 90% of the muslims do? Will they support or attack their fellow devil worshipers?

          Here’s my point -1948 through 1988, we fought the communists in this country to a draw. But the communist were not a distinct race and the communists were not a distinct religious sect.

          Today the same goals of Communism are championed by people who claim the legal and moral protections of race and religion under our own Constitution.

          These religious liars and racist fanatics will be exceedingly more difficult too defeat than the international communists who have no legal purview here. If we attack one member of the new US enemy list, they scream racism or religious persecution. If we attack one of them, 10% will come to the one’s defense and the other 90% will remain silent.

          We expect our policemen to arrest a suspected murderer and treat him with human dignity and respect his rights.

          Unbelievably, we impose the same expectations on our soldiers!

          But for Islam’s soldiers and terrorists and for racist communist infiltrators in this country, there are no such expectations!

          We all have a short time on this planet. When war breaks out I will not without cause shoot, stab or poison the men whose rifles point in the same direction as mine. I will show the same mercy to Islam and its handmaidens, the racists, which they showed the Americans working in the twin tower, 9/11/2001.

          Render unto allah what is allah’s and let him sort them out.

      2. God has total purpose for all Arabs who soever will turn from Idolatry and submission of a false god — and will believe in His Only begotten Son — that they and all mankind will not perish — But have Everlasting Life. … !!! The God of Israel IS Just and Merciful !!! It Is Written in the Word that all who believe WILL be Saved !!!

    2. Nada! They’re primitive, tribal, and kept ignorant, with exception to those who know how to steal money to gain power.
      BBs right and we all better listen. Get Obama out of office, get Romney in and let’s get on the right side of things.

    3. Nothing close to the braggadocios claims by Obama and the lunatic radical islamic apologists. Their achievements in science, math, architecture, medicine, and language have been stolen from the Judeo-Christians they have slaughtered and vanquished.

      1. Yes – even ‘their’ famous mosaics had to be done by the English, who were the only oneswith that skill by the time the Roman Empire moved to Constantinople. You won’t hear that from islam, though – crikey, they even have the cheek to say they’re responsible for the Italian/European Renaissance!

  15. From the start of his great speech:

    “Throughout our history, the Jewish people have overcome all the tyrants who have sought our destruction. It’s their ideologies that have been discarded by history.”

    I immediately thought of BHO.

  16. The red line should have been drawn already.

    Thank you Scoop- I watched it live from FOX earlier, but plan on watching it again. G*d Bless Bibi, give him Your Wisdom and Strength Lord and continue to protect Your people and land.

  17. Outstanding Speech by PM Netanyahu. He stated the facts and truth so simply for all those useful idiots in the UN, and specifically for Obama, so they can all understand what was being said in their 5th grade comprehension level, if that high..

  18. Pretty straight forward and clear.
    Stop now and you will be free to pursue what you like, do not stop enriching now and we blow you to kingdom come.

  19. You’re preaching to the choir in here Bibi. The UN is a waste of human genetic flotsam. I’d like to move the UN to some backwater hole in the ground, like Trashcanistan and pour salt on the land so that nothing ever grows there again.

    By the way, the only red line that Obama sees is his path to re-election. Its paved with the failures of his pathetic administration.

    Ultimately “they will fail” when Joel 3:2 is fullfilled. Until then, you will have to keep killing the Nazi jihadis.

  20. “Ultimately they (radical islamists) will fail. Light will penetrate the darkness.”

    Hey UN, that would be a great place for applause! Instead, crickets…

    1. Obama only made those stmts at the UN because conservatives are saying he doesn’t support Israel. He needs video for his re=election ads and press for the debates.

  21. To good to watch on my little monitor, with a little luck and a lot of technological wizardry I can stream it to a full 32 inch television. Thanks, logging off for a great Prime Ministers speech.

  22. Here is a man, a STATESMAN, who, in weeks (maybe even days)will commit his countrymen to a war I’m quite sure he doesn’t want. You can see in his face that this realization has come to him. In the passing of years his allies to the West have sold him out. What will he make of it? Is the war against Iran winnable, in the sense that their nuclear capability must be destroyed to consider the war worthwhile? Obviously Barack Obama doesn’t believe so. Or, more deviously, he desires to position the Muslim Brotherhood to take over in the space where Israel existed before.

    Many Americans seem to find the Israeli plight of little concern, since it doesn’t quite reach our borders. I suggest that is short-sighted, and long-term perhaps more dangerous, as it seems the MB has gained some measure of sympathy here at home. The brutal truth is, sometimes protecting people here in the US means protecting those in the Middle East, who share a lot of our values.

    1. Is it winnable?

      God says it is.

      “I will plant Israel in their own land, never again to be uprooted from the land I have given them,” says the LORD your God.” Amos 9:15

      That’s enough for me.

      1. Trust in Adonai with all your heart —– ” The Lord is building Jerusalem … Gathering together the outcasts of Israel , healing broken hearts ( which only the God of Israel is doing ) binding up their wounds. The Lord IS building up Jerusalem ! ” He neither slumbers Nor sleeps. … Soon coming and returning Messiah ! …. The Prophets have fortold; all in God’s Promise. … He came, He suffered and died, and Arose, according to His Holy Scriptures !!!

  23. This is terrible – What a humiliation!

    The UN is a waste of skin!

    Maybe he should go on the Letterman show to explain it again!

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