FULL SPEECH: Mia Love speaks at CPAC 2013

Utah Mayor Mia Love spoke today at CPAC 2013 and you can listen to the full speech below:

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15 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Mia Love speaks at CPAC 2013

  1. Why is it that conservatives always like to point out when there is a black person speaking or a women? “Mia Love! She’s black! She’s a she!” It doesn’t matter what race she is. It makes you sound like you are supporting a “token” when you brag about what race someone is. Talk about their policy, principles, talents, and character.

  2. She’s just wonderful with a fantastic future ahead.  I love her enthusiasm and joy for conservative principles and how they make America great.  Her love of country and the great possibilities that  America holds is being lost on the current generation.  This message of unlimited possibilities is something that must be at the core of the conservative message.

    1. Her loss was one of the most disappointing of 2012 and I’m still not sure what caused it.
      Does anyone really know?  Isn’t Utah supposed to be a fairly conservative state.  What happened there?
      John Craven – New Orleans

  3. She needs to run for Congress again in 2014.  She barely lost and I bet she would take UT if Senators Lee and Cruz did commercials for her this round1

    1. patriot077 poljunke We will have to make sure your name doesn’t come off the voter list and we’ll have someone vote for you:)
      May be that works only for Democrat registered voters. LOL

    2. Not with the ObamaCare death panels, Obama’s goal is that we are all dead before collecting SS, that’s how he plans to “save it”

  4. I paused Sarah’s speech here at Scoop, to watch Mia’s speech live on C-Span. She was extraordinary. Our side is blessed with wise women. They are beautiful right down to the bone and further. 
    I think Mia was cheated out of her national seat. She’s not just Rep. material, she’s Presidential material and everything in between. I’m proud to be on her side.

    1. I watched her live too.  She is simply amazing. And I agree, that race was so close and with Mike Lee elected to the Senate something smells fishy in the water.

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