FULL SPEECH: Newt Gingrich speaks at CPAC 2013

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich spoke this morning at CPAC 2013 and you can watch the full speech below:

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30 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Newt Gingrich speaks at CPAC 2013

    1. Phil Byler Have you ever read Jeffrey Lord over at American Spectator? He wrote a piece last year in response to all of the lies put out by Romney regarding Reagan and Newt’s relationship and if Newt was really part of Reagan’s inner circle. It was a a great article, but the last part stayed with me the most, and that was when Lord said Reagan and Newt were walking side by side and Newt said something to Reagan about there being so much to do,(in reference to getting conservative ideas across to the public) and Reagan smiled and put his arm around Newt and said “I will leave that to you, I know you can do it” (I am paraphrasing) I thought you might like that after reading your post.

      1. nibblesyble Phil Byler Yes, and I do appreciate your mentioning it here for all to read.  In 2012, I was a Gingrich delegate in New York.  Romney delegates went to the national convention given the primary result, but I felt I was with the right candidate.  I am a Regaan conservative Republican, and I know whom his heir is.

  1. came back to watch this video again because its so excellent. i feel at an advantage because im not a ron paul supporter pretending to be a concerned american, im not web site saboteur who claims to see baggage that doesn’t exist.

    1. The big difference between Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama to me is that when Newt says he loves America, I believe him.

  2. I like Newt,but it is very difficult to get that picture of him and Piglosi sitting on the sofa together in the tv ad.Newt concerns me some.He leans progressive.

    1. 57thunderbird 
      Did you listen to his speech 57TB? That is not a man who is leaning progressive!

      1. nibblesybleGingrich’s
        21st Century nine-point “Jobs and Prosperity Plan” borrows a page from Reagan’s
        1980 economic platform. It is not just Reaganesque, it is Reaganomics,
        cryogenically frozen in 1981, thawed 30 years later, and pumped full of
        Newt-style steroids in order to save the American people from our nations slow
        systemic job growth. The pro-growth, pro-job, economic recovery plan features
        massive tax cuts, less government spending (through privatization of
        entitlement programs), interest-rate hikes, and rampant deregulation.

        1. jr4less nibblesyble I love me some Newt, he is brilliant and yes flawed, but more than that he learns from his mistakes and he gets stuff done unlike all the ‘talkers’ that is why Sarah supported him last year, and so did Sowell and Oliver North and all the really awesome conservatives I admire! If he doesn’t run again, I pray and hope whoever does… uses him to the fullest capacity as an advisor! Thanks for your reply!

  3. I’m still surprised to see conservatives liking Newt. For some ten years before he ran for president, he created an organization called Center for Health Transformation. Transformation!! He not only has been behind the push for electronic medical records, and is ok with the idea of centralizing your private health care information at the HHS; but he believes in that so much, he went around giving speeches promoting the bribe offered by CMS to give 44k dollars to each provider that implemented electronic records while raking in the dough for his efforts.
    Why do you think he’s already working on continuing the Bush Dynasty.
    Yes, he gives a great speech, yes he is exceptionally intelligent, but don’t overlook his progressive ideology! He is as dangerous as any other progressive on either side of the isle. The only position that I can think of, if he went back to DC, is replacing Carney.

    1. patriot077″It is
      sobering to me to be standing here, as a senior member of this party, telling
      you from 1976 to 2013 we have the dominant wing of this party, which has
      learned nothing and is a mired in stupidity as it was in 1976″ ~ Newt

    1. The Sentinel Those
      who say, “Newt should have done this or that…” forget what forces
      Newt was up against… not to mention that some of these very same
      “advisers” advised the Rominee, and lied to us of what needed to be
      done, or not done, in order to beat the Obamanation.

  4. Inspiring as always. You notice he hasn’t stood still in efforts to teach Americans about the greatness of America and the way forward to achieve it for all. To him the loss as a presidential candidate meant only one thing, go forward with new ideas and help the Republican party and Americans learn how to do it. I feel my admiration and respect for him were well founded.

  5. jr4less compared to Obama, I certainly agree. But Newt has so much baggage, I doubt he could have won the election.

    1. Conservator1 jr4less 
      Well the man with no personal baggage didn’t win either…Newt would have had the democRats and Obummer on their defenses so much that Newt’s personal stuff would have been background noise.

      1. nibblesyble Conservator1 jr4less – Did I state I supported Mitt in the primaries? – no. In fact, I agreed with Newt’s label of Romney – the Massachusetts’ Moderate. However, I strongly disagree with you regarding Newt’s chances to win a race against Obama.
        Once Romney won the GOP primaries, the MSM destroyed Romney throughout the race with non-stop bombastic coverage. Even with all the money raised by Mitt — something I doubt Newt could have achieved — he couldn’t win and it would have been worse for Gingrich IMO.
        That said, I really didn’t like the field of GOP candidates who ran. Toward the end of the primaries when Romney and Santorum where the last 2 standing, I thought Rick would have had a better chance because of Romneycare.
        Obamacare was still an Achilles’ heel for the president which still is unpopular with most Americans. But it’s all over now and looking backwards is never good in politics. I’m certain we agree on most issues, thus we should focus on the future.

      2. Conservator1 nibblesyble jr4less 
        I agree looking forward is the only way, Newt’s speech was about that and it was brilliant as usual. Thanks for your remarks.

      3. agas84363 a single persons education level certainly trumps reality, LOL. Can you guess who that is?

      4. nibblesybleThere
        are too many politico types, who are only interested in rising their
        own star, spewing their politically correct bad ideas (or no ideas),
        while squashing Reaganesque visionaries like Newt.

    2. Conservator1 jr4less this is the attitude that kept him out…..look at the baggage this president has and he got re-elected……

      1. agas84363no other candidate has listed a Day One Plan. As part of his
        21st Century Contract with America, Gingrich has pledged to issue a series of
        Executive Orders to create jobs and help undo the damage of the Obama
        administration on the first day of his administration. Altogether, one could
        reasonably expect a President Gingrich to lead America in a pro-growth, limited
        government direction who understands the significance of the founding principle
        that we were created equal by our Creator (God) and endowed with certain
        unalienable rights.

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