Full Speech: Paul Ryan at CPAC 2012

Paul Ryan gave a great speech tonight before a large crowd at the Presidential Banquet at CPAC:

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36 thoughts on “Full Speech: Paul Ryan at CPAC 2012

  1. Indeed, Ryan is circumscribed by being a member of a leadership team that keeps stumbling over its own feet, as in the case of the recent kicking the budget conclusion down the road.

  2. Every criticism the left inflicts upon us can be turned around on them: THEY are racist. THEY are unfair. THEY are radical. THEY are envious. THEY are bitter.

  3. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Obama’s radical orwellian ideology that rewards the failures and punishes the successful, is the exact opposite of what this country stands for. We need to vote the bums out that are the establishment, and install congressional term limits. We need to throw the insider traders, including Pelosi and Kerry, in jail, and reinstall the rule of law.

  4. If everyone likes Paul Ryan so much, which by the way he’s talking about American Exceptionalism if you didn’t catch that, you should be backing Newt. He’s the only candidate running in the GOP that understands and lives by the principles of American Exceptionalism. Even his wife has clips talking about it, and she has no political obligation to do so. I understand if you don’t like him because of his past personal life, and I won’t argue that it was ok, but if you like this video and what Paul Ryan is saying, you should be supporting Newt immediately. All I can ask is that you at least check out his website and see what he is all about the same way you may have done for Mitt, or Rick, or Ron Paul. http://www.newt.org …Thanks… GOP2012

  5. I have not listened to all the CPAC speeches. I have listened to 2 of them. Ryan’s and Rubio’s. We should share those with all of our friends. People need to wake up to whom this President is. Obama is weak, Obama is dangerous. The pundits and the media is constantly speaking of how weak our GOP presidential field is, however, they should instead be speaking of how weak, dangerous and destructive the current President is.

  6. It’s easy to call for a bold vision when you have no problem sitting on the sidelines playing armchair quarterback because your “kids are too small.” It rings hollow.

  7. the truth in this speach was about 15 – 17 minute mark. where Mr Ryan stated are they God given rights, or rights provided by gov’t? if our rights are from gov’t then we do not have rights, just priveleges which may come or go at the whim of gov’t.

  8. I have deep respect for Paul Ryan and his ability to articulate the issues and felt some sympathy for the lackluster response to this speech. I felt the audience has become jaded due to the failed house leadership, not Paul Ryan or his message. Plus a real distaste for the way the GOP has behaved through the nomination process.

    God help us, we do need the strongest candidate with a bold vision and respect for our Constitution.

  9. A little measured emotion here please. Ryan is good. But he DID vote for TARP and refused to “Hold the Line” with Demint during the budget ceiling debate.

    I like him – but he’s still missing a pure conservative center.

  10. Where are the whistles, cheers and loud applause that Ryan’s speech deserves?

    Here’s the line-up of GOP Candidates today:

    Santorum at 10:55
    Romney at 12:55
    Newt at 4:10

    Either they did not invite Ron Paul to speak or Rand Paul yesterday spoke (and did a good job) on his father’s behalf. Still, despite Ron Paul’s radical libertarian ideas about legalizing drugs and sex-trafficking, and his non-interventionalist foreign policy, his monetary and economic policies should be taken seriously.

    Hobbling or ending the FED and stopping foreign and domestic intentional manipulation and destabilization of our currency and economy (hint: S o r o s) is crucial.

    It would be great to end Insider Trading and Crony capitalism.

    It would be great to end foreign aid until we get our country in the black again.

    BTW – If they cheer Romney loudly, whatever the Great Pretender manages to stutter out that sounds vaguely like conservative ideas, I will be ashamed of the CPAC attendees. Of course, if only loud-mouth Coulter, his family and paid supporters cheer, that will be raise a good bit of noise.

  11. Amazing speech! Sounded to me like he’s stumpin for Herman Cain. Ok well maybe Newt. Regardless, I wish he were on the ballot or at least Speaker of the House. Thx for posting. I want to listen again. Makes me feel like we just might have a chance yet!!

  12. Love Ryan! I’d like to see more passion out of him, but that’s policy wonks for ya. They don’t get overly excited about anything.

  13. I was completely unimpressed. However, that’s probably just because it was useless choir preaching. Everything he’s said, I’ve heard, time and again, from him and from a whole bunch of other people. That’s probably why he couldn’t get more than a golf clap, throughout the whole speech. Rush’s speech, while also things we already should’ve known, was just delivered with a lot more fire and podium banging. Mark Levin described Obama as a rabble rouser (accurately). Rush did the rousing thing very effectively, too, because, I think, we could see how much he believed in what he said, and how much he believed we needed to think that way, too. Ryan? He probably believes in his words, too, as do I, for the most part, but his delivery was completely bloodless, and the audience was absolutely feckless. Sometimes, one of the best parts about seeing a good movie is crowd response, such as yelling, gasping or cheering and clapping. The audience was just plain dead. Probably worn out after hearing that crappy Cuban music. If this is how the rest of CPAC is going to be, I’m glad I didn’t spend the time and money going out there.

    1. Some folks simply don’t have enough cerebral matter to fully, or in this case, to partly comprehend.

      I’m sure Obama’s lies of “hope” and “change” are working well for you!

      1. Wow. Because I wasn’t wetting myself (like you apparently were) over his speech, I’m not as smart as you are, and I support Obama. Hey, everybody! Did you know I’m an Obama supporter?

        You’re such a moron, you probably need your mother’s help to get dressed in the morning.

    2. I’m going to have to agree with you. I love Paul Ryan but I think he isn’t the dynamic speaker that we need. He is amazing in his position as our policy wonk in the House but that’s where he should likely stay until he learns how to wow a crowd.

      I am also in agreement with you that just because you didn’t like ONE speach of ONE of the top Republicans, that doesn’t make you an Obama supporter as KM suggested. We can criticize our own guys or just understand their limitations. If you are unable to do that then you are pretty much just a drone.

  14. the first time I heard this man speak I was blown away. The guy is smart and explains complicated issues with ease. He uses simple logic. I usually don’t want representatives and senators as presidents but this guy I would pat him on the butt and say, have a good game. Not the greatest speech he has ever given but good.

      1. I here ya. Took long enough, right? Good to have you back on the right side again. Just kidding, just kidding. Paul Ryan is a genius. He breaks things down so well. The big problem with conservatism is the messengers. The message is beautiful, it’s just when you have so many uninspiring leaders the message gets lost in the boredom.

  15. GOP leadership’s favorite whipping boy… they have him draw up a great plan and send him out there on his own… then they pretend to support him whenever they are on TV but behind the scenes they have no intention of cutting costs or government.

    1. The GOP has zero credibility on the issue of limiting spending and the size of government. None. The one guy who actually has credibility in this area is flatly dismissed by his own party as “fringe” (and much worse). Pathetic.

      1. Further, he was not even invited to the 2012 CPAC conference! Even after winning their Straw Poll last year. He is the only one that could actually accomplish what Ryan is talking about here.

        The conservative movement is becoming a joke (I am deeply saddened to say that) go ahead and vote for Romney and let the powers that be nullify your power to really change things by keeping the status quo of the two headed snake in power.

        Since Paul Ryan is not running – a vote for conservatism, freedom, and reform is a vote for Ron Paul!

        1. Ron Paul was invited to this year’s CPAC and declined.

          He won last year’s CPAC straw poll and 2010’s as well.

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