FULL SPEECH: Sarah Palin speaks at CPAC 2013

Sarah Palin gave a great speech just a while ago at CPAC 2013 and you can watch the full speech below:

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152 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Sarah Palin speaks at CPAC 2013

  1. hfiewo;fhof;iho;eifhow;ighfogwro I CANNOT EVEN, she is just perfection. omg i love her so much and always will… i want her to be my president… she is smart, hilarious, sincere, passionate, hardworking, lights up the whole room!! i loved this speech, but i love every one she gives, of course. but this one was especially hilarious!! she doesn’t even care what people think, she just says what she believes and she knows she will get hate for it but she says it anyway. she always cheers me up and puts a smile on my face. and i know she has the exact opposite effect on the liberals. she’s made of 100% pure awesomeness and she is my #1 favorite political figure!! she means so much to me. sarah 2016!!!

  2. Sarah, there is no one on the scene today who is better qualified to lead America then you! The main reason I say that is because you are ” REAL.”  Politicians by their very nature are untrustworthy, you on the other hand, come across as someone people can trust. There is ONLY ONE person we can truely trust, and that is the Lord.
    Calvin Simpson   Ps: If The Lord directs you to make another run, GO FOR IT! ! Win or lose you will expose the Liar!

  3. I can see why Karl Rove went Queen Bee Mad with Sarah Palin.
    She stung him repeatedly with the truth and while drinking a Big Gulp to boot.
    I’m sure Karl Rove got ripped a new one when he saw Ted Cruz come out with his impeccable delivery and just put him down like he was Diane Feinstein being asked a question about the 2nd Ammendment while giving Sarah Palin a great intro.
    John Craven – New Orleans

    1. JohnCraven I applaud her for doing so. The only thing Rove was the architect of was helping a failed businessman get into the white house who ran up the national debt and helped obama win.  She’s got guts.

  4. Its striking how Palin’s path has diverged from that of WackoBird McVain.
    I’m sure they are friendly, but they are from different worlds, totally.

  5. Wouldn’t it be great to have a President we looked forward to hearing and following! Those who think they are leaders should look behind themselves once in a while, instead of in the mirror!

  6. Please get on the Ticket in 2016.  You most certainly have my vote.  The only question is who is your other half on the Ticket. Senator Cruz would be good.  I believe Hilary likely will run in 2016.  What other reason did she leave SOS.  I know Benghazi likely played a part, however, I believe Hilary wanted to distance herself from BHO, and dropped out of sight hoping voters have a short memory.  Personally, I believe you are clearly the antidote to Hilary.  Never forget what Hilary said: “What difference does it make?”  Pound that home during the debates, on the campaign trail, in the TV/Web Ads, and Hilary loses all day long.

  7. Capitalism that allows only a few big business is bad, Capitalism that allows true competition is good, only competition lowers costs and increases innovation.

  8. OUTSTANDING message! Way to go Mama Grizzly – we love you and thank you for standing up for WE THE PEOPLE! God bless you and your family

  9. That’s an excellent speech!!  Sarah has a natural talent to speak what’s on the people’s mind with no fear!  She can really connect with people easily.  I admire this lady since day one because she is someone who really live by her principles, she never budge away from her values even under strong criticism.  That’s why the left still hates her, in fact, they are very afraid of her really running for office again!  Rand Paul can win any straw poll all he wants, let’s put him under the microscope and watch his action to see if he will always hold out on his principles.  The fact that he voted for Hagel nomination really bothers me.  People have to watch politican’s words versus their actions!

    1. Amen to that!  She is my choice for President because she is the example of a true leader.

  10. Three minutes into her speech and I’m in love love with her again all over again. She is so dead on with Obama’s background check.

    Terrific introduction by Ted Cruz by the way.

  11. I enjoyed her message more then a couple years back.  She had more to be a great VP, for who ever to run.  What Sarah Palin said today would definitely make her the first to be voted for president.   President Obama is such a big liar, Jodi Arias being tried for Arizona murder trial.  Jurors can not trust Jodi Arias.   Can we trust president Barrack Obama when he wants to waste a trillion dollars on some other countries.  President Barrack Obama the president of the world.  holy smoke.

  12. She
    was the Commander In Chief of the Alaska National Guard – who oversees
    that pesky part of the world that has countries like North Korea,
    Russia, even the Middle East-with the chances of trespassing our flight
    zone with either fighter jets, or any rockets that may come our way.

        1. nkthgreek KathyBeddingfield LOL, I’m a c4p fan, have read all your comments, the last 41/2 years. I call myself the lurker. lol.

        2. nkthgreek KathyBeddingfield No need to thank me, my friend, I’ll catch up with you, I’ll explain on the other site. Love to all the other fine folks, you, couldn’t ask for better friends, Hint, LOL, lots of love, goodnight, my dear.

  13. Nice to see the “Great  One” Mark Levin give a shout out to Sarah Palin. Sarah hit it out of the park. Sarah Palin is the
    “Sultan of Swat”!

  14. OMG…LMAO….HEEHEE, should have done background check on obama.  I love me some Gov. Sarah Palin…..we accept you won….now step away from the teleprompter and do your job. Love you Gov….you’re the BEST….and all the best people know it.

    1. wodiej She hit a home run.  The logic behind my post above that I put on last night is essentially is Hilary has pretty much disappeared from the public eye.  There likely is a rational reason 4 that, and I doubt it is 4 her, Bill and Monica 2 have a threesome. Rather it is to rehabilitate herself by people forgetting a lot and hopefully voting 4 her like sheep.

  15. Just what the GOP needs, an injection of common sense Conservatism.  Delivered with Faith, Hope, and Optimism, and we can’t lose.

  16. Wish she wouldn’t have played “Follow the Leader” behind McCain… he invalidated her – and he did it on purpose. She still supports him, though. Which means – to me, anyway – that she is part and parcel of the whole game.

    1. I think Mrs. Palin is being respectful to a friend and a great war hero.
      She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Remember how she gave
      credit to Mrs. Clinton and other women who paved the way to her 2008
      Convention. She was gracious, but got beaten up in return.

    2. backwoodsgurl I understand your sentiment and honestly that was a head scratcher for me also, but I’m willing to let bygones be bygones 🙂

    3. backwoodsgurl That also gives me pause, as well as the fact that she has shown no real interest in running. I can understand her unwillingness to attack McCain, who gave her a large share of the limelight in 2008, but she should be skewering everyone else. There’s been too much politeness in situations that call for outrage. I want to support a constitutional ninja.

  17. It really was a moving and inspiring speech! Also hard hitting. I’m glad she mentioned that the 7 richest counties in
    the USA all surround D.C. They live like kings on our confiscated taxes! And they want more. Loved her sense of humor. The Big Gulpis really funny.

  18. Well, she nibbled around the edges of the issue of being more inclusive. The lackluster response from the audience spoke volumes. The Pubs had better learn which hills are worth dying on or they can just plan on being out there in the cold looking in as the left continues to run the show in the arena of ideas & policies.

  19. I love Sarah, I was inspired, enthralled, involved and I would vote for her in a heartbeat.

    1. ldwaddell Me too!  She deserves better respect than the GOP has given her!  She is the best to reaching the heart of America!

  20. I thought her speech was an excellent summation of the contrasts between DC and the Heartland. Her remarks about the differences between a leader and a campaigner were right on the money, and I don’t think I’ve heard anyone else draw those comparisons as clearly as she did.  I was also  blown away by the contrast in her appearance on the CPAC stage and Mrs. Obama’s carefully crafted Vogue cover. Mrs. Obama’s cover photo made her look like a “hot” celebrity; SP in black was nothing short of stunning, and she exuded power, especially when she looked straight into the camera when addressing Obama. All one needs to do is contrast DiFi’s mewling “do you know who I am” response to Ted Cruz’s question on the 2nd Amendment and Hillary Clinton’s almost tearful, “what difference does it make now” response on Benghazi, to Sarah Palin’s history of strength under pressure, to understand what a real American woman is. May God continue to bless SP and her family.

  21. If you use the separate threads for each speaker and the number of comments on each thread as a scorecard, this Palin thread is winning in a landslide! Remarkable!

  22. I could actually imagine her running without huge campaign dollars.The media chases her around like seagulls chase bread ! They hate her and yet they hang on every word.It would be so fun to watch her throw them crumbs !And they could just televise her campaign on their dime !!!!! What a hoot that would be.Remember how excited they got when her bus would move?Yeh,run Sarah , run.

  23. She needs to be out there speaking more than ever now. She has that special way of firing people up. Great lady, great speech. Love Sarah!!

  24. This is Sarah at her finest. Unafraid, unapologetic, and unwilling to accept the corruptocrats in both parties.  Fabulous zingers! I am still cheering her and may have to have another listen later in the day 🙂

    1. RefudiateGOPe  
      Goes to show you that when you actually believe what you are saying and expressing your own thoughts (and not lying through your teeth like Obama), you don’t have to read every word that was prepared for you to say, off a teleprompter. 😉 😉

  25. I was lucky enough to hear Palin speak in Pensacola when she was on the McCain ticket and look at how far she has come. Sarah Palin has grown and is comfortable in her own skin. Her message has never changed. I was blessed with three daughters and I hope they are all as strong and courageous as Sarah Palin.

  26. Very, very, good speech. The “big gulp” soda had me laughing out loud. We need so much more of this, America. People need to understand that the ideas put forth by Sarah Palin are words to live by. Freedom and independence are punch lines to liberals and Democrats (well, what really is the difference these days). But to us, freedom and independence still mean something and are worth fighting for. We may be down now but we certainly are not out. Listen to this speech and let me know what other Republican can stir a crowd like this. I really hope she runs for office again. We desperately need voices like this running our country.

  27. I cannot believe there will not be a citizen roar from the “heartland” to embrace Sarah as our next candidate.
    How do you not love this beautiful, intelligent woman who, with the plainest of language, skewers the establishment  animals in the swamps of D.C. And all this with no teleprompter. Wow!

    1. Kcid Rekrap I tell ya there isn’t anyone else like Sarah Palin that unites conservatives like she does.

      1. StevenValdez Kcid Rekrap  That’s why I don’t get why the GOP ignored her at the convention!

    1. 57thunderbird That comment was not for Obama but about the media. She begged them to vet Obama and they refused and have failed for what, 6 years now ?

      1. Kala_Bon 57thunderbird Yep.Pretty close to six years.It was a great line nonetheless.I take it as a shot at both,the MSM and Obama.

  28. I don’t care what anybody hast to say. She’s clever and gives a great presentation. 🙂

  29. Sarah Palin is a rock star. I adore her.
    I don’t know what her future is… but I hope she remains prominant in the conservative movement. She is awesome!!!

  30. The woman was a great governor. Most don’t know her real record just the Alinsky like assault to demonizer and destroy her reputation. The Democrat hack lawyers that followed her to Alaska and use the ethic law she put in place to clean up the state government put her over $500,000 in debt and caused her to leave office. It just shows what lowlifes we are fihting. Both parties fear her as you can see by Romney’s stupid refusal not to invite her to the GOP convention.

    1. BearNJ  
      Exactly. She ran a real tight ship. She was respected (and even liked), by the R’s and even the D’s in the Alaska government. It was only after the Obama media attack machine finished off Clinton, that the rest of the Alaska Democrats fell in line like the Lemmings they are. If she had been a Democrat, and treated the way she was, the ‘Women’s Liberalizationists’ would have been screaming bloody murder but we all know that they are just a batch of Situational Hypocrites, anyway.

  31. Daddy’s gonna need some new adjectives for this. What a Lady! What a cutie! What a Patriot!
    This is what a true intellectual sounds like folks. It’s the difference between indoctrination and wisdom.
    She slapped the “Architect” right across the face, and sent a missile across Obama’s bow. We don’t need to re-brand anything, we just need to articulate what we believe. We believe what the founders believed. We have a copy of those beliefs. It’s called The Declaration of Independence. It’s called the Mayflower Compact. It’s called the U.S. Constitution.
    You’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Our founding documents show that some words are worth a thousand pictures, and have affected tens of millions of lives for the better. Those are living pictures…streaming videos of people rising and achieving greatness. Those who dreamed and saw those dreams become reality.
    America is experiencing a drought of wisdom. A drought of common sense. This Lady is a tall glass of fresh water, bubbling up out of an eternal spring. She quenches the thirst. She tells it like it is and like it should be. I just love her.

  32. ChesterSimms  Ted Cruz was born in Canada.  He cannot be POTUS, therefore, he cannot be VP

    1. caddywompass ChesterSimms 
      Oh.  Thanks for clarification.
      What do you think of Palin-West?

      1. ChesterSimms caddywompass I am not sold on any of the 3 either. Chester…..With the exception of Paul, both Rubio and West have voted for things that I do not consider conservative.  The extension of the Patriot Act and NDAA.  While I am okay with Rand Paul so far, he looks like the kid who spent most of high school stuffed inside his locker.  Yes, looks are not everything, but after Barry Obumbles, the GOP, new or old, has to get smart about who we put up.  I am not voting for another RINO

      2. I like Palin/West.What Id like even better is Palin/Gingrich.Dont laugh,the intelligence is there.

    2. caddywompass ChesterSimms His mother was an American citizen tho, so until a court decides he can’t be President, he is eligible to run.

      1. StevenValdez caddywompass ChesterSimms  Since there are differing views on this as the constitution leaves some room for interpretation……after what we have been through with Obama and his eligibility and people are already saying that Rubio is not eligible for the same reasons, I think the GOP should steer clear of both Rubio and CRuz….

        1. caddywompass StevenValdez ChesterSimms http://www.texastribune.org/2012/08/13/texplainer-could-canadian-born-ted-cruz-be-preside/
          This article addresses this subject.

        2. KenInMontana caddywompass StevenValdez ChesterSimms  ALWAYS good to give the EXTRA proof SOME need.  Thank you.

    3. caddywompass ChesterSimms  Actually, that is incorrect.  Ted Cruz was born to a US citizen, which makes him a US Citizen at birth, even though he was popped out in Canada.

    4. caddywompass ChesterSimms Plese stop with this crap. Just like McCain, Cruz was born to an American mother and is considered a natural born citizen.  Haven’t we been through enough of this eligibility stuff?

    5. caddywompass ChesterSimms  
      Obama was born outside the US too and one of his (alleged) parents wasn’t even an American citizen. Oh, that’s right Ted Cruz is a Republican, I forgot. Never mind. 😉 😉

  33. A huge THANK YOU to Governor Palin – what a speech, what a reaction and please run for the Presdency in 2016

  34. It is the best talk she has give. But climbing rocks in shorts, riding motorcycles with the cops, and camping out with Kate plus eight, don’t help Sarah Palin. She needs to be studying foreign issues and educating herself and being more professional in her weak areas. Not a show off. Yes this was a very good patriotic speech!

    1. work9484 She is educated and uses common sense, she knows the foreign issues but doesn’t appease our enemies and stands by our strongest allies, also she’s professional just not politically correct.. Don’t get it twisted!

    2. work9484 I have no idea what you are talking about! Showing off? Weak areas? Educating herself? More professional? Are you really Karl Rove or perhaps Dr. K?

    3. work9484 Maybe you need to pay closer attention to the subjects Palin has discussed in the last four years.  You’d learn something.

    4. work9484 Culture is upstream of politics. Some folks just don’t get that, but Sarah Palin does.

    5. work9484 Give Palin credit for staying true to her message. As for climbing rocks in shorts, well really, would jeans be more appropriate? I understand the need for professionalism, but there are plenty of empty “suits” already in Washington.

    6. work9484She
      was the Commander In Chief of the Alaska National Guard – who oversees
      that pesky part of the world that has countries like North Korea,
      Russia, even the Middle East-with the chances of trespassing our flight
      zone with either fighter jets, or any rockets that may come our way.

  35. Folks, she is really great. I heard this on radio and had to come watch. Great real world leadership ideas and communication.

  36. Just bought a Big Gulp in honor of you Sarah, and to send a message that we support you and the Conservatives!!!! I’m tired of the lies and them telling us what to do!!!!

  37. I almost fell off of my chair when she said should have been a background check on Obama. She zinged him over and over. I love it. The best speech I’ve ever heard her give. She just said step away from the teleprompter and lead  ha ha ha ha ha

    1. ImaLindatoo if the gop establishment doesn’t promote jeb, marco or chris christie telling us that they are the only ones who can win.

      1. CarolynDixon ImaLindatoo The “architect” ssss HAVE been promoting them since last year, even “W” going so far after Romney’s GOOD 1st debate performance, to damper turnot by saying “I think Romney’s going to lose” WTF? ….but the people will own this one more time…do they want to be mislead in efforts that hurt themselves, or have they learned and will CHOOSE their own representation.

  38. Just watched it again and it’s so freaking awesome how much she gets it! 
    I even saw a tweet from McCain saying how good it was!

  39. Dunno about you, but the finish, Sarah’s last words were so powerful, if these last sentences, if Sarah doesn’t get everybody off their seats and roll up their sleeves and get cracking, then I don’t know who can.

    1. lilium479 or Cruz/Palin – either way it’s winning ticket. Both are articulate and communicate conservatism that the average folks will love.

  40. Mark Levin and Sarah Palin ……Barack Obama…You lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that’s telling the truth

  41. WOOOOWWW! I think that was her best speech ever. She just gets better and better, timing, delivery, lines, everything. She is a natural and a natural born leader. And she is taking it to Rove and the GOPe. The next few years will be the most exciting since Reagan.
    And how about Cruz, what a champion he is, out front, unafraid and honest. The others won’t give her credit so he shamed them by mentioning every one of the ingrates.
    Just wonderful.

    1. deTocqueville1 … Excellent comment! 
      Especially including Senator Cruz mentioning many of the others who owe their elections to Sarah Palin. He is “all man and a mile wide.” 
      Throw them all out! The status quo must go!

       Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.
      Illegitimi non carborundum.
      Barracudas Maximus.

    2. deTocqueville1 Yes, spot on! He shamed them indeed, what a contrast to all those he named and who distanced themselves from Sarah when the RNC and the Romney campaign demanded it.
      That’s yet another reason why I rate Ted Cruz way above the Rubios, Haleys and the rest of them.

  42. Background checks Mr. President? How about starting with yours……That was an absolute home run!

  43. she hit a homerun and the media, dems and the gop establishment will do everything they can to destroy her.

    1. They keep trying, but she is still here and she is still standing!  Sarah Palin is the best there is.

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