FULL SPEECH: Sen. Tim Scott speaks at CPAC 2013

Sen. Tim Scott spoke at CPAC 2013 earlier today and you can watch the entire speech below:

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39 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Sen. Tim Scott speaks at CPAC 2013

  1. Have never heard him speak, but I must say I walk away impressed. He is an articulate man that does well at conveying the Conservatie mantra to be used to personalize it and reach hearts and minds. These are the types of voices that will lead others to the land of America’s future in Red Blooded Conservatism. These relatively young voices of Liberty are what is needed to purge the voices of compromise and surrender heard from McLame, Grammnesty, BoehnerDrinker, and Can’ter. These are the ones who can lead us back to that shining city on a hill!

  2. Who’s the Las Vegas drunk guy who is introducing him?
    “Heyyyy..whoahh….*burp*…where are you folks going….*burp*….we’ve got a great person we’re about to introduce….are you kidding me….*burp*…I LOVE YOU GUYS! NO, I DO! I LOVE YOU GUYS….*burp*!”
    Dude is seriously slurring… LOL!
    Looks like he uses John Boehner’s tanning salon too.
    LOVE Tim Scott! A GREAT guy and another up-in-coming voice for Conservatism!

    1. stage9 lol I actually skipped the introductions in the speeches so far, thanks for the summary.

    2. stage9 That was the president of the ACU, Art Cardenas. His agenda this year is amnesty. I think Levin said he is a long time friend of the Bush family …

  3. Can we please, please have him for President. Let’s take a page out of ovomit’s book, ignore the constitution, just go remove vomit from the WH and putt his man in his place.

    1. badbadlibs You don’t hear any self pity from him or Allen West. They are a pleasure to listen to and inspiring as well.

  4. I’ve been somewhat pessimistic since the election.  Yes, it’s been a while.  However, Tim Scott, Cruz, Paul, West, and other good men have put me in a much more optimistic frame of mind.  I’m actually starting to have that hope Obama promised us.  We have tremendous talent on our side.

  5. Sen. Scott is a mighty fine speaker 
    First time I heard him other than interviews 
    I like the crayon thingy on the bottom
    Guess who this is!

  6. “we need to grow our economy, not our government” – Tim Scott
    “he taught me having a job is a good thing, but creating jobs is a far better thing” – Tim Scott
    “he said ‘if you have income that’s a good thing, but if you create a profit, you can do the most amazing things” – Tim Scott
    Really great speech by Senator Scott really liked how he walked around the stage telling his story, just looking at his notes once an awhile, Superb job by Tim!! My favorite speech thus far today.

  7. “When you are failing in Spanish and English, they don’t call you bilingual, they call you bi-ignorant…and that’s where I was.” (Tim Scott)

    John, A Chik-Fil-A operator taught him some valuable things. Mentored him. Sounds Christian to me 🙂

    John said, “Having a job, is a good thing, but creating a job, is a far better thing.”

    “He taught me how to think my way out of poverty.” (Tim Scott)

    John died at 38 years old. Tim Scott is honorng his memory as well as his mentoring.

    I love this kind of stuff! America was indeed founded to be an opportunity society. America needs that society. America became what America became because of that very society. when you’re lost and confused, go back to the basics. 

    Super speech Tim.

    1. Rshill7 Hey, this is somewhat OT … but the Socratic method you used with the atheist (on the Rand thread) was very commendable.  Would you ever consider writing a primer on the basics of arguing with such viewpoints?  Maybe, as a guest post on RS?

      1. I suppose so. Would that you could provide a link to it.
        I am an award-winning salesman at the national level. We use the Socratic method, a lot. I use it now in my own business. I do not lose sales, if I have a legitimate prospect. I will “close” 100% of them.
        Here is how I learned the Socratic Method: “If you ask a question, or series of questions, to which the prospect must readily agree…then ask the concluding question based on those agreements…you will force the desired result.
        They say Yes, and it’s their idea to do so 🙂

        1. Rshill7 Yes.  I think the conversation is gone now that we switched gears … but, I thought it was particularly effective when you asked, “Please tell in what non-Christian country have instituted ‘unalienable rights’?” Something to that effect … the poster never answered you, even though you asked twice.

        2. Rshill7 Yes. It was him.  Too bad we don’t have the conversation.  It was a great learning piece.

        3. Thanks Philly. Comments like yours help make it worth it.
          I just do it for Christ in here. I think he likes it 🙂

        4. Rshill7 Anytime.  Sometimes, we think we are just arguing … but you never know who it touches or persuades.  
          Since everything is questioned, and there are no more truths (outside of devout people) … we need to constantly “re-arm” ourselves with reason and logic.  
          Was it you or las1 who said, “you just replaced God with love of self”  Crickets.

        5. Etiquettewould dictate that you “like” the posts you respond to, unless you’re arguing or disagreeing with the poster. The conversation already erodes one’s posts to likes ratio 🙂
          Now like some stuff dagnabbit!

        6. Rshill7 Oh, also props to ABC who said, “you cannot prove that God doesn’t exist” in response to our Dutch friend.

        7. Rshill7 K-Bob’s responses to dingius battus were absolutely hilarious.  Man, I hope there is a way to retrieve that thread.

        8. Must’ve been Las. He is one of the posters in here I admire most. My man has a worthy head on his shoulders. Love him.

        9. I have mixed feelings about K-Bob. On one hand I love him…on the other…I still love him.
          I hope he shows up later and likes my love 🙂
          I haven’t seen him in the new format yet. Have a good evening Philly. 
          Thanks again.

        10. “…you never know who it touches or persuades.” (Philly)
          One more motivation sir 🙂   You are correct.

  8. Very good. Not the progressive grievance monger we see in the Demonrat party. He is about individualism, responsibility and initiative. These young turks are looking good for the future of the Country.

  9. “I want that to be a family decision.” (Tim Scott)
    Yes, he’s talking about IPAB here, who at the time a family member is facing decisions about a loved one’s healthcare options, have that family’s decision usurped by a 15-member panel of Bureaucrats.
    Dat ain’t right! Not when you’re talkin’ about my Momma it isn’t! Scott is right! Great Scott!

  10. Great speech.  We are an opportunity society.  Yes.  At we are least on the Conservative side.  Democrat side is a you people are racist so give us what we deserve side.  Which side would you rather be on?   I really like Tim Scott.

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