FULL SPEECH: Watch Dana Loesch at FreePAC

Dana Loesch gave a great speech tonight at FreePAC and you can watch it below:

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26 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Watch Dana Loesch at FreePAC

  1. She is AWESOME!!! Bold, intelligent and great fashion sense!! 🙂 I also love her great adjective ‘craptastic’ journalism!

  2. I need some help, I know the intro song, but cannot remember the name of the band it’s on the tip of my tongue can someone please tell me the name of the band? Thanks

    1. I believe you have confused Dana with Ann Coulter. Coulter is friends with Maher though I don’t know if they are BFF.

  3. As an old woman, I love Dana’s passion…and her shoes 😉 and she gives me hope that the idea of individual freedom is not lost for my grandchildren.

  4. I hate to put this in a thread that it doesn’t belong, but I found CL, and Kruiser to be the best speakers……………actually, there was a black woman that was right under CL in speaking ability.

    Overall, I thought these guys focused on the wrong things……..and could have focused on the people appeal over the American appeal. Freedom is a universal calling.

      1. My understanding, from Beck this morning, was that it was a semi-international event that had people from all over the world attending. I felt that a more fundamental overview of our philosophy was in order. Levin would have been the perfect speaker for something like that……Barton would have been equally great. This was focused a lot on politics, which gets lost on those that want to understand freedom over politics.

    1. You’re absolutely right, but that has the whiff of Bush-ism to it (not your fault, it’s just the way it is).

      Right now is a fine time to be all about building up the USA. A strong America is very, very good for the world.

      1. I’m not sure what Bush-ism means, but I cleared up what I meant up top if that means anything. The event seemed to lack cohesion with FreedomWorks. They didn’t have an overall discussion of freedom with speakers, they just had a bunch of speakers thrown together one after the other. To my knowledge, this is their first event like this, so I am not picking on them……just constructive criticism.

        1. Forgot to respond:

          The Bushies are known for 41’s “compassionate conservatism,” which turned out to mean “big-government progressivism.” That’s why 43 passed those terrible, expansion-of-government programs for education and drugs.

          The good news it’s less evil than actual Progressivism. The bad news is it’s still Progressivism.

          That’s all I meant by Bush-ism.

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