FULL SPEECH: Watch Deneen Borelli at FreePAC

Deneen Borelli spoke tonight at FreePAC and you can watch it below:

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30 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Watch Deneen Borelli at FreePAC

  1. Powerful speaker an she is right. I was born in “a coal state” and I resent the fact that Obama is out to destroy.

  2. Wow…excellent. Felt bad for her, sounded like she had a sore throat but her message was right on. God bless her and all those who are trying to get obama out of office.

  3. I have many left wing loved ones, so I try to show respect to the left and their opinions, but since we are so polarized and everybody expresses their ideals openly, I just want to say: It’s so hilarious when somebody has something bad to say every time you point out a black conservative. They always have to be soooo careful what they say, because white left wing rads have race guilt and try so hard to patronize African Americans. Then when a left wing rad who happens to be black slams Deneen Borelli, and you keep giving them example after example of successful black conservatives, they just keep exausting the well of excuses. Star Parker…..Allen West…Herman Cain…..Tim Scott….Angela McGlowen…..Lenny McAllister….Mia Love…..David Webb….Tara Wall…..Condoleeza Rice….JC Watts….and on and on and on. There’s always an excuse why their opinion doesn’t matter. I put it to the liberal members of the African American community, to stop being so hypocritical. The way the Congressional Black Caucus treated Mitt Romney was inexcusable. MLK would have never condoned that kind of behavior, nor would he have condoned people like Rep. Frederica Wilson and their prejudicial comments about the Trayvon Martin killing. There’s a reason you no longer hear that dribble from her, Al Sharpton, or Jesse Jackson. They have their perverbial tales between their legs, while feasting on crow as more evidence comes out. Don’t get me wrong….If it was murder, I hope Zimmerman goes to prison. But it is now evident that Trayvon was not a saint and definitely WAS NOT “hunted down like a rabid dog.” Sorry….I got off subject. It’s just that I get very passionate about how far left my Democratic party has gotten. JFK was not that way, nor was Bill Clinton.

  4. Awesome!

    I love the uplifting, patriotic, inspiring, POSITIVE speeches coming from the conservative movement — as opposed — to the negative, hateful, racist venom we often hear from the liberals.

    Deneen is a true patriot for sure!

  5. She got that right – the democrats never left the plantation, they’ve just moved control of the plantation to the government

  6. This is the site that the Left don’t want black Americans to see. National Black Republican Association. http://www.nbra.info God bless retired military officer and attorney, Ms. Francis Rice, the President of NBRA…the only person who RSVP’d to my last tea party invitation.

  7. Imagine if she was First Lady, instead of the Wookie. Hmmm…Oh wait she’s not black enough…That’s libstick buzzspeak, that means she has a working moral compass and refuses to join the white liberal establishment plantation.

  8. What a courageous young woman Dinnen Borelli is. There are many Black Coservatives ready to pitch in and help save the Country from these Radical leftists in the White House.


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