FULL SPEECH: Watch Rand Paul speak at CPAC 2013

I did happen to catch Rand Paul’s speech and it was very good as he spoke a lot about our first principles. You can watch the full speech below:

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61 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Watch Rand Paul speak at CPAC 2013

  1. I doubt it there is any hope for the GOP to become a true opposition party.
    The election of Romney (really Republicrite wolf) would have removed the rabid Demoncrat wolf from the sheepfold, but allowed a ravenous wolf in sheep’s cloths to enter. The wolf we have is an obvious danger and we know how he will attack the sheep. Romney is sly and would have fooled a lot of sheep. The fold (America) would have still been destroyed—only slower.  Read the rest at http://www.insectman.us/misc/wolves.htm

  2. Are we looking at the next POTUS?   More than likely, I think.   Sad that Sarah Palin was sacrificed at the media’s altar…but  I am sure most fans of the Tea Party would stand with this guy as well.

    1. dodocanspell Don’t hold your breath waiting for this Palinista to vote for Paul…………………..

  3. Laurel A sDee you have no idea what you are talking about Rand Paul will be the nominee and you must be crazy if you think that he is not a GOP member because he most certainly is as a matter of fact he is the most Republican person or candidate better yet than anyone else that will speak so you need to get your facts straight Laurel Aand also stop trying to split the party. It is

  4. How different the election last November would have been if Romney said half the things Rand Paul just said. The bigger the government gets, the less rights you will have. And way too many Americans are willing to give up their rights in the hopes that the government will “take care of them.” The people who are willing to do that are fools, because tyranny has no friends, only subjects. And we will NOT be Obama’s subjects. Stand with Rand.

    1. Romney just does not believe those things. Foreign concepts. He was brought up by a man that worked overtime to destroy Reagan, was allied with Rockefeller and used Alinsky’s community organizing techniques to fuel the crises of the Detroit Riots.
      One does not easily shake off shake the mind shaping of such a family.

      1. sDee Look up Ron Paul’s record with Reagan as well. If we are going to taint people from their parents then let’s be consistent.

    2. Libertyship46 And what of the rest of what he said? is it so couched that people are missing it? What he proposes will also cause more government. It’s human nature. As society breaks down more and more government will be demanded in the name of security. Current gun debate is an example and look at the gun debate of old as well as the laws that exist. We got military style weapons ban due to organized crime. What else would we get, along with numerical cost, with what Rand proposes?!

      1. Laurel A Libertyship46  How so?  What in his plan is going to increase the size of government?  By having a flat tax you decrease the number of people needed to work at the IRS and file the people’s taxes.  By getting rid of the DoEd you decrease the size of the Fed.  If people want to demand that state governments do something in response to a crisis then fine.  But the feds need to stay  out of areas that are not in their jurisdiction.  If Colorado wants to ban “assault weapons” thats fine if the people ok it.  Just be prepared to have people leave and companies leave, as Magpul is looking to do.  I’m not really sure where you get that his plan will increase the size of the federal government.  Clarify please.

        1. NCHokie02 Laurel A Libertyship46 Here is where people go off of the rails. We are a Republic that has a Constitution and Bill of Rights, not a democracy. You don’t get to vote in things like ‘assault weapons ban’ because the people are ‘ok’ with it, not even at the state level. Rights are rights and they shall not be infringed. that has been established. Bill of Rights doesn’t suspend at a state border and too many SCOTUS cases have proven that along with a civil war. That war didn’t just end slavery. It established the Federal Government as absolute. What Rand wants and what he can accomplish are two different things unless he plans on being Obama.
          You also missed the human nature aspect of all of what Rand proposes. There is a ripple effect to everything.

  5. Don’t lecture conservatives who think your filiblubber was a waste and then bring up troops in Iraq and Afghanistan to make your point.  Let’s face it, more Americans will die from Obamacare in America than they will from drone strikes, yet Obamacare was absent from the speech. Priorities.

    1. MrLTavern His filibuster brought people from both sides of the political spectrum together. It brought attention to Obama’s desire to rule as a dictator, and it was absolutely brilliant. We need to stand together so that no one like Obama is ever elected again. Stop your divisive rhetoric within the Republican/Libertarian parties.

      1. britfox1 MrLTavern He has just as much right to speak as you. People will stand together when true leadership is presented.

      2. britfox1 MrLTavern He has just as much right to speak as you. People will stand together when true leadership is presented.

      3. britfox1 MrLTavern YAWN. Gilded Paulbot, I don’t stand with Rand.  He never exposed John Brennan for his Muslim ties. BTW, that was the purpose of having such a filibuster– to block Brennan. Not to make his case for going back to pre 911 policies on handling terrorists. Again, Obamacare will most likely kill more people than a drone strike.   Yes, he pleased liberals of the Code Pink, Jon Stewart and other far left wing variety.

    2. MrLTavern so then not fighting against a policy of allowing drone strikes on American citizens on American soil and under the rules put forth by the Obama admin is ok?  Both are priorities as both are infringements upon the constitution and the liberty of the people.  Would you rather have McCain blabber on about nothing and be the RINO he is?  He and his kind need to be kicked out of the congress.  They are no better than the liberals.

      1. NCHokie02 MrLTavern  I’m not for Obama and if you think I’m for Obama or McCain then you simply do not know who it is you’re talking to. see, this is what is wrong with Paul bots— criticize any Paul on anything and you’re pro Obama.  I’d rather have either McCain or Paul BOTH shut their mouths.   
        Can you explain to me why Paul, who had the opportunity to expose John Brennan as a radical and an incompetent, didn’t even mention any of this in his filibuster? Why? because Rand Paul doesn’t care about Obama’s radical nominees.  He voted for three of them for Chrissake. Kerry, Hagel, Jack Lew.  he voted for all three. Jack Lew the worst of them all.   So instead of exposing Brennan and making the case to block Brennan and in doing so exposing radical Islamists that are in America as well as abroad, he chose to use his time, 13 hours, to air out old Bush era grievances that he and his father had with that administration.  It sure did please the hard left Code Stink crowd I’ll tell you that.  And the reason he did this is, he doesn’t care.  He talks a good game, but he, like his nutty father, doesn’t believe Islamists exist or most likely would blame America, like his father, for their behavior and threats to the nation.

        1. MrLTavern NCHokie02  I don’t know who it is I’m talking to.  This is the first time I’ve responded to you on this site and haven’t seen much of your comments before.  
          I understand your point and thats a valid one.  But I didn’t listen to the 13 hours of filibuster and don’t know if he ever brought up Brennan.  But did anyone else attempt to stop his nomination?  I just get irritated when we start calling each other names as the left always jumps to name calling right off the bat.

  6. I love it when a speaker gives the figures on the stupidity our government finances. These are things the average person doesn’t have a clue about. He called out Obama lies about sequester and of course his five year plan that included closing down the Dept. of Education got applause from me. Good speech.

    1. cabensg loved that part.  I wish it would be brought up more.  All the news talks about is Ryans 10 year plan.  Nobody cares about 10 years.  They want to see traction NOW!  A 5 year plan with the demise of the DoEd…..I’m for it!

  7. So…. was the Rand Paul’s 1st 2016 campaign speech? 
    I absolutely hear his message… LIBERTY.  And I love the “New GOP” reference.

    1. Got to go into your admin spot and find that chart. It lets you adjust from several categories. I have mine set to only e-mail me when I get a reply.

      1. Rshill7 Thanks R!  You may want to consider adding people who win Powerball and are looking to share. 😉

  8. Rand would make a great president and when he says he’ll get rid of the Department of Education he means it.

    1. That is one of the things I like about him.  When he speaks it is not all about rhetoric.  You just
      know he will put words into action!  And thank you, John, for being the voice of reasoned facts
      about Rand Paul.  I appreciate your comments greatly!

  9. It was a good speech – and everybody in the hall stood for the duration. 
    Now that’s what I call “Stand with Rand”!

        1. sDee I’m still not sure what you are getting at…nor Palin for that matter. Ron Paul supporters have made themselves unwelcome everywhere they go. And if chucking out principles is what it takes to win then I gotta ask what is it yo have won?
          There will be no winning with Rand Paul. Three million stayed home last time, it will be even higher next time if he gets the nomination.

        2. I am saying we have to Join or Die.  We, freemen,  have lost to a one Party system. We have to unite to take the beachhead or remain afloat offshore.

        3. sDee Absolutely not. I would rather die than live in the speed up of the inevitable break down of society. I’m much more concerned with the next life than this one. If they would like to conform and join conservatives then they’re more than welcome but the reality it is Rand Paul who is using the GOP, their platform, money, connections, and huge membership in an effort at deceit because Libertarians have never ever been able to build the same. There is nothing about Reagan conservatism in Rand Paul. Nothing.

        4. sDee Oh please you people are pathetic.  Rand’s father HELPED ROMNEY GET THE NOMINATION YOU FOOLS!!! He’s another creature of washington and a double talker. Oh yeah, your clip using Sarah Palin….that’s typical of Paul followers to run around all over the internet using people like Palin’s comments favorable to the Paul when you’re not doing that you’re calling her a “Neo Con”.

        5. Laurel A sDee I disagree; the republican party continues to beat the drum about abortion and gay marriage.  Abortion will never get overturned and I could care less about gay marriage.  By attacking these social issues that are not government issues the GOP has pushed away fiscal conservatives and made the Democrats look like the party of personal liberty.  Further the Democrats love it because they will always win that argument.  The 2014 and 2016 elections need to be about the issues: trade deficit, NAFTA, the debt, the deficit, reducing the military in Europe, Asia and the middle East unless these regions are willing to pay for the security which we provide them at no cost……

        6. REW Jr Laurel A sDee That’s nice you could care less. I think people ‘who could care less’ are the ultimate in selfishness. Will you care when your child or grand child is aborted during labor? Will you care when society has a complete breakdown bringing chaos? We know how these issues end. It is nothing new. Social programs are the single biggest expenditures in the government and those expenditures are directly tied to social issues ie morality.

           And that’s nice you don’t care but lucky for you many of us out there do care.
          And as you speak about rollbacks that are impossible know that much of what Rand proposes is also impossible. He reminds me of Obama. He campaigns and gets willing dupes to go along that have no clue how the world really works. It’s exploitation. It’s as Sarah said…there is a difference between campaigning and leading.

        7. Laurel A REW Jr sDee Laurel, I am opposed to abortion however I realize that it will never get overturned.  The best that we can ever hope for is that no tax dollars are spent on abortions.  I could care less about gay marriage; whether you agree with their lifestyle or not they are human beings with the same rights as you and I.  The government has no place legislating what two consenting adults do in their bedroom. 
          The health of society is not the responsibility of the government but rather the populous.  Individuals have the choice in this country.  They have the choice to pick their place of worship, or to avoid it all together.   Individuals have the choice to spend time with their children, to teach them values, to teach them the importance of an education, to teach them that every decision they make will impact the rest of their lives and determine the level of success they will enjoy.  This is not the job of the government; it is the responsibility of individuals.
          As for social programs; they should be limited to the disabled and disabled veterans; a handout is not a substitute for a pay check.
          You attacked me calling me selfish when in fact the religious right is the most selfish special interest group in the GOP.  They only vote on these two issues and could care less about the real issues that are affecting this once great nation. They are no different than the liberals that voted for Obama for these two issues and these two issues alone.  No GOP candidate can get the nomination unless he pacifies the religious right however abortions and gay marriage are the two things that kept Romney out office and will keep all future GOP candidates from winning the oval office.  You may not be a fan of Romney but he is a lot better than what we have today.  As a reminder the  trade deficit, the national debt, the deficit, foreign policy, a sustainable energy policy using domestic production, social security, Obamacare, are the major issues facing this country. 
          Both parties would rather talk about abortion and gay marriage than discuss the real issues.  The Republicans do not want to talk about the economy because they are the ones bailing out wall street, they are the ones outsourcing production work and now the service industry jobs.  They are slaves to their wealthy masters on wall street.  They are the ones that pushed for the global economy all in an effort to get cheap labor; to reduce their costs and increase profits.
          The Democrats love it; they know that abortion will never get overturned but they always bring it up and claim that the GOP wants to take away their personal liberties and you guys fall for the bait every time.  The Dems want to control everything but the bedroom, they continue to enslave us by expanding the government, increasing social programs and handouts.  The people that voted for Obama will continue to vote democrat because they do not want to lose their handout.  At some point they will not have the will nor the means to resist the tyranny of government because the dems have vilified guns and gun owners.  Guns will be gone soon if we don’t get republicans in office, but the dems will continue to win elections and turn this country into a western European socialist country because the religious right is so selfish and gullible to think that their two issues are the only things that matter.  Anyone that disagrees with them on these two issues or feels that these two issues are secondary is vilified; called a baby killer, a fag,….  
          To me the definition of a patriot is someone that puts the interests of the country above their own; you are not a patriot!  You are as responsible for the decline of this country as the Democrats because you put your special interest ahead of the interest of this nation!

        8. REW JrLaurel AsDee” I could care less about gay marriage; whether you agree with their
          lifestyle or not they are human beings with the same rights as you and
          I.  The government has no place legislating what two consenting
          adults do in their bedroom.”
           Opposing gay marriage has absolutely nothing to do with what two consenting adults do in their bedroom gay or not.
          “The health of society is not the responsibility of the government but rather the populous.”
           Actually that is incorrect. The point of government is to insure the health of the country via the populous. The whole point of the populous instituting a government is to insure it’s healthy continuance. Government cannot do that without a healthy populous, and the populous in an effort to remain healthy institutes rules for society via a government. It’s circular. No it’ isn’t totally the job of government to educate but it is definitely not the job of government to interfere with those that do educate their children. That is precisely what Rand Paul proposes under the guise of freedom. When society breaks down it effects the freedom of everyone. As we currently are seeing and have seen since the end of the Civil War at least as society and civilization devolve we get more laws. Nothing that Rand proposes curtails any of that…it actually increases it.

           You are selfish because it isn’t that you cannot see the bend in the road and it’s that you are too lazy to see it. It is much easier in the short term to try and look and sound like a good guy by being permissive than take a stand and state what history has shown repeatedly to be a failure.You also absolutely refuse to see that social issues effect the fiscal issues and always have. You attack conservative Christians because it is so much easier to parrot the leftist media line that they only vote on two issues which is in fact a gigantic lie. You go for the low hanging fruit. That is lazy.

           The rest of your rant is ridiculous because first you call me just a conservative, then go on to label me a Christian Conservative in the pejorative, then I am just a Republican. Which is it? Oh I see it is what ever negative you can use because you cannot grasp the thousands of years of history that went into building civilization and the constructs that keep it a civilization. Heck you don’t even need ancient history. You can look at current history and see what is happening around the world to cities/countries with their legalization of anything goes and those that don’t.
          Your Democrat diatribe has no value because as I have said when compromising principles in the short term you have not won the long term. Actually you have won nothing. I don’t care about what Democrats do as a strategy. I know what they do. I care about what conservatives are doing as a strategy and Liberaltarians are not conservative yet they are attempting to redefine conservatism in an attempt to take over what they could never build. Your rant about all the name calling is a rant based in stereotype and without merit. It lacks validity and is not applicable to me or even most. It is also another Alinsky tactic that is juvenile on it’s surface. Shall I label you with the absolute worst elements that you associate with…an association that is based on presumption and stereotype due to certain political stances you take?

           And you can claim I’m not a patriot all you want. Typical Liberraltarian Alinsky tactic as well, replete with hubris in that you think you get to define it for everyone including me. Simply because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I am not a Patriot.A true patriot educates himself in history, economics, math, science, religion, and philosophy. A true educated patriot knows there is more to the making of the world than today, and one must worry about tomorrow. A true educated patriot knows that Constitution and Bill of Rights are products OF civilization NOT THE CREATOR OF civilization. Undermining civilization undermines those very documents that a patriot seeks to uphold. A true patriot doesn’t put up a false argument that doesn’t even rise to a logical fallacy but only labels in the pejorative because that is all he has. It is childish and it is the content of Democrat Progressive intellect.

  10. Rand’s speech was a pretty solid campaign speech. Pushing Liberty to the younger voters could spell victory. Just wait till 2014 when the young wake up and realize ObumaNOcare is anything but free and their parents have much less to give in supporting them.

    1. Yes, that’s what I also felt: a campaign speech, as if he was running already.
      Still – a good speech.

  11. “The Man From Lamancha” he ain’t. He’s jousting windmills of another sort. Those old ensconced GOP windmills. You know,…mills that produce wind. 
    I was hoping he’d  break into song. You know the one: “To Dream The Impossible Dream”.
    And I know If I’ll only be true to this glorious quest
    That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
    When I’m laid to my rest
    And the world will be better for this
    That one man, scorned and covered with scars,
    Still strove with his last ounce of courage
    To reach the unreachable…Staaaaaaaaaaar!

    Thankya’. Thankya’ very much.

    1. Rshill7 I think his dream is for Libertarians to take the GOP. They can have it since I am a conservative and not a Liberaltarian.

  12. poljunke He is trying to appeal to the youngsters and those that suffer from arrested development.

    1. poljunke I wish I knew then what I know now! Young and stupid is no way to go through life. 😉

    2. “Young and stupid is no way to go through life”
      And here all along I thought is was a prerequisite. 🙂

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