FULL SPEECH: Watch Ted Cruz gives keynote address at CPAC 2013

Ted Cruz gave a fantastic keynote address tonight at CPAC 2013 and you can watch the full speech below:

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17 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH: Watch Ted Cruz gives keynote address at CPAC 2013

  1. This is what Mitt Romney needed to say… but did not. This is where the 2-3 million voters are – that did not bother to come out and vote. This is also where the HEART of many millions of blue collar, classical Democrat voters ARE, as well. Mitt would have won by 6-10 million votes – 50-70 electoral points.
    Mitt thought that the Republican machine would not support him if he spoke out for conservative values.
    Look at what it cost us.
    AND the $%&* Republican machine did NOT support him ANYWAY! They sat on their hands and hid after he lost.
    Enough is enough!

    1. patriot_077 I saw it, and it was the best in my opinion, (not an insult to Cruz) but Bozzel not only nailed them, he completely destroyed them, although I did see in the audience some did not applaud, or cheer, maybe a couple of friends of Rove.

      1. Proudhispanicconservative patriot_077 Bozell really has some guts and I loved what he had to say because it was all true! I cannot wait until Karl Rove is so diminished that no one would want to hear anything he has to say.

        1. marketcomp Proudhispanicconservative @patriot_077 me too my friend, I also loved how he respectfully called out Paul Ryan and his 41 trillion dollar budget. (No real conservative would ever put out a budget like that)

  2. I Absolutely Love this speech.  Very Passionate and Personal.  Including his personal Priorities along with sharing the limelight of the moment to include his father.  Brilliant!   Senator Ted Cruz is a class act.  We need him in the senate now more than ever with Jim DeMint moving over to the Heritage Foundation.  Overall, Senator Ted Cruz hit all of the crucial Conservative Priorities: Obamacare, 2nd Amendment, Personal Responsibility, Limited Government, Less Taxes, etc.  I am Very Confident Senator Ted Cruz’s Star will continue to Shine Brightly for a Very Long Time.  Glad to have him as a Republican in the senate at this day and time in American History right now.  God Bless him and his family.  See More of My Conservative Posts at:  http://jeremyintucson.blogspot.com/   Thank You!

  3. Truthfully, I found his “speech” to be less than spectacular.  Actually, it may have been due solely to the lack-luster response of his audience on several ANCHOR POINTS.  Almost as if the gem tucked away in each was missed as such by them.  If that were the case, then John Locke’s admonition has never been more apt or timely:
    “A people who mean to be their own governors MUST ARM THEMSELVES with the POWER… that knowledge gives.”

    BUT… his first point on what we must be about, from this day forth, was/is BEDROCK –

    1. CM Sackett In all fairness, his audience was predominantly college kids that are just becoming aware of what an ANCHOR POINT is.

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