FULL SPEECH/HISSY FIT: Obama’s speech reacting to the Senate voting down background checks

Obama was not happy that the Senate voted down the extended background checks amendment and basically and gave a 13 minute angry speech responding to it, blaming 90% of Republicans for using the filibuster and playing politics.


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467 thoughts on “FULL SPEECH/HISSY FIT: Obama’s speech reacting to the Senate voting down background checks

  1. Round 1? What’s Round 2? An Executive Order repealing the 2nd Amendment? If you do that, sir, get ready for a TRUE revolution! The people will NOT stand for that!

  2. … when he talks about the “90%” of “folks” who support expanded background checks, I only have one thing to say – this is NOT a majority-rule DEMOCRACY! We are a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC!  Stupid fool!

    1. MsUnderestimate  
      He should first explain in plain English Gun Runner to the Mexican Cartels that never took any Background Check of any form, took away many lives including the Boarder Patrol. Second . the Banghazi terror attack that caused diplomatic lives and the secret Gun Run from Libya to Syria through Al Quida against Syrian President.
      America Knows, America is waiting for the truth !Quit this FART in the wind sir !

  3. Examine yourself. Are you sure you would feel this way if your child was killed? Do not think Giffords is a prop. That makes me think you are one of those sickening males that think females have no brains.
    Or worse, a female that buys into male superiority.
    All the president wants is to extend the background checks to those bought at gun shows and Internet sales. If you do not get that then oh boy! We are up the creek! Stop playing into the scare tactics and manipulation a of the lobby groups!

    1. Teachermama Perhaps you ought to watch this before you claim male superiority.  And please, take a good look at those who are listening at this hearing- you ought to see a few familiar faces.  Specifically Dick Durbin, who is giving a look like he’s hot stuff and bored out of his skull.  Yet interestingly enough, he’s still at it after all these years- working to try and make laws harder for law abiding citizens, knowing full well that criminals do not obey laws.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygZWSUXr8rA

    2. Teachermama
      “All the president wants is to extend the background checks to those bought at gun shows and Internet sales.” You really need to educate yourself instead of taking someone else’s word on a subject, if you did you would be very surprised! Perhaps look up the existing laws and attend a gun show… For someone using the name Teachermama you lack education on real life application!

    3. TeachermamaTake the assault style weapons ban off the bill and just pass more complete background checks. A ban of a certain style weapon leads to the banning of another style weapon and so on and so forth. Soon we will have none. That’s why it was voted down, no brainer.

    4. Teachermama Go try to buy a gun on the internet and you will find that it has to ship to a licensed dealer and they do a background check before you get the gun.  Same at Gun Shows.  The only place you buy a gun without a BG check is a private sale.  These are less than 2% of all gun transfers.  We already have the laws in place if only the liberals would enforce them.

    5. Teachermama 
      O.K. Mao, what else you want to share with your willingness to let the man-child-in-chief climb up upon your pulpit arse. I understand how you wanna comfort this wuz whiner through up deep yo head in hissssss . 
      Please, excuse me, …..YAWNNNNNNN !!!!!      go away !

    6. Teachermama 
      There are approximately 80 gun related deaths per day in America, the majority of those deaths are due to Law enforcement, criminals on early release programs and recidivism.
      If you’re genuinely concerned for the safety of our children take a look at the number of abortions performed each day in America which is approximately 4,000.
      Tell me which is greater 80 or 4,000?  Do you see an inconsistency here or do we need a background check?

      1. Frosty1962  Very well said! 
        It is not about facts, it is about emotions and feeling like something has been done. Reason and logic is not part of the process, in fact neither is desired! Application of such would negate what is being attempted!

  4. Calling that a hissy fit is totally obnoxious! I wish I could talk to the American people! I would tell them how I think we are a country of racists and idiots! If you have to get a fishing license to fish then you should have to go through a background check to get a gun. I am watching my acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, family go against this gun legislation and all I think is the Republican hate is out of control and it is mostly because they are racists!! They cannot handle a black president. It is true!
    But I also know life has a way of getting you back if you do wrong. I am worried about our future as a country.

    1. Teachermama race has nothing to do with it. It’s UnConstitutional what our government is doing.  What part of “Shall not be infringed” Don’t you and pro control people understand? 
      Seems to me you’re projecting on the race thing as you’re the one who brought up color.  Oh, and you won’t have to worry about your country anymore if our government succeeds in ripping apart the 2nd Amendment, because once that’s gone, the rest of our freedoms will be taken as well.

      1. come on, dumdum-“well regulated”? know what that means? idiot-you think we should all have bazookas?

        1. NormanDostal I’d like a bazooka, wouldn’t that be cool! You know if you call people names instead of using logic and reason you make yourself appear rather ignorant.
          I know your here trolling, all your post are the same, however if you would bother to educate yourself you’d be surprised what you don’t know. Did you know in Our revolution war many of the canons we used belong to individual citizens, not any form of government? Why do you suppose that is? Why don’t you find out for yourself instead of name calling and acting out!

        2. AmericanborninCanada clockwindingdown NormanDostal Thanks ABC!
          Must have got their new marching orders after bobo’s bad day yesterday to go on the attack…

        3. NormanDostal 
          Under current law you can’t a bazooka, but you can hold a class 3 license.  The problem isn’t the law abiding citizens who legally posess machine guns or semi automatic weapons, you’ll never have to worry about them, it’s the nut jobs  and criminals.  All our government needs to do is enforce the laws that are already on the books and punish criminals, invoke the death penalty on serious offenders.
          How will extended background checks stop criminals from using guns to commit crimes?
          It won’t, they will obtain guns illegally just as they always have.
          Heroin is an illegal drug but that has never stopped a junkie from using it,
          it’s simple logic.
          This is nothing more then a start to disarm law abiding citizens, it’s all about control and any person with a lick of common sense can see that.

        4. Frosty1962 Well said, and the heroin analogy is accurate. The left must disarm in order to seize complete control, otherwise the fight might prove to costly. 
          They have no problem with fighting as long as they themselves won’t get hurt or worse. They also know that a fight will force people to choose a side, and that alone will cost them in support…

    2. Teachermama
      Let’s see here, “… I think we are a country of racists and idiots…”, are you self projecting?
      “If you have to get a fishing license to fish then you should have to go through a background check to get a gun.” You don’t have to by a fishing pole, why not compare apples to apples? Buying a fishing pole does not require a back ground check! One does have to get a hunting license to legally hunt!
      “I am watching my acquaintances, co-workers, neighbors, family go against this gun legislation and all I think is the Republican hate is out of control and it is mostly because they are racists!! They cannot handle a black president. It is true!” This is opinion, you did not supply any facts, what you did do is call people that support Our Constitution names, idiots and racist.
      I would say based on your argument you are correct, you are a racist and an idiot, well done!

      1. What in the world mama??  What does race have to do with gun regulation??   If this was ole Hilary in the WH and we Republicans (I) (L) still didn’t want our 2nd Amendment rights tampered with, what would you say…and why do you presume I or others commenting here, aren’t hispanic, black,  or asian??  Seems to me you’re the only racists here.

    3. Teachermama  I consider myself a Republican. I was absolutely delighted when Herman Cain was in the Republican race for candidate. It broke my heart when he dropped out. I so admire Allen West. I wish he’d run for president. His morals and ethics are outstanding.
      I don’t care whether the person is pink, blue, black, or green. I don’t care if the person is male or female.

      What I’m looking for is a person with high morals and ethics, superb leadership ability, excellent people and negotiating skills, and good negotiating ability.
      I want somebody who sees the individual as more important than the state. I want someone who respects the Constitution as his/her authority. I want someone who sees himself / herself as a servant of the people of the U.S., not their master. I want someone who is easily able to work with Congress.

      Background checks are useless. They are invasive into a person’s private life and can raise all kinds of false positives, just like the “no-fly” list, where a legitimate request is turned down and the person can do nothing about it for “security reasons”.
      Do you really think that criminals will really be bothered by this legislation?

      1. Well said Tex, and let’s not forget Dr.Carson..what a great speech he gave at the prayer breakfast.   I agree with you and think the same way as do most I know..once again, well said!!

    4. Teachermama I wish you could talk to the American people also.  Every demonstration of Liberal Lunacy is appreciated.  You Go Girl. 
      Oh on your republican hate statement, all you need to do is look at the other liberal posts on this thread or any other and see who is insulting and hating on people.  This includes your comments calling anyone who dissagrees with the O as idiots and racists.

    5. Teachermama  
      Ayeee !!! do I smell smoke ? not from Waco, not from Boston ,  auch ! it’s from yo lefty ear unteachablemama.  Light a match, yo explode like fart in te wind.
      Now, no more waste of my valuable energy and my very ginormous wisdom on you sleazy freak ! GO AWAY !

    1. TxGold They’re not being exploited.  If they’re too stupid to know when they are being used, that’s their problem!  Gabby needs to do something positive with her life now.  Standing behind this pathetic excuse of a president isn’t helping whatever cause she things she’s fighting for!
      Not scolding you, sorry.  Just frustrated at the whole thing.

      1. DebbyX TxGold Yeah, but I’m not sure she’s 100%, mentally, these days.  She did, after all, have a lobotomy when that bullet went through her brain.  She just doesn’t look like she’s understanding.  That’s what I meant by ‘exploiting’.

        1. TxGold DebbyX Yes, exactly…………I don’t believe she has the slightest idea what she’s doing.
          But her husband does.

    2. TxGold I’d like to know where Giffords was on gun control before her injuries? Her and hubby sure have enough guns. Hope she continues to make great progress recovering from her wounds.

      1. Did you all hear about the scandle here in Tucson when GG’s hubby bought an assult weapon just weeks ago..and then when he got caught..said, he only did it to show how easy it was to get one..lol.  GG is being used..she only does what her hubby and others want..after all the woman has TBI..both of them had and used weapons..before her injury, and he still does.

      2. Did you all hear about the scandle here in Tucson when GG’s hubby bought an assult weapon just weeks ago..and then when he got caught..said, he only did it to show how easy it was to get one..lol.  GG is being used..she only does what her hubby and others want..after all the woman has TBI..both of them had and used weapons..before her injury, and he still does.

    3. TxGold 
      I was thinking the same thing, her ability to reason is severely diminished and people are moving her around as a poster child for their cause.  I think they should leave the poor lady alone and stop using her as a tool.

  5. I know that BHO is cooking up some other plans to control guns in America, but may I just say that I am so glad that the senate blocked this horrible bill. This is truly a victory for America. I’ve always believed, and still do, that guns are all the American people have left to secure their freedoms. The founding fathers were truly intelligent, even ahead of their time lets say, to write that into the constitution. They knew governments could go userpatious, and we have seen countless instances of this throughout history, and the growth of our own government in America…

    So my fellow conservatives, you may have a good day finally. We have had to put up with this horrible president for so long, and we will continue to do so. But this news truly gives me a good feeling. Maybe…just maybe, America can bounce back in a few years from the damage done. We can return to the days of freedom. We can all return to God, and holiness once again…Maybe it is possible 🙂

      1. kw625 rafjo LMAO!  PLEASE, keep drinking thy Royal FOOL-Aid.  you want cheese with your PATHETIC WHINE?

        1. AmericanborninCanada shagstar 57thunderbird kw625 rafjo 
          at least,,gold plate your troll hammer!  lol

  6. Stump to stop abortion obama  and save millions of our children!
    He is such a fake, the only reason he is upset is because his agenda was thwarted- not the loss of lives. He is a selfish user.

  7. oh poor little kid did not get his way again.  This thin skinned pres is a joke.   How come he is so misaligned with simple facts.  tighter gun control will NEVER stop criminals from getting guns.   re-distribution of wealth is not fair to those that worked hard to get what they have.  giving other free things is not the answer either.

    1. the will of the people was thwarted by the NRA, dumdum-and the GOP will pay for this next year-=youll see

    1. Because the Lib/Dems controlled the voting machines & the company doing the counting.   Out of 84K voters in a couple of precincts of Philly there was NOT A SINGLE VOTE for Romney?  Very Highly Unlikely!!

  8. I never even bother to watch the video clip. could anyone still
    at this stage ever stomach to watch this kind of people who are inveterate
    liars, manipulative opportunists, pompous
    demagogues and agitprop connoisseurs?A great day for america that this bunch are stymied
    and frustrated with their nefarious design.

  9. Is it me or is POTUS talking down to the American people like a parent to a child?  I feel very disrespected just listening to this crap!

  10. Meeting prior to this “tantrum”: let’s make sure we have Gabby Giffords standing next to the POTUS, Joe, make sure you shed a tear. Our low-informed, “always the victim” voters will eat it up.
    Nothing but a bunch of actors, and bad one’s at that.

  11. They weren’t even this sad when the ACTUAL tragedy happened in Newtown.  They were jumping for joy at the slaughter!!  Waaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaa….they didn’t do what I wanted and now I’m maaaaaaaaadddddd!!!

  12. I especially enjoy Biden’s fake pouting and sorrow over this. What a lousy actor. Phonies!
    ANYTHING that makes Obama mad or upset is most likely good for America.

    1. The Sentinel   
      well, biden got phony hair plugs, phony teeth, phony brain except no soul, what did you expect T. S. ? lol
      and true, all of a sudden I feel  so glad out of nothing. still lol

      1. crosshr The Sentinel  
        Great points. There’s nothing “real” about him is there? 😉

  13. Any day will be shameful to him when the Constitution is upheld.  What a tool.  I am still beyond angry at Chief Justice Roberts for upholding Ocare.  Imagine the conniption Barry would have had had that gone down as it should have.

    1. there is no constitutional right to not have background checks for deadly weapons, dumdum

  14. Sucks to be a communist dictator-wannabe, huh, Barry? Finally, the Senate truly represented the will of the people and voted that BS gun restriction law down. Watch for Obama to “punish” us all in some way for not kneeling to his demands! He truly is a narcissist and just can’t stand it when he is not “obeyed” by his “subjects”. Get used to it, you communist piece of dogdirt, We the People are not kneeling and we WILL take back the Republic.

  15. ON THE SUBJECT OF EVIL Amanda Thatcher
    speaks at her grand mother’s memorial service in St. Paul’s Cathedral

    1. ellebb I wonder if shes upset at her husband for willfully aiding in the death of women and children by buying an AR-15 and a pistol(sarc.)? Right? He must be a double agent.

      1. PoCoTex ellebb 
        well,,when one gets shot in the head,,the brain kinda goes dormant!  obummer knows this and
        uses her as a prop.  her husband is the idiot

  16. Gosh, are they pouting? looks like it, libs didn’t get their way.  so Obama goes back to his office and signs some exe orders that he is so good at.  won’t discuss anything, with anyone,  just does his dictator thing.  I am a republican but i am finding it hard to support them unless they get some back bone and start standing up to the left wingers and start representing conservatives on every issue.  We all need to dig our heels in.

  17. I think Binden, too, has gone off the rails insane. Is this guy serious? We had better pray for Obama’s continued good health. I really shake with fear at the thought that Joe Biden could EVER be president. That would be just too terrible to contemplate.

  18. Anybody else think of Laurel and Hardy watching Obama and Biden standing there?  Obama is Hardy all puffed up with outrage and Biden is Stan Laurel looking like a doofus.

  19. There’s only one thing better than listening to Obama whine. Watching the Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and friends join the whine-fest while crying out cowards to all the brave Senators who voted down Manchin/Toomey amendment.

  20. What a spoiled child.. pouting and lying ..
     This man is the sorriest excuse for a president…

  21. Ok, here I go.
     Messiah-In-Chief – “Protect the lives of ALL of our children” – What about Gosnell? Where is his anger and outrage about that? THOUSANDS of children murdered, primarily black children, but shhhh, we don’t talk about that.
     Messiah-In-Chief – “90% of Americans support background checks.” How about 94% of Americans who think GUN CONTROL is not an important issue, but the economy and jobs are.
    Isn’t it the pot calling the kettle black for the  Messiah-In-Chief to call ANYONE a liar? The gun lobby lied, the Republicans are at fault. I will say to him like I tell my 9 & 10 year Remember Mr. Messiah, that when you point your finger at someone there are 3 more pointing back at you!

    1. TracyMitchell Your post is absolutely accurate.  It’s called selective outrage and Obama is a master at it.

    2. TracyMitchell I agree with you 100%, but he forgot to mention when he was referencing protecting people, how about the massacre in Benghazi…he was a big help there…he didn’t care about them, he only cares about himself and he was defeated, he could not care less about anything or anyone else….

  22. I especially liked the part where he went “Whine, whine, whine.” I was also moved when he said, “Boo hoo hoo.” However, Someone of this level of maturity with this much power is very scary indeed.  With the complicit, boot-licking, booty-smooching, sycophantic (did I miss any?) media backing him, how many of the sheeple will believe all the bold faced lies he told?

  23. This is the real POS.
    Just remember how he looked, how he spoke both on Benghazi and on the Boston Marathon – no passion for the victims, , no anger for those who killed and maimed Americans.
    But when he’s not getting his way, regardless of constitution – oh my! 
    Btw – his mask slipped also when he kept talking about 90% this and that. He has no grasp at a ll about the way your Republic is governed, he thinks as President he’s gotta have it all his own way. He really thinks he’s a dictator. Impeach him!

  24. Guess Barry didn’t have as many of his lackeys bought off as he thought he did.
    😉 😉

  25. I was able to watch half of this garbage.  Such hyprocrisy.  Once again accusing Republicans of the same sh*t he and the democrats have been doing.  I’m glad he was pissed.

    I feel bad about what happened to Gabby Gifford…no one deserves to be a victim of crime.  However, I am sick and tired of her using her incident to push a political agenda.  These people are smoking way too much ganja if they think this bill would stop a nut from getting a gun.
    I know I am not alone here, but that smug look on Biden’s face made me want to slap the sh*t of him.

  26. whaaa, whaaa, whaaa, somebody call him a waaambulance! What a cry baby, boo hoo he didn’t get his way. Sounds like a spoiled brat to me throwing a temper trantrum. I’m proud of the politicians who stood up to this cry baby! Gun ownership will take care of the school kids if you arm teachers and train them how to use a weapon. Israel does it and it works. This man is telling a lot of lies in this speech. NRA members DO NOT support his bills. I will remember come election day and so will all of us who support the 2nd Amendment. I will actively SUPPORT a candidate who goes AGAINST any and all weapons ban. I will also campaign AGAINST any and all candidates who SUPPORT any and all weapons BAN.

  27. My dear, loyal subjects –
    Don’t you realize that I’m taking care of you?
    Why are you so worried?

    All you have to do is give me all your money and all your means of self-defense and everything will be just fine.
    Just tell me all about your life and tell me everything you own and I’ll decide what you get to keep. Here are some nice forms to fill out.

    Now, now, don’t worry your pretty little heads. Don’t complain. It’s nothing to worry about. It’s only for your own good. We will keep you safe and secure.

    All my best,
    King Barack I
    p.s. If you don’t fill out the forms, there’s a lovely gulag in Siberia that needs extra workers.

  28. oooohhhh ! sweet Biden, forgot to put on his hemorrhoid cream before the man-child- in-chief start the mouth foaming with his usual tantrum fit throw whine. I feel bad for the little lady propped by these sleazy creeps.

    Stay WISE, Stay AWAKE AMERICA. This DEVIL is never going to get done, except for a SEASON. He’ll be back, and so do WE !

    1. crosshr  
      Wouldn’t it take a couple of gallons of hemorrhoid cream to cover Obama sufficiently?

      1. toongoon crosshr  
        oh man, you bad t. but I would willingly help, and may be some for big-butt-vacation-lover-missceles

  29. I can’t listen to this pig. He is a criminal, and an illegitimate president. He serves a master that will destroy his soul, and the souls of as many other as he can. This government is illegitimate, and no longer represents the people. We push back, and they back off for a short while. Then they just go right back at it. Supreme law has nothing to do with anything anymore, because it does not exist to the three branches of the federal government. They pander to it to make us think that they would even consider it, but it has nothing to do with reality. 
    Our government has been taken over by high criminals, and anyone who serves that system is committing treason, whether they know it or not.

    1. skspls  
      I were told once as a child of the Ship Builders’ story. He was admonished heavily as he build this particular BOAT that  he MUST PATCH this Boat from WITHIN ,from WITHOUT !

      I believe our modern days admin fall asleep on their watch allow the enemy to sow seed of tares in the midnight hours. We must have a helper and we must allow HIS help, we don’t have much time.
      Surely HE COMES !

  30. We are making a come back…these freakin commies are getting figured out by the masses…useful idiots are waking up…I never been chewed out by a president before…what a chump…be very afraid…

    1. We won on the UN Treaty deal too: 

      Over the weekend, we came four votes away from the United States Senate giving our Constitutional rights over to the United Nations. In a 53-46 vote, the senate narrowly passed a measure that will stop the
      United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. ”
      That’s HUGE!

      1. lanahi It is scary that it came that close, it shouldn’t have come up for vote! The left knows if they keep at it they will get it, unless we stay vigilant and get patriots into office and hold those selling US out accountable under Our Laws!
        Get involved and turn the heat up upon those standing against US!

    2. edsmanedup They are laughable, bad actors at best! Once again they are false in their narrative for if they were to be honest with their true intentions their rejection would be complete. The USA is the last major obstacle holding the left back from the dark they wish to plunge the world into.

  31. I muted him. I muted all of them. And until they explain the true purpose of this bill because it wouldn’t of prevented any mass shooting including Sandy Hook, I will continue to mute.

    1. OneThinDime All they have is the, likely, actors that are posing as victims. For all we know, nobody from New Town even knows those people. Looks like she left her broom at the door.

  32. Biden is going to have some e’splaining to do!  After all,  he was s’posed to deliver the goods on this “full court press” and he could not do it.  He can only fret, grimace and repeat:  jawohl, mein narr!

  33. Does he REALLY want to talk about saving just one person, one child, a few hundred, a few thousand? While Kermit the Grim Baby Reaper is on trial and under the protection of the anti-life party?
    A shameful day for Washington? No, just another shameful speech from the prez. Thank God for every Senator who voted against this piece of legislation. The prez tells us that no single piece of legislation will fix all the gun violence. But we knew this was just a start, didn’t we folks?
    Wonder what would happen if they actually prosecuted those who are breaking the existing laws instead of making more.

    1. patriot077 Thanks for making the point.  Regardless of all that has happened this week, the real tragedy America needs to focus on is that of the murder mills.  People need to be exposed to what is going on nationwide.  That is the biggest story I’ve seen since Benghazi, and I think it is bigger than Benghazi, mostly because of how little people want to face what they are allowing to be legal.  I imagine that it is an issue people don’t want to confront, like slavery, and the slave-holder definitely doesn’t want people to face it, or there would be such a movement against it.

      1. I’m beginning to think it is indeed the issue of this struggle that mirrors the issue of slavery for the Civil War.

        1. famouswolf ….except it’s worse, but the public perception is so tainted by the fraudulent double-speak.  How long were conservatives asleep at the wheel, while the left was waging war on our culture?

    2. patriot077 I wonder what influence the recent gun laws in New York and Connecticut had in defeating the bill. Gun owners saw a clear demonstration of the abuse of power in those states.

    3. patriot077 If they prosecuted all the real criminals, there wouldn’t be anyone left to run the federal government. The blood of every baby that has been killed since RvW is on the hands of congress. The supreme court is not the final say, and congress has had plenty of chances to nullify that ruling. Especially when Bush had the majority in congress. The republicans are posers, nothing more. How proud they must be to have only have had one congressman who wanted a simple majority vote by the republicans at the time to repeal RvW.

  34. Isn’t it illegal to carry bombs in Boston? 
    Of course, only law-abiding citizens do not carry bombs around with them in Boston. 
    Only the likes of Bill Ayers and his cronies would carry bombs around with them and, of course, the terrorists who blew up the Boston Marathon Monday.
    Do you think Columbia University will grant these terrorists who did this evil a professorship to Columbia?
    John Craven – New Orleans

  35. I absolutely LOVE to see Marxist/Communists lose a fight that they had no right to take up!!! Biden looks like the punk/bully who got his a** kicked after starting an idiotic fight!!! Here’s the deal, Bam Bam, you demagoging POS of an excuse for an American, you will NOT destroy our country, try as you might. You will NOT realize the kind of “change” that your Daddy, Frank Marshall Davis, brainwashed you into thinking was correct, required or acceptable. YOU are the one who lies about EVERYTHING. And YOU are the one who demagogues issues by using victims and emotions to get what you want. You are a sick, lying socialist who will NEVER break the will of We, the People. Molon Labe!!!!!!

  36. One problem Obama, everyone admits that nothing in this bill would have prevented any of those horrible events that you cite.
    Who cares if 90% of Americans support it? That doesn’t give you and your flunkies the right to destroy our Constitutional protected rights. You didn’t care that roughly 70% of Americans opposed ObamaCare and still rammed it down our throats.

    1. volgeek “90% of Americans support it”
      Then it should be real easy to get that amendment shouldn’t it, boss?  I wish we had reporters in this country.

  37. Ya know what?? I just don’t get him and grimace joe in the backround (SMILEY FACE GONE BAD……REAL BAD….Elretardo)
    SO practiced, so damned false, so weak, and finally, SO DAMNED Un American!! I bet the signers of the constitution are turn over in thier graves…..BUT, lets hope they are Angels, because we sure need them in this time!
    SO, I am seriously praying for new leadership, and a man to lead the USA with decernment……..WOW, really? YES, FLIPPIN YES! I-M-P-E-A-C-H-M-E-N-T FITS!!!!! This wannabe pres does not follow the Constitution, even thought he taught it for some years……..WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO THOSE STUDENTS IN HIS CLASS???

  38. Think what Obama would do if he went back to the oval office after this presser and stepped in a pile of Beau’s, his dog, dog shat? hahaha

    1. 57thunderbird He seemed a bit disturbed. I don’t think that he is mentally competent enough to keep his right to bear arms.

  39. Such an awesome thread title…..I wish I could stomach Dear Leader enough to enjoy the video.
    Oh…what filibuster, btw?

    1. StewieGriffin  
      Oh, the one that didn’t happen but he wants to convince the lofo’s did happen. 
      By the way, wasn’t the king of liars complaining about liars?

    1. toongoon Clinton’s reign felt like 20 years. Obama is only half done and it seems like 30 already.

  40. He’s just mad he spent all that time exploiting all those kids and families, and nobody fell for it.  He lies so much, nobody listens anymore.  We don’t TRUST you Obama!

  41. Sure sounds like someone that has spent all his capitol and is flailing about trying to understand why he has been rejected. He makes no reasonable argument for infringement, does not produce anything of substance. He expects people to take him at his word, a word that has been proven false time and time again. 
    Fact is the majority did speak and they said NO! The difference is we are using the tools you have used, only against you and it stings. “…they are well organized, been at this for years…”, thought he was describing his networks he uses to push his agendas! He threatens, he humiliates, he points fingers, he makes it personal, he calls names, he blames, he does not lift up. 
    Near the end bobo says we will strengthen the use of tools in place, well dah, that should have been the first step! The he threatens, “We won’t stop until we get this through and make it happen!” That shows his agenda, it shows all we need to know, “My way or the hi-way”!

    1. clockwindingdown The usurper needs to be arrested and tried for treason!The penalty should be death according to the Constitution.Kerry should be his cellmate for his treason during Vietnam!

        1. MiltonBassHayek 57thunderbird clockwindingdown Yup’!My bucket list would be complete! :-))))

    2. It’s no longer ‘agree to disagree’. It’s war.
      No quarter given or asked. Winner take all. This is what we MUST do. We have to hand the liberals their heads in baskets…at least figuratively and if they push it…

      1. famouswolf I think the only reason we don’t win most elections is because we don’t show strength, like you’re talking about. If we, in press conferences, everywhere, said that we are out to raze liberal villages and take no prisoners, people would flock to our cause. I mean, damn, we just want to ensure the Bill of Rights and give people more of their paychecks. If that isn’t the moral highroad, I don’t know what, in God’s name, is.

        1. Indeed. I’m a simple guy with simple tastes. I don’t watch TV, own expensive cars and other gewgaws, go to lavish parties, try to keep up with the Jones’s, or any of that stuff. I want to be left alone with quiet place to live, meaningful work, a good woman, a cat or two, some friends, books and a pretty patch of woods to take walks in. I wouldn’t even own guns unless the threat of tyranny was hanging over us-a threat from people, sometimes well meaning and sometimes not who think they know better how to live than I do. I have never asked for much at all except to live my own life. If that’s to much to ask, then these jackwagons are about to see some ugly. I hope there are many, many more people who have had enough. I don’t have kids, I have no skin in this game like many of you do. I’m 63, and that’s a good run. I will not ever surrender to the controllers and fascist scumbags who are trying to rule out some warped sense of superiority, destroy a culture that is the veryANTITHESIS of what they say it is and has done. For me it’s to the death-and the only thing in it for me is to try to preserver what my generation had, and most of us shat upon, for the deserving young ones who DO deserve what we had.

    1. toongoon Good point. Restrict em here; sale em there. Like I always say, ” He’s a perpetual wanker.”

      1. MiltonBassHayek
        Lest we forget, his own justice department selling guns to Mexican drug cartels.

        1. toongoon MiltonBassHayek selling???? walking for sure, but I thought we paid Mexico not the other way around 🙂 plus took their criminals in as our future democrats!

  42. obama acts like a spoiled brat. It makes me laugh in a sarcastic way when obama says that the Senate did not speak for the American people when the reality is that obama never represents the view of the American people.

  43. Tough stuff, you ugly stupid jugeared Alfred E. Newman joke piece of sh*t. Ain’t seen nothing yet. You are going to be neutered, exposed, and punished to the full extent of the real law someday, after all your ‘dreams’ and plots are deposited in the dustbin of history and you are outed for the moslem dirtbag terrorist you are…and then you are going to go to Hell.
    G-damned sniveling, lying, cruel, selfish, arrogant piece of carrion.

    1. famouswolf disgusting & inappropriate. what are you, 12?
      to sink to this level makes you no better.  i don’t like him either but never stoop to their
      level. we’re right, their wrong and it’s constantly shining forth as truth

      1. CVic3629 famouswolf I frankly thought it was perfectly appropriate.If the shoe fits,wear it.

      2. CVic3629 famouswolf He should repost, if only to let his intelligence resonate further. This highroad nonsense is why we get our rear-ends handed to us in elections. The American people want us to get in the gutter and throw down with these Marxist, race baiting vermin. There’s no honor in getting your rights stolen from you by being civil.

        1. MiltonBassHayek CVic3629 famouswolf Damn straight!It is time to rumble!No holds barred,bare knuckle brawl!Time to get down and dirty just like the statists do!We win!!

        2. 57thunderbird MiltonBassHayek CVic3629 famouswolf I’ve always been a conservative. But, never a passive one. There’s only so much high road you can take.

        3. MiltonBassHayek 57thunderbird CVic3629 famouswolf I started on that high road of civility,but soon learned that the gloves had to come off!I too have always been conservative.To me,the Constitution is sacred and second only to the Bible.Time for the PC to die.

        4. 57thunderbird MiltonBassHayek CVic3629 famouswolf I read somewhere that one guy with a knife could kill a whole village of pacifists. That’s what the Republican party has become, pacifists. I will never be a pacifist.

  44. Is he reading from a telepromter how embarrising………..Give me a break he is going on and on about back ground checks when this would not do anything to get guns off the streets……To go on like this as a leader is just a sad day all around ….

    1. annie65  
      Yep. Still no mention of getting the illegal guns off of the streets of Chicago. That is what those 90% of the people really want.

  45. Maybe this has been said before, but I love how Biden keeps up his grumpy old man face for the entire speech.

  46. Little baby boy did not get his way. Now isn’t that too damn bad. Take your ball and go home.

  47. “How can something have 90% support and still not happen?” 
    You mean like repealing obamacare? Good question bobo, why don’t you repeal obamacare?

  48. He acts like nothing he says or wants should be questioned.  The man is utterly sickening….so arrogant.  He thinks he is above the office.  What a joke

  49. I was already having a great day when all these gun control bills began going down in flames and this is the icing on the cake!If I were a drinking man I would be snookered right about now!

  50. I don’t recall Obama making any speeches about the Boston bombing or about North Korea threatening to attack us, no he saves his speech for gun control.

  51. Gun lobby willfully lied.Don’t you just hate it when people give you a taste of your own medicine Obama!

  52. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah! I normally can’t stand listening to him speak, but this is kinda good!  Wah wah wah!

  53. We the people came,we saw,and we kicked their collective a__es!Score one for our side.Any time something makes this Marxist fool angry,it makes me scream WooHoo!!!

  54. My goodness Mr. President!  Did you just poo-poo in your shorts?  And Crazy Uncle Joe! MORE of those fake crocodile tears?

    Your despair Obama, is MY JOY!

    1. virginiagentleman1 
      he probably had an anal catheter inserted up his bung hole too catch his tears while hissy fitting

    1. That sniff-sniff  you smell T-Bird is the mess Obie left in his panties as he voided any remaining honor he may have had left! 
      Step back my friend, we wouldn’t want ya to get that on yer shoes! ANYTHING from Obama is caustic!

  55. Millions of families are effected by your spending, taxing and healthcare debacle, Marxist. What can the people do about those policies?

  56. Some of the senators are good people. On the contrary, you are a Marxist, race baiting, boo-hooing wanker!!

  57. It’s a shame for Pat Toomey .. the only thing he got out of this, is ticking off his own voter base.

  58. the mid-terms will be interesting if the repubs man up and get rid of bonehead,,,we just might have a chance!

  59. Who was that speaking?  Scoop said that the President of the USA was on the vid, but all I saw was a bitter clinger.  Clinging to his handouts and whining … 🙂

  60. … for using the filibuster and playing politics.
    The irony and projection is too rich to comment further.

  61. the only time i can bear listening to this loser is when he is crying a river when he doesn’t get his way!!  lmao
    time too open the curtain and let out the adults because this idiot child has failed.

  62. I have never owned a gun in my life…but I do defend my right to own one if I ever decide I want or need one…I do have two hundred pounds of dog and a baseball bat that has done a pretty good job so far but as I get older I get to thinking I might be smart to get me at least a shot gun for protection…I used to go to the range all the time..Rent a hand gun for target practice..shooting is a fun sport…I am glad Obama’s attempt to take our 2nd amendment failed…

      1. Your hubby should  include a day’s lesson with a trained professional (preferably another female) in the purchase of that pistol. I did just that for my wife this Christmas and I tell you what she absolutely loved the lessons and the pistol. It is so much better for the wives out there to not take their lessons from their hubby’s no matter how much they love each other. Just a tip…

      2. Well gosh Dear One! 
        Bow and arrows AND a pistol! I think that makes you ambidextrous, or something! Shoot straight Duckie, center mass. Gets ’em every time!  VG

  63. “If action by congress could have saved one person,,,,,,,,”   Mr. President there are people scared to death in this country right now and this law would have made it MORE difficult to purchase a firearm.  What if a person like me who DOES NOT own a gun wanted one.  This added amendment would have made it more difficult for me to get one.  So I say to myself forget it.  It is to much of a hassle to get one.  Move forward six months and someone breaks into my house and kills my family.  Whose life are we saving then?  Or other Americans in the same predicament?  This is all about politics and you Mr. President are uninformed about the true nature this legislation would cause.  It WOULD NOT help anybody!

    1. So very eloquent my friend and accurate!  Stop saying such nice words about Obie and say what ya really mean! ROFL!

  64. Here’s the answer to this BS.  Recall how Duh Bumbler pushed for this assault on the second amendment with some pseudo imploring tone to pass these bills cause “If you could save just ONE life, why wouldn’t YOU do it?!”
    Ok fine.  Let’s make all marathon races illegal cause “If you could save just ONE life,  why wouldn’t YOU do it?!”  Say that and watch the liberal aholes’ heads explode.

  65. Some good news for a change. Don’t expect it to end here, though. As long as liberals are aggressive, and republicans are passive or only defensive, our liberties will be gradually eroded by the one-step-forward-two-steps-back compromises that have come out of congress lately.

    1. applepie101 That’s what I thought: finally a win.  Too bad crap like Obamacare passed …

  66. Whiny Bitch… why does biden’s face look like this all the way through teleprompter read?  🙁

  67. “A distortion of Senate Rules…” I want more information about how this vote distorted senate rules. Did I miss something or is Obama trying (again) to malign the Constitution. Obama is child, who projects blame on others, never takes responsibility for his own actions, and stomps his feet when things don’t go his way. I’m sure someone, somewhere will be punished via sequester.

  68. No guns, got 26 murdered in Newtown. 0bama would have that low level of protection for all of America.
    No mass murder occurred in Kennesaw Georgia in the last 30 years, since they passed the law the everyone MUST own a gun. The NRA would have that high level of protection for all of America.
    Where would you rather live?

        1. That’s so good! Though, I personally saw a resemblance with Biden and grumpy the cat. Obama/Achmed comparison is perfect…though I’ve heard Achmed might be offended. A, C, H, phlegm!!!!!

    This is AMERICA and this is how WE, THE PEOPLE play our game. Off the stage and go back to Kenya POS!!

  70. Is obama still Comrade-in-Chief?  I refuse to watch any time his mug appears on television.  obama and his fellow comrades are still trying to hijack our country, but looks like he has a few hurdles in his way.  GOOD!!!!!!!

  71. I was in the bar an hour ago when Barak Obama was on NBC whining.  Thank goodness the sound was off, but the Chiron read something like, “Shame in D.C.”  Under his picture.  PERFECT juxtaposition!

    1. Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog Alcohol and politics would not be a good combination for me!  LOL!

    1. pdmd 
      Not “we”. America won. The Constitution won. Freedom won. Liberty won. “We” are just along for the great ride 🙂

      1. Right Winger pdmd 
        Amen. God Bless America ! Protect her from this lying moaning whining sack of carbage

  72. The headline should read as follows:
    ————————————————-You INFIDELS – How DARE You defy me !!!
    I curse you !

    1. pmb88 uhoh looks like someone needs to stand in the corner and go to bed instead of flying off to fundraise

  73. How does a MINORITY block anything unless Obama hasn’t got the full support of his own party?  And I don’t know who he is polling to get his 90% nonsense, but anyone who supported this legislation does not understand how vital our 2nd amendment rights are, or the fact that it is UNCONSTITUTIONAL to alter the 2nd amendment without going through the amendment process.  So, based on that alone, this should never have gotten as far as it did!  If we lose our 2nd amendment we will have no way to protect our First Amendment rights, or any others.  
    This man just keeps lying because he is pathological, and he knows that if people hear it often enough they will believe it.

    1. DeborahClemence Yeah he lies.  I don’t know where the 90% came from either.  I do know that Gallop did a poll today and  gun control issues ranked 4% in favor.

    2. DeborahClemence All the Dems have been citing that number…  Apparently from this vote, they only had 90% of Congressional Democrat’s support.  😀

    3. DeborahClemence  Agreed! Hussein lies to the American people because, in my view, he truly believes that those 90% of American people he’s taking about are too stupid to know otherwise.
      You’re absolutely right about what would happen if we lost our 2nd Amendment right. If that one can go, then why not the 1st amendment? How about the 5th amendment? And on and on. 
       In other words, if Hussein and company can dismantle or undermine the 2nd Amendment, then he can use the same means on the other amendments in the Bill of Rights.
      How about the 22nd Amendment (“term limits”)? The mind boggles.

    4. DeborahClemence I agree.This should never have come to this point.Never.I have said it more than once before,but the Bill of Rights is not open for debate!Period!!!

  74. I think Obama wanted this to fail. This speech allows him to make this a campaign issue into 2014. To see this all you have to know is that anything he does or say is calculated for political gain.  Why would Reed allow this to go to vote?  He had to know he did not have the votes.  What other bill has he allowed to got to vote without the votes.  Watch the left hand when the other hand is speaking.

    1. miketheengineer Maybe so, but they held a vote and everyone who voted for it will see it mentioned in their opponents ads next year.

  75. Ehem, you are here to represent the Constitution, Mr. O. Remember that pesky oath you took?

    1. WeAreAllActivistsNow  The pesky oath he took in secret. Remember he and Justice Roberts messed it up the first time in 2009 *wink-wink*

  76. Sooooo…listening to Levin and during the news break (ABC Radio), the reporter basically just said that Obama would push through legislation using Executive Orders if things don’t change.  We need to stay on top of this because he doesn’t plan on giving up.

  77. Who wants to bet that Odumbo gets his revenge by banning pressure cookers?!  What a pathetic, little man our Imposter in Chief is!

  78. Biden is such a tool, puts his hand over his face trying to hide the yawn on his fat face. Wasn’t completely successful there Joe, no do overs on this one.

  79. BooHooHoo Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….And go home already Gabby….You people make me sick.

  80. Supporters of the 2nd should be heartened……Think about it under Clinton they were able to pass an assault weapons ban. They didn’t have the votes to renew it when it expired and now even in the face of blatant politicization of recent crimes they were not able to pass anything new and restrictive. Truly if then Libs had widespread public support they would have had the votes! I think the

  81. His first major defeat since becoming president…  it will be interesting to see how the narcissist handles this defeat in the next few days/weeks.  I look for him to take his anger out on the American people…

    1. Exactly – you know what gets thrown along with the tantrum….look out for the flying s…

  82. You know, Republicans and conservatives could learn a lesson on how to beat Obama from the NRA, which is to keep fighting, don’t back down and if Obama keeps coming, then double down and keep hitting him until he cries uncle. If only John McCain or Mitt Romney had the kind of backbone that Mr. La Pierre and the rest of the officials of the NRA have, they just might be president today.

    1. You are absolutely correct sir, enough to the kids play, start hitting them with the truth over and over again until they cry Uncle (as in Uncle Karl Marx) oopps more truth.

  83. Too much purple and blue attire.  How about all the children that die from abortion Sweet Pea?

  84. Interesting….if the president focused on the actual problem (violence), rather than the tool used to enact the violence, millions of Americans and their representatives wouldn’t waste thousands of hours debating an inalienable right that became no longer debatable 237 years ago.

    1. Lives4Freedom 
      He doesn’t care about the violence,…he’s can’t be honest and say what his endgame is:
      “Hi folks. I want your guns because I plan on rounding you up and exterminating you by the millions.”

  85. I am not even going to listen to this asshole.  I cannot stand to hear him or look at him, knowing what he represents.same for that plagiarist, crazy joe…progressive scum.

    1. publius69 I’ll give you breif synopsis:
      “I AM KING! Not Congress! Not the American people! I AM! ME! ME! ME! And when you don’t do what I WANT YOU TO DO, I get red faced and upset, and I have to leave a perfectly good golf game to come out here and lay the wood!”
      “Now look what you’ve done, you’ve made Joe fake cry!”

    2. publius69 You should because this one is a keeper watching him throw a temper tantrum.  I usually can’t stand his voice either but his meltdown made me happy and put a smile on my face.

      1. OK JangoBear…I wasn’t going to watch it, but I will watch it on your word.  eeeeeeek here I go!

        1. Stehekin912 Let me know what you think.  I’ll probably watch it again later it’s that good!  : – )

        2. That was 13 minutes and 26 seconds of the most outrageous lies I have ever heard.  ThatGuy should never play poker because his “tells” are so obvious.  Mopeypout “Walter” Biden and bobblehead Giffford…pathetic puppets.  It also sounded like he is calling out the OWS types to make trouble. And what was this threat to “send it to the people”?  The people who completely rejected him and his control move?
          I hope he has alot more huffing and grimacing lectures to give as the American people stand up and say NO to this creature in a man suit time and time and time again.

  86. we are still at risk.  the amendments were defeated today but I believe tomorrow is an up/down vote on the main bill.  this should not have even been on the floor. when these POS put the bill on the floor, they  unilaterally decided what rights we peons can have…never mind that the do NOT have the power to decide what constitutional right(s) we get.  IT IS NOT UP TO THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

  87. Obama lost another one, praise the Lord and my thanks to the NRA and others who worked to see it done. Obama once again acted like a petulant child and in the picture above Joe Biden looks like an angry old man.

  88. Listening to Obama’s press conference, one can’t help but think, “WHAT A GIRLY MAN”

    This afternoon received the latter laced that he mailed to himself. Laced with
    ricin and he exclaimed, “Thisproves
    there is no connection between me and the Muslim Brotherhood. They are even
    coming after me. BALLS! Balls, siad the queen. If I had balls then I’d be king.
    What a transparent fraud. Of course we are coming after you, you two faced
    ferret. We are coming with arrest warrants and a nice butterfly net. Out to
    suit you about right Barry.

    1. JimmyTravis 
      That is what I believe too…he had that mailed to himself to get sympathy and to make himself look innocent.

  90. I was going to watch it, but I’ve got to clean out my belly button.
    One must have ones priorities straight…mustn’t one.

    1. Valin  I’m checking mine, too, just in case I’ve got some Hussein lint in it.
      I made the mistake of listening to Hussein’s comments for a few minutes and almost puked into my belly button.

  91. the Grassley-Cruz amendment was the only one that was truly common sense and went after the bad actors rather than infringing on lawful gun owners the senators that should have voted for it voted against it because it was from across the aisle

    1. KeithSims We are taking names!  I’m waiting for the NRA to do a commercial and name the Senators that don’t want enforcement or identification of the mentally ill from buying guns.  Of course the Dems voted no, Giffords is mentally ill, how could they live with themselves.

  92. I am ashamed of obama’s continual lies…I am ashamed of his twisting of the facts…mr. obama is an embarassment to this country.
    The 2nd Amendment is a Right…That means we don’t need to vote on this…This is DONE!

  93. Much to Obama’s chagrin, the people have spoken.  Now let’s move on to get this economy back on track.

    1. skspls Let’s work on getting our country back on track……and the economy will take care of itself.

      1. Keyes skspls Let’s do it this way… let’s get this country back on track by impeaching lying bastard we have in office, because he HASN’T done his job.

        1. ShaneJackson Keyes skspls 
          Why impeach? You only impeach a legal office holder.
          O is a usurper. No impeachment necessary. Just frog march him and Joe off to jail. Everything O has signed in null and void as is all his judges he’s appointed.

      1. PVG OneThinDime No but it is funny on the video freeze frame above. I didn’t watch the video, can’t stand the screech of the critter’s voice.

        1. AlexanderIllig stage9 boy….glad that was clarified.  I was about to say some’n about the 90% lie myself 🙂
          But no need, is clear now

    1. stage9 He is correct….90% of Americans support a universal background check…….on Onumbnut.

  94. U MAD OBAMA?! [trollface.jpg]
    Seriously though… stop spewing your lies. The bill did not outlaw a registry, in fact, it did the opposite. Anyone that purchased a gun, anywhere in the U.S. or online, would be required to go through a background check, that would INCLUDE INTERPOL, which logs ALL background checks performed through their system, and for what reason it was performed.
    Therefore, creating an “unwritten” registry. Also… speaking of INTERPOL, Pres. Obama signed Executive Order 13524, giving them COMPLETE immunity from U.S. Jurisdiction to conduct operations in the U.S.
    No registry? Sounds like you have been trying to create this since… what was the date of that E.O?  OH YEAH… December 17, 2009

    Enjoy FREEDOM!

  95. Families that have suffered grief dear leader, have also spoken out on the government trying to use these tragedies and the victims to infringe on a Constitutional Right that CAN NOT be infringed upon.
    Shows the ignorance in this nation of people who have no clue what or where their rights come from if they believe that this is already a law. 
    90 percent of republicans and a hand full of democrats voted ON THE CONSTITUTION you marxist pos! And I am cheering them on.

    1. AmericanborninCanada Zippo mention from the people that used guns to save their lives and the lives of others.  I would like the mother that protected her twins in the “Shoot him, shoot him again, shoot him” 911 call to testify.  I’d also like the 15 year old that used his law enforcement dad’s AR15 to save himself and his sister to be on stage with Ted Cruz.

      1. OneThinDimeAmericanborninCanada Same here. Watched a great one last night of Sen. Lee reading some of the letters he got from people who were saved by having guns.  Good luck getting dear leader to invite any of them to the White House- or that guy from China who knew more about the Constitution than half the asshats on the city council.  http://www.therightscoop.com/excellent-tienanmen-square-activist-on-the-need-for-the-2nd-amendment/

        1. AmericanborninCanada OneThinDime Why did I think he was from Korea?  Thanks for the links.  I need to watch the Mike Lee.

    2. AmericanborninCanada He’s upset because his plan to parade these families out in front of Congress to strong-arm legislators into voting for gun confiscation failed.
      Why else were they sitting in the gallery during the vote? I’ll tell you why, because they’re all Obama voters and he knew he could exploit them.
      I sympathize with these families, I really do. I can’t IMAGINE having to face what they’ve gone through, but THIS is NOT the answer!
      The question is, DO THEY WANT THE ANSWER?

      1. stage9AmericanborninCanada  I agree stage9.  I can’t imagine what these parents are feeling any more than I could imagine what the parents from Columbine felt, or Susan Hupp when she saw her father get shot her mom shot point blank. Yet they some how see through it all to the importance of the Constitution. 🙁

        1. AmericanborninCanada TexasPGRRider Thank you. When you get a chance, check this lady out. She`s from the States and moved to Israel a few years ago. Her bio is quite interesting, and I believe you are both of the same character. Her views and observations are also worth consideration. http://adinakutnicki.com/home/

  96. It is too bad that he didn’t stamp his feet ala Rumplestiltskin.  Then maybe he would have turned into a puff of smoke and disappeared.  Well, a girl can dream.  This man is looking particularly unstable today.  Dangerous and evil make a bad combination.

    1. BetseyRoss Well they did announce yesterday his Saudi boy, no longer a student, is a person of interest and not free to leave….and today that an arrest was imminent of not 1 but 2, then the pics being released that look like muslime to me…..poor boy needs his Depends changed and Biden needs a pacifier.

    2. BetseyRoss Isn’t it beautiful?? Anything that gives the #1 jackass heartburn is a very good thing for the rest of us.

      1. mickeyco BetseyRoss Amen! BO’s not used to not getting his way. Get used to dude, you are shrinking in size by the minute.

  97. The shameful day for Washington DC is having a whiny POS POTUS.  He has done more to defeat Libs today than anyone else could have.

  98. Oh my, Ol’ Joe’s boss is piqued! The Second Amendment stands!  Tyranny is thwarted!  Oh NO!  More lying to come!

  99. The only thing that would have made the picture of Biden better is if he would have had his thumb in his fat lying mouth

  100. What disgusts me is those Sandy Hook parents standing behind him.  I can only conclude that they have allowed their pain and grief to cloud their common sense and their judgement. These laws that the president and the dems are proposing would not have saved their children and someone needs to be bold enough to be blunt with them about that. As for President Obama, he can pout all he wants, but extensive background checks do go against the 2nd amendment which many of us hold dear.

    1. LouisLaGuardiaIII They are looking for more fame, working on book and movie deals no doubt and Obama has the Hollywood connections.

  101. Isn’t “Willfully Lied” Obama’s real name? It’s certainly an accurate description. I mean, if one had to be named for what one does most. That would be his name.

  102. Hahahahaha!!!!!! The spoiled little brat didn’t get his way!! Too bad, you lumpy POS.life is full of surprises. I think his parading around with the Sandy Hook bunch made people realize it was pure politics. His concern for children is voting for partial birth abortion. His penchant for control of America sticks out like a sore thumb. What criminal is going to try & register a gun? Only a dummy like him believes that and only a dummy such as hussein thinks we are all so naive to not see his true evil intentions. And yes, as a side note, maybe we ought to pass a law so that this dumbo has to register his REAL birth certificate,college records,passport info & SS#. That will never happen ’cause he can’t afford that. All criminals need something to hide behind.

    1. mcgurn And notice how Cruz’s bill that called for mental health to be addressed was defeated.  Clearly politics because if they wanted to save the children, they would address mental illness and ENFORCE existing laws.

    1. We get what we deserve. Apathy,ignorance, and selfishness brought us down. Mix that with people letting the schools brainwash their kids & more people worrying about the Super Bowl & American Idol & this is what you get. A lyin’ stinkin’ sack of sh-t.

  103. Why don’t we outlaw bombs Bambi?  Shouldn’t Boston be a wake up call?  Oh, wait – they are outlawed.  Woops.

  104. PLEEEEZE SPEAK PLAINLY AND HONESTLY (Honestly from obama?) – TAKE ANOTHER VACATION – RETIRE — – STAY AWAY – PLEEEEZE  –  GET LOST – NOBODY, nobody – NOBODY believes your idiot percentage crap – democrats hold the majority in the senate –

  105. I feel like punching Biden in the face for his fake crying, give him a reason to cry about..

  106. He lies with every word that comes from his mouth…..Just like Obamacare…”you can keep your doctor”…”you can keep your insurance”…….Pathological LIAR

  107. I see Gabrielle Giffords behind him.  Man, he sure does like using poeple to ry and get his agenda passed.  What a putz!

      1. DarkKnight2016 Conservative_Hippie Well maybe the Newtown family, but Giffords et al know exactly what they are doing and are more than happy to assist the president in his games.

        1. Conservative_Hippie DarkKnight2016 They are willing supporters of what the President wanted.

        2. DarkKnight2016 Conservative_Hippie You may be right.  I don’t know their hearts.  But I know it’s wrong to use people while their still grieving.  The word predator comes to mind.

        3. DarkKnight2016
          I disagree, they aren’t supporters of what the the president wanted. They want closure for their suffering. Obama is using them to forward his own agenda on the United States. There is nothing in that bill that would stop what happened to their families. 
          Sitting on the fence and understanding both sides of the issue is what got us to this point. Pick a side.

    1. Conservative_Hippie I guess she took time off from going to the shooting range with her husband to be a prop in the Rose Garden.

    2. Conservative_Hippie She’s as much a putz as he is.  My sympathy for her is long gone now that I’ve learned she knew of the threats and did NOTHING to prevent innocent from being murdered.

      1. OneThinDime Conservative_Hippie I appreciate what she sacrificed serving her country as a politican, but why is she trying to use her tragedy to take away my 2nd amendment rights/!  It makes me angry.

  108. Cue the Stones. “You Don’t Always Get What You Want.”  ……………….  and you’ve gotten a lot more than  you need from me and all freedom loving Americans Buzz.

  109. 🙂
    Has no one ever said no to you…”sir”? Kiss a little ass one time…for the Gipper.

  110. Man, that shot of Biden with the pouty curled lower lip is priceless.  What a bunch of petulant children they all are.

  111. Man, that shot of Biden with the pouty curled lower lip is priceless.  What a bunch of petulant children they all are.

  112. Playing politics? Really? YOU are saying WE are playing politics?
    You’ve lowered the political dissent bar WAY beyond  blood sport.
    Eff off.

  113. Playing politics? Really? YOU are saying WE are playing politics?
    You’ve lowered the political dissent bar WAY beyond  blood sport.
    Eff off.

      1. I guess so.  I wonder if maybe even they’re getting a little tired of his temper tantrums, but probably not.

        1. True.  Every time we give liberals credit for being reasonable and honorable, we get burned.

        2. mike3e4r7 I am guessing the feeling among the moderates is to vote out all Republicans (that includes conservative Republicans).

  114. To the people who want to say the families there are props:
    Those families are willingly there to support legislation they feel that would have saved their loved ones and prevented another attack. While I disagree with their belief, I believe that we should all respect grieving parents who are in a reactionary stage. Not many of us know and hope we’ll never know the feeling of losing a young child to a mad man.

    1. DarkKnight2016 yeah, props.  I wouldn’t cheapen my grief by shilling for this little suit without an emperor.

      1. Micawber DarkKnight2016 They believe that this would have prevented the shooting and future shootings. They are supporting this on their own will, not Obama’s. I am just letting the vote be as it is, I will not criticize anyone.

    2. DarkKnight2016 
      My heart goes out to them on their loss…however, that does NOT give them the right to try to take away our GOD GIVEN right to self defense and the ability to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government.

      1. Keyes DarkKnight2016 It is there right to be mad as hell and do what they feel is right. To them this was not an infringement on the right to bear arms. This was not a weapons ban but the background checks bill.

        1. DarkKnight2016 Keyes  Then they are wrong. We already have background checks to buy guns. I’ve been through them. Nobody claims that any of these amendments would have stopped Newton…not even the writers  and sponsors of them.
          Treat the cause, not the symptoms. Remove the cause, no symptoms. What is the cause? Evil. Ya can’t pass a law removing evil. Even if you could, the democrats would be overwhelmingly against it.

        2. Rshill7 DarkKnight2016 Keyes I am not attempting to defend or support anything. I am just letting the vote be as it is, I will not criticize them.

        3. DarkKnight2016 Keyes 
          It was a way to get our guns registered.
          Confiscation comes after that…every single time….then mass murder. Just ask the Armenian Christians, the European Jews, and on and on.

        4. DarkKnight2016 Keyes I disagree with their methodology. If they want to discus it peaceably where all can have a say, great. However, they have their agenda and are force feeding it to us because Obama agrees with them but not even for the same reasoning. Dear Leader wants only a nice polite society where all are forced to agree with his demented world view. Screw that and them for not realizing it. May God comfort them for their loss and may he accept the souls of their children for they are innocent.

    3. DarkKnight2016 I don’t and here’s why. We have many rights under the constitution and feeling secure 24/7/365 isn’t one of them. I’m sorry Lanza murdered their children but don’t “F” that up by giving more power to a government that has already usurped so many of our rights that we’re living in a soft tyrannical state. If you’re to freaking ignorant to realize what I’ve just outlined in my limited writing skills than you have my contempt not my sympathy. 
      Bottom line, Liberals forced the circumstances that led to this tragedy and none of them will admit to it nor will they ever give the logical solution of arming more citizens to prevent mass murders caused by gun free zones.

  115. Ironically enough, a speech and debate coach friend I know says she watched 2 of Obama’s speeches before and couldn’t understand why people thought he was a good orator. “He was so robotic!” she said. I told her that he gets emotional when it’s stuff he cares about – like not getting his way. What a petulant, lying, nasty ….

    1. Totally agree.  Good observation.  He only gets emotioinal about things he cares about which are things that effect him personally.  That’s why he seemed so unemotional in his speech following the Boston Marathon bombings – he was.

  116. Obambam….let’s start with a background check on you…show us your records and we’ll show you ours….oh wait, you already have a file on all of us according to that nasty woman Maxine Waters.

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