FULL VIDEO: Watch Donald Trump speak at CPAC 2013

Donald Trump spoke at CPAC 2013 this morning and you can watch the full speech below:

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34 thoughts on “FULL VIDEO: Watch Donald Trump speak at CPAC 2013

  1. There are 13 million illegal immigrants???? —and they mostly vote Democrat?????  Why are they allowed to vote???  Who minding the voting booths?  This is an invasion, not immigration!!!  How dumb can bureaucrats be???  This has been going on under our noses???  No wonder Obama ‘won’—NOT

    1. 1endtimes2020 I’ve heard Trump say this before. He’s talking about after the 11 million or more illegals are given amnesty or some form of citizenship, they’ll be eligible to vote and they will vote for Democrats. He says the GOPs who support amnesty or citizenship for these millions are commiting party suicide. GOP will quickly be outnumbered at the polls and never win elections again. Isn’t it sad that the reason GOPs want to give amnesty is to win the Mexican-Americans’ votes. Won’t happen.

  2. Donald Trump said Mitt Romney didn’t talk up his business success enough during his presidential campaign. From here it seems that’s all Mitt Romney talked about was all his successes. What Mitt failed to do was present and defend conservative ideals. He never once said he was a free-market capitalist. Consider Samuel Adams. He was a lousy businessman. He was most always on the verge of bankruptcy. He had no business success to boast of. But his ability to campaign for the birth of this nation was unparalleled. Consider George Soros. He’s brim full of success. Would anyone want him running this country? As far as this last presidential campaign is concerned Mitt had more in common with George than Samuel. That is one major reason why Mitt lost. Another is Mitt was timid in his pursuit of truth regarding Benghazi.

      1. 1endtimes2020 So just because the businessman turned politician is successful at business; Even though he advocates big government and spreading the wealth, you will vote for him?

  3. Like Trump a lot.  Iraq should compensate all our wounded war heros with a mil$ per head. We should collect war spoils from Iraq oil fields also compensate our treasury. There should be no War dept if our Leadership smarts only had a tiny brain. Trump,Newt and Sleek Willy Clinton are  great strategist, as Obama is the most deceitful arrogant dictator wannabe ever exist.

  4. I don’t understand anyone who criticizes Romney or Trump.  Especially Trump,  Here we are, head over heels in debt to China, after we let our manufacturing jobs go there, and we don’t even make our own televisions here. I  can’t believe we lack the vision of how we can be cut off from all imports at any time.  Won’t we look pretty having to start making machinery and training skilled workers again.  Think of all the money that would be staying in the country for Gods’ sake.  Anyone who can’t see this, is the real problem, and we will never get out of this mess, ignoring people like Trump. He made a great speech that needed to be told.  God help us.

    1. 1endtimes2020 There is not much to be said for Donald Trump or Mitt Romney as potential presidential timber. They both have going for them that they are successful businessmen. But Trump advocates tariff and currency wars with China when a similar policy reaction during FDR’s presidency contributed to the length and depth and breadth of the Great Depression. Romney invented Romneycare, a huge step for big government and the transfer of wealth in Massachusetts. And when Romney ran for President he never advocated the demolition of a single government department or agency.

  5. Don’t worry about not seeing it.  Nothing noteworthy.  Mostly about how he made 8 billion dollars and employs thousands of people and he purchased something or another in Florida that he will renovate.  He did make a few cute comments.
    I am waiting anxiously for Palin and Cruz tomorrow.  Hopefully, they both will be outstanding!
    And for those of you who might complain about my not genuflecting at the billionaire’s throne, all I can say is that once you have heard Palin, most pale in comparison!!!!!! LOL  You will find out tomorrow at noon!

  6. It’s okay it’s about him…..he is a success. He thinks normal we are not used to that. Our brains are dead and we are programmed to listen to politicians and all of their bullshit!

      1. He basically jumped ahead of all the usual rhetoric to the result we need.  He is a brilliant businessman, and it must just drive him nuts to see the ineptitude in our administration.
        I felt uplifted and positive…this is how the message should be delivered.

      2. c4pfan He bashed Republicans, … and indirectly took on Rubio (IMO) for taking on illegal immigration.

    1. Yes, thank you Scoop.  And thank you Mr. Trump – you could be doing anything you want yet choose to be in the trenches with us.

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