Gaffetastic: Obama confuses Texas and Kansas

While giving a speech in Kansas, President Obama said, “It’s great to be back in Texas.” Oops.

Best orator ever.

(h/t National Journal)


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73 thoughts on “Gaffetastic: Obama confuses Texas and Kansas

  1. I believe he was speaking about ALL conservatives. Yes, It’s great to be in Texas – AWAY from Obama, who would be scared to go there for fear he may have no way out.

    1. nope…. Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas seceded from the 57 United States of Awesome.

      So now there are only 3 states in the United States of America.
      I think…. waiting for more to join them….

      like Arizona and Louisiana maybe.

  2. And they are so scared about who can debate Obama?A freakin PARROT can out debate this idiot.Without his tele-prompter,hes completely lost.

  3. Lol…the picture on the home page was all I needed to make my day. Thanks RS once again for putting a smile on my face.

  4. When watching this live and now, it still looks like he did it on purpose to razz someone else that did it before?

    Am I the only one that thinks this?

    1. I would believe that if a couple weeks ago he hadn’t declared Hawaii to be in Asia. And Hawaii is where he claims to have been born!

      1. well maybe he’s just seeing how much stupidity he can get away with, without the media saying anything…. and then laughing to himself about how he messes with people’s brains…. you know all that narcissism has gone to his head.

  5. Nope I don’t think he made an actual gaffe. I think this version of Obama came from a future when Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas are all one sovereign state, seceded from the United Socialist States of Awesome. lol.

  6. This man is so dumb he makes dumb look smart. Liberals should be so proud! They finally have someone who epitomizes them. Hey Libs! He’s all yours!!

  7. The only state this f-stoke is in is The state of mass confusion. Someone please! hand this stroke an atlas!

  8. And in other news President Obama signed an executive order late today changing the name of Kansas to Texas.

    No gaffe here, now move along.

    1. darn-it and i was just going to move to Texas…which one to i pick now….the old Texas or the new improved TEXAS,,,,what to do! what to do!!!….suicide city here i come…

    1. You may want to be careful with that one. Secret Service has aggressively investigated MUCH less. Just looking out for ya man! We need all our brothers and sisters for the future “festivities”! 😀 And by festivities, I mean “celebrations”. And by “celebrations” I mean party. And by “party” I…someone just knocked at my door… 😀

  9. This is nothing new he also confuses Christianity with his Muslim Faith! He confuses Memorial Day with Veteran Day, Countries with Continents, 50 with 60 states, he cannot list all Armed Forces of the U.S. He confused 2010 with 2008 when he signed an official guest book in the U.K., he got confused with his names Barry Soetoro and Barack Obama and had therefore to surrender his law license, he confuses his Connecticut Social Security Number with all the other ones he is in possession, he confuses the doors and uses the back door to welcome Mr. Netanyahu at the White House. He confuses his places of birth and the respective names of the Hospitals. He confuses enemies with friends. I mean things like that can happen when you play so hard golf and have to lie all the time! Maybe we should have shown more forgiveness to Mr. Cain when he got confused and assumed that we wanted solutions and not hope.

    1. Don’t forget fallen soldiers with living veterans….in the audience no less. Oh, and on the same subject; living Navy corpsmen with dead ones.

      Most intelligent president ever, right Lame stream media?

    2. This is the man who gave cheery shoutouts to his political buddies before announcing the massacre of 14 soldiers by a muslim !

          1. I tried to watch the video cheezwhizz, but I can’t. There are a few things that I am unable to watch without becoming a blubbering mess. This is one of them (9/11 is the second, and anything related to kidnapped children<==I start having panic attacks even thinking about that one). But I get the gist of what happened.

            I thought you all may be interested to know some research I just found. This is kinda interesting stuff (I guess). Inauguration Day used to be March 4th from 1793-1933. There were 4 exceptions due to it falling on Sunday:
            1) Pres. Monroe (R): Monroe Doctrine (1823): Stated the United States would not tolerate further European intervention in the Americas
            2) Pres. Taylor (Whig): Highly Decorated 40-year military leader
            3) Pres. Hayes (R): Left politics for Union Army at start of Civil War, eventually attaining rank of Major General. Also, ordered federal troops to “end” the Great Railroad Strike of 1877
            4) Pres. Wilson (D): Started Federal Reserve, FTC, Clayton Antitrust Act, and the Federal Farm Loan Act. Won the Nobel Peace Prize.

            Then, the Inauguration Date was changed to January 20th in 1937. Since then, there have been two presidents to be sworn in on January 21st, due to the 20th being a Sunday:
            1) Pres. Eisenhower (R): 5-STAR General in U.S. Army, Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe during WWII, Supreme Commander of NATO, crusaded against “Communism, Korea, and Corruption”, had a policy of “nuclear deterrence” rather than negotiations, and started NASA to compete with the Soviets.
            2) Our favorite: Pres. Ronald Reagan (R): Gave us “Reaganomics”, smacked down unions, ended the Cold War, freed the hostages in Iran, started the Arms Race with the Soviets, and was extremely anti-communist, describing the Soviet Union as an “evil empire”.

            My point here is this. If you look at all of our “exception”al Presidents, only one was a Democrat. ALL the others were such great men. Can we really afford to let Obama be the first Democrat President to make the January 21st list, much less the first President to follow REAGAN on this special list of exceptional Presidents?

    3. Susitna, which ones are confusions and which ones are lies? It’s hard to be a good liar, you have to have a great memory to remember what you said. Of course being a confused liar is just what the leader of the free world needs to be. Right.

  10. Please guys, anybody can make these mistakes. They mean nothing.
    If we use them as arguments, then our other arguments – real, serious arguments – lose strength and we lose credibility.
    There are enough arguments to make our socialist President look bad. Let’s not follow the MSM style.

    1. It’s not just a mistake. It’s pathological and indicative of a sick mind. He’s always “confused” about where he is because he really doesn’t give a damn. For him, it’s just another speech to the faceless masses in nowheresville – another shtick to mesmerize and awe another herd of gullible cattle with his brilliance. In his mind he’s the black Cicero, holding forth before the adoring masses. After all, he has a “gift”, you know – just ask him.

      1. Like a couple weeks ago when he visited Hawaii, Asia. In fact he’s so intrigued by the fact that Hawaii is not part of Asia he’s taking a 17 day fact finding trip to study this Hawaii-not-part-of-Asia-thing.

        1. All the more amazing given our miraculous wonder boy of a president spent much of his childhood there. And no matter how often he makes a bungling ass out of himself there’s always some lickspittle toady eager to go on telivision, look into the camera with a straight face, and effusively praise him for his “exceptional intellect” – thus making an even BIGGER ass out of themselves.
          I don’t know weather I should feel insulted, or just shocked at the lengths some people will go to discredit and debase themselves for the sake of what? – party loyalty? Either way, I no longer feel obliged to view such people with the same presumption of basic honesty and decency that people normally afford each other. Rather, I increasingly look at them like something alien viewed in a petri dish through a microscope. My guess is I’m not alone. There is a chasm developing, getting wider and deeper by the day, and if push comes to shove there’s not likely to be much refuge found in the middle.

    2. We know they mean nothing but this gangster thumbs his nose at us daily and if we want to have a little fun at his expense I’m for it. So now we need to be concerned it will make us look bad. Since when do we have to do anything for the MSM to hate our guts. Get with the program…join the fun.

  11. I was wondering what that smell was. Go back to Washington! We already sent you our freakazoid Sebilius.

      1. Right.

        See, you guys are too rough on him. How do you expect a man to stem the tides of the ocean, AND memorize 60 states.

    1. Good one, 4hoppes9, two takes on the term “S.A.”. Situational awareness or self-aggrandizment.

  12. No sir! you do not take the Texas name in vain!!

    But it goes to show how jealous he is of Texas. It might seem like he hates Texas, but deep down, he wonders why people look to Texas and not himself, lol. 😉

    1. I’ll bet his wonders why that flag (or piece of cloth as he refers to it) only has 50 stars. “when are they going to add the other seven?” thinks Obama.

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