Gallagher says ‘deliberately timed’ CCP spy balloon a message to Biden: Look what we can do to you and GET AWAY WITH

“Letting a Chinese surveillance balloon lazily drift over America is like seeing a robber on your front porch and inviting him, showing him where you keep your safe, where you keep your guns, where your children sleep at night, and then politely asking him to leave, ” said Rep. Mike Gallagher to Maria Bartiromo on Sunday. “It makes sense.”

He also said it’s foreign policy malpractice and unacceptable to try to keep Americans in the dark to salvage Blinken’s Beijing trip.

“Allowing this to happen in order to preserve a photo-op with Xi Jinping, who is committing genocide?” he said incredulously.

And he added it wasn’t coincidental timing by the CCP. It was deliberate.

“It’s far more likely that they deliberately timed this in order to send a message as Blinken was preparing for his trip,” said Gallagher. “And the message is: ‘look what we can do to you and get away with. Your corporations, your career politicians, they will come crawling back.'”

Watch the whole clip, there’s a lot to digest and it’s important stuff I think.

We really are in a bad spot in this country when it comes to how we’re handling China. And the whole world knows it. They’re bracing for the fall-out.

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