Gee thanks Obama: First Turkey cons the world, now they con Bibi

In light of Bibi’s apology to Erdogan of Turkey, here is a reminder of just what happened on that Turkish flotilla as it tried to run the Israeli blockade. The video has film clips of the actual jihadi attack on IDF soldiers. Lets not forget that jihadis cut open one soldier’s belly and pulled out his intestines onto the deck. No apology from Turkey? Gee, I wonder why not?

In 2010, Caroline Glick and her crew created a parody of what all this is really about. As she said: “..we feature the Turkish-Hamas “love boat” captain, crew and passengers in a musical explanation of how they con the world…”

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32 thoughts on “Gee thanks Obama: First Turkey cons the world, now they con Bibi

  1. Again, the Chief Executive of the United States of America coddling murderous Muslims for reasons that excape real world explanation.  This man Obama is an embarrassment to the Judeo-Christian founding of this country.  Why do we put up with him?

  2. The timing of the “apology” seems somewhat unusual.
    Perhaps this is what the trip was all about – giving the obamessiah credit for the “apology”.
    I don’t see how this will materially change anything other than making the islamist leader of Turkey a bigger ego than the muslim brotherhood leader of Egypt.

  3. I was wondering when Netanyahu was going to join the ranks of apologists and sycophants. Way to hold your ground, bro.

  4. Bibi is no fool.  Something else is going on, guys.  Turkey may be important for something else that is much bigger than this flotilla thing.  We will see soon what is shaping up that is detrimental to Israel.  The survival of the Israeli people is paramount to Bibi…he would never lose sight of that.

    1. suzy000 He’s pandering to those that wish his people didn’t exist, plain and simple. There is no other explanation.

        1. strngernfiction PertyMouthParks suzy000 Oh, its not. He’s damning his people by playing nice.

    1. dmacleo Hobbits, knuckle draggers, paleos……… and that’s from the party that supposedly represents us.

  5. The whole Gaza Flotilla thing is political drama.  It was pre-planned by the Islamists to create a propaganda incident for claiming ‘Victimization’ yet again.
    Nothing these people say or claim is true.  NOTHING.   The only illegal occupiers of Gaza and the West Bank are Arab invaders.  
    The original land of Israel, West Bank, Gaza and Jordan was legally granted to the Jews by the entire League of Nations.  It was then divided again, giving the larger half, Jordan, to the Arabs.   The Arabs invaded the remaining Jewish state and now illegally occupy the WB and Gaza.  Those are the historical and legal facts.
    The disgusting truth is written in both the Koran and Hamas Constitution – the Arab/Islamists do not want the Jews to have ANY land, home or state.   They do not want the Jews to even exist.   
    Islam, from its core texts to its actions and words, is a global racial hate group that condones slavery, pedophilia, female servitude, injustice, aggression, brutality…and a host of other human rights abuses.   Islam either needs reforming or banning from the fellowship of nations.   Islam is without excuse for its behavior to its own peoples and its neighbors.

  6. This is just Obama punishing his “enemy” Israel and boosting his “friends” the muslims. Bibi knows what he is doing so I don’t think Obama is putting anything “over” him. This will come back to bite Obama in the azz, God willing.

  7. This smells like dirty Chicago politics delivered straight to the Middle East.  Why would Bibi give an undeserved apology to terrorists otherwise.  Odumbo has something on him and it somehow threatens him.  That is the only excuse for this travesty.  The Palestinian thugs don’t deserve respect or apology.  Odumbo relates to them because he shares their bullying tactics and fascist beliefs.  The funny part is they hate him more than we do and he is trying to appease them!

    1. TRUE, so true.     Islam, Nazism and Marxism tend to bully and kill all who disagree.   That’s what Political Correctness is all about – it’s really Punitive Conformity = “You must believe, say and do what we tell you or else.”   Each of these evil plagues has practiced their own form of Punitive Conformity.   We see it every day in Islamic hell-holes.

    2. notebene Yeah you have to wonder what Obama blackmailed him with in order to get that apology and if it wasn’t a blackmail the it was a promise for something in return and we all know what Obamas promises are worth (unless you’re a campaign contributor)

  8. Yes, that’s just “brilliant” on Obama’s part. Alienate your friends and try to suck up to your enemies. Winston Churchill once said about appeasement that it was like feeding a crocodile and hoping that it would eat you last. Obama really thinks that if he appeases these monsters they will eat or attack him last. Evidently, the first 9/11 taught him nothing.

  9. Let’s just get Barack on the no-fly list and leave him stranded over there with his Pallywood buddies.

  10. Bibi is a smart man and not one to be conned so something must be going on. We’ll have to wait and see.

    1. njmom For sure.  Those were my thoughts exactly when I heard this story.  If Bibi did in fact do this, which I’m not 100% convinced he did, he got something in return.

  11. my guess is BIBI has been threatened… with the dismantaling  Israels IRON DOME if they don’t comply

    1. davienne It was my understanding that “Iron Dome” was a joint project with Israel so I doubt Obama can do any “dismantaling”. But thgen I’ve been wrong before!

  12. I remember the incident and the parody well.  Thanks 911Infidel.  I’ve missed all the news the past few days especially what’s been going on with Israel and dear leader and all the rest.  I need to get caught up.

    1. AmericanborninCanada   yea well welcome back Ducky.  It’s been a great week for thing that make you say ” Are you kidding me?”

      1. americalsgt AmericanborninCanada Thanks americalsgt.  I know- I breezed just through the Scoop headlines to see and just couldn’t even bother to read some of the stories.  Incredulous.  oy vey.  I missed y’all, but not the craziness.

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