Gee why did the press leave THIS detail out of their new Russia COLLUSION headlines??

Russia Russia Russia! is back in the news, with brand spanking new collusion headlines on this December morn. But reading the MSM’s headlines on an FBI agent being charged for colluding with the Reds you’d be missing out on some of that important stuff the media is always complaining about from others: context.

You might read the tweet from ABC News that says “Charles McGonigal, one of the highest-ranking FBI agents to ever face criminal charges, was sentenced to over four years in prison on Thursday for secretly colluding with a Russian oligarch” and think, oh wow, I guess there was collusion after all!

And surely that’s what they WANT you to think.

But then you start looking into the story and what to your wondering eyes should appear?

This detail that seems pretty important to hear.


So it was a guy who tried to say TRUMP was guilty of collusion who was himself guilty of it? YOU DON’T SAY.

Twitchy pointed out that CBS Mornings “didn’t seem to have enough time to point out that this was one of the agents dealing in the ‘Trump/Russia collusion’ allegations that came from the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

Nor the Washington Post.

Maybe the most impressive, though, was ABC’s on air report with George Stephanopoulos that actually tried to link the agent TO Trump by saying the oligarch McGonigal took money from had “ties” to Paul Manafort. Yet STILL did not mention his being part of the Trump INVESTIGATION.

So a guy was accusing Trump of colluding with Russia while all the while colluding with Russia, and he’s now charged with that, and he was FBI, and that part gets left OUT of their stories??

Come on, y’all. You’re not even TRYING anymore.

PS. Here’s more from Sharyl Attkisson.

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