Geithner: Rich should pay more for the privilege of being an American

They just keep coming up with reasons for why the Rich need to pay more. Next thing you know Romney will be saying this on the campaign trail (via Weekly Standard):

“That’s the kind of balance you need,” said Geithner. “Why is that the case? Because if you don’t try to generate more revenues through tax reform, if you don’t ask, you know, the most fortunate Americans to bear a slightly larger burden of the privilege of being an American, then you have to — the only way to achieve fiscal sustainability is through unacceptably deep cuts in benefits for middle class seniors, or unacceptably deep cuts in national security.”

Also, this reminded me of something similar we heard back in 2008:

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65 thoughts on “Geithner: Rich should pay more for the privilege of being an American

  1. If millionaires get tired of paying more to be Americans, they can always leave.
    People with millions are welcome almost anywhere, except in their own country.

  2. If the rich get tired of paying more to be American, they can always leave and go to countries where their money commands more respect. People with millions are welcome almost anywhere, except in their own country.

  3. Yeah, he said if we don’t tax the rich the only way to solve our problems is to cut the middle class elderly and our defense budget. Really? We don’t have a massive government that is way too big? There are lots of things we can cut before we cut the elderly that pay for their retirement their entire lives. That pisses me off. That is not an entitlement. This is like an insurance company saying it’s an entitlement to pay your hospital bill after you’ve given them payments for 40 years.

    How about cutting off welfare recipients? It’s amazing how they can be paying an equivelent of $38,000 a year to a welfare recipient yet there’s nothing there they can cut. Bullcrap. That IS an entitlement.

  4. Well, admonitions about people paying their ‘fair share’ from someone that refused to pay ANYTHING, for YEARS, and only made a partial pittance payment, simply because they were being nominated for a federal gravy job, doesn’t mean all that much to me, Turbo Taxcheat Timmy. Whining from a balding idiot that couldn’t be bothered to pay more than $120 – $995 per year to charity…

    …doesn’t impress me, either. There are people making minimum wage that probably pay more than that, moneybags. Check your own checkbook, cheapass, because you don’t tell me what to do with mine, Plugs.

  5. I knew something was up when Obama came up with …

    “This is one of the biggest things I’m going to be pushing back on this year, this notion that this is somehow class warfare, that we’re trying to stir up envy,” Obama said. “Nobody envies rich people, everybody wants to be rich. Everybody aspires to be rich, and everybody understands you’ve got work hard to be successful. That’s the American way.”

    This “envy” thing must have polled really bad in some focus group. But that meant that something had to replace “envy.” So when I saw the Geithner statement yesterday, I knew that the latest “talking points” must have been distributed around the Administration.

    I found the “privilege of being an American” breathtaking, but why must only the “rich” be so “privileged” ?

    We now seem to have rights to “gay marriage,” a “living wage,” to “life,” to “”choice,” to “die,” to “know,” to “forget,” to “privacy,” to “be forgotten,” to “education,” to “work,” to “play,” to “bear arms,” to “carry,” to ‘bare legs,” to “health care,” to “research,” to “read,” to “food,” to “organise and to bargain collectively,” to “hike,” to “vote” (even when dead),” to “counsel,” to “free speech,” to “protest,” and to “remain silent.”

    But alas, citizenship is now a “privilege.”

  6. Wait… wait… we’re looking at this the totally wrong way! So we can create/ reboot the United States. The productive people will live in the new one, and the leaches will live in the other. But how will the leaches survive if all the productive people leave?!

    Answer: Every will live in equal misery, which is the ultimate goal of socialism.

  7. If Obama keeps this attack on the Rich up eventually they will just take their wealth and move to another country, and stick it to Obama!

    1. That will stick it to the American people. We will lose our desire to succeed in this country (which is what he wants), we will lose our sources of employment and we will lose our sense of pride that has always been the backbone of our success.

  8. No Timmy-boy, the kind of balance we need is a) a new administration and b) for hypocrites like you and Sharpton to pay your taxes on time.

  9. But hey, if you are wiling to cut spending to Clinton era levels then I am OK with Clinton era taxes. And I don’t recall massive harm to our seniors and middle class WAY back in the 90’s……

  10. I am one of the 1%. I do not recall being given much except by my parents, my dad working the midnight shift. I recall working 50 hours per week in the summer to pay for college. Taking out loans,which I have paid back, to fund post graduate education. I recall working 30 years to get where I am at now. I recall that my relatively small affluence has allowed me to hire carpenters, landscapers, electricians, plumbers, auto mechanice, tile experts etc ALL OF WHOM had to then pay and additional 30% tax on the money I paid them after I paid SS and income tax on it. IN fact two years ago my government burder was a wopping 43%! That’s right, the government inall of its various forms took 43%! The only thing unfair about that is that it is way too much. So maybe Geitner and PBO think that they have been given something and need to and consider themselves ‘fortunate’ and someone..”to whom much has been given…” but the 1%ers and 2%ers I know all pretty much worked theis arses off to get where they are!

    And of course the only way to control spending is to cut seniors and middle class but not government waste.

    1. Indeed. We have a federal government full of worthless agencies that don’t contribute anything to this country, but are simply jobs programs for liberals-who fill the majority of positions. Take the dept of Education for instance, which could be and should be completely eliminated right this second and… guess what, it won’t change anything regarding education or school funding here in Wisconsin or I bet, anywhere else, because the schools are funded by our property taxes not some bloated bureaucracy in Washington DC (which was created in the 70s by Carter as a payoff to the teachers unions that help democrats get elected) … Politicians don’t mention those things that can be cut without harm to the vast majority of Americans, no, they talk about how SS will be cut if we don’t raise taxes on people that work here in America or how we’ll have to cut police or firemen if we don’t stick it to the rich. What a joke that hardly any reporters or journalists don’t call these marxist politicians on this crap. Of course, the fact that over 80% of reporters and journalists vote democrat have nothing to do with this bias! Yeah, political bias in the media is all made up. Lol.

  11. Since Timmy cheats on his taxes hasn’t he already surrendered his “privilege” of being an American?

    1. You know what they are saying now, Tongoon –“No representation without taxation.”

      You don’t pay, you don’t play.

    2. You know what they are saying now, Tongoon –“No representation without taxation.”

      You don’t pay, you don’t play.

  12. Turbo Timmy giving sage advice about taxes.

    Thats irony for you.

    Mr Geither, I love my Country, my hubby has served. We have been paying our “fair share” for our entire married life….28 years.

  13. If your parents were born here, and then you are born here, you are an American, so says the U.S. Constitution! Privilege?!?!? I don’t see that word in the Constitution, do you, asd Geithner has used it? So, again, this snarky meme wants you and i, to ‘pay for the privilege’ that we recieve as a right’! Nope!

    Again, Geithner attempts to inform you that all the money comes from, and is owned by the State, and it is they who decide which amounts of monies are acceptable for you to retain, and which amounts you must forfeit back to the rightful owner, the State.

    Mr. Geithner, another Communist rat bastard!

  14. I am so angry – I can’t even comment almost – because it would be removed!

    FU – Timmy “Tax Cheat” Punk

    Where do they find these large wheelbarrows to carry their private parts around in ?

    See – I gotta go now!

    Sorry if I offended anyone

  15. Wait, you have to pay to be an American? Is it more expensive to be a ‘natural born citizen’ than just a ‘citizen’? Can I get a discount if I’m illegal? How about my Union card, is it worth more than my Library card? So many questions, so little time.

  16. It’s so awesome that we have people as awesomely smart as Obama, Geithner, Holder and all those other awesome geniuses to tell us idiots how to do stuff. You know, since every awesome idea they’ve come up with has worked out so awesomely.


  17. Being an American is your birthright. Servants and foreigners are expected to buy citizenships, but not in America.

    Also, if you tax the rich at 100% you STILL won’t make a dent.

    Here’s Bill Whittle explaining it – with pictures.

  18. Same type of twisted speech as Hugo Chávez gave the other day when he said, “El socialismo es la verdadera democracia” (socialism is the true/real democracy.) Both are Marxists lies!

  19. Let’s review a few facts here: 50% of Americans pay nothing, zip, zero, nada. Another 20% or so pay something but get more back than they pay in, So they are net “takers”. 10% of the the tax “payers” are footing about 90% of the entire bill. The remaining 20% or so are the real middle class, the ones that pay and pay and never seem to get a break.

    I’m so sick of hearing about the 99%. It’s more like the 20% who sit on the bums and expect the rest of us to hand them everything they need. And I’m really sick of hearing about “fair share” and “equal burden” which are just catch phrases of of Marxist tyrant.

    1. Right at the start, he attacked Joe the Plumber for asking him about “spreading the wealth around.” He’s a Marxist. Has been from the start. It’s plain as the nose on your face.


      1. Yes, unfortunately they’ve not been here at TRS! And they don’t even believe any video, audio or text from anyone else besides a supposed ‘reputable’ source like the NYT! We are in serious danger and it’s from the media! Excuse me for being a little wee wee’d up about that today!

  20. i got the plan to save the U.S.

    use voting records to find everyone who ever voted demoncrap/liberal and everyone who ever voted Republican/Conservative…..Dem./lib. would pay a 80% tax rate plus they would have to have OWS move in with them ….

    Rep./Cons. would have a flat 3% tax rate and would have the right to laugh their butts off at the Demo/Libs who now have to pt up with what they have wort on the people of the U.S. plus the drumming will drive them mad in about 3…..2……1….now…

      1. hehehehh….wrought….thanks…spell checker does not work with old English words……who would of thunk!!!!!!!

        all better now lol

        will you be my spell checker……

  21. What sounds more like equal protection under the law than that? Most anything I guess.

    I didn’t think you were supposed to single out groups and treat them differently under the law than the rest of the population, yet we’ve been doing just that for decades.

    When are the 49% that don’t pay diddley going to start paying their “fair share”? Can zero possibly be considered a share at all? Is anything fair about that? What kind of logic is this? Oooh, I know, the kind that starts with il.

  22. Geithner, who has trouble paying his own taxes wants to raise taxes on other people? Jesus said before you take the speck out of someone else’s eye to take the plank out of your own. Are you listening, Tim?

  23. Geithner, who has trouble paying his own taxes wants to raise taxes on other people? Jesus said before you take the speck out of someone else’s eye to take the plank out of your own. Are you listening, Tim?

  24. And little Timmy should know, get out your check book Timmy. There is plenty of FAT to cut in DC without attacking the seniors, starting with his job.

    1. Obama goes there too. First thing is to attack and frighten the elderly. Even though Social Security is already part of the budget for them.

      What kind of person frightens the elderly? I’ll go with “a monster.”

  25. Don’t we already see the model of very high tax rates in Europe? Yeah, how’s that working? Raising the Tax rates to the Clinton years isn’t going to bring GROWTH to the economy!

    1. Europe? Check out Californication. They had about 150,000 people earning more than a half million dollars per year in 2008. Since all of their tax increases they now have about 97,000 people who earn that much. Wonder where all those other rich people live now? Arizona ?

  26. I like how rich people are ‘fortunate’. The implication is that they didn’t do anything to get rich, they were just ‘fortunate’. Likewise, poor people didn’t do anything to be poor, they are just ‘unfortunate’.

    Now it is certainly true that some people that are rick really were ‘fortunate’ and many that are poor certainly come from ‘unfortunate’ backgrounds. But most of the rich earned their riches, and many of the poor have done little to escape their poverty.

    The problem is that this use of language is designed solely for the purpose of creating a disconnect between one’s station in life, and those values that made America great – hard-work, thrift, generosity, and making the most of our God-given abilities.

  27. Taxes are meant to be a payment in exchange for protecting your individual rights to life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness. That means that the government must protect you from the initiation of force (violence being the most egregious form), primarily by providing an army, police and court system.

    There is no such thing as paying for the “privilege of being an American”. There is only a payment for the protection of individual rights – And it has a very small price to it, so long as government is limited to that role.

    The question that people should ask is: “How much does it cost to provide me with army, police and court protection?” – I think people would be surprised how little it actually costs, relative to what government currently costs.

    1. As I was reading through, I wondered if anyone would catch that. It was the biggest point to be made.

  28. Geithner should be legally declared “dead” because his brain stopped working years ago.

    Deport him for such an ignorant comment as that…

  29. I the SOB’s would stop forcing government into unconstitutional spending sprees, none would have to pay unreasonable sums of money to pay for it, but alas, that isn’t the Marxist way.

    1. You can’t generate revenues if you kill off the economic engine or confiscate the golden goose, Timmy.

      If a sincere/successful effort was made to eliminate all the unnecessary rules and regs, fraud and waste, preferential treatment and special interest loopholes, I would bet that the average Joe would be willing to pay a bit more.

      Until they shut down the flow of cash to their buds, not one more tax increase.

  30. As far as I am concerned, the rich are the equivalent of the Jews in Nazi Germany. If we let them take the rich down, they will come for us next. And who will speak for the millions of Americans, divided into political, racial, religious, immigration-status and sexual orientation factions.

    He will take each group down the river, one at a time, and each group will cheer when the other is loaded onto rail cars.

    This must stop now, before it starts. Draw the line. Now more liberal, “This is for the common good ” BS! No more slimy, perverted OWS protesters defiling banks in our streets. Yes, you may be a little pissed at banks too but they are not out to punish banks, they are out to destroy your lifestyle, your culture, your world. No more Michael Moore attacking decent businesses and industries with his foul lies. This kind of socialist6 talk has got to stop. Shout down these ignorant fools!

    1. I agree, but how? We are not organized, nor do we have a leader. I hoped the GOP would do it, but they’re going Moderate.

      The thing about decent, conservative, traditional Americans is that we are easy going enough to accept other groups. Now, it has become apathy and too many people don’t see that Obama is actively trying to remake America into Europe. They don’t get it.

      What are we to do then?

      1. Let me know when you find out! I’ve lost a ton of Dem friends who don’t see wat a progressive is and how the Dem party has been replaced.

        I wish I could get them to stop watching SNL and Jon Stewart for their political news and now they think that I am a conspriracy theorist!!!!!!!!!

    1. These are public servants that are automatically entitled to certain “privileges” that could never be entrusted to us common folk. Elites have such responsibility!

    1. Seriously… lead by example… oh wait, we have no leaders in Washington (at least not in this administration or on the demoncratic side).

      Lead, follow, or get out of the way.

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