Gene Simmons Slams Obama for Israel Speech

Wow. Gene Simmons doesn’t hold back in noting that Obama doesn’t have a clue trying to set policy for a place he doesn’t understand (via MM):

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131 thoughts on “Gene Simmons Slams Obama for Israel Speech

  1. Finally this Schmuck gets his head out of the Dark place . Just Three Long Years Ago , Simmons and the other Liberals who have been thrown under the bus , along with this country , Thought Osama o BOMB ya , was better than Sliced Bread . Nothing Like A Cold Hard Slap Of Reality . We Told You So

  2. seems Stevenbiot  is a C TROLL. check IT’s profile for confirmation.

    just going around tossing bombs to get a reaction. lame.

    back to HUFF PO with you silly libratard C TROLL.

    an an argument (usually a political debate), a concern troll is someone who is on one side of the discussion, but pretends to be a supporter of the other side with “concerns”. The idea behind this is that your opponents will take your arguments more seriously if they think you’re an ally. – Urban Dictionary

    LOL watch It’s response,.. it should be pretty funny,…

    1. Thanks, I’ll try and get your approval before my next post. You had to have voted for Carter?

  3. First, Gene Simmons is an American patriot, and talented Rock n Roll star.. and understands and appreciates, the benefits of Freedom, Liberty, Capitalism, and Independence, of the American way of life, and the American dream, all of which stems from the Founding of this great nation by the Founding Fathers, and the U.S. Conmstitution, and it’s gurantee of every citizens Rights and Freedoms, and the pursuit of Happiness.. and from his honest and exceptionally insightful senses, Gene Simmons has stated the obvious Truth about Obama, in no uncertain terminology, and explicit language..

    Second, I have read most of these posts, and I want to say that everyone here on this thread, has stated the same, in one form or another, and are true patriots..

    Remember, the Truth is the sword that we use against Tyranny and evil, along with the Vote..   and the “Truth”, does not have an agenda.. and the Truth does not diminish in time..   Like sunlight, it will always expose evil, as long as those who see and hear the Truth, act on the Truth..  as quoted;  “All that Tyranny needs to thrive, is for good men to do nothing”..  this applies before, as well as after, the fact..

  4. Gotta love Gene Simmons. Shows that being a long haired Metalhead (like myself 😉 can have political views based on conservative reason and not on liberal dreams.

    Great interview, apart from the vulgarity. 

  5. That is sad when Gene Simmoms is smarted then our President
    God help this country if we let obummer turn his back on our Dearest Friends in Israel with out making a stand for them The left knows not what they are doing.Obumma is trying to destroy this country. What will it take to wake up the American People Once Again Obama Lies and Betrays The USA, Soros and Obamas plans are uncovered once again not a peep from lame stream media you must see this for yourself


  6. ot:nascar is awesome.what other sport has a prayer before the event.check joe gibbs prayer before all-star race.nascar is very pro millitary,and pro charity. 

  7. Gimme Simmons, Nugent, Allen West, Jim DeMint, Michelle Bachmann, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Rush, The Great One, Hannity and a few others and this country will be the best ever  and forever.

  8. Woah folks, let’s not go calling everyone who voted for Obama, but expresses doubt/sadness/dissappointment about their vote, idiots. Remember, we actually need to convert a good number of those people for 2012, and calling them idiots isn’t the best way to go about doing it.

  9.  We need Rick Perry in the race. That dude wouldn’t make the Prime Minister of Israel explain why he doesn’t want a bunch of 7th century throwbacks that worshipped an epileptic pedophile lobbing bombs into his backyard.

      1. He’s strong on illegal immigration, TSA patdowns, government intervention into private affairs and countless other issues. Perry seems like the best choice for now. Who else do you think could kick Obama to the curb? The TSA patdown thing was a joke btw.

        1. Take a look at the Trans Texas Corridor, Eminent Domain, The Gardasil vaccination, and the border situation in TX. I know he sounds good at times but he can really be pc when he so chooses to.  Papa Bush and the establishment and a little help from your favorite radio personality Glenn Beck helped him secure the governorship this last time…I wouldn’t vote for him. 

          1. Yeah! Bush is definitely a liberal. I am in the medical field and believe me, the Gardasil vaccination is a good idea Mrs.Fallon. I’m kind of liking Herman Cain though.

  10.  So he voted for an “idea?” How about voting for substance Gene Boy. You sound reasonably intelligent, yet you didn’t have foresight to see that Obama was going to be a coward when it came to defending Israel? I don’t give a crap when Hollywood idiots defend good policy or when they refute it. Gene, take off the glasses and vote like you sound – intelligent. If something did happen to Israel because this president is a ninny, you are somewhat responsible.

  11. Nice sentiment Gene, next time skip the shock language, it does the opposite of what you think it does.

  12. horrible musician, brilliant businessman and politician…not a fan of his personal exploits, but I respect him on many fronts. 

  13.  Sounds great, but he voted for Obama.  That doesn’t exactly tell me Mr. Simmons is exceedingly bright.  He also felt obligated to state Obama is a “nice guy” who means well.  Please.  Great words, but Mr. Simmons, people like you put this guy in the White House.  Shut up now.  I really don’t want to hear your complaining at this point.

  14.  “BEAUTIFUL, SOLID & RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON & RIGHT ON MR.SIMMONS I could have not said it any better . From my BRAIN to your lips GENE. EXCELLENT !

    1. So you voted for Obama, because of the “idea?” You could have said it better if you said that you didn’t vote for Obama. Give yourself credit and don’t worship someone so much; it makes you look like a stalker.

      1.  Careful, your spate of comments on this thread are making you appear very Troll-like to my eyes.

        1. I will try and mind my manners. It just seems like a lot of these people are looking for celebrities to support their views. I think celebrities are the last people that we need recognition from.

          1.  Actually most are not looking for a “celebrity”( of the Hollywood type) but the interview is the subject of this thread. I have no issues with the expression of opposing ideas or ideals, that is what discussion is all about,but we prefer at least a base of courtesy and respect for each other in the process. Enjoy have fun and look around.

            1. This is a good site. I heard about it on Mark Levin’s show the other day. Have a good night man.

  15.  Great job Gene!! Open your eyes folks! The Potus, currently, is doing his hidden JIHAD’s mission. He is a traitor-moslem from the beginning.. Vote-No-More-Obama-2012!!

  16. Simmons is full of crap – like a lot of posters here.  The Golan Heights are 100 miles away from the ocean.  The West Bank occupation is just a Jewish divine-right land grab supported by the evangelical movement in the United States who see this for the basis of the second coming.  Jews are able to either get property returned or are compensated for property stolen by the Nazis.  Palestinians should be able to do the same thing from Israel and it’s supporters.  In the late ’40s,  Jews used terrorism in getting the state of Isrteal but you morons wouldn’t know that (and neither do you, Gene)

    1. Please pick up your prayer rug, put your sandals back on, grab your Koran, and leave.  Idiot.

    2. Well “dilley”, if that is indeed your name, I have to say I haven’t seen a truckload of BS like what you just spewed since that traitorous witch Jane Fonda spewed on about POW’s. I’m going to throw an oft used liberal saw back in your teeth, “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter”, you show a real ignorance on this subject which is likely true of your “life view” in general. So you can take your liberal talking points back with you to whatever slimy hole you crawled out of. Good bye troll.

        1. I saw that his email was already blocked so I submarined  his IP as well. Thought it might have been you LOL.

    3. This is so ignorant. How is it the left thinks borders come to be? They come to be through war and conflict. One side wins, the other side loses, and territory changes hands. It isn’t “stolen.” It’s called the spoils of war.

      This stupid basis that you and most of the left choose to argue in support of Israel giving up land freely can be used from here to forever on why just about every nation should give up most, if not all of its’ borders to some other group, because after all, that nation’s current borders aren’t orginial and were “stolen” from some other group.

      Like I said in a previous post, this means the USA should give back 1/3 of the United States to Mexico, who then should promptly turn around and give all of their land back to Spain, who then should turn around and give that land back to the Aztecs who should then….get the point? That’s not how it works in the real world. You fight wars for land. You lose the war, you lose the land. You want the land back? You take it back. BUT IT WILL NEVER BE GIVEN BACK (or at least rarely is). So stop asking for it. 

    4.  I shall pray for you!  Jews have been crapped on for years and you do not see it.   The west bank would be in the possession on Egypt.  Guess how Egypt is doing right now!  Gollen Heights is looking right down in the valley of Israel.  What do you think Syria would do?  Get your act together!

  17. Sorry for the rant folks.

    Just looking for an outlet to cool the slow and constant simmering of my blood. 

  18. Lemme see this entertainer invited to the White House for poetry night, or some other such assine event –

    Not on your life matey!
    He’d scare the hell out of boy wonder. 

  19. I think Gene is more angry at himself for voting for Obama then anything else.  Every single word, even the expletives, were 100% correct right up to the end where he suggested that women should be in charge.  Even most women in executive positions never want to work for a woman. 

    1. Makes him a good spokesman. A lot of others are probably feeling the same way. I pray his message reaches them. 

    2. Yeah, let Gene explain how women are the solution to our country’s problems. Has he heard of a cantankerous woman that goes by the name, Hillary Clinton?

        1. She’s liberal and had the same idea as Obama for universal healthcare- mandates!!

  20. The majority of Jews in Germany voted for Hitler and they enthusiastically awaited the change that was promised and instead were exterminated.

    In the last presidential election in America, most of the Jews voted for obama…..and we can see the discrimination against Jews and Christians building in America and worldwide now due to obama’s stated policies….and it is very possible that an end result parallel to that of Nazi, Germany will be realized….if the American people remain docile and ignorant.  

    Gene Simmons said that obama probably thought he was doing the right thing….interestingly, Hitler thought HE was doing the right thing too by exterminating Jews or any group that opposed his agenda.  

    Jews around the world are in serious danger.

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out — Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.
    -Martin Niemöller

    1. I’d be beholdin’ to ya’ if I could go on an’ latch on to your comment to say that a lot of the Jews you’re speaking of, were holding to Marxist views in order to save face here?

      oh never mind!
      I hate it when that happens!:( 

  21. Gene Simmons is no dummy and I still cannot believe he voted for obama. Simmons’ mom is a WWII concentration camp survivor. Gene was born in Israel.
    He doesn’t smoke, drink, or do drugs because he said he never wanted to dissapoint his mom in any of those ways after what she’d been through.

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching Netanyahu Smack Down obama yesterday with the world watching. I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the White House to hear what kind of hell is still probably breaking loose.
    What do you think will happen to whoever it was that might have suggested or encouraged obama to make that request Thursday, asking Israel to go back to pre-1967 borders ?…Think they still have their job ?

    What was the date when obama stated that he would always side with the Muslims ?

    1.  Sorry… that… “I’m doing it for my momma” shtick does not wash.  KISS isn’t exactly choir boy now is he?  These celebrity types have their own self-made codes of honor… it’s easy when they don’t have to take “NO” for an answer.  But point out any other errors in his behavior and thinking then “boy!” Watch the filth come out of his mouth then.

      Just because someone has a proper stand on a few common sense things like Israel’s defense does not give him a pass.  Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

      1. Have you ever watched any of the old B&W movies set in WWII, where a group of soldiers from all walks of life became brothers-in-arms?
        Well, Las…guess what, we are in a battle for the very freedoms that we hold so dear.
        They are being infringed upon in some way every day by this administration.

        So I for one, am willing to put aside my personal disdain for the profanity and the less-than-pure lifestyle that others choose to engage in, if they are willing to join in the fight.
        We are going to need everyone we can scrape together to vote against the corrupt ObamaPoliticalMachine.

        1.  Persephone, I’ll give you that for sure… we need all the help and support in this existential threat from the ObamaBots.  To tell you the truth, foul language does not really rattle me… it’s the underlying intolerance and contempt.  I appreciate Simmons’ position on Israel.  But it’s important to be aware of the inconsistency in chosen causes coming from these “celebrities” who happen to hold the odd realistic and proper opinion. But these types will always turn around and stab you in
          the back a few weeks or months later.  Some interview will pop up in a
          video clip bashing “right wingers” and “extremists”.  Heck even Newt Gingrich played the progressive game bashing Ryan… remember that!  How much more then from your average Liberal.

      2.  “Codes of Honor” now there is a subject one code devote nearly of lifetime of study to and still come away not understanding the concept. Suffice it to say that the definitions and particulars of honor will vary, from nation to nation, society to society as well as from individual to individual. As an example, take suicide, some cultures like that of feudal Japan and the Romans considered it “honorable” I would wager that you find abhorrent, possibly cowardly and highly likely a sin. Would you consider the soldier who dies fighting a  rear guard action against impossible odds so that his comrades could escape honorable or suicidal?
        You see the concept of “honor” depends greatly on your own point of view, this is the primary reason one should always take care when questioning the “honor” of another without knowing what they consider honorable. One other factor is that the concept of honor is older than any mono-theistic faith and has existed apart from them long before we injected the “morality of religion” into it.
         One last thing in parting, “KISS” was the band ,not the man.

        1.  Ken… to me he’s KISS.  When I see his coif, mask and outfit… He’s KISS.  But I getcha. 

          I use “code of honor” very loosely. Maybe I should qualify “behavior of dishonor” to signify a self-styled self-absorbed mode of behavior with its concomitant disdain for the opinions of others.  These people, by dint and virtue (so-called) of their pop-culture persona, double down on their own opinions and can bear no contradiction without unleashing the hell-fury of their conceits and contempt on others.

    2. I think this ‘pre-1967’ idea came from the Soros camp.
      It is designed to give legitimacy to Palestinian & Muslim demands, and make Israel look like they are the ones who don’t want peace.
      Which is what makes it so outrageously diabolical.
      People who chose to characterize it as ‘naive’ are giving Obama a huge pass, as usual.

      That “side with the Muslims” quote came from Obama’s 2006 book, ‘Audacity of Hope’.
      It was another one of his coded messages to his Muslim brothers, cloaked in the context of Muslims in America being ‘persecuted’ after 9/11.
      I believe it went…”I will stand with the Muslims, should the political winds shift”.
      Something like that, I am paraphrasing from memory. 

      And I agree that Simmons is no dummy.
      But he is like so many who possess common sense, but gravitate to the Democrat side because they don’t want to be judged harshly for their lifestyle. 

      1. There’s nothing worse than a Jew against the Jews.
        Karl Marx. Saul Alinsky. George Soros…. 

        1. I agree, Indy.
          And I don’t understand it, at all.
          There was a liberal Jewish guy on OReilly last night, who said that he was still an Obama supporter in spite of what Obama has just done.
          It didn’t seem to matter to him.
          Because he thinks that Obama is the only one who is going to give him his free healthcare and medicare, and all the other goodies that he wants.

          1. And I meant to say Marxist…oh never mind!

            I just don’t get it.
            I think some people just would like to scrub their blood of all their ancestory. Not that I haven’t wanted to take a bar of soap to some of my own. But they’re still my kinfolk.
            Some just hate to be reminded of it too.

        2. Where’s the dern edit button!!!
          Ok then you know what I mean…or just peg me for stupid, I don’t feel like trying to explain it. 

  22. “…he means well..”

    No Gene, he doesn’t.
    I agree with everything else you said but that.
    Obama doesn’t ‘mean well’…he knows exactly what he is doing.


  23. Yet another Obama voter who wants his money back. No, Gene, Obama doesn’t mean well. He means to destroy Israel. He is setting up Israel to take the fall for everything that goes wrong in the Middle East.

    Wooops: Woman should be in charge like the insect kingdom. 2 funny.

    1.  Nick… I agree… when I saw the Cairo Speech Redux I immediately recognized it as a set up… a set up in code…Obama’s code for:

       “I’m with you Arabs and Muslims in the World… I’m on your side.  If you want to scream in “screaming Muslim hordes” style and come out in the streets… you got my support… I’ll rubber stamp any sham “democracy” gig you got going and I’ll finance it… does not matter what it is as long as it is Jew hating and America hating… I’ll support it. I’ll pretend for the dumb Americans who voted against me, but I still don’t like no Stinking Jews (Rashid Khalidi taught me well) and I will show that by putting those “occupiers” in an impossible position of responding to my pre-1967 borders inanity.  If they don’t accept it… see… it’s all their fault… they are intransigent.  You, my Muslim brothers and third class sisters, know what I mean by pre-1967 borders…. that is no Israel existing at all… push them out to sea, but wait till all Jews arrive from the four corners of the Earth before doing it.  My friend Nasrallah of Hezbollah had that right.”

      Simmons… bless his heart.. a bit of a Hollywood elitist mugged by reality… too bad he’s not the full package. Some things he has right, but for the rest… too much a potty mouth for my taste.

      1. but he’s got the ears of other potty mouths and that’s ok by me.
        Some of them have good hearts.
        Difficult to say what’s in his heart of hearts. To much flipflopping and reversing decisions. Good tool to keep his enemies guessing. But who are his enemies?

        In this, he makes himself clear.
        And anyone who disagrees with him, like those living in predominately Red States. Like Arizona, for example, where average citizens are getting kidnapped and murdered by drug cartels.

        Happened to another friend recently.
        Hurts to think of it. And makes it hard not to judge another.

        Enough of that. 

      2. I would pretty much agree. The corrupt and complicit MSM hasn’t get the rocks to call Obama out on this.  It’s infuriating. Obama has gone full frontal Arafat on us and nobody but a handful like Simmons and Beck have the guts to say it.

        No, Gene, Obama does not “mean well”

        Not for Israel.
        Not for America.
        Not for freedom and liberty and the Constitution.

  24. Scoop, Gene was 100% spot on in this.  This is not a new stance for Gene.  I saw a very, very moving video of Gene at a holocaust museum some time ago.  If I rememberly correctly, his mother was a survivor.  Gene gets it.   

      1. Gene wears sunglasses in a well lit room, and he voted for Obama. Pinhead, not patriot.

        1. he supports our troops.and is an extreme capitalist.he fell into the same trap as alot of other americans voting for obama. 

          1. If you weren’t smart enough to walk around the trap, you are classified as dumb as the rest.

    1. I grew up to the music of KISS…..and Gene does get it about Israel…. I saw the same special at the museum in Amsterdam, and that was moving.( I think he said that his mom never speaks of the pain she suffered.)
      ..…. he voted for Obama. He said it was something like “white guilt” that caused him to do it?

  25.  Gene Baby hit the nail on the head. When you grow up, obama has never grown up.
    I do disagree w/him that obama has good intentions….he doesn’t.  He knows exactly what he is doing and is following his “advisors” which consist of the psycho left, soros, and islam.  Sending billions into the middle east to people that want Jews and Americans dead is not good intentions, much less good sense.  How about redistributing that wealth here at home?  Not that I believe in that either, just the principal of 47% of Americans being on food stamps and no jobs.   I don’t want billions to go to the muslim world.  Period.

  26. I’ve never had any time for this dude, but i have to admit this time he makes a lot of sense, I also hope the liberal Jews who voted for Obama get it right the next time.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. We are on this blog talking about how intelligent this dude sounds, yet he voted for Obama. He can’t be that intelligent, right?

      1.  Yeah but there are millions more who voted like he did, and know they screwed up, that’s why ”  I’ve got a gift.”  Obama is toast next go-around.

  27. I’m surprised all those years of drug use didn’t damage Simmons brain.  He sounds fairly coherent to me, vulgar – yes, but coherent. 

      1. According to his Imdb bio he claims to never have used drugs.  So I guess I’m wrong and stand corrected. 

    1. FYI,.. ALL of the “drug use etc.” was and IS an ACT. ie pretend not real.

      if being a “ROCK STAR” really was as easy as it seams,…(which it’s NOT)

      we would ALL have done it.

        1. not. LOL!! 

          I was in the service when jimmy ran the show. (very badly I might add.) 

          he spent a ton of money locking ALL the federal thermostats on 65 degrees.

          it was my first exposure to government stupidity on a massive scale.

          It HASN”T changed ANY since then.

    2. Obviously not a KISS fan. Gene Simmons has never drank, smoked, or done drugs of any kind. Women? Yeah baby, there have been a few. Otherwise you are on the money. Congrats.

    3. Gene has never drank alcohol. Before you open up your mouth make sure you know what your talking about. You could end up looking very STUPID!!!! As we all know you are. 

      1. You can correct someone without calling them stupid and insulting them.  The only person looking stupid here is you at this point.  Learn some manners.

      2. I corrected myself above Shane.  I wrongly stereotyped Simmons as a 70’s drug addicted womanizing rockstar…well at least the drug addicted part.  BTW, thanks for keeping me honest!

      3. I corrected myself above Shane.  I wrongly stereotyped Simmons as a 70’s drug addicted womanizing rockstar…well at least the drug addicted part.  BTW, thanks for keeping me honest!

    4. Could it be that “all those years of drug use” wasn’t so bad after all?  There is a possibility that it DIDN’T hurt him like you believe it would.

    5. He’s never done drugs or been drunk. I don’t even think he’s ever drank alcohol.  

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