George Will: Why Are We Surprised The Government Can’t Run A Health Care System?

George Will appeared on Fox News Sunday this morning as part of the panel discussion on the massive and ongoing VA scandal. Will brings up the point that the MSM and the administration and every Democrat online, offline and everywhere is trying to avoid like the plague: what this says about government health care in general.

Democrats don’t want to hear that the private sector is better than the government at some things. They pretend to like the private sector, if for not other reason than their favorite folks like Apple. But given any particular set of circumstances, if you say the private sector can handle it, their default reaction is derisive scorn. Doesn’t make Will any less correct.

Meanwhile, in a partial concession to reality, the Administration just this weekend opened up the path for more veterans to seek care at private facilities. Which of course Democrats are already saying is no reflection on government care.

Because 4 plus 4 equals 7.

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