UPDATE: FAMILY OF FOUR – George Zimmerman REAPPEARS to rescue family from overturned SUV

***UPDATE: Turns out Zimmerman was actually helping rescue a family of four including two children, not just a man:

BREITBART – On Wednesday, July 17 at about 5:45 PM Sanford Police responded to a single car accident in the area of I- 4 and State Road 46 in Sanford. A blue Ford Explorer SUV traveled off the road and rolled over. There were four occupants inside the vehicle, two parents and two children.

The deputy reported, when he arrived on the scene that one of the two men there was George Zimmerman. According to Sanford Police Zimmerman had a fire extinguisher and helped assist the family to get them out of the vehicle.

“Zimmerman was not a witness to the crash, which was why he was not referenced in the police report,” a Sanford Police spokeswoman told Breitbart News. “He left after making contact with the deputy. There were no reports of injuries of any of the vehicle’s occupants,” she said.

An eyewitness to the accident told Breitbart News that people on the scene recognized Zimmerman and thanked him for his help before he left.


I love it. Zimmerman did what needed to be done despite all the death threats and targets placed on his life. Incredible:

ABC NEWS – George Zimmerman, who has been in hiding since he was acquitted of murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, emerged to help rescue someone who was trapped in an overturned truck, police said today.

Sanford Police Department Capt. Jim McAuliffe told ABC News that Zimmerman “pulled an individual from a truck that had rolled over” at the intersection of a Florida highway last week. Florida Highway Patrol is now handling the case, McAuliffe said.

The crash occurred at the intersection of I-4 and route 417, police said.

It’s the first known sighting of Zimmerman since he left the courtroom following his acquittal last week on murder charges for the death of Martin. Zimmerman, 29, shot and killed Martin, 17, in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26, 2012. The jury determined that Zimmerman shot Martin in self-defense.

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219 thoughts on “UPDATE: FAMILY OF FOUR – George Zimmerman REAPPEARS to rescue family from overturned SUV

  1. Keyes 1CopaseticSoul robfarley7 As a white southerner I have to point out that the Dixiecrats that belong to the KKK are today mostly Republicans.  Just look how most southern states vote in national elections.  The Klan today often includes neo-Nazis, skinheads, paramilitary types, and even some survivalist.  No matter what blacks have done to each other nothing can excuse or erase the terrible things that the Klan has done in the name of white supremacy which is as racist as you can get.

  2. Funny, Rush predicted yesterday that the MSM would be saying that Zimmerman staged the rescue but I wasn’t expecting trolls to show up here to spew their bile. I think there may be some that lurk about in the dark corners waiting for little opportunities such as this to go, “See! Toldja so!”  It’s looking like George has been a good Samaritan all along and getting his just rewards for his good behavior.

    1. Dr. Strangelove  
      No good deed goes unpunished, if you’re a ‘White-Latino’, that is. 😉 😉

  3. It would be nice if some enterprising reporter were to track down the family and find out what they have to say about what Zimmerman did to help them.
    It’s a good story, still.
    John Craven – New Orleans

    1. JohnCraven  
      Holder’s ‘Just-Us’ Dept. has probably already put a gag order on them. 😉 😉

    1. K-Bob  
      I agree and understand. But it’s sooo hard to let them spew their drivel without either 1) laughing out loud, 2) screaming in anger, or 3) just tearing them apart with their own words.  
      Walking away is the best policy and certainly the desires of this management, but ohhh, it’s sooo hard (and sometimes we’re sooo weak to the temptation).

      1. Nukeman K-Bob I know.  It’s hard to let them continue.
        Just flag ’em and put up a “Cleanup on aisle three” comment. Then we’ll find it (eventually) and get out the magic eraser. 😀

        1. K-Bob Nukeman  
          Gotcha. I like that. Will try it the next time. Seems simple and to the point.

        2. K-Bob Nukeman <sigh> It’s sport, K-Bob. Oh well, I suppose I can go back to chess or Delta Force 2.

        3. K-Bob Nukeman  This policy smacks of “troll genocide”. Perhaps we should add a motto under the Right Scoop logo in the title box:

    1. After reading one of the trolls on this comment page, 1PatheticSoul, I think is his name, you would think had Zimmerman been given his gun back by Eric “fast & furious” Holder that  instead of helping this family and bringing a fire extinguisher to put out the fire he would have just shot them all and gone about his way.
      John Craven – New Orleans

  4. Wait just a min “here” if george Zimmerman did indeedrescue a family from a overturned suv! then where is the proof? I seen it on Cnn and fox news! who were the people in the suv? and why haven’t they come fourth to witness this? people I deal with the facts, unless I see the people in the suv i don’t believe it, I think this was staged to make george Zimmerman look Good!

    1. GriffinJones
      ” I think this was staged to make george Zimmerman look Good!”
      Guess you don’t read what you don’t want to see.
      – George Zimmerman, who has been in hiding since he was acquitted of
      murder in the death of Trayvon Martin, emerged to help rescue someone
      who was trapped in an overturned truck, police said today.
      The cops said it, CNN said it, Fox said it, the ‘All Barack Channel’ (ABC) said it but that’s not enough for you, you want ‘proof’.
      If Fox was the only network to say something like ‘Zimmerman had caused the wreck’, you would be all over it like syrup on pancakes and it would be all the ‘proof’ you needed. 
      2 bit situational hypocrite.

      1. I just love it when days go by and I don’t have to type a word! That sound you heard was a satisfied snicker, tinlizzie! Well, maybe more of a snort…sorry about that! 😉

  5. If you believe this crap you are either gullible as hell or in serious denial. I think this story is BS and some bad PR work. Even if this actually happened (which I highly doubt) it still does not change the fact that he is ZimMURDERman the child killer. I’m sure Jeffrey Dahlmer gave water to stray cats. That does not make him a hero. We are suppose to believe that a year ago when he weight alot less than he does now that he could not even fight a teenager and now 60lbs. heavier he is pulling people out of overturned burning cars. LMAO…. Please!!!! Have a seat Mr. ZimMURDERman

    1. 1CopaseticSoul 
      A lot of stories where blacks beatup, hurt and kills whites don’t even make national news.
      Back in Feb 2 black teens shot a white toddler .. a year ago 2 older black teens poured gasoline on a white kid who might have been 8 yrs old and lit him on fire..
      It’s a tragedy that kid was killed, but the real tragedy is the media who exploits certain cases like this and cases like Jodi Arias – in which a lot of money is made.
      Sadly a segment of the black community is always gonna cry VICTIM.  Where’s all the marching on the street when in the last year over 10,000 blacks have been killed at the hands of another black ?!!?

      1. robfarley7 1CopaseticSoul People kill people. White people kill white people, black people kill black people and so on and so on. People kill people. I’m not the media so I can’t dictate what makes the news and what does not. But since you want to bring up crime, White America has committed the most horrific crimes on earth. This is nothing new. That’s some truth to deal with. I don’t see the blacks playing the victim. It is what it is plan as day and the writing is on the walls. It funny how whites do all the oppressing and when others fight back then whites play the victim.

        1. 1CopaseticSoul robfarley7  
          Pure gibberish, plain and simple. Not worth debunking. Keep walking in the dark. You’re bound to run into something sometime.

        2. 1CopaseticSoul robfarley7 
          Blacks have killed more blacks IN ONE YEAR than in all the KKK (founded by the democrats) lynchings COMBINED.
          Blacks make up 13% of the population, but account for 50% of the violent crimes. Black men rape white women 20,000 to 1….meaning for every 20,000 white women blacks rape, one white man rapes a black woman.
          Wanna bet yo brothas are raping those women because they are racists?
          Loose the attitude, keep your pants zipped and wait for marriage before having kids, pull your pants up, and quit committing violent crimes.

        3. 1CopaseticSoul Nukeman robfarley7  
          Finally, something funny from you. Good. You’re getting better. Perhaps tomorrow you may turn conservative and then the next day, you might drop the racism. Good. Progress.

        4. 1CopaseticSoul Nukeman robfarley7 
          Yes, you most certainly are a racist. It’s evident in your posts. You don’t care what the facts are, you are mad that a (part) white guy “got away” with defending himself against a black man.
          You look quite surly in your photo too.

        5. 1CopaseticSoul Nukeman robfarley7  
          Not just now. I suspect you have always been one. You’ve even probably started looking like the photo of your daddy that you use for an avatar. Who knew?

        6. Keyes 1CopaseticSoul Nukeman robfarley7 This is just yet another injustice. it’s part of the black man’s life in America. I’m smiling daily. Don’t judge me all my picture when you have none because you are hiding. Now THAT’S sad lolol You have so much to say yet hide. I don’t get it. But anyway, do you. Trayvon defended himself George is a compulsive liar who got away with murder. 
          This is what racist mean because obvious you don’t know. After reading this try using it in a sentence and making it apply to me. racist  Web definitions: a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others

        7. 1CopaseticSoul Keyes Nukeman robfarley7  
          Was there a picture of you next to it? I’d love to see what you REALLY look like.

        8. 1CopaseticSoul
          You talk about  a white man following a young black child on a phone minding his own . But where you there .. Im gonna assume that answer would be no you where not along with half of the great nation we live in the point is that only two people where there that night and one sadly lost his life .. no matter what color you are a hate crime is just that a crime .people need to wake up and sweep there own front porch before trying to justify why others do what they do and u sir do have hate towards white men because if you did not.you would  say the things you have ..i am not out to judge any one  and you should not be either that is f.or God himself to do .. we will all have our judgement day

        9. mzcox 1CopaseticSoul That was the testimony given. I hate injustice. PERIOD…. You don’t know me but go ahead. Join in the bashing because I have a different perspective. They are getting boring. Yet another faceless profile. LOL The comedy

        10. I am not hiding my face from anything .. and i am bashing no one i am voicing my opinion as you would call it everyone has one and you cant seem to open your eyes to anything other then a white man was guilty when a jury of his piers found him not .. that is as simple as that you talk about black and whites  but that is not the case here…. everyone has the right to think what they want and feel what they do but all i read is how whites are against the black man .. that mess died along time ago … my question to u is if you and zimmerman where in a war together  and you had to fight with him to survive ..and come home to your family would you fight with this man or would you rather die because you have only read or seen what you have on tv that has made you hate a man so much …..It says we are all equal in gods eyes

        11. mzcox ok this is going nowhere. You guys believe what you want as always and I will do the same. Life calls…

        12. Nukeman mzcox 
          It really is sad how people think these days truly …I pray for our children and whats to come …

        13. Keyes Nukeman 1CopaseticSoul mzcox  
          Heh heh, yep. 9 o’clock California time: “Time to wrap it up, junior, and get to bed. You have summer school in the morning. You know how the teacher hates it when you sleep in class.”

        14. Keyes mzcox Nukeman 
          Yes it is …This mess will never end not in my life time and as long as the media focus on cases like zimmerman  it will never go away… I truly wish people would have payed attention  in school

        15. 1CopaseticSoul mzcox  
          You’re right, this is going nowhere. I just want you to know that I appreciate your comments, though it’s obvious we will never see things the same..

        16. 1CopaseticSoul Nukeman robfarley7 Your pic sure looks like it! Angry black man with an attitude = racist in my opinion. Or at least you are trying to portray yourself as such.

        17. 1CopaseticSoul Keyes Nukeman robfarley7 I hate people who cherry pick definitions to suit their needs… here are some more definitions to racism because as you know…most dictionaries offer more than 1 definition….
          “a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination. 3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. ”
           “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races”
          So yes…showing ALOT of racism in your responses.  It’s ok though, i’m a minority and I am very used to most of the minorities being discriminatory against Caucasians.  You say that TM defended himself?  That makes total sense if Zimmerman show him in the back or from his car…or even if he took the first swing.  Here are facts that can’t be argued.  They are proven.  Zimmerman’s fist had no damage.  Do you know what that means?  What was TM “defending” himself from?  Being followed?  I’m sorry…didn’t the president just say it’s racist to even lock your door when someone walks by your car?  So the idea that you felt the need to attack someone walking behind you…isn’t that racist?

        18. 1CopaseticSoul robfarley7 
          That would be fine and dandy, except i’m not white. And I have good things, but I fought for them and worked hard.  I don’t see all the Chinese marching on the streets although we both know Asians are still sold as slaves.
          Man this is 2013.. It’s time to quit blaming America.  I already know America has done a lot of bad things.. but so has EVERY country in the world – when it comes to its own agenda..

    2. 1CopaseticSoul You sadden me.  Reminds me of what a waste it was that a good,decent honorable man walked till his feet hurt, was stabbed by a crazy black woman, prayed for his people.  See I was there and many of your generation are not worth his loss of life for you!

    3. 1CopaseticSoul You must not have watched the trial. Zimmerman, based upon testimony, was found to be not guilty. As a matter of fact, the description of Zimmerman by those who knew him would lead one to believe that this sort of good Samaritan act would be exactly the kind of thing Zimmerman would do.

    4. 1CopaseticSoulWait just a min “here” if george Zimmerman did indeedrescue a family from a overturned suv! then where is the proof? I seen it on Cnn and fox news! who were the people in the suv? and why haven’t they come fourth to witness this? people I deal with the facts, unless I see the people in the suv i don’t believe it, I think this was staged to make george Zimmerman look Good!

    5. 1CopaseticSoul 
      Oh, aren’t you cute with your little hoodie?
      Zimmerman couldn’t fight the dirtbag Martin, because Martin cold cocked him in the face and knocked him to the ground, then proceeded to bash his head against the pavement….you racist piece of trash.
      I am sick of racist blacks. Sick of you. All of you racists blacks seem to think it’s ok to beat the crap out of a (part) white person.
      Zimmerman mentored two black kids. FACT.
      Zimmerman petitioned to get a policeman’s son justice after the policeman’s son beat up a homeless black man. Nothing was going to be done because he was the policeman’s kid….Zimmerman worked to get the homeless black man justice. RACIST.

      1. Sigh, Keyes. You know well that there are those that do not want to hear the facts. Those guided strictly by their emotions, despite all sound reasoning, cannot be convinced otherwise. They stopped listening the moment someone opens their mouth to disagree. 🙂

    6. 1CopaseticSoul Being obsessed with skin color makes people say really strange things.
      — Only Democrats Care About Skin Color —

    7. 1CopaseticSoul Yeah right! A 6′ 2″ child that had a thug history and liked to act our in a violent manner repeatedly! This was some sweet innocent little kid alright…. NOT! Educate yourself fool and stop the racist rhetoric! Blacks are blacks worst enemy its a fact! 97% of crimes against black Americans are committed by blacks, get over it!

    8. 1CopaseticSoul PR?? You see that’s the difference between sane people and wicked and delusional people like you. Sane people, civilized people, they help their fellow man; wicked and delusional people attack and assault their fellow man. Your people need to worry about your own moral failures before you start pointing your crooked finger at others:BLACK MOB VIOLENCE AND THE MEDIA SILENCE

    9. 1CopaseticSoul You talk about people being GULLIBLE and you call Zimmerman a murderer?  He was attacked by a hot-headed little bastard who thought HE had the right to kill someone by beating them to death because they dared to question what he was doing by simply observing him.  Go back and crawl under your rock.

  6. Well done, George!!!!  You will NOT be stopped from “doing what’s right”!!!

    1. Christina Myers Andrada To George, it wouldn’t make a difference. He’s a better human being than I am.

    2. Christina Myers Andrada The MSM didn’t say, so I presume they were white. Just like when a pol gets involved in a scandal and they don’t say the party, he’s got a (D) after his name.

  7. Does anyone know the race of the people he saved ???  Since there is no mention – more likely than not – they were not white
    If they were white – It would be mentioned – Black – not so much

    1. PressWatchusa 
      For the left, this will only prove Zimmerman’s guilt! And that he’s doing this simply to pretend he’s good! No, really. They will and do. 
      On the 1,000 plus occasions a left liberal has called me a “racist!” and I mention I’ll let my Japanese wife and first wife the French Jamaican know,  said leftist twit ALWAYS says that this proves I’m a racist! 
      Because I married them…as a racist…to er, oppress them further…as you do. Beyond belief really. You CANNOT find common rational ground with such a dysfunctional mob mentality. 
      No, really. Colonel Neville.

    2. PressWatchusa 
      Does anyone know the race of the people he saved ???  – PWusa

      It was – human.

  8. Hilarious Zimmerman-friendly comments here:  http://legalinsurrection.com/2013/07/zimmerman-briefly-emerges-from-hiding-to-help-rescue-family/#comments

    Hi 911,
    My name is George Zimmerman and I’m helping out at a rollover accident involving 2 adults and 2 children.
    Operator: What color is the vehicle?
    George: Are you nuts! I know better than to give you the color of something when asked.”
    Operator: OK. Are there any injuries?
    George: Yeah, there’s a leg injury, I’m helping stanch the bleeding.
    Operator: Yeah, we don’t need you to do that.”

    Eric Holder probably has DOJ legal interns busily researching whether or not there are any federal crimes for unauthorized use of a fire extinguisher, or illegally parking on the shoulder of the road, or crossing against the traffic, etc.
    “There must be something we can charge him with . . . . !”

    Al Sharpton thought bubble:
    “God, I beg you, Please make sure the family George saved from that burning vehicle are not black.”

  9. Great. Livfyre’s not working again. Won’t call up the comments from the reply button in emails. If I did my job as poorly as livefyre does its job, I’d have been fired long ago.
    Rename contest: Deadfire? ashes-of-fire?

      1. Laurel A lawngreen    Ahhhh. The light dawns. Thank you.
        Makes sense. I just replied to the second dim troll in three days. TRS seems to have a minor infestation at the moment.

      2. My first attempt at a response to you just disappeared. I’ll try again:
        Ahhh. the light dawns. Thank you.
        Makes sense. I just replied to the second dim troll in three days. TRS seems to have a minor infestation at the moment.

  10. Nasty  racists are already making up lies and false accusations about George Zimmerman helping these people:
    – it was staged
    – he must have shot out the tires on the SUV. 
    – he was following them too close
    – asked if the family was white, saying a racist like Zimmerman would save a white family but kill a black “child.”
    – Theresa Root · Top Commenter – Detroit Free Press: “who’s to say he didnt cause more damage to those people than not? You’re supposed to secure the scene and let trained professionals extracate, not just pull people out. This man has some kind of hero issues. No thank you – direct trafiic around me and keep your untrained hands off of me thank you very much.”  (spelling belongs to commenter)
    Wicked minds.

    1. Celestino 
      Yet he’s an Obama supporter and a democrat. Hopefully he’s waking up to who really is out to ruin his life.

      1. badbadlibs Celestino he WAS a democraut – i’ll bet my life his demoncratic-voting days are over.

        1. shadetree56 badbadlibs Celestino I certainly hope so.If he doesn’t realize by now who is trying to destroy him,he never will

  11. Good man, Zimmerman.
    I wonder how the New Black Panthers have been spending their time since posting an illegal bounty on George “dead or alive”. Do you suppose they’ve assisted any accident victims?

    1. lawngreen Last I heard, having lost a ability to complete a thought, the Houstoin Branch was screaming “RACISTS! at white people in a CCW parade.
      I keep praying.

  12. libtard head explosian in 3 -2 – 1… what would really get a major libtard media explosian would be if the city awarded him with a hero award…..

    1. davienne  Ignore insulting remarks. I think your comment is funny, and accurate to boot.

  13. I’m sure the left will try to make him out to be some sort of ambulance chaser, looking for a crisis to take advantage of (like Obama and Holder).

  14. We could put George in a mask and cape. He deserves it anyway! 
    Character does matter.

  15. Contrast Zimmerman’s 4 lives saved with Obama and Hillary’s Benghazi 4 lives abandoned and lost.

    1. Conniption Fitz  
      There IS a similarity. The media failed to report on both incidents. At least they are consistent, albeit for different reasons.

  16. Oh my, reading liberals’ response to this story is hilarious.  They swear the whole thing is false. Those people are insane.

    1. Tallgal83 Two possible scenarios:1 he was trying to carjack the vehicle.  2) he saves white people but kills black children.

      1. Don’t let a member of the family that was saved mention how Zimmerman and some other guy helped the out of their car. Libs will swear the family member is an actor or lying.

        1. Tallgal83  
          Not to worry. Holder sent someone from the DoJ to make the family sign a non-disclosure agreement (much like they did with the survivors of the Benghazi attack). Can’t have them getting in the way of a Zimmerman investigation, now can we.

      2. Bac Si68 Tallgal83  you must not  be talking about Barack Obama because he kills indiscriminately — and has actually never claimed self defense –or been a victim of an aggravated assault — you brain dead lemming

        1. sfreely Godisright nhLevinitized MadJack  Oh lookie..not just a troll, but a one-trick pony troll. Really? Is that the best you’ve got?

        2. Maxicat1 sfreely Godisright nhLevinitized MadJack   I shudder to think of the degree of mental debility indicated by that troll’s only learned response.

        3. lawngreen Maxicat1 sfreely Godisright nhLevinitized MadJack  
          He was just copying from the note sent to him from Obama. He probably didn’t even understand the words.

        4. sfreely Godisright nhLevinitized MadJack 
          “a very stupid people”
          At least we can form a sentence.
          If you’re going to insult us then at least say it correctly:
          You are very stupid people.
          You, sfreely are a very stupid person. See the difference, genius?

        5. Nukeman lawngreen Maxicat1 sfreely Godisright nhLevinitized MadJack 
          It was more like a note from Rachel. Neither of those two idiots together could form a correctly worded sentence.

        6. badbadlibs sfreely Godisright nhLevinitized MadJack We are very stupid people who like ice cream. At least he/she/it could finish a sentence.

        7. badbadlibs sfreely Godisright nhLevinitized MadJack  
          Seems to me, by using the term “a very stupid people”, he was being racist. I can’t believe an Obamaphile would be racist. Only white folk can be racist.

        8. Nukeman badbadlibs sfreely Godisright nhLevinitized MadJack 
          Well, if he was referring to us as a nation…guess we are “a people”. Anyway you slice it afreely is dumb as well as a racist.

  17. So what’s the big deal, isn’t this what hateful, racist assassins who go looking for blacks to shoot for fun do in their spare time?
    On a serious note, I really hope the family was black, just to stick it in deeper and give it a twist to the despicable media.

  18. Obviously GZ set this all up, caused the car to roll over so that he could be the hero and save the people, who probably were all white.  Believe that and you’ll believe that he hunted down and murdered Martin.

    1. Your first sentence is exactly the narrative that the media and libs are going to push.

      1. Tallgal83 Headline -” Zimmerman involved in mysterious vehicle, leaves scene when police arrive.”

        1. My favorite currently is “Zimmerman allegedly saves family from SUV crash”, strange narrative considering they flat out manipulated all facts and called him a racist murderer before his trial even started.

  19. The liberals have tarnished and/or destroyed the image of a man who deeply cares about others and for his community.  They make him out to be the devil himself….a hateful man.  That is clearly not the case.

  20. The liberals have tarnished and/or destroyed the image of a man who deeply cares about others and for his community.  They make him out to be the devil himself….a hateful man.  That is clearly not the case.

  21. Insane that the media waited to report this.  If he had kicked somebody’s butt the media would have made this breaking news.  Everyday gets harder and harder for Obama and his sidekick Holder to sucessfully launch any federal charges.

    1. Tallgal83 It doesn’t fly with their narrative thats why.  Remember, this same “media” was itching for a white Tea party person to be the Boston bomber.

      1. PhillyCon Tallgal83 ….and the IRS building kamakaze guy (who was actually an Obama supporter).   And the guy who shot Democrat congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in the head (he was a Democrat).  The Democrat congressman’s office that was firebombed was blamed on the Tea Party, but it was one of his own ex-campaign staff members.  The hostage taker at the Discover channel was called a Tea Partier, but he was an Al Gore environmentalist wacko.  Vandalism at the Democrat HQ was blamed on the Tea Party, but it was Democrat party employees.
        I’m sure there’s more.  This is a modus operandi for the left wing media.  When they are proven to be liars they don’t even try to apologize.  They just drop the story and leave their viewers with the lies never being corrected.

        1. kong1967 PhillyCon Tallgal83  liberals all think they have the lawyerly right to attempt to communicate using idioms— so nothing they say is truthful or has any meaning except the one they apply to it

    2. Tallgal83  Of course, we know he wouldn’t kick anyone’s butt without being provoked and forced to out of self defense.  He shows everything but aggressive, mean spirited behavior.

  22. Im surprised the lib media has’nt acused the Sanford police of inventing the story. After  all, the media do it.

  23. Only in Obama’s amerika could a brown man kill a black man and the white man get blamed for it.

    1. Celestino It’s making “reality” fit their pre-designed ideology.  Everything must fit that narrative.

  24. Heh, I am sure the mob will spin it like George crashed into the truck and was trying to kill the man but had to pretend he was saving him when the police arrived. At any rate they won’t like it, doesn’t fit into their pathetic narrative.

  25. This happened last week. 
    Of course the media waited until Sharpton’s protests were over to break this news and then only one network + Drudge has posted this story.

    1. Conniption Fitz  if you wait for mainstream media to report this you would have waited a long time, I doubt that Drudge and The Right Scoop waited, they only waited until they knew about the incident

    2. Conniption Fitz 
      Stunning. We’re just now hearing about it. IF it had been Martin’s father it would have been headlines for months on end. These people in the media are the worst that America has to offer. They are destroying this nation with great happiness. I hold them in contempt and accountable.

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