Gerald Celente: US Economic Collapse by 2012

Economic Collapse

UPDATE: Make sure you see my new post: Gerald Celente Predicts Greatest Depression

Gerald Celente is apparently the guy who is always right, and is telling us that by 2012 the U.S. will be in full economic collapse.  Celente is the CEO and trend forecaster of The Trends Research Institute.  He has, according to the video, accurately forecasted everything from the stock market crash in the 80’s to the ’08 mortgage bubble burst.  ABC gives this guy alot of credence.

One of my favorite lines from the video:  “You can’t print money based on nothing. It’s not even Economics 101, it’s Economics for dummies.”  Hear that Pres. Obama?  Spending/printing a trillion that you don’t have isn’t that great. Just ask Zo.

If you think Celente seems just a little too apocalyptic for your tastes, then you should also bear in mind the oh so competent government we have running the show right now.  They are so good at wasting money.  Just imagine how well they are spending those stimulus dollars.

Also, Celente was also on the Glenn Beck Show in February during Beck’s War Room Scarathon.

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