Geraldo destroys Malik Shabazz and defends Glenn Beck! – UPDATE: Is Shabazz a truther?


Geraldo really goes after Malik Shabazz, to the point where Shabazz disingenuously recants his 2002 praising of Osama Bin Laden, just 6 months after 9/11. But Geraldo doesn’t let up, grilling Shabazz on why he still calls King Samir Shabazz his brother after his hateful incendiary comments toward white people. Incensed, Geraldo asks Shabazz ‘what if a white person said those things about black people?’, which Shabazz never really answered and of course tried to dodge.

You really just have to see it! As much crap as I give Geraldo over his lefty ways, I have to give him props for such an aggressive (and entertaining!) interview. And don’t miss the part at the end where he defends Glenn Beck’s right to go to the Lincoln Memorial on 8/28.


UPDATE: I’ve been talking to some on twitter who think that Shabazz revealed himself as a truther in this interview. Honestly, it didn’t strike me that way for a couple of reasons. We know that he will just say whatever he can to keep from making himself look like the racist hatemonger he is, as he did in the interview with Tommy Christopher, suggesting that for the sake of the interview there ‘is no context to kill white people’. How convenient. And he did that very thing tonight, pretending to rescind his comments about praising Osama Bin Laden just to get Geraldo off his back.

He also said that Osama Bin Laden hasn’t been charged with a crime, which is why some have concluded that he is a truther. Maybe. But personally, I think that was just another evasionary tactic to hide his support for the 9/11 attack on America. I don’t get the feeling that he’s a truther, I get the feeling that he thinks America got what it deserved for its imperialistic ways.

Either way he’s still scum. But what do you think?

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21 thoughts on “Geraldo destroys Malik Shabazz and defends Glenn Beck! – UPDATE: Is Shabazz a truther?

  1. Clearly this idiot thinks the world is full of idiots and he he beleives he is running interference for past indiscretions from his fellow troops. He lies.

  2. I would think he is a truther with the aspect that they (The Jews) did 9-11 only to continue the oppression of the blacks and browns. And AQ was a victim and not the ones that carried it out but the jews took AQ idea how to do it.

  3. This man talks the same rhetoric as Obama, Farrakhan, Rev. Wright, the Black Caucus. Hate, power, blame white, restitution for slavery and suffering of the Black race, as the rationale for using Alinskey's rule (borrowed by Malcolm X) “by any means necessary”. So the end justifies the means and the playing field becomes a chaotic mix of moral decay with lies, deception, tyranny, hate…etc. All these tools to bring down a society and no one will ever get the sweet revenge they are lusting for. A toxic mix of Alinskey and Muslum fundamentalism guides and justifies our president and his backers as they plunder the one nation under God. Just think about it, Alinskey dedicated his book to Lucifer the fallen angel whom he describes was (and is)the first radical organizer. Sadly this dark character with cunning behavior is recruiting the souls of these radical African Americans. As they seek to destroy the very sources of abundance, the hopes of all human beings of all skin colors are made desolate.

  4. Of course Black haters of this type would actaully get along quite well with white Dukes and Cyclops(ses?) and grand wizards of the KKK just fine, and use all the same language, talking of their women being used by the other race, and the whole 9 yards. And, unrepentant, WILL be NEAR eachother in their separate pits in hell, but no parties there, just more blaming, in screeching voices.

  5. Although I rarely watch TV News, I watched the entire Fox segment as it aired for the first time. As much as I would have loved to see Geraldo, or anyone else, take Shabazz apart, it didn't happen. Geraldo was nervous, intimidated, and defeated. It would have been effective to question Shabazz's source about sending the nightstick-wielding Black Panthers to the voting polls because they supposedly heard that blacks were going to be prevented from voting. Who told Shabazz? I seriously doubt Shabazz would have been willing, or able to substantiate this claim. The most Geraldo could do was cut to a commercial every time he was overwhelmed.

  6. Two statements Shabazz made in the Kelly interview that bothered me:

    ” conservative right wing unfounded fears…”

    “…. (to Glenn Beck) we're ready to rumble”

    Very contradictory there!

  7. There is some interesting irony here. Being a truck driver, and listening to Sirius Patriot Radio, one of my favorite talkshow hosts(who happened to be on RedEye this past week) is Andrew Wilkow. Andrew stated on Friday that this is the type of show that the old TV talkshow hosts used to have(Geraldo and the chair-tossing KKK vs. Black Panther style shows). It is making me wonder if Geraldo happen to have caught Andrew in the halls of Fox and Andrew tipped him off to this. Just funny how what used to be a staple of his old TV talkshow days, came out on Fox, after hearing the idea on Andrew's show.

  8. I just watched this interview at and I'm surprised anyone would think Geraldo came out on top in that interview. Their headline said “Geraldo takes apart” the guy and yours goes even further and says he “destroys” him.

    Where? At what point in that interview did Geraldo ever have the upper hand? The guy started out calm and in control and he kept control all the way through it. He called Geraldo a traitor to his race. Geraldo never got mad at anything the guy said, he was just frustrated that the guy kept talking, frustrated that the guy took over the interview right down to directing the camera.

    As I commented over at Breitbart, Geraldo treated the guy better than he treats Ann Coulter most of the time.

    The thugs standing behind him was a nice touch, btw.

  9. I was more suprised Giraldo defended whites (after seeing him for the last few years bashing whites) than the racist insanity from the Black Panthers (to be expected). It was riveting. I thought maybe Shabazz might climb the table and whack Geraldo (nose bandage #2?). I also like the revealing vids of black panthers spewing hate we haven't seen yet. Hopefully affirmitive action vanishes as we see racist thugs like Shabazz get a law degree & give hate filled brainwashing lectures on campuses. Perhaps Geraldo knows that if thugs like the Panthers with help from Holder & Obama the great unifier & Jeremiah Wright & James Cone & Al Sharpton, help create a new race war, it will mean disaster for everyone as the country sinks into a major depression with unimaginable human suffering, animal suffering, and environmental catastrophe here and abroad. We need a true Christian dispensational Holy Spirit revival (minus black liberation cult theology and minus new age occultism). Becoming a born-again Christian, the rapture, and Jesus' glorious return is our only real hope. True Christianity transcends race. Progressivism is tied to new age occultism.

  10. The past few years I'd lost respect for Geraldo. After this Shabazz show, it's coming back. BRAVO Geraldo!!! Thought Geraldo was going to punch the guy…and it would have been deserved! Geraldo (and Glenn) are NOT racists. What's obvious is that Shabazz and the Panthers ARE!
    Geraldo tried to tell him to knock off the “black” talk, had nothing to do with it. Therein lies the truth. Shabazz's generation and all those under him have NEVER experienced slavery! It's getting old hearing about that history as though we, today, should be held accountable. I am NOT racist, I feel a GREAT injustice was done to blacks upon their arrival to this land. BUT, it's history. We shouldn't be paying for what our ancestors did to their ancestors. While native Indians may feel…who knows what, they are NOT boistrous about the history of what whites THEN did. We…of ALL colors, are suppose to be more civilized today than that. While some racism still exists in all colors, feel free to dislike the individual, but don't call for killing “cracka's” and the babies of any color!
    Too, blacks (and whites) need to remember that there are people from both sides who have fought FOR you. Keep up the attitude of Shabazz and the colors will take sides again…we will never unite.
    It's true that if you don't like it here…LEAVE! Racists are free to go where they think they can live without racism being a part of life. Good luck!…or Get Over It!
    Racism, by any color, will only hurt you, NOT make you a better person.

  11. How do those who practice prejudice not see the error of their ways? Karma will come back around all in due time.

  12. More important IMO:

    Post TRS made right before this fits right in with what they may have been there to do. Remember it was rumored that they were there to prevent anyone from blocking the vote of black people…..add a plan to manipulate polling locations from the Obama campaign (tied to Black Panthers) and add the role of ACORN = conspiracy- what's more astonishing is that this has been there since 2009 or earlier and I had never heard of it and proves the documentary writer's statement that it was ignored by the media and may havr been complicit. That, my friends, is the real story!

  13. i've already heard this guy stumble through 2 interviews trying to explain away these 'incidents', but in deference to your write up RS i'll check it out (just let me get the duct tape placed first for that voice)16:19? oh man that was painful! i wish ole revolver would have shut up a little and let him bury himself more in his own brand of BS.

  14. Wow, A glimmer of the old Geraldo fire came out for a moment there.Malik Shabazz stated that King Shamir Shabazz (I believe that's his name) does not speak for the NBPP,however in the video he is dressed in their “uniform”,wearing their insignia and is the “Chairman” of the Philadelphia chapter.Well then would it not be prudent to strip the guy of his position and possibly put him out of the party? Not that it will happen seeing as Geraldo had to practically twist his arm off to get him to repudiate,almost halfheartedly, Shamir's statements and to withdraw his statement of support for Bin Laden. You know what? I don't believe a word of it.

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