Gibson Guitars still waiting on DOJ, says feds aggressive action has hurt company significantly

It’s been almost 3 years since the first raid in 2009 and almost a year since the 2011 raid of Gibson Guitars by the DOJ, yet Gibson says they are still waiting on the DOJ to charge them. The CEO of Gibson, Henry Juszkiewicz, says the feds have taken aggressive action against his company that has hurt them severely, and now he worries about the long-term damage to their company as a result:

Fox News’ report on this last year revealed that the feds wouldn’t have targeted Gibson had the imported wood been a completed fretboard, leading Gibson to believe that the Obama administration is simply tried to force American jobs overseas. They also reported that other guitar manufacturers who import the same wood had not yet been targeted by the DOJ, perhaps because their CEOs weren’t Republicans who have donated heavily to Republicans, like Henry Juskiewicz.

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28 thoughts on “Gibson Guitars still waiting on DOJ, says feds aggressive action has hurt company significantly

  1. I don’t know if your aware but WOOD is illegal to import to many countries because it contains parasites. So Gibson was breaking the law importing wood from another country. Wood has to be treated before it can be imported or it can be made into other things. Hence why it could have been made into fretboards and imported. This isn’t the Obama administration forcing jobs overseas this has been the way things are in MANY countries. Jeez not everything is about Obama…

  2. We have to kick these bastards out of office and slowly whittle the government down to size. This is an outrage.

  3. Ironically, Gibson Montana, the company’s acoustic guitar manufacturing facility had wood from the same shipment and was never “visited” by the gently caressing feds.

      1. My theory is that it had to do with who our Senior Senator is.

        Edit: Sen. Max ‘Douchebag’ Baucus.

          1. Yeah that would be him, he is so worried about his seat he has launched his reelection bid two years early. This is the guy that had an affair with Melodee Hanes (one of his staffers, for whom he secured a job at DOJ) then divorced his wife of 25 years for, then proceeded to nominate her for the post of US Attorney for the State of Montana, while they were living together. Hopefully the GOP here will put up a solid candidate against this fool.

  4. Obama is a terrorist. He’s infiltrated the White House. He doesn’t need a bomb or a plane. He’s managed to usurp the highest office in the land, and everyone looks the other way. I watched a horrifying video yesterday. Here’s a link. They were warned about Pearl Harbor and did nothing to stop it. They were warned about 9/11, and did nothing to stop it. They were warned about this man, and did nothing to stop it. God only knows what will happen before this end. I swear this man could murder people with a knife out in the open and they would say, “Didn’t he wield the knife beautifully?”

    What’s going on, is very sick. It’s very sick on the part of those who are entrusted to protect this country.

    2008 was economic terrorism. It’s still going on. Why don’t they do something?

    Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Kevin Freeman, author [VIDEO]

    Read more:

    1. Are you saying you believe the conspiracies? I wouldn’t believe every claim you see. Pearl Harbor was not intentionally allowed to happen and neither was 9/11.

  5. Gibson Guitars has always been known to have a superb product and stellar reputation. It is another horrible example of how THIS administration is intentionally destroying viable businesses in our country, intentionally.

  6. This remains an outrage. As a long time player and supporter of Gibson guitars, I was furious about it back when this nonsense all started. The fact that it remains unresolved is outrageous.

    This administration has a lot of serious explaining to do. And Holder should have been fired several times over. This regime continues to sicken me.

  7. Blatant political thuggery. Until I see proof otherwise, I’ll assume it is intentional, because that is the only obvious conclusion a reasonable person comes to when the facts are laid out.

  8. 3 years isn’t that long. Obama’s Justice Department is very very busy…….suing Arizona, watching guns walk into Mexico, and battling the right wing extremists who want voter ID laws and integrity in the election process. I think we all need to have a little understanding here.

  9. The Bully-In-Chief strikes again!

    As a guitar player, I know that Gibson guitars live and die by their reputation for using high quality parts and woods. This is going to DESTROY their sales, because musicians, especially those investing the kind of money for a Gibson guitar, are extremely picky about what woods are used to make a guitar. Just the difference of wood used on the fretboards can change the value of a guitar by hundreds of dollars.

    I hope they finally get out of this and do everything they can to be outspoken about this administration and their regulatory lackeys.

  10. There is another industry related to exotic woods. Handgun grips and rifle stocks could also be impacted. So far I have not heard anything about Coco Bolo, Rosewood, Tulipwood or Kingwood and each of those woods are beautiful additions to firearms.

  11. Obama’s mis-administration keeps on picking winners and making winners into losers and more losers, and more losers

  12. ‘We’re going to punish our enemies and we’re gonna reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us” – Obama

    1. But Orrin Hatch doesn’t despise Obama or his ‘rat colleagues, he despises the folks that want freedom.

  13. Just build the dam things and let the EPA take aggressive military style action against you, but you must take the lead and to hell with our rulers. Go mail order, set an example, the USA people have your back!!!

    1. They are trying to – but the DOJ has raided them twice since 2009. They’ve confiscated close to a million dollars of their property, which is a hard financial loss to Gibson.

      My son’s next guitar will be a Gibson – no more Fender’s for him ~

      1. TRUTH IS – this is political harrassment.

        The competitor of Gibson Guitars is an Obama supporter.

        The EPA are acting as a political hit group under Obama.

        This is perfidy, unconscionable thuggery.

        I hate the Obama administration with a perfect hatred – Psalm 139:19-24

        God will deal with them in His own good time.

        Their day is coming. Psalm 37:9-15

      2. Oops! Just bought a EJ Strat- didn’t know Fender was Obummer supporter. Thanks for the heads up. (however, mine has maple fretboard).

    2. Just build the dam things and let the EPA take aggressive military style action against you

      This is ultimately what it’s going to take, and it is the red states that have the power to force a change.

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