Gina Carano’s analogy was PERFECTLY correct, says EXPERT Holocaust historian and journalist [WATCH]

There are several things of which liberals are obsessively or ostensibly enamored: identity groups, the EXPERTS, and journalism.

So they should be KICKING themselves right now for having cancelled Gina Carano, after this expert historian, son of holocaust survivors, and independent journalist, Edwin Black, backs up the analogy that riled up progressives on Twitter and, therefore, shook the foundations of the mighty Disney empire.

Exclusion, isolation, and guilt by association were all tactics heavily used by Nazis. Exclusion was a key move in what they did.

“Actually, it is like cancel culture,” says Edwin, “and I worry about this, because I see we’re now going through a purge in this country. Similar to the purge that we’ve seen elsewhere and in Nazi Germany.”

Watch, from BlazeTV:

Disney siding with the Nazis? Guess some things never change.

Carano, as you know, is not taking things lying down. She’s literally a fighter so I don’t know what they expected.

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