Gina Carano’s Twitter account GONE after getting SWARMED over ‘My Son Hunter’ movie

The beautiful and talented Gina Carano, who got canceled by Hollywood for being a conservative, is now GONE from Twitter after a blue check SWARM came for her. If you go to her account page it simply says “This account doesn’t exist.”

She is now starring in the new Hunter Biden film from Robert Davi and Breitbart, “My Son Hunter”, and the usual dirtbags got fired up at her once again.

Allum Bokhari notes in Breitbart’s article about it on Saturday that the particular message, the “doesn’t exist” one, is usually not indicative of an account being banned or suspended. But adds:

However, just because Carano’s account is deleted does not necessarily mean the actress did it herself. Accounts can be deleted wholesale by Twitter, although this happens rarely.

The account is all the way gone, her old tweets unavailable and the whole thing.

But as Breitbart reminds us, a Twitter employee once deleted Trump’s account all the way, so it doesn’t necessarily mean she did it herself. She hasn’t said anything about it on her Gettr, Parler, or TRUTH acounts.

But the fact that she was being swarmed yet again by the blue check mafia? That makes it about equal in likelihood she got fed up as that her account was assassinated. I’ll keep an eye out for developments and let y’all know.

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