Giuliani says Michael Cohen is a ‘PATHOLOGICAL LIAR,’ ‘he’s LIED HIS WHOLE LIFE!!’

Man, Guiliani went nuts in this interview and absolutely buried Michael Cohen based on this report, that according to Lanny Davis, Giuliani leaked.

Watch below:

Wow. So Trump hired a guy to be his personal lawyer, who everyone said would LIE whenever his back was to the wall? And who is telling us all this damaging information about his previous lawyer? His current lawyer!! Apparently, Trump has just recently discovered how to find honest lawyers in the 72th year of his life. Good for him. #MAGA!!!

Giulani makes some contradictory statements, but it’s clear what his intention is – to damage Cohen as much as possible. I wonder if they leaked the report just for the sake of damaging Cohen. I just can’t imagine what purpose it would serve Lanny Davis to leak it and then lie about leaking it. Also, #MAGA!!

I’d like to point out that all the leftists attacking Trump based on this report aren’t saying anything new:

What he doesn’t understand is that as long as people think it was a greater betrayal to elect Hillary Clinton than it was to allow a foreign government to interfere in our election, Trump’s base is going to laugh at this report and #MAGA even louder!!!

ALSO: Don’t miss the part where Giuliani gets misty eyed about remembering when he and Jay Sekulow watched Trump find out Cohen recorded him. He wasn’t angry… he was just disappointed. Like a father disappointed in his son. Sad.

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