Glenn Beck: Donald Trump will be a MONSTER far worse than anything Barack Obama could have dreamt

Glenn Beck just went seriously loony tunes over Donald Trump. If you remember he did something similar back in 2012 when he went crazy over ‘progressive’ Newt Gingrich and suggested that Tea Party members were racist if they chose Newt Gingrich over Barack Obama.

Well fast forward to today when Beck declared on his radio show that if Donald Trump becomes president he would be a “monster much, much worse than anything that Barack Obama could have dreamt.”


Even people who really dislike Trump (aside from DC establishment hacks) would never say something like Beck just said. It’s absolutely absurd.

For example, Kurt Schlichter, who is very much opposed to Trump winning the presidency and can’t stand the idea of listening to ‘this idiot’ for the next four years embarrass himself from the Oval Office, even he told Brooke Baldwin that he would absolutely support Trump against the ‘mendacious monster’ that is Hillary Clinton.

I’ve said it myself, that the one big difference between Donald Trump and Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton is that Trump clearly loves this country. While Trump would likely do plenty of things I strongly disagree with, I believe that he would actually try to make America great again.

Would I vote for him in the primary? No. But would I vote for him against Hillary? Absolutely.

This is why I think Beck is jumping the shark again, just like he did with Newt.

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