Glenn Beck: Ed Schultz is such a piece of trash

The other day Sergeant Schultz said that Beck had gone too far, suggesting that Beck was saying ‘you need to get a gun because’ – and then pointed to a photo of Obama:

Beck says that Schultz is such a piece of trash, suggesting that this is completely disingenuous on Schultz’s part because there is something that TV people understand that most other people don’t, and it’s called camera angles. Beck says that he was actually pointing at chalkboard that he had just walked away from but it wasn’t in the camera frame and therefore it looked like he was pointing at Obama:


UPDATE: Here are some photos from Willamm to illustrate what Beck was actually pointing at:

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20 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: Ed Schultz is such a piece of trash

  1. mslgbt exists only to report about republicans and foxnews, and that’s that! This is state run tv at its worst, no semblance of objectivity. Talk about being lapdogs and bootlickers for the demoncarats and the progressive way. Yuck!!!

  2. Even if Beck was telling us to get a gun because of Obama, WHO CARES! This administration has made it clear from the beginning that if they dont like a law they wont abide by it (most recently the War Powers Resolution), they are launching assaults on our 2nd amendment rights by any means necessary including the UN.

    1. Just as they used the Mexican gun runner operation to get in on controlling the 2nd. That was a set up by the admin, just as the UN deal is. The UN one concerns me, especially w/all the new world order crap and islam being more vocal, along with so many rogue countries making UN policy, not to mention barry putting us under the control of the UN.

      I recently spoke w/a libtard woman that really believed that because AQ was told to buy guns here that we needed to have gun control to prevent them from getting our guns. She believed if we do away w/the 2nd it would stop them. No matter how hard I tried she could not grasp why we have to have the 2nd Amendment and that islam is a threat with or without gun control.

      1. (An oldie but goodie) “If we outlaw guns – only outlaws will have guns”.

        This should go without saying – any law breaker is not at all concerned with whether there are laws is in place or not.

        God help us if the 2nd is ever repealed or tampered with!

  3. I love Glenn Beck. I hate Ed Shultz. But that shot really does look like he’s pointing at the screen. Now, I don’t think that means that he’s saying shoot the president or anything. But I’m not sure I buy the whole “I was pointing at the chalkboard” thing. Ed Shultz is a big turd.

  4. Personally I think people give to much credit to Ed, He is just a Trained Monkey reading a Teleprompter…. The Producers of the show call the shots IMO

    1. I agree and have thought the same thing about all the NYC TV station anchors. It is the Producers and news editors. When you see Couric or the others doing some off the cuff roundtable – Wow – you really hear some uniformed and hair brained non sequiturs. Which is why they are mostly older clips 🙂 they don’t do them any more. Their ‘handlers’ will not allow it. Same with newspapers – read the editorial staff columns about issues, they are usually the most liberal opinions.

  5. Glenn and his crew shouldn’t be surprised when Special Ed acts without any sort of honor… I mean, he has a mental defect that keeps him from being with honor — he’s a liberal!

    So, yeah, nobody should REALLY be surprised by good ol’ Special Ed and his ilk when they pull these sorts of antics, because let’s face it — honor’s just another three-letter-word to them, just like jobs is to Biden…

  6. Schultz uses the WEINER style…he behaves as vile as possible with hyperbolies and screaches like a frightened little boy admonishing at his older sisters.

    1. Yes, who knows what deep dark psychosis lies within sponge-Ed’s-square-head.
      I think you’d find many a spider web, a bunch of old beer cans (schlitz), a copy of Mein Kramps, and a picture of both Karl and Groucho Marx, with the Karl one displayed most prominently and the word “phooey” scrawled across the Groucho pic.

      If evolution theory were true (which it ain’t), I’d swear he’d evolved from a hemorrhoid, sometime last week, and still has much transitioning to do yet. If he develops another hemorrhoid, he might consider calling it, Mini-Me. That, I could respect.

  7. I heard Ed’s farting and as I turned and look at my screen, I in a split second mistaken his ugly face with his arse….this should be a crime of misleading public with fraud info. Definitely Ed’s is an ASS ( pardon my french )

  8. This gives another little clue as to why Glenn is leaving Fox:

    “That is why I am leaving television…There is no honor in it…No One…is honorable…”

    I’ve never watched this guy Shultz.
    He’s as bad as the other Shultz…Darth Debbie Wasser-Shultz.

    Thanks, RS.
    I wouldn’t know what this guy was up to, if it weren’t for seeing clips like this.

  9. I don’t understand how he has a TV show. Ed is neither good looking nor extremely articulate.

    1. But he is a rabid dog. Like a diseased pit bull after a lobotomy. He’s also a pretty good commercial for blood pressure meds and plastic surgery, without even trying.

    2. folks, if Edie is the virgin in Heaven awaiting you, say I’ll forfeit Heaven and pass,
      well Hitler neither look good with the pineapple pile, well I have an idea for that matter, tell all the radical muslim jihadist and suicide terrorists that Eddie is one of the virgin in heaven, that may gross them out and suddenly stop them.

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