Glenn Beck exposes media deception on airplane terrorist attack

A man was trying to break into the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 1561 headed for San Francisco. That’s huge news and of course it was reported by the media. However, we don’t know much about the man who perpetrated the attack other than he had a passport from Yemen. But apparently there is much more to the story than what is being reported by most outlets.

The AP is the one who gave us the most information about this radical Islamic terrorist attack however even they aren’t really treating it like one. Instead he’s just a crazy man that had to be subdued. Just look at the title on their video:

I guess the fact that he was yelling Allahu Ackbar wasn’t necessary in most media reports and I’m surprised that even the AP let that one out. They sure didn’t give it much credence in the report. But this was a terrorist attack and even though he didn’t have bombs, this Jihadi was attempting to take the airplane down in a suicide mission.

This is why new media is so important.

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26 thoughts on “Glenn Beck exposes media deception on airplane terrorist attack

  1. People do not want to look at this ugliness in the face and deal with it but it must be done. We cannot keep pretending that Jihad is not real.

  2. I know reporters have never been burdened with a crying need to report the truth. But what fascinates me is how they all move together, like a school of fish that all seem to turn at once. How people can do that for a living and feel “good” about themselves is beyond me.

    Used car salesmen I can understand. Reporters? Not at all.

  3. Too close on the heals of Obama’s victorious slaying of the Osama-dragon to get reported accurately. We’ll not have any reported terrorist attacks until after 2012, thank you!

    “What?! Someone blew up the Pentagon?! Looks like Iran took kinetic military action…”

    1. Sigh, you don’t also believe that Iran was behind the Iraq insurrgency, do you? :/

      1. Oh no. That comment wasn’t meant for anything like that at all. It was all about getting to use the term “kinetic military action.” Wasn’t thinking. Nothing else to see here but a bit o’ sarcasm.

        1. Haha, oh, I’m sorry. I’m not very good with sarcasm without audio. lol

          And yes, “kinetic military action,” makes me nuclear-facepalm. Ugh, the sophistry.

  4. They are lucky he didn’t have some sort of explosive on him, even if he did the report would have still been the same, just another crazy guy that happens to be from the ME. I do wish Americans could boycott the MSM and bring them to their knees.

  5. religion is the problem. Don’t you humans know that believing in false gods is stupid. The word of these suppose gods can be taking in any form and that is why people use it to back up their extreme actions and beliefs. Religion is a great moral stablizer when people use it for what it was created for. For the peace and kindness to your fellow human. (It is in mans nature to kill each one another; it is a safty mechanism that helps keep the human population under check; IT AIN’T WORKING THOUGH)

  6. But but but but…Bin Laden is dead! We’re supposed to have world peace now! /sarc

  7. Yay for “new media”. It rhymes with true media. If a nonchristian doesn’t convert, the Christian who tried might be sad. If the nonmuslim won’t convert, he’d have to not convert without a head. Huge difference. Also, in my little opinion, God is God, Jesus is Jesus, but Allah is either a demon or Satan himself. Is this harsh?

    C’est La Vie

    1. God to me is God. Different people have different names for God. God is everywhere. It is people who choose to use the name of God or whatever name they make up to represent God and then do heinous things. Muslims need to start taking personal responsibility. We need to make them accountable.

    2. If I am not completely off my rocker, the Allah of Islam is/was also the God of Abraham. Where the religion split is after the time of Abraham where Muhammed became the voice of Allah. This is where the Muslims and Jews part ways.

      My opinion is that Muslims have misinterpreted the nature of God/Allah and that is why I can look on them as lost, but not evil. I disagree with their actions and their beliefs.

      1. The name Allah comes from the ancient Moon god they worshipped (pagan)…fertility and all that crap. Isaac and Ishmael were Abraham’s sons. Isaac was from his wife and Ishmael from his servant when they thought that Sarah could not bear children. Ishmael and his mother were sent away at the behest of Sarah. Muhammed didn’t come into being until the 600’s AD. He was like a highway man…a thief. He was also a rapist of young girls.

        You will not find the name Allah in the Bible. Muhammed usurped the name for his own purposes from the moon god. I think you’ll agree, if you know scriptures, that Allah bears no resemblance whatsoever to God. The teachings are evil. Allah is not God. To these he may be treated as a God, but I would rather worship my own navel than this evil being. Some treat money as their God. Money is not God either. Hardcore Islamists are worse than Satanists based on what they do.

  8. How many times do we have to have this happen before we allow profiling? When is the last time you heard someone ripping the airline cabin open while yelling “Jesus Loves You!”, huh? We will be politically correct until we are all dead.

    1. I hear that. Profiling would end almost all of this nonsense most likely. I refuse to fly right now because I will not have my rights violated and expose myself to this crap. The TSA has got to go.

  9. The rumor is that the CFR, under the auspices of the Rockefeller family, control the Media. That, alone, would explain the reason why the MSM is so devious. The Rockefellars are “one world order” proponents. If everyone is herded into a submissive mindset by the media, it will make their job of the elite rulling over the “slaves” a lot easier.

    1. Globalists. America is in their way. The Constitution is America’s strength. Use fear, entitlements, regulations, misinformation, and ignorance to cloak the dismantling of the Constitution from the people.

      1. We are going to band together and do our best to see Our Constitution gets the reverence it deserves. It is a sacred document.

    1. You are so right – as usual!!

      They have been at this for many centuries – they just keep working the ‘PLAN’.

  10. Yelling “Allahu Akbar” takes away the element of surprise before an attempted attack. Too bad for the “so-called moderate muslims”, these words are going down in American history as the introductory phase to an attack on innocent people.

    On the other hand, he could be a cousin to UBL’s Yemeni widow and was grieving the loss of his cousin by trying to vindicate him. Who knows?!!

  11. The MSM isn’t just biased they are corrupt. They will lie, cheat, steal to push their agenda. They are hiding the war with Radical Islam™ and people will get killed.

    Terrorism isn’t about body count. It is about fear. It’s a way for a handful of nut jobs to bring an entire nation to a halt through fear.

    1. What they are hiding is true Islam. Islam is totalitarian. There is no radical or moderate Islam. You are in or you are not. Radical vs moderate is a Western contrivance.
      Muhammad and the holy books of Islam call for the submission or death of Christians, Jews and all other non believers.
      The media also hides its true reason for whitewashing Islam. The liberals, statists, Progressives etc desire totalitarian control – the fruit of their Marxist ideals. Islam is a facist model of their dreams, their ugly secret desire.

      1. Another way to look at it is that Mohammed had a fall from Grace and took up the sword… the literal sword. There are violent texts in the Old Testament as well but we choose to discard them and look to Jesus’ example of how he lived his life. Mohammed set a very bad example. Mohammed used Allah to hide behind and Muslims need to acknowledge that and do reforms to the Koran.

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