Glenn Beck fires Pat & Stu based on Media Matters’ recording

Ok ok…so Beck really didn’t fire them – he is just making a point. This really amounts to nothing less than a slam on Media Matters dressed up like the Breitbart/Sherrod fiasco. It’s awesome!

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26 thoughts on “Glenn Beck fires Pat & Stu based on Media Matters’ recording

  1. Fail-

    My eyes are red with rage over the the wrongs now being done to our nation-

    Two wrongs don’t make a right – but this is war- Right-

    No disrespect ? the only ones who could answer that are those who are directly involved in the loss of the shootings-

    Funerals mean different things to different people-

    Glenn Beck et al- yes Genius-

    To think they are faultless- isn’t that why this country is where it is-

    I stand firmer on my comment- no apologies needed- but wrong topic to pivot on –
    – Submitted with respect

    Two Gun Crawley

  2. No, I can’t believe a faithful audience would expect an apology. This was simply an ingenious tactic to shake the attention of the listeners; making certain they were awake enough to realize what an opportune moment to prove the lunacy of those who would rule the world with their lies and deceit. Well done. [Sorry for your pain, but it surely didn’t last as long as what you suffered at the dentist – right?]
    (PS – There was no disrespect to those who lost their lives nor to those who they left behind. If there is shame to be cast – it should be against the black hearts at Media Matters – and the other fabricators of the “news” – who will use ANY situation to discredit those who disagree with them and who can see through their thinly veiled hypocrisy.) Truth matters…so does character.

  3. I listen to Glenn Beck when I can, but I watch his show every day. I was in the dentist’s office and when I came out, my boyfriend told me that Glenn fired Pat and Stu…. (I continued to listen… I heard Glenn’s harsh words towards them) I was shocked… I was truly UPSET………… When I realized he was just playing a joke… I felt like he played a joke on his FAITHFUL AUDIENCE….. I am so very glad that Pat and Stu are still with you…but I think you owe your listening audience an apology. I was truly upset when I thought they were fired…

  4. OMG!! I am kicking my a** so hard right now!!! I don't listen to Glenn's radio show but I watch his program faithfully. When I received his newsletter that said “Stu, Pat forced to resign” my heart sank. I clicked on the story but I was too impatient to read the transcript and I came over here because I knew TRS would have the scoop.

    THANK GOD for your “Ok ok…so Beck really didn’t fire them” introduction.

    All I can say is WOW!!!. Glenn had me laughing & crying at the same time. WHAT A TEACHABLE MOMENT!!!! LOL!!!

    Thanks TRS for all you do!!

  5. Sure it's funny ? – but…….. wrong subject to be pivot off of- A recent shooting spree killing how many?

  6. At the start of the show today, when this first started, there were some kids who stopped play World of Warcraft, and began typing emails expressing amazing joy WE DID IT WE SCREWED GLENN BECK!

    Followed by the obvious joke being displayed and massive swearing sprang up the well, that is the downstairs to the basement at Mom's… The deafening cries of keyboards backspace keys being unfairly beaten and alt tabs back to see if they can still join their group in World of Warcraft for dungeons!

    Thank God for unemployment extensions, otherwise Blizzard stock would go down.

  7. Another great moment on the Glenn Beck show, my heart goes out to those who lost their life. Lets keep it honest

  8. After all this out of context business that has been talked about by the MSM lately, Media Matters pulls this kind of crap? They’re idiots. They do this all the time though, so Glenn could make this Shirley Sherrod teachable moment almost everyday with clips Media Matters takes out of context. Media Matters just doesn’t get called out because they fit the liberal narrative.

    Kudos to Glenn for making a hilarious point.

  9. I decided to sit down and eat my Count Barackula cereal and watch your video of how you fired Pat and Stu for acting stupidly and how Media Doesn’t Matter is lousy at their job because George Soros is a Socialist pig!!! Very Funny Glenn, Keep-up the good work for us LITTLE PEOPLE!!!!

  10. If MM had even a smidgen of credibility prior to this(notice I said “If”) there is now a large stake through what passed for its heart. Now Before anyone starts whining “but they corrected it”,dwell on this, They edited it in the first place.

  11. It really highlights the outrageousness of the crazy BS they expect people to believe when you see things from the other point of view. People can't be stupid enough to believe the administration when they were just playing stupid- All this does is reinforce my belief that the media and many pundits (right or left –mostly left) are willing to lie either to themselves or others, just to protect or promote an agenda.

  12. Funny but, here's the black Conservative leadership's view of Sherrod's entire video ( and then her husband running his bigoted mouth);

    Charles Sherrod's Uncle Toms

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