Glenn Beck: I’d consider Ron Paul as third party over Newt Gingrich

Glenn Beck said this morning on his radio show that if Newt Gingrich is the nominee and Ron Paul runs third party, he’d consider voting for Ron Paul over Newt Gingrich, and he hates Ron Paul’s policies on the Middle East:

This is suicide and it doesn’t get any simpler this: voting third party on our side for whomever guarantees Obama a victory. That’s it. And if Newt’s the nominee and Beck wants to go that road, then I tell him what I tell others: enjoy the hell that will be a second Obama term.

I’ve made my position clear about Newt. He’s not my guy, but if he’s the nominee, I’ll run to the polls to vote for him and I’d encourage all of you to do the same.

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2,806 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: I’d consider Ron Paul as third party over Newt Gingrich

  1. The only person crazier than Rong Paul is Obama. So, given the choice I would vote for the less looney Rong Paul. Otherwise, I hope it’s Santorum that wins the nomination. Going third party is suicide right now.

  2. Glenn Beck has officially lost me if he keeps talking this way. Rong Paul is perhaps the most unelectable candidate for president I’ve seen in my life time. His complete lack of logic when it comes to foreign policy is scary. RP puts words in my mouth when he falsely characterizes the unfortunately named “war on terror” and he sounds like Frodo taking up for Gollum when talks about Iran. He attracts the Alex Jones crowd and the Truthers etc. I”m surprised he doesn’t wear foil over his head to keep the aliens from probing his mind. Rong Paul supposedly has good constitutional stances, but notable people have argued he as nutty position there as well (Mark Levin).

    Nobody is perfect, but voting for Paul over Newt is like voting for Boromir or Aragorn.

  3. The Glenn Beck Program is a shallow side show that replaces intelligent political content with long runs of mind numbing sarcasm and empty talking points.
    Prior to the last election, Glenn Beck urged his listeners to vote. Vote against Obama and the poison that comes with progressives. Even though we listened and voted, we lost to the Bush haters and liberals that drank the “Hope and Change” Koolaid.
    Now the Glenn Beck Program is filling the airwaves with wildly confusing and counter productive messages that are dividing the Republican party by bashing Gingrich.
    –Unfortunately, Glenn Beck is acting like a 2nd grader who cries becuase he lost a game of kickball. Beck chose to outwardly support Santorum. Now that Santorum is showing clear signs that he can’t win the Republican ticket, Glenn is crying to his radio audience and bashing the front runner. This morning, he and his puppet head Glenn Beck wanna-bees broadcasted a 5 minute run of negative attacks on Gingrich through the show’s obnoxious sarcastic delivery.
    So, the message to his devout listeners is this – I told you before the last election to express your right to vote. And now, I am telling you not to vote for Gingrich.
    Hey Glenn – what if Gingrich wins the ticket? Your message to your listeners is to vote for Obama!!
    A message to all conservatives listening to Glenn Beck, turn the radio off and do your own research. You will find that all of the remaining candidates are conservatives who do not believe in big government and hate what the Obama administration has done to this country. DO THE RIGHT THING – VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE THAT CAN BEAT OBAMA!!! SANTORUM AND RON PAUL CANNOT BEAT OBAMA. THEY ARE GREAT AMERICANS WITH GREAT IDEAS BUT THEY CANNOT WIN!! HOPEFULLY ONE OF THEM WILL BE THE VICE PRESIDENT.
    It is wildly confusing as to why Glenn is dividing the Republican party. If Gingrich wins the Florida Primary, hopefully he will realize that bashing him is the wrong approach. Just because your guy is losing ground doesn’t mean you have to be a poor sport and cry about it.

  4. I believe in Mitt Romney if Knewt wins the primary i,ll vote for obama which i did not do last time but Knewt Ginrich is not a conservative he is all about big government i don,t understand south carolina people must love big government because thats what they voted for .

  5. OK, then. Obama is so terrible that we just have to vote for a Republican, even if he’d be a poor president. Also, progressive Democrats believe Republican presidents (see: Bush) are so terrible that they just have to vote for a Democrat, even if he’d be a poor president.

    See this neat little box the two parties have us in? See how they all get rich together? See how they always have different rhetoric, but similar policy proposals, and nearly identical policies enacted?

    Getting rid of Obama is a noble goal, for sure. But we need more than to get rid of one man, we need to recapture our political system for the people. What would you do to get us out of this box?

  6. People. Vote your conscience. If you don’t do so, you don’t really practice freedom. Get it? The only thing you know is what you witness, not the information that is presented to you. Always take everything with one eye open and one eye closed. I know it’s tempting to want to believe something just because you’re told a convincing story. But don’t hope for trust, create it through both objective discrimination and actual relationships with others who you meet. The greatest form of fascism is through the psychology of convincing stories. Stay aware, and don’t feel good simply about belonging to an idea. Feel good about listening to your soul, and live that. Peace.

  7. Sorry, I don’t vote the “lesser of evils” when there’s a “genuine good” on the ballot. I’m voting Dr. Paul in the primaries, and if he’s not the GOP nominee and runs third party, I’m voting for him there. If he doesn’t run at all, I’ll write him in anyway. But I’ll NEVER, EVER support a war-mongering big-government puke like Gingrich.

  8. Both sides of the Media are attacking Newt. That’s what I call the perfect candidate.
    Newt called Palestine a fraud and that’s when the Media knew they had an emergency. Someone running around telling the truth alerts the entire State controlled media. “This is not a drill! We got a Joseph McCarthy on her hands!”

  9. For the people who say they don’t like Ron Paul’s foreign policy…

    Do you support our troops?

    I don’t mean support like spending $2 to buy a yellow ribbon to stick on your car… I mean do you really CARE about the people who risk their lives in defense of our nation?

    Keep the $2. The ribbon really does nothing for the troops. It’s just there to make you feel like you’re doing something to help.

    If you really want to support the troops…

    Listen to them.

    I’m a verteran of the first Gulf War…back in the ealy 90’s. You can start listening by listening to me for just a few minutes……..

    Watch this short video made by some of our veterans. It’s only a few minutes out of your day for the people who risk their lives defending your liberty and our way of life….

  10. Who believes anything that crackpot Beck has to say. He was fired from FoxNews because of his delusional thinking and seeing Nazis around ever corner. The guy is a total loser and a phony! I wouldn’t go across the street to spit on Beck because he is such a liar! Beck just wants his name in the news and that is it.

    1. Ummmm…. check your facts “causa”. You are WRONG!

      He waited until his CONTRACT was up, and did not renew it! Either stick with the facts or keep thine pie hole shut! You are nothing but a Progressive, leftist, totalitarian HACK, that trolls sites like this just to spew your hate and BS. So… here’s an idea….


      LOSER! :-~

  11. LOL, George. His record in office is pure corruption. He was run out of Congress in disgrace because of 85 ethics violations, and was fined $300,000.He is on whatever side of any issue that he is being paid for. He wants the Constitution to die, i.e. see Hofler.He took what amounts to $1.7 Million in bailout funds from Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae,& more than $35 million from big pharma. He is a warmonger, for big government, the Patriot Act, TARP, and for endless spending. Every candidate except for Ron Paul would be a continuation of the destruction & the growing police state.
    Only Ron Paul can restore this country. RON PAUL 2012

  12. Also, for Marc Matthews and others below…..

    Go to those links I listed below AND goto this link too….

    Unless you’re a Progressive hack yourself, you cannot deny the words OUT OF THE HORSE’S MOUTH! We can NOT vote for Newt… that is… IF you are a true Constitutionalist, or Conservative!

    Please folks… WAKE UP! Do your own homework, research and the like. STOP listening to those that are touting the same ole’ same ole’ tired GOP Establishment lines!!!

  13. The “Author” of this piece above… a question if I may?


    Look at these videos on these links first, then come back and RE-WRITE your article (or at least you wise up and re-write it!).


  14. I also want to say, that I don’t take Beck seriously. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. Half the time he seems like a neo con and the rest of the time , he is suddenly a constitutionalist. Him attacking Paul should have shown this clearly. Plus, Beck likes to play the race game and kiss up to minorities like the libs do. Clearly Beck has a little bit of neo con, white liberal guilt. He is too schitzo for my taste. And he also comes off like he is some sort of religious guru sometimes. Having that ecumenical prayer stuff, while also worshipping the communist MLK.

  15. Pay attention people. Newt says FDR was the greatest president of modern time not because of his policies, but becuase of his effectiveness as a leader. If you step away from the montage of him repeating his admiration for FDR, you would hear WHY he likes him. Newt will be our next President becuase of his clarity of vision, his charisma, and his experience. He will get done what needs doing.

  16. Obama, Newt & Mitt, the 3 of them are all about BIG government. The 2 Republicans mentioned are both just variations of father & son Bush. Freddie Mac was a major player in bankrupting the country… old Newt was on their payroll. The Wall Street gangster banksters run the FED which is the #1 enemy of fiscal sanity… and old Mitt’s contributions are made up primarily (90%) from Goldman Sachs, Chase, JP Morgan, etc, etc. Join the revolution… vote for Ron Paul.

  17. I don’t care for Newt too much. But, to vote for Ron Paul will ensure B’ O’Bama will get the wink and nod–please Glenn, be more rational than that and if you won’t then you’ve stepped in a huge puddle of pooh b/c people will listen and vote for a 3rd party candidate who will split the Republican vote and will put us deeper in the crap pot! I thought you were a better thinker than this! And more honest! Evidently you’re you’re just stirring up the manure to boost your new business endeavors. Shame on you and if that is the case, fail soon!

    1. The same garbage was said about Mccain, and guess who won, Obama did. If people started voting based on the right candidate instead of the “electable” one, then things might turn around. But going back and fourth between a neo con and a marxist is illogical. I don’t care if the republicans split. They are just as worthless as the democrats. Flip a coin.

  18. John McCain was the worst possible choice the GOP could’ve made in 2008 and Newtie-Pazootie is the worst possible choice for 2012. The news media calls him a “front runner”. Since when is this arrogant, anti-working class, selfishly opportunistic, boring fat tub the best possible choice? Given that he dumped two critically ill wives to replace them with “another woman” makes him a public relations disaster. If he isn’t faithful to his wives during their worst times of crisis, don’t count on him to be faithful to the American people in these crucial times. He takes the worst possible positions from both the left and the right and makes them his own. To heck with Gingrich. Go on a diet, Newt, and get out of politics.

  19. This is purely wrong, with Newt you have the risk of be left without any money, but with Ron Paul you and Israel are risking your own life… which one is worse?

    As much I like you, big mistake here Glenn…

    1. False premise. With Newt you are more than likely to have more wars. With Paul you would only have defensive ones. Kinda like the founders meant it to be. None of this policemen of the world crap.

  20. Glenn any vote for a third Party can not beat Obama, so is a vote stolen from the GOP primary winner – and is a vote to re-elect Obama
    I am sure you know that?

  21. Newt is just another neo con who knows as much about the constitution as he does reading Sanskrit. All of these people complaining about Ron Paul doing this and doing that are ignorant of history and the constitution. Or else, like the neo cons, they just don’t give a crap about the constitution. They call Paul “nutty” which is just ad hominem nonsense. Paul knows more about the constitution than all of the other republican candidates put together. He is also consistant. He also hasn’t been a moral degenerate like Newt. As has been said, Paul is one of the few in D.C. that the founders, if alive today, would find as one of their own. They would ignore someone like Newt.

      1. I keep hearing that nonsense, but I never bought into it. Besides, if someone like Paul is unelectable, then American is further down the crapper than realized. Because people can talk about Obama and the neo cons, but they are one in the same. Common sense should have shown this to people awhile ago.

  22. Here is a slice of the ABSOLUTE REAL problem we face…everyone of us!!!!! Right now, LIVE on c-span, debate on extending the payroll tax cut. Ok. Here is the interesting part. And PLEASE dont tell me …well, that’s just ‘how it works, or that’s how it is’….this is the problem. The rules of the congress are quite precise!!! Some member ‘yields’ to a fellow ‘like minded’ house member…lets say…2 minutes. Folks, just being there is their job. They should know how to do their job, right?! Without exception, each member will take MORE time than they have been yielded. Kind of like SPENDING…MORE than they have to spend, OUR TAX DOLLARS. You and i go to work on monday, get a check on friday. How about if we all go to work on monday and on friday we get a BILL?!! We owe THEM!!! How crazy is that?! They talk more than their alloted time because that is what they do. Period. Spend more than they have. And there you have it.

  23. Face it Glenn, we just found out the Republican party is FILLED TO THE BRIM with “Progressives” who consider real fiscal conservatism, and real limited government ideas to be “Right wing social engineering”! Anyone who might consider voting for Newt could be equally happy with Obama, and will likely get Obama by nominating Newt!

  24. reallyreallyfed, when was the last time Iran attacked another nation state?
    Why should a lion fear a gnat?

  25. To Angelccoor : Isn’t that the truth. The Ron Paul supporters can’t express themselves without the vulgarity and name calling. They are perfect examples of what the “dumbing down of America” has resulted in. Must add, – I found at the library a couple of days ago Newt’s “To Try Men’s Souls”. (one I hadn’t read, written in 2009 yet) I am just getting into it. When you read his books you can sure see why the hippie-drug-culture-anti-war Ron Paul supporters wouldn’t like him. Newt really LOVES America and has the moxy and savoirfaire to deal with domestic and foreign affairs.

    1. Only a Neocon ChickenHawk like you would find Newt (the k-street lobbyist, corrupt crook kicked off by his own party) so endearing. Newt is the person who wouldn’t even hesitate to sell his mother for a price. Despicable person he is.

    2. WHEW! That’s hilarious! I wasn’t sure if you were trying or not to make a joke, but it came off as hilarious!!! 😀

      Vulgarity? I was already called a “libtard” by one of your elite Newt fans for supporting Paul. I’ve yet to see much of anything from Newt supporters when it comes to fact, mostly just a lot of excuses and historical revisionism.

      So talk about “dumbing down of America,” try reading a book not written on an eighth grade level.

      Look, I don’t like Newt because he has consistently side with whichever establishment will keep him in power. The guy keeps more flip-flops in his closet than John Kerry. If Newt goes up against Obama, it will be an absolutely crushing and resounding defeat. I guarantee that the Obama team will dig things up on Newt that will make Monica Lewinsky blush.

      You’re rhetorical argument that somehow Ron Paul supporters are bratty children in need of good parenting, at least that’s what I took the vulgarly used “hippie-drug-culture-anti-war” remark to mean.

      You probably live in denial that single largest group of Paul supporters and campaign donators are military veterans.

      So how do you rationalize that in your psychzophrenic brain?

    3. NeoCon Chicken Hawks would never dare to comment on how Ron Paul got more Military contributions than all the rest of baby soft hands, Milque toast, wouldn’t risk their own lives, NeoCon Chicken Hawk candidates COMBINED.

    4. Have any of the Ron Paul supporters on this board used vulgarity when disagreeing with your viewpoints? It seems that you are the only one who continues to post insults by calling Ron Paul supporters dumb or drug addicted anti-war hippies. The majority of Ron Paul supporters I’ve met are young students or professionals who are tired of the Washington status quo. They understand that the welfare/warfare state will eventually destroy the Republic and they love their country enough to try to change it. The majority of people I’ve met that despise Ron Paul are either recipients of the welfare/warfare state or are so institutionalized by big government that they fear the responsibility that comes with more freedom. But rest assured, the current approach to government has already demonstrated itself to be a failure. One need only to look at the crumbling economies of the Western world to realize that the current power structure will lead the American people nowhere but to poverty and enslavement. Those who are attempting to change course and return the country to its founding principles are the true patriots. History will remember them as such.

  26. I hate to rain on your parade, but Netanyahu has told the United States to butt out of Israel’s affairs. Israel does not need nor want our help. So much for your dissertation.

  27. What would you expect from somebody who believes he is becoming a god?

    (Mormon doctrine of Eternal Progression.)

    While I’m not real happy with Gingrich, a third party vote will result in 4 more years of Obama assuring the destruction of the United States as we know it.

    1. A primary vote for Newt Gingrich will result in 4 more years of Obama assuring the destruction of the United States as we know it.

  28. you people are funny! your country is going to hell in a hand basket, your country is flat ass broke, your country is invading the countries of the middle east and africa and you think it’s okay as this purposeful destabilization of the region puts us closer to WWIII, you are losing your freedom left and right, in the very near future you will need to show “papers” to get on the interstate hwy system, and you actually think there’s a difference between obamarama and any of the other repub candidates save for ron paul and voting for any of those repubs will save you and be different than the ultimate goals of the dems???

    1. agglebert – Just one of many members of the Cult of Paul that will give Obama a happy ending massage in Nov. 2012. Their feigned outrage over the condition of our republic will be covered in four more years of statist ejaculate. Stand clear of these self-defeating blowhards.

  29. One thing I’ve noticed about the Ron Paul supporters. They remind me of a cult. They sound like the Obama supporters did when he first emerged on the scene. He’s the second coming. He’s the only chance we have to save America. He’s the savior of America. Bull. Ron is just the new Ross Perot and Ralph Nader rolled into one body. He’s a nut bag libertarian and not even close to a conservative. He wants to weaken America by cutting our military back. By taking us out of every place we have the military to stabelize our world presence. He doesn’t understand foreign matters and only has a basic understanding of how the financial matters works. He will finish the destruction Obama started. Both Paul and Obama are cut from the same cloth. Paul is a 9/11 truther and that alone says he’s nutty as squirrel crap. He will never be president. Real conservatives will never vote for an American hating sac of crap libertarian. I hope he goes 3rd party and gets out of the Republican race. He’s going to take all the Obama college kids who want legalized drugs with him. They are all nuts and pumped full of drugs. The majority of paultards only want legalized drugs so they can get stoned all day. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    1. Neither Perot nor Nader were never elected to public office. Ron Paul was elected 11 times to Congress far more than any other Republican candidate.
      It’s obvious that you either don’t know what you are talking about or you are a paid dispenser of misinformation and outright lies. Who put you up to writing such trash? Probably Newt.

    2. The NeoCons think that spreading our armed forces around the world makes us stronger. The NeoCons also think its ok to borrow and print money to police the world. The Neo-Cons really love nation building. And the Neo-Cons are willing to subvert the Constitution to reach those goals. The sad part is that the Neo-Cons actually think theirs is the conservative viewpoint. They know nothing of the Old Right, the group of true conservatives who used to oppose the foreign adventurism of the Democrats in the 20th century. There is a long list of conservative non-interventionists who understood that endless war and foreign entanglements would eventually destory the Republic. They were men of integrity, true visionaries. And patriots. History will remember them as such. History will not be so kind to the Neo-Cons. They will be remembered for what they truly are……….supporters of big government both at home and abroad.

    3. I have an idea Rick. Why don’t you let us know who you are voting for. I would love to know “your ideal” candidate.

    4. You see what I see and many many conservatives see. The Ron Paul block is a recycled version of the drugged anti-war hippie culture. You put it into words better than anybody.

    5. You know who else would have probably come off as cultish you Rick? That small motivated minority that took issue with British Taxation and decided to do something about it. You trashed Ron Paul. BUT WHO DO YOU SUPPORT HOSS?

  30. Another anti-intellectual comparison of Newt and Obama. The Cult of Paul insists on muddying the water by claiming there is no difference between Republican and Democrat candidates. This is so scandalously dishonest. Why should anyone take you seriously when you insist on engaging in blatant falsehoods. You also fail to see that you and Paul are engaging in the same Left-wing sounding “blame America fist” meme that occurred after 911 in which the reason given for why people hate us is our military and foreign policies. The idea that we can have a national defense policy that waits until a threat reaches our borders is insanely dangerous. Although Paul has some good economic principles and ideas his views on national defense and foreign policy put him to the far left of even Obama which should disturb anyone paying attention to this election.

    1. There is no difference between the two parties. Both are the parties that advocate going to war without a declaration from Congress. Both parties have no problem with the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank. Both parties have no real plan to balance the budget within our lifetimes. What else is there?

  31. Since the anti-Gingrich posts in this thread were full of such terrible vitriol, name calling, and lack of common sense or integrity, you have persuaded me that my choice of voting for Newt Gingrich in the primaries is a good one.
    Thank you for showing me the real face of Ron Paul supporters.

    1. thank you for voting for the salamander and putting our freedoms at continuing risk by voting for this globalist suck up.

  32. Beck’s got it almost exactly right. I’m adding that Gingrich automatically invests a major Third Party Conservative with panache. The media is proppring him up, and will take him down with a thousand cuts… and delighted to be serving up another McCain. We’d not be in this mess if Romney had won in Florida (Crist). Recall the “temperament” insinuations about McCain that lasted until the ’08 debates? Then, their election secure, the media set out to destroy Palin, as a potential force. Gingrich, nominated, will simply be a historic loss. With all the great R’s running…this is it?

  33. OH YEAH..just what we want…to do!! Bring in a 3rd divide votes and hand the JOB right back over to barack insane ohMAMA!

    USE your heads people… i think we need To unite and support who gets the Nomination..because right now 4 years of someone else..IS better than the 3 years of misery we’ve had with barack………………..

  34. Glenn Beck needs to STFU! It is because of stubborn pigheadedness by the hard right in the party, that Obama won in the first place. They refused to support McCain (because apparently he wasn’t more conservative than the Premier Obama) which leads me to ask the question…Who’s side are you on? As for Beck, he got chased out of Fox News for being a blowhard nutjob. His opinion on who should or should not run is irrelevant.

  35. Past election records show that mostly the block of voters that would be considered RP supporters don’t vote anyway. They just “smoke”, and wave their anti-war placcards around.

  36. Glenn Beck is not the status quo, not really sure what he really is tho, his show is getting to where it reminds me of Pee Wee Hermans Playhouse, it is hard to take him seriously anymore. Glenn Becks Playhouse???

    1. not the status quo? really? wake up!! there can be nothing more status quo than being a warmonger. gb fully supports this ridiculous imperialism of the us. WAKE UP!

      1. agglebert: “WE ARE THE 99%!!!! WE ARE THE 99%!!!”, “BANKS GOT BAILED OUT, WE GOT SOLD OUT!!!!!!!…..blah blah blah……

  37. glenn beck will never vote for ron paul!! gb is a war monger and a promoter of the status quo, ron paul is too smart for that. glenn beck is nothing more than another operative appealing to so-called conservative voters in an effort to keep them dumbed down and diverted from the truth, as does the junkie hypocrite limbaugh, the left wing liberal medved, and etc. so-called conservative voters?? that’s right. if these so-called conservative voters were really conservative ron paul would be leading the polls with at least 50% support! wake up people…it’s over…even ron paul can’t change the outcome, but it sure would be nice seeing him in there. too bad he would have to deal with members of the repub and dem senators and congressmen and trust me in the main they want to change nothing. never mind worrying about your kid’s and theirs future…start worrying about your own…you’re going to be here too!

    1. That’s right you just heard agglebert rhetorically pull the trigger of that .357 mag pressed up against his own temple. Please move along, nothing you want to see here folks.

      1. BS, you are all over the map. I’ve seen you support Ron Paul and then slam his supporters? You okay man?

        1. It’s obvious you need to take a remedial reading course because your reading comprehension is sorely lacking. Every single one of my posts have been in opposition to the destructive idea of fragmenting the conservative movement by talk of third parties and throwing away votes on Ron Paul regardless of whether or not he wins the Republican nomination. I have stated that some of his econ ideas are good but the totality of his ideology is incoherent and dangerous when you include national defense policy. And his supporters are behaving like spoiled little children that insist on having things perfectly there way or they refuse to play and they proceed to discredit everyone but their pet candidate. That attitude will NEVER form a party that will EVER have any substantive influence to reverse the tide of statism Obama has ushered in. Dividing the conservative vote is a sure way to conquer it and hand Obama the election. Come on man, you have to know this and the stakes involved if this happens. And yet you engage in dishonesty in stating that I am “all over the map”. Therefore it is difficult to take you or the Cult of Paul seriously and the only thing you all deserve is to be taunted for your commitment to folly. Where did you learn to behave in such a dishonest manner? If this is merely an attempt at cuteness you should know that it is nothing more than foolishness.

  38. Newt is the one candidate in this race that successfully reduced the size of government. His Welfare Reform Act was brilliant. It put tens of thousands of people back to work or to school. He balanced the federal budget for 4 years under Clinton. He wants a much smaller federal government and he is very interested in the work that Governor Perry did on the tenth ammendment. I am so sick of conservatives shooting their own people in the back. With friends like this who needs enemies? Glenn Beck does not understand that you cannot get back to 1787 from here. We have made too many people dependent on government. It will take time and careful changes to the law so that people can adjust. It took progressives 100 years to get us to this point in our history. We cannot go back overnight. Newt is thinking through the interim changes that will be necessary to move us in the right direction. Newt is not a progressive by any stretch of the imagination. He is a conservative who believes in a limited role for the federal government. Glenn’s attack on Newt is not rooted in the truth.

    1. Newt is the one man that can reduce the size of government? You have to be kidding. You must be smoking something illegal. Vote for Dr Paul and he will make it legal for you.

      1. Jerry, Newt voted for TARP and continues to support the individual mandate. Vote for whoever you want but don’t come on here calling yourself a conservative if you support Newt.

        1. Randy old buddy – read my comment closely. It is a pity that there is no font for ridicule. My first sentence merely repeats what Navymum is trying to tell us. I live and breath Ron Paul.

    2. Newt never voted against a military budget. He does not want to reduced the size of the military. We have 900 bases in 130 countries that cost $1T/year to maintain. Does that number sound defensive or offensive? We are bankrupt.

  39. Glen Beck and Axelrod have a lot in common. The monkey butt is in the oval orvice now! And these two are looking and sounding like asses.

  40. Newt balanced the budget by RAISING taxes and raiding the Social Security trust fund with Al Gore casting the deciding vote. How are those conservative positions exactly?

  41. The Tea Party members wouldn’t vote for the drug-culture-anti-war-isolationist-RonPaul. The Tea Party are level-headed conservative Republicans. They are sensible, stable, well-informed pro-Americans. Being well-informed and well-read, and clear-headed about the world we live in today would probably point them in the direction of Newt Gingrich for President of the United States. To re-enforce their thinking the RINO s and the congress are against him which would of course say to ANYBODY, “If those folk are agin him then I KNOW I’M FOR HIM !!!!

    1. Gingrich is a bigger flip-flopping RINO than Romney. At least Romeny is not a philanderer and a lobbyist that enriches himself at the expense of the American people.

    2. My good man. You have been listening to the MSM too long. Ron Paul is not an isolationist. He will expand trade with all nations – even the ones you consider bad. He is anti-war. He will bring our troops home and quit meddling in the affairs of other nations. The United States will mind its own business and quit sticking its nose into the business of other nations. Maybe after a number of years those nations will cease to hate us for meddling in their affairs. But if you are satified with the status quo, then vote for Newt or Obama – there is no difference.

    3. The Tea Partiers seem to like war. War and balanced budgets are incompatible. We have six wars going on currently. All of these wars are undeclared and all are seemingly without end. The Tea Party needs to ask themselves if they want perpetual war. Ever read 1984?

    1. Yeah there’s no way I’m voting for Newt. An please don’t threaten me with this “well then I guess you wan’t 4 more years of Obama” nonsense. I don’t want 4 years of Obama, Gingrich, or Romney, and if they are the only choices I’ll just write somebody else in.

      1. Ah, two more fanatical members of the Cult of Paul. These folks have made a suicide pact with their messiah and would prefer the destruction of the republic rather than vote against their dear leader Ronnie “Blame America First” Paul. If you want to commit suicide that is your choice but you are also taking your children’s future along with you as. Such selfish adherence to purist political fantasy is truly sickening.

  42. you people need to wake up! glenn beck would NEVER vote for ron paul. ron paul is not the status quo, glenn beck is. ron paul is not a war monger, glenn beck is. that alone disqualifies ron paul in glenn beck’s eyes. glenn beck is just another diversion for the so-called conservative repub voters to keep them dumbed down! so-called conservative voters?? that’s right! if the so-called conservative voters were really conservative ron paul would be leading in the polls with 70% of the support of repub voters. this country is finished! if you don’t believe me, get back to me in the next 5 years to disagree…i’ll never hear from you…EVER! better get ready friends! there’s no way out and the demise of mf global seals the deal. do you know where your money is??? you better!

  43. Glen should get a grip. That thinking will guarantee Obama’s reelection. Remember what Perot accomplished as a third party candidate. That gave us Clinton.

  44. Please don’t drink the cool aide with those who have a pre-determined and un-yielding attitude when Newt wins the nomination. I have also followed his career and find myself in agreement with a good part of his positions. The man has changed, he will be practical in gettiing Washington to represent the people again. Sure some of the things he’s said over the years seem stupid, but there is a another policitian, journalist or TV pundit who hasn’t made an ass of himself/herself.

  45. So basically progressive Newt would be different from progressive Obama? I can see where Glenn is coming from. How could anybody say our country would be better under Newt than under Obama? I take that back, anybody could say that but to actually believe it you would have to be a fool. What that tells me is that Newt will probably be the Republicans choice to run against Obama. Why? Because progressive is all we have gotten in all our elections for I couldn’t tell you how long. As for voting for Ron Paul as a third party candidate or even a republican candidate you actually have to understand what he stands for, the Constitution. His stance is ” no entangling alliances friends with all nations”. Isn’t that a warning we got from one of the founding fathers? I believe so. I want to say George Washington said the same thing. If I am wrong about that please forgive me. Anyway I can’t see why Glenn would be so against Ron Paul in the first place. He is always talking about following the Constitution. I believe if the tea party really believes in smaller government then they too have to vote Ron Paul. He is the only true small government candidate there is. If Glenn and the tea party vote for anybody else they have sold out there beliefs.

  46. Newt or Romney would be the exact same as Obama, but we might get some meaningless tax cuts, basically the same as if we had put McCain into office (who hid post-war Vietnamese prison camps). What we will get is WWIII, brought to you by the CIA and the NeoCons. Al Qaeda was created by the CIA, Osama was a major asset who likely died from kidney failure, and his family has connections with the Nazi Banker Bushes (Prescott, look at Armand Hammer and the Rockefellers too), coincidentally they also build most of the military bases in the Middle East. We used them against the Russians, then our intelligence agencies used hand picked operatives and got them into the United States and actually trained them to hijack planes. So even though they couldn’t fly a Cessna, they were able to make plane maneuvers that most highly trained pilots can’t perform, both with the towers and the Pentagon. NORAD stood down because they were running drills that exact same day similar to what was really happening, this is par for the course. The 7/7 bombings had drills at the same stations and busses, and in Norway there were drills done for the exact same situation that Anders Breivik had supposedly performed, which is why the police took hours and called out Anders name, after he had called the police. His Facebook was changed from Leftist groups to Right Wing Groups and his manifesto was in part copy and pasted from the Leftist Unibomber’s manifesto.

    This has plenty of precedent, the WTC bomber realized that his drills were going to go live and he was going to be the patsy, so he came out to the media. Then we have the government admitted false flags of the USS Maine, the Gulf of Tonkin, the Mumbai Attacks, Operation Gladio, the shoe and underwear bomber, and the provocation and stand down of the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, and basically everything that got us into recent wars. Then we have the OKC Bombing brought to us by US intelligence, the SPLC, and Eric Holder, who recently lied about his involvement in the 2nd amendment false flag known as Fast and Furious. As the trial in Chicago showed us, the government has a deal with the Mexican cartels, allowing them to ship in the drugs, as long as they launder it through the major banks, then we ship them guns. This has been going on since before Iran Contra, with Democrats and Republicans, which is why Holder will get in no trouble.

    We funded the Bolsheviks, we got Mao in power, and we got Pol Pot in power. We also replaced the pro-US Iranian government with murderous Islamo-fascists, just like we did in Egypt, and what we did in Libya, with the help of Al Qaeda of course. Ron Paul is the only Republican who doesn’t support endless wars against CIA-controlled/created groups. I would rather Obama win and Ron Paul steal Newt’s votes than get Newt in power, that would finally stick it to the establishment Republicans who are really just Leftist Pan-Lenninists, like Romney, Gingrich, Perry, and Fed Board Cain to a lesser extent.

    These “Globalists” want the world’s population decimated (look into John Holdren’s Eco-Science), and they want world government so that we are completely disconnected from our leaders, this is what is happening with the child-kidnapping/murdering UN, and the eco-fascist Durban conference where they tax you to pay for world government, also further deindustrializing the West and keeping the third world from ever developing, while we murder them for their land for carbon credits. This is also what the War on Terror is for, to create a high-tech Police State that would have made the West-funded Hitler very jealous. All of these establishment Republicans aren’t RINOs, they are Leftists masquerading as Conservatives. They are like the Bohemian Grove crowd, they pretend to be Christian Conservatives, but they participate in gay orgies and make mock sacrifices to a Sumerian God owl statue and Aleister Crowley style rituals, check out Nixon’s “I can’t shake hands with someone from San Francisco” quote (Look into the satanic holiday from April 19-May1). If you’re a Republican and vote for Romney, Gingrich, or Perry you are far worse than an Obama supporter because they are ignorant and hopeless, but you should know better, for shame.

    1. Have any evidence or only broad overreaching statements? We fought the Bolsheviks, we certainly didn’t fund them during World War I seeing as how we invaded northern Russia with the British. We never put Mao in power, the fault for that lies with the Nationalist government of Chiang Kai-shek, not the USA.

      You make a number of accusations but have no evidence. Your chain is also in no chronological order seeing as how you list the Gulf of Tonkin and then Pearl Harbor. At the end you reference conspiracy theories. And Cain an establishment Republican? Have you even looked at his record or did you see his position as Chair of the Kansas City Board and allow that to influence your judgement of him?

      You’re simply ranting throughout about everything in government. You also see conspiracy in everything.

      1. Chris, we did fund the Bolsheviks through Averell Harriman. You won’t recognize that name but you’d be interested to know that Brown Brothers Harriman employed Prescott Bush, CT Senator and father and grandfather to the Bushs you are familiar with. Their little outfit helped Hitler along the way as well…
        There’s alot of history that doesn’t make it into your text books…

        1. I’ve looked up Harriman, he was also the envoy chosen by Roosevelt to help coordinate the Lend-Lease program both in England and in the USSR. I referenced World War I. Bringing the Russians into Lend-Lease was diplomatically sound at the time during World War II. That is quite a bit different from saying we funded them. Harriman’s company had assets seized because it continued trading with Germany following the declaration of war. In regards to Prescott Bush, your article itself questions the validity of whether or not there was actually a connection between Bush, the Thyssens and Consolidated Steel. Did he do anything illegal? No. Was it morally questionable? Yes. Should he have done it? No. But he was never convicted of war crimes nor has his family ever been directly connected to knowingly aiding the enemies of the United States.

          As for China. The main reason Chiang lost in China is Chiang. He did not attempt to win the people, which Mao did. He repeatedly made the same military errors in attempting to suppress the communists. We gave him materiel for fighting Japan which was in turn used to fight the communists. It was recommended that since he was not using the materiel appropriately that it should be cut off. At war’s end China was somewhat peaceful until the ceasefire signed between the Nationalists and Communists was broken. At this point the USA had more pressing concerns to deal with in Europe and the rebuilding efforts there as well as the start of the Cold War.

      2. Oh and we pulled the rug out on Chiang Kai-shek. Bullets with no powder, faulty equipment, and good old fashioned lies. Keep looking…

  47. I absolutely hate the prospect of another 4 with Obama but Newt would be worse, if thats possible.

    Basically were screwed as usual here with our 2 party BS system where 2 candidates who are Elite approved are your only choices. Its pretty sad when I would make a better president ( until they shot me in the head that is – ala Kennedy )

    1. Mark C…what does the C stand for? Crazy? Newt would be worse than Obama? Based on what real evidence?

        1. Garbage deserves garbage and the Cult of Paul is a landfill of self-defeating fanatical putrefaction. I personally think that any of the Republican’s running would be better than Obama and will vote for the nominee. And I am not a Republican so much as I am a conservative that is forced by circumstances to be a pragmatist trying to stop the worst of the worst politically from damaging the country. If I had my druthers I would prefer Thomas Sowell as President but would have also liked to have seen even Marco Rubio as a candidate but unfortunately they are not running. Therefore I will vote for the candidate that has the best chance of beating Obama who is set on reforming America into a collectivist state. That best chance is the Republican nominee. If you look back at the first term of Obama it is completely dishonest to say that any of the Republicans running would have conducted there Presidency rhetorically or legislatively like Obama has. That is simply ignorance or dishonesty in its most insidious form. The idea that there is no difference between the candidates and Obama is so ridiculous as to not even be worth entertaining.

          1. So basically, you aren’t taking any type of meaningful stand. Your comments and opinions are completely worthless if you aren’t willing to discuss options and candidate that are within the realm of the possible and actually running. You’re at the restaurant acting up and talking trash because there’s nothing on the menu that suits you and your ruining everyone else’s meal. I just don’t really see you bringing anything thing of substance that can be debated. You throw out shifty statements and put yourself in a conversational neutral zone by rejecting all the candidates. “I don’t like any of these candidates but I would vote for George Washington. Now there’s leadership!” You’re dealing in hypotheticals. You’re spending a lot of time harrying people with your opinion without offering any thing of use. If you are so opposed to Obama, go harrass Obama supporters. How are you a pragmatist when you aren’t even dealing with the reality of you choices for candidate. REAL PRAGMATISTS are debating who they believe best represents our ideas and should get the GOP nomination….

      1. There it is you sneaky snake! You support Newt! This is great. What a piece of work you are. You support Newt. Nuff said. Don’t come on here calling yourself a conservative. Either you don’t understand conservative values and ideas or you are just plan uninformed. Your boy Newt is light years from representing true conservative values. Due to your inability to distinguish your rectum from your elbow, I’m gonna give you a fun video to watch called “Gingrich and the Tofflers.” Enjoy.

    2. The reality is that both Obama or Newt or Romney or Perry or Bachmann are all the same. They all like war. They are bought and paid for by the NWO.

  48. Beck you have continued your move towards being a true idiot! The main objective is to defeat Obummer and all need to support whoever is the Republican elect. Any of them would beat him. Your continued migration towards lunacy reflects Axlerod’s recent comment,
    The higher a monkey climbs on the pole, the more you can see his butt’…

  49. So, Glen Beck wants an un-American, illegal dictator to continue wrecking the Nation? Why not makes the “third party retards” just infiltrate the Republican party and buy massive amounts of stock in Liberal corporations, turning them into Constitutional corporations by having a controlling say that’s enough to stop corporate progress?

    Beck is a retard, and him saying this and anybody who agrees is retarded. What I just described is what the Marxists did to the Democrats.

    I hate Democrats, but I’m starting to hate phony Constitutionalists just the same.

  50. We need to retake the Paty of the Republic, not take our balls and go home a protest vot for a 3rd Party….this is a defact vote for the Democrat Party…a realist Fact. We Tea Party Democrats, Independants and Republicans did not organize throughout the Union to whine and walk away….we are here to stay. It is time we set our vision for the long term and go about dismantling the Progressives within the Elephants Gut and vomit them out of the House, the Senate, the Executive and the Departments of the Federal System. We cannot speak out and then walk out…….then they all win and we as a People and Nation Lose and will be doomed. My Father was a union Man and a Truman democrat…..he stopped voting in 1968…not only was the whole world watching, but he was too. I have been a staunch Constitutionalist republican since High School and proudly voted for Ronald Reagan….but he was not perfect nor do I diefy the man. I did not like his domestic policies as to illegal immigration and perpetuation of the Carter policies on Home sales and loans. I hated his hypocrasy in selling arms to Iran….but He was the best we had in the 1980s. Bush 1 was a flop and didn’t finish the Job in Mesopotamia…Bush II had a great excuse in 2001 and almost finished it. I did not Vote for Bush I on his second run…I foolishly protest voted for Ross Perot and Clinton…TWICE. I have intellectually grown up since those ignorant purist days. I was a drug using drunk as were you, Glen……but My God drew back this Prodigal Son after eating with the pigs for sooooo long. We must make our Votes count……and our Political Battle is with the Socialist- Marxist-Globalist Left Progressives who have overtaken the Edutaion System, the Publication and Media System and the Democrat Party and Unions. It is against the Globalist Progressives who have set themselves up as the financeers and Political Sovereigns within the Republican party……..not against one Man named Barak Hussien Obama. 3rd Parties have never worked in US Politics. Either demolish the Republican party and start the Constitutional Federalist Party of the Republic, or clean the REpublican Party House from the bottom up. A vote for an Isolationalist Liberal Libertarian is not the way. I agree with much of Paul’s Economics………….but his foreign policy is 19th Century garbage…we exist in the 21st Century…the product of all the designs and misadventures of ALL Administrations since the time of President Andrew Johnson……this is when the Federal Government began it’s long march to the Behemoth we now have. Lincoln saved the Union, but the Administrations afterward have sought to dominate and relagate the Union into vassal states and not Independant States united constititionally to a Federal Government which was their appointed servant. This long history cannot be undone in a singe voting cycle, but must be undone in a long term investment of Party House Cleaning and Selective Department closings along with return to the States of all Federal Parks, Timberlands, unused military Camps, Forts, Bases and installations. All Federal Departments that are couinterparts to those in each State must be closed and authority returned to those States and their similar departments. Social Security, Medicare et al, must only be for the unprepared Aged without retirement, to the Mentally and Physically disabled, to the Widows, and to Orphans…and it must be means tested. Federal Laws and Department regulations must be comp[letely revised like the Justinian Code, and the Congress shall meet but twicw a year and for a limited duration. No member of Congress should be paid more than the average citizen of their corresponding State, nor receive benefits and retirement exceeding that of their average State citizen. The President should receive only payment and benefits correspond to that of the US Average Citizen….the expenses for political necessities domestoic and abroad should be covered by the Federal Governent. Federal judges should rfeceive the same benefits and pay as the Average Judge within the USA. All Federal empoyees should receive the same pay and benefits as their private and corporate counterparts. military Personel should receive the same pay and benefits as the Congress..with hazzard pay and full and free University Educartion and low interest loans et al. The federal Governemnt should receive in revenue from the States only that which is necessitated for proper execution of it’s Constitutional mandateds alone…..with all excess returned to the States. All extra Constitutional Departments and Duplicative Organizations, Laws and regulations should be nullified and all such powers returned to the States. Congress alone should establish and produce a sound monitary sytem and currency….not a para-Congress Organization or department. Dismantling of the Homeland Security Department and Apparatus and restoration of this to the Department of Defence and War…as well as to the FBI for interanla investigations and the CIA for foriegn. Make ICE and the Border Patrol apart of the US Army and build based every 10 miles from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Coast. With a Federal military Road from end to end…with security measures and satelite observatioin 24/7.No more Tzars in the executive branch or any other. Direct elected oversight….no unelected oversight or regulatory survatude.

    This is my goal…one election at a time.
    Make your votes count.
    Rev. Ken Huffman
    Theo-Consevative Constitutional Federalist, and Republican.

    1. You make many good points but your pontificating to support your position only screams one thing: “Vote for whatever POS the Republican ticket presents no matter how vile, how dishonest, how unprincipled, how disgusting, or how evil.”
      I and many others will vote principle, I’ll vote Bachmann or Ron Paul.

    2. I will make my vote count – for Ron Paul. You vote for whomever you please – I am sure your vote will assure the continuation of all the wars you feel are necessary to save the world.

  51. If the best that the GOP can offer is Newt Or Romney they deserve to lose. The lesser of two evils doesn’t work for me anymore

  52. Throughout my voting life, most of the time, voting choice was a false alternative. The false alternative was: do you want a broken arm or a broken leg ?
    McCain, yet another veteran RINO I didn’t vote for, and Mitt or Newt, I won’t vote for. The Boehner Republican RINOS are just as traitorous as all of the Brokaw/Sawyer/Pelley/Kroft media Marxist liars. I won’t vote unless Ron runs 3rd party. If Obama wins, it’s just like California and Father Brown, we’ll go down the drain at higher speed and catch up with all the mirror debt, bank and fake newly printed money corruption in the Euro of Europe. Greedy little boys can secretly print and waste all the money they gleefully like, and we go down the tubes aided by the status quo Newts and Mitts. Stopping monopoly money is the key to ending these tragic times, Newt and Mitt know it full well and do not want it stopped at the risk of their lives. How bad it reallyy? At a recent Freedom Convention there was a seminar on Assassination and they tell me it had a huge audience. We’re starting to look as bad as Mexico, and most of South America with its threatening little dictatorships and wide open killing drug cartels

  53. I watch the riots here and abroad. I watch the leeches demanding more. I watch the idiots calling attention to the problems in this country. They have no idea who caused these problems for if they did they would be choking the halls of Congress, the Whitehouse and the Supreme Court. It is the American voter hoping to redistribute wealth from wealthy states to states in need; from taxpayers to the irresponsible, from the haves to the have nots. Our failure is from the responsible shirking their duty to hold an out of control Federal Government in check. We have failed this Nation and now expect the political elite who have nothing more but self-interest to fix a problem that can not be fixed through the ballot box. I watch the riots and hope they grow. And they will. I know those in power that are required to uphold the laws are poisoned by the chains of political correctness and will sit by as the nation burns. We are doomed and require radical change. It is quite comical reading those stating other politicians need to GO…. This is true of all elected elites. However, you collectively complain of someother self-serving voter’s meal ticket. Eventually the circle completes and we have no one to blame but ourselves. The Federal level of government is too far removed from the voter to care for their constituency. They only have to pander to a few that help to keep them in power. The only way to correct this perverted mess is to pray for the collapse. To believe the ballot box will correct this joke is hilarious.

    Read “The Purge” for a sense of things to come.

    1. The real reason our country is the way it is because it was planned, the de-industrialization of the US, the CFR has been infiltrating the Government & the media for over a hundred years & used their influence to mold the minds of Americans. The Federal Reserve, the CIA, both created & used by the elite for their own personal gain, Check out Psychological Warfare & the New World Order (from a psychologists point of view (mine) Amazingly accurate), or Tragedy & Hope an amazing account from someone from the inside.

  54. Ask yourself…How many times as Michael Savage been wrong? Seems like too many are willing to compromise for the sake of expediency rather than principle not unlike those in both the house and the senate. Hello!! How else do you send D.C. a message? If people care to risk everything they hold dear by following those that speak out of both orifices (one hot gas-the other hot air) than hot air/gas is all you’ll get. Have you ever tried to fix stupid? Try to fix sociopathic narcissism. Good luck!! We need someone who walks his talk. Then clean house and the senate with those that really represent us. One organization is on track to do just that. GOOOH

  55. Ask yourself…How many times as Michael Savage been wrong? Seems like too many are willing to compromise for the sake of expediency rather than principle not unlike those in both the house and the senate. Hello!! How else do you send D.C. a message? If people care to risk everything they hold dear by following those that speak out of both orifices (one hot gas-the other hot air) than hot air/gas is all you’ll get. Have you ever tried to fix stupid? Try to fix sociopathic narcissism. Good luck!! We need someone who walks his talk. Then clean house and the senate with those that really represent us. One organization is on track to do just that. GOOOH

  56. Anyone care to point out the differences on the major, substantive issues between Obama, Gingrich, and Romney? I sure as hell can’t find any.

    They all agree on foreign policy – drop bombs first, damn the innocent, and deny that those actions actually create more enemies.

    They all agree on monetary policy – create money out of thin air, keep spending like drunken sailors, no real cuts of any kind.

    They all agree on civil liberties – MOAR PATRIOT ACT! MOAR TSA!

    They all agree that being beholden to Wall St., the mega banks, and corporations, is a GOOD thing. In other words: MOAR BAILOUTS!

    They all agree that government belongs in your life as much as possible, as an extension of your family.

    What exactly is the difference? People keep saying “Anyone but Obama!”, but the so-called “mainstream, acceptable choices” offer nothing but more of the same.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that will stick to the constitution (you remember, that supreme law of the land thingy we all learned about in school?). People are beaten over the head, day after day after day after day, with the notion that the only acceptable political positions must fall somewhere on a spectrum in between Joe Biden and Mitt Romney. Well, sorry, but that just seems like a mechanism for control.

    Dr. Ron Paul is the only clear, distinct candidate with substantive and meaningful differences from ANY candidate running for the Presidency this term.

    Wake up. I did.

  57. These days both corrupt major political parties have their brain dead 40+ percent that will vote for whomever is on the Presidential ticket. The challenge is to entice the undecided to vote for your candidate. This is why Obummer recently said he wasn’t worried who was on the Republican ticket. Most freethinking persons of intellect will not vote for Mitt or Newt because after being burned all these years they are fed up. I have to agree Newt may get the nod but many women and a lot of principled people will refuse to hold their noses and vote for Newt. Ergo Obummer gets another four and we can rebuild the country from the ash heap of history.

  58. See how radical Ron Paul extremeists are????Threats…..ultimatums……sit this out…….”I’ll vote for Obama”……….calling names………accusing people of being ignorant if they are turning their backs on kinky, druggies, isolationist positions?
    For God’s sake. Just too kinky and unrealistic for the Republican party. As someone posted yesterday, Glen Beck and Ron Paul should be dishing up strawberry shortcake in a state nursing facility.

    1. Well for one you are stereotyping because on all forums I never result in attacking a person’s character (ad hominem), it’s a fallacy & forfeits the argument. Second the right/left paradigm has worked Incredibly well when in fact they all work for the same people & most still are not able to understand it. I mean, both “parties” swear to the constitution, So how should they “differ” so much when it comes to policies? Just look at The National Defense Authorization Act, the greatest threat to our liberties in a LONG time & Ron Paul was one of the only representatives that voted against it.

    2. Isolationist? Where pray tell did you ever hear Ron Paul say anything to indicate he is an isolationist. You loose all credibility when you make a statemnet like that.

  59. From the Blaze. Romney, 2002:
    “I think people recognize that I am not a partisan Republican. That I’m someone who is moderate, and that my views are progressive.”

    I don’t know about the rest of you but I started hearing the word “progressive” as it applied to people (democrats were then sometime referred to as “people”) in about 1992, when I was involved with a national association which represented mangers in Federal Service.

    Romney knew exactly what we was talking about when he used that word. It was a code word for, “I’m for all those liberal, humanitarian, entitlement, screw the taxpayer programs.” In those days, being a “progressive,” was like being a member of the coo; “underground.” We looked at progressives like they were still in their high school cliques.

    So Glenn, you’ll vote for progressive Romney or for do nothing Ron Paul? Just gets better, doesn’t it?

    1. Do nothing Ron Paul? As in the bills up for vote in the House are unConstitutional so I’ll vote no…….better to do nothing. Or we are bankrupt and can’t afford to start another war in the Middle East…….better to do nothing. If that’s what you’re referring to, then yes Ron Paul has been much better doing nothing than all the other politicians who look to accomplish anything for the sake of “progress”.

  60. Chill a minute and think. Regarding Newt’s history and personal story a couple of points. 1) We all make mistakes and Newt is the only politician I can think of who has publicly said he made some mistakes. Specifically his dance with Pelosi on Global warming was an admitted mistake. Newt admits his mistakes (and learns from them), when has Romney or R. Paul done that? 2) in the 90’s, Newt was the person primarily responsible for a) getting welfare reform passed b) getting a Republican take over of the House and c) reduction in the growth of government. What has Ron Paul done that has had as much impact? What laws or changes in government has RP gotten passed? He may have some great ideas but if he can’t get a majority to work with him it doesn’t matter. What major piece of legislation has he gotten implemented? The media state over and over that Obama is “really smart” but he can’t survive without a teleprompter. Nobody has to claim Newt is smart, listen to him talk and it becomes obvious quickly. All of the candidates are human and Newt’s the only one still standing who’s seems to recognize that.

    1. Ron Paul hasn’t had to apologize for his actions because he hasn’t strayed from his belief in the Constitution. Ron Paul is the reason that any of the candidates are even talking about the Federal Reserve and Austrian Economics. Ron Paul has at least gotten some within the Republican Party to think that our interventionist foreign policy might be destructive. In the last debates the other candidates recognized the impact that Ron Paul has had on the discussions they are having. Ron Paul got the audit of the Federal Reserve implemented. The audit is still coming up with secrets of trillions of dollars that the Fed printed out of thin air to bail out European and US banks, inflating the currency with the American people paying the cost. Ron Paul can get the majority to work with him because he is not limited by party lines. He believes in freedom and liberty. These are 2 ideals that go beyond party lines.

      1. Imagine if Ron Paul had a sliver of the checkered past Newt does. The establishment media would have shouted him down long ago. As much as they’d like for there to be any dirt on Dr. Paul, there isn’t any! We would know if he cheated on an addition test in 1st grade if it had happened.

    2. Newt is untrustworthy. Sure, everyone makes mistakes. But Newt continues to make mistakes. BIG ones. Individual mandates, carbon taxes, bailouts, lobbying efforts etc. These aren’t simple mistakes. They show a pattern of a politician who is willing to impose big government solutions. And his experience as Speaker is more of the same. He supported a lot of initiatives that grew the size/scope of the federal government. He is too dangerous to elect exactly because of his history. The best compiment you can give a politician is that they supported or passed very little legislation in Congress. That means they are likely acting in accordance with the Constitution. True conservatives don’t seek out progressive politicians looking for them to solve every problem in society.

    3. Newt wants to legalize ILLEGALS, period. That itself should be enough for any of you. Also, this is him on the “issues”,

      1.Convert decommissioned military bases into prisons.
      2.More prisons, more enforcement, effective death penalty.
      (According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2,292,133 adults were incarcerated in U.S. federal and state prisons, and county jails at year-end 2009 — about 1% of adults in the U.S. resident population.Additionally, 4,933,667 adults at year-end 2009 were on probation or on parole.)
      Mostly for drug offenses.
      Marijuana legalization would tear America apart. (Apr 2011)
      International drug traders use network for terrorist traffic. (Nov 2006)
      Increase penalties for illegal drugs. (Nov 1998)
      Drug-free society focuses on both drug supply & demand. (Jul 1998)
      Admitted to smoking marijuana, coming of age in 1960s. (Jun 1995)
      (Maybe the marijuana is the reason he’s cheated on so many of his wives)

    4. Sometimes I am in 100% agreement. Eyeamfree NAILED IT. Denying Ron Paul’s influence and message in favor of NEWT??? Newt is a ringer. If he gains the GOP nod, he will be character assassinated by the left. They’ll have ammo for days on Newt. Here it is again. If you like Newt, you can’t also call yourself a conservative.

      Anyone care to point out the differences on the major, substantive issues between Obama, Gingrich, and Romney? I sure as hell can’t find any.

      They all agree on foreign policy – drop bombs first, damn the innocent, and deny that those actions actually create more enemies.

      They all agree on monetary policy – create money out of thin air, keep spending like drunken sailors, no real cuts of any kind.

      They all agree on civil liberties – MOAR PATRIOT ACT! MOAR TSA!

      They all agree that being beholden to Wall St., the mega banks, and corporations, is a GOOD thing. In other words: MOAR BAILOUTS!

      They all agree that government belongs in your life as much as possible, as an extension of your family.

      What exactly is the difference? People keep saying “Anyone but Obama!”, but the so-called “mainstream, acceptable choices” offer nothing but more of the same.

      Ron Paul is the only candidate that will stick to the constitution (you remember, that supreme law of the land thingy we all learned about in school?). People are beaten over the head, day after day after day after day, with the notion that the only acceptable political positions must fall somewhere on a spectrum in between Joe Biden and Mitt Romney. Well, sorry, but that just seems like a mechanism for control.

      Dr. Ron Paul is the only clear, distinct candidate with substantive and meaningful differences from ANY candidate running for the Presidency this term.

      Wake up. I did.

      1. As this Cult of Paul poster demonstrates, the Cult of Paul deploys more straw men than an Iowa corn farmer. Boring

        1. I see your posts out there alot BS and you never indicate who among the GOP candidates you support. Are you just out here talking trash or is there any substance to your posts.

          1. I have little more than ridicule for the dishonest and silly posts by the cult of Paul. If you said something that was worth entertaining I would most likely respond in kind.

            1. Whoa, I think you got some arrogance on yourself there pal. Who do you support again? No one who’s actually running? Why are you even on here if you don’t have a horse in the race. Just keep staring at the menu and talking trash about the choices before you. You’re like a teenager that’s just cooler than everyone and wants to incessantly remind everyone that all of this is beneath you. Weak.

  61. I don’t understand people who say “Newt’s record is clearly conservative.” His record is all over the place. He supports a federal healthcare mandate, he supports TARP, and in some cases he’s switched sides on issues in just a matter of days. So to point to his record and say he has a conservative record. If he were running as a Democrat they could look at his record and say he has a liberal record. It’s time we look at the facts about Newt instead of what the media tells us.

  62. This dipstick is missing the point: if Ron Paul doesn’t get the Republican nomination, I’m going to vote for Obama myself!!!

    Does that clear it up for you third-party haters?! If the Republicans don’t let Ron Paul get an equal chance, and they sure aren’t as of now, and are instead actively sabotaging Ron Paul’s chances along with their left-wing communist partners, then there is no Republican party and you might as well get what Republicans deserve, which is another Obama term.

    The fact that Republicans have been licking around the tush instead of impeaching these bastards in the Executive, including Holder, Napolitano, Pistole, and dear Leader is simpy proof-positive that the Republican establishment itself has been compromised and is as dirty and corrupt as the communist party (D). ‘Nuff said…

    1. Write in vote for Ron Paul. Your statement is curious and damaging to Ron Paul supporters. I question your loyalty to Dr. Paul’s campaign if you’re willing to play turd in the punchbowl and throw out threats.

  63. 3rd Party? Ron Paul in Foreign Policy is an ISOLATIONIST. Israel would be distroyed and so would we. Israel as a Nation State was established in 1450 BCE at Horeb, the Philistines (ie Palestinians ..this is the Latinized version) died out by the time of the Macedonian Empire.Modern Philistinians are Arabs from the Ottoman Era, who were given land from parts of Egypt and Trans-Jordan in 1948. They are not Philistinians, but of the same blood and kinship as their Egyptian (Gaza) and Jordanian (Jordanian West Bank brethren historically. Since Foreign invasion and intervention by Assyria and Chaldaea, the National Borders of Judah (Judaea) and Israel (Samaria and the Galil and Golan) have been redrawn….all the way to 1948. The Nation of Judaea/Israel has never been wiped out, and has survived in the Land and throughout the Diaspora. I will never vote for anyone who denies this or remains nuetral on this. The USA and others in the UN re-established the Nation State and Land back to the Hebrew Nation in 1948….and must stand behind this. From 1948 until now. Israel has been under seige by the Muslim Nation we carved into States after WWI & II. Israel has, by defensive victories, reclaimed dominion of the entire Land of Israel, but has offered the Arabs of Gaza and the Jordanian West Bank their right to Independence and Autonomy so long as they recant and renounce their goal of destroying the Nation State of Israel and absorbing it’s present Borders and Territory into a Greater Philistinia…….this has and will fail…..Islam does not want Peace or Israel…it wants total dominion and subjection. Glenn….you are dead wrong about voting for Ron Paul. I am a Constititionalist Concervative Libertarian…..not a Neo-Concervative, but a Theo-Conservative. I have been with you all the way until now. Vote 3rd Party and re-elect the Obama-nation of Desolation….3rd Party is a protest, not progress in our goal of re-establishing Constitutional Federalism and State autonomy. This is a Sad Day when you cannot see this. I remeber Ross Perot…I worked for him and his Run……..never again will I divide the Vote for Authentic Federal leaedership……never. Sit out, Drop out or Vote out…..that is the way of hippies……not us Glen.

    1. You are ignoring or ignorant of the fact that Obama’s approval rating in Israel is on the rise. Its considerably higher than even among the liberal Jewish community in the US.

      Secondly, if you feel so strongly about Israel, how can just sit there and do nothing? Move there, apply for citizenship, join their military, and convert to Judaism. That would be the respectable thing to do.

    2. Okay Okay with the evangelical lecture. Israel is an apartheid nation. Pure and simple. As far as your statement that if Ron Paul gained the presidency Israel and America would be destroyed…Please. Israel has one of the most modern militaries in the world and 100’s of nukes. Your weak grip of history going back to 1450 to declare Israel as a “Nation State” underscores the ridiculousness of your entire claim. You mention the Ottoman Empire and then make the statement that Muslims want nothing more but to destroy Israel. The Ottoman Empire existed for centuries with Christians, Muslims, and Jews living side by side peacefully. Your last statements are utterly ridiculous as well saying you are a Constitutional Conservative. You’re a NeoCon for sure but not a Constitutional Conservative. If you were, you would realize that Ron Paul is the only true Constitutional Conservative in the whole GOP field. You need to calm down with your psuedo-intellectual babble.

  64. Glenn Beck is an idiot for even saying this. He might hate the idea of a Gingrich presidency, but he’d hate even more four more years of Obama. But hey, could this be selfishness on Beck’s part? After all, if Gingrich is president Beck has lost his raison d’etre. Yep, I’ll bet that’s it — re-elect Obama and Beck gets four more years of Obama-bashing. Sorry, Glenn, but this one was easy to figure out.

  65. cgearhar, we already have the brakes on from the legislative side, that has not precluded the Obama Administration from doing huge damage. NLRB, EPA, DOJ to name but a few agencies this clown is using to circumnavigate the legislative branch.

  66. I am really disappointed in Glenn Beck recently. I was a regular viewer (recorded his shows) when he was on FOX. However, during the past few weeks of listening to his rants on the radio, and his steady commercials about his books, shirts, mugs etc I have decided to pass on GBTV. I believe Glenn seriouly needs some time off. He is probably going to prove himself to be right once again. But, I just do not have the same level of trust I once had. By the way, Gingrich would not be my top choice…. But I will vote for whoever the GOP candidate is….. No third party, and definitely NO OBAMA!

  67. Something very strange going on here. The anti-Newt chorus keeps getting shriller and shriller. Tell me, Glenn Beck, what is it about Ron Paul who blames America for 9/11 do you love? What is it about Mitt Romney who would make a great running mate for Obama do you love? All the criticism I’ve heard of Newt is what he did 15 years ago. He is now articulating a vision for America that I want. Ronald Reagan got similar criticism as I remember. He, too, was divorced and mocked as a values candidate. He turned out pretty well.

    1. Ron Paul doesn’t blame America for 09/11. He’s just warning Americans that terrorist attacks against US citizens is blowback from the interventionist foreign policy of the federal government. Ron Paul didn’t make this up on his own, this is the conclusion reached by the CIA, the 9/11 Commission, and the majority of counter-terrorism experts.

    2. Steve, Divorced…. what part of multiple affairs don’t you get? If his family cant trust him, why should we? We’ve seen what his politics are like in the past are you willing to hand him the Presidency?

      1. When Newt says that FDR was the greatest and best president in the 20th century it should cause conservatives everywhere to perk up. When Newt calls himself a Wilsonian it should cause conservatives everywhere to realize that Newt is a Washington progressive in conservative clothing. Newt supported a NATIONAL MANDATE on health insurance until he flip flopped against it when his campaign fell apart a few months ago. Not 15 years ago, a few months ago.

  68. So lemme see if I get this right; Newt is “not the guy” for Glenn but Glenn hates Ron Paul’s Middle East policy of non-intervention?

    If you hate Ron Paul’s Middle East policy then Newt IS your guy. With him and John Bolton you will have American blood and treasure thrown at the feet of Israel. That’s what you want isn’t it Glenn?

    What happened to THIS Glenn Beck??

  69. So Beck writes this whole book with Dr. Albow, “Seven Wonders” which basically plots a path of human redemption. I very much enjoyed it and it meant a lot to me.

    Then Beck completely forgets what he wrote, forgets that human beings are redeemable, that they grow and change with time and age. Beck’s not saying “I’ve considered the Gingrich I’ve seen in the last few months, and I do not believe that he has changed.” He’s just saying “I don’t like the Newt from the past and I’m assuming that this one’s no different.”

    Sorry Glenn – love ya and all that – but that is shallow.

        1. No BS, your comments are the one’s with no worth. You consistently present you opinion or some unsupported statement in one or two sentences. Substance. Bring it.

  70. You people that don’t like Newt are INSANE! Acting like Newt is worse than Obama is delusional. He balanced the FREAKING Budget and ended welfare as we know it. He put together the first Rep house and Senate in 60 years. His accomplishments are legend and you people bitch and moan about what? I can’t even figure out what the hell you are talking about. It’s some sort of mass insanity. Every primary we go through the same thing. My guy can’t win so I will vote 3rd party or stay home. It’s ridiculous! We’ve had rapists, communists, and probably a murderer in the WH before and people worry about Newt getting a divorce. FDR had a freaking mistress living in the WH and you know about Kennedy and Monroe.

    1. Newt is anti-second amendment and pro-TSA and Patriot Act. Newt supports amnesty and sanctuary for illegal aliens. Newt supports universal health care and the individual mandate. Newt believes the constitution is outdated and worthy of reform.

      Sounds like Obama and Newt have a lot in common.

      1. Indeed ! Those who so support the ‘Patriot Act’ ( such as ‘Newt-Romney ‘ ) need a history lesson. The Stamp Act was the last straw and one of the reasons we fought the Revolutionary War. In it British soldiers were granted permission to write their own warrants ( without probable cause and evidence presented to a Judge ).

        The 4th amendment is in direct response to this. Now, however, the ‘Patriot Act’ has taken that away and gives federal agents the right to write their own search warrants ( without presenting evidence to a Judge ).

        case in FACT :

        So support for ‘Newt-Romney’ = support for the Police State.

  71. I actually like Newt, a lot. He makes a lot of sense on many issues, however, after wandering away from Mitt(to Herman, then Newt) I’ve returned home back to Mitt. Why? He may not be the most idealogically conservative candidate up on stage, but he’s still VERY conservative on the things that really matter. I also feel he’s the most equipped to solve our nations problems. His expertise is taking an entity, analyzing it, find out where savings can be found and making it profitable again. In short, he eliminates WASTE. He always flies coach on airlines, he’s a penny pincher by nature. The only thing he’s exorbitant on, is his wife and family. He doesn’t buy things for himself that he doesn’t need. Mitt certainly has flaws, but really, they’re not that relevant to his presidency candidacy. He’s the most fit for the job and he’s squeaky clean. He’s lived a life of service, virtue and shown true leadership skills in all that he’s achieved. Mitt Romney is the best candidate to defeat Obummer and fix our nation.

    1. If Romney kills Obamacare, passes cut, cap, and balance, and then passes Medicare reform like he says he would, then I would be a happy camper. These are important steps to get Federal growth and power under control.

  72. For you Paul supporters that don’t care if Obama is back for another four years, consider this: How many Supremes will retire in the next four years? If you think that Newt or Mitt will nominate a left wing moonbat like Obama will, then we are truly doomed. Vote your conscience…that’s the message from the Democrats to the Paul supporters. Oye.

    1. Sorry, but even IF what you say is true the President can only nominate a SCOTUS judge. It’s the Senate that confirms them and they are now controlled by the loony leftists.

      Unless the Senate is take over by small government constitutionalists whom ever the POTUS nominates will have a real tough time getting a good SCOTUS affirmed.

      Besides that…there’s really not a big difference between Newt and Obama. They are both for big government, economic and foreign interventionism and continual wars and bloodshed.

      There’s no such things anymore as “lesser of two evils”. There are all equally evil.

      1. Equally evil? Since this is what you believe, we have nothing more to discuss. Did you read ANY of Obama’s writings? We are truly doomed.


      2. Minarchian, calm down. Ron Paul is still very much in the race. Your statements solidify anti-Paul voters by making us seem simple. I support your conviction but we aren’t in a position to concede yet. Calm it down…

  73. This is hilarious reading the posting of the Newt minions and their total ignorance of the failings of their hero. Funny, as long as “he can beat the other guy he’s our man,” used to be the motto of the left. Woops, Newt is just a big government socialist with an R branded on his forehead. They’ll figure that our after he looses the election and the elitists tell them their opinion.

  74. The people that are really enjoying the Paul supporters are the Democrats. If you think that having Gingrich or Romney will be the same as Obama, think about this: How many Supreme Court nominees will be coming up in the next four years? Do you really think that Newt or Mitt would nominate some left wingnut? If so, we are truly doomed. David

      1. I guess it goes to show that we can’t be 100% sure who Newt or Mitt will nominate. However, we ARE ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SURE what type of nominee Obama will nominate. Your assertion is a straw dog.


  75. The only answer is to nominate Ron Paul. He is ideologically consistent. He is an exemplary family man. The USA can no longer affort to be the policeman of the world. The sooner we accept this, the sooner we can elect Ron Paul and stop the country from going down the toilet.

  76. I normally agree with Glen on Most issues but Nothing and I mean Nothing can stop us from putting a 100% effort in beating Osama! Any talk of a third party is criminal in this election.

  77. You Ron Paul-drug-culture-anti-war people with your furtive baseless in-your-face
    screeching peppered with the insults and vulgarity are showing yourselves to be just what you are. The Republican delegates see through you too.

      1. See how you are? You accuse me of disliking the Constitution because I am not a RonPaul-drug-culture-anti-war isolationist? You guys should crawl out of your tents in the park and go to the library and check out one or two of Newt’s twenty-three books. Some one there might help you find them.

        1. You started the insults by calling Ron Paul supporters drug users and anti-war. You’re purposefully distorting the positions of states rights and non-intervention. So I questioned why you would not support someone whose viewpoints are firmly rooted in the Constitution. Do you dislike the Constitution as it’s currently written?

        2. Justusthem

          Perhaps you should read books written by Ron Paul.

          Maybe then you’d see your analysis of him being an “isolationist” is ignorance at best and those who support him as drug culture supporters when they only want to return Rights that are constitutionally meant to be reserved to the States, as the Republican Party used to respect.

          Or, perhaps, you really don’t like economic stability civil liberties and peace.

    1. Have you ever heard of personal liberty and personal responsibility? Do you like the nanny state that cannot do anything right except start undeclared wars?

  78. “I’ve made my position clear about Newt. He’s not my guy, but if he’s the nominee, I’ll run to the polls to vote for him and I’d encourage all of you to do the same.”

    Weak. So, so weak. Nice to see the right has spineless cowards who will sell out for the sake of politics. So disappointing.

  79. Look at all these stupid idiots playing with their LEFT-RIGHT paradigm game.

    LOOK PAST the party poliTRICKS you idiots and look at the future for your grandchildren and great children instead and you will see only ONE candidate that is willing to solve LONG TERM problems with actual solutions rather than campaign rhetoric. GET A CLUE PEOPLE! WAAAAKE UUUUUP

    RON PAUL 2012

  80. How as Newt ACTUALLY against Obamacare? Is it because he SAID it? LOL YOu stupid hicks make me sick. Just because Newty boy SAYS he is for or against something, doesn’t make it so. Have you been asleep the past 2 decades moron?

    1. @Jack Adramoff
      why are you so angry Jack? Do you really think you will change anyone’s mind by insulting them? In fact, if your character is any indication of those that are against Newt Gingrich, then you have just reinforced my decision to vote for him.
      Thank you!

  81. You are comparing Newt to Obama Beck is stupid to say he would vote for Ron Paul. He is the nut that would finish the job for obama in destroying our strength as a nation. Newt would be far better then Obama & Ron Paul.

    1. Ron Paul is a patriot who predicated the economic colllapse and has spent decades warning the American people about the erosion of our wealth and liberties. Your ignorance endangers us all.

  82. Can you even imagine how far the electorate has sunk to allow Newt, after what he has done; blatantly stealing from the voters and justifying his actions. So self-important that he walks onto a stage and tells everyone he has learned from his mistakes and he now has the character to lead this country. He will show off his trophy wife until she is terminal. And on and on…
    Imagine, up to fifty years ago he or a POS like him wouldn’t dare show their face outside their house for less than a tenth of the crap he’s pulled. Yet there are those today that want to kiss his ***

  83. Every four years, if there is a potential third-party candidate the argument comes up… One side says, if we keep voting for whomever the Republican Party puts forward, they will continue to not care about our concerns–they will continue to run progressives instead of conservatives. And the response is, “but if you vote third party you’re guaranteeing a win for Carter… Clinton… Obama.”

    Every cycle that includes this debate the Democrat’s candidate gets worse than the prior one. And ever cycle, the Republicans field another milk-toast progressive that the conservatives have to hold their nose and vote for. The only way to end the cycle is by leaving the Republican Party if they choose to put forward another progressive.

    The next Democrat we have to have this discussion about will be worse than Obama — if America still exists at that point.

  84. A third party run by anyone will ensure obummer is re-elected! Beck is correct as I think Newt is a dangerous Progressive Republican. There is NOT a great deal of difference between him and obummer.

  85. If Obama is re-elected Beck will be able to sell much more Food Insurance and Goldline. He does have his motives.

  86. If Newt won the Republican nomination and Thomas Jefferson ran third party, would you still vote for Newt? The point is the majority of Republicans care nothing about principles, otherwise they would never have supported Grinch or Romney to begin with. These are the same voters who once had extreme liberal supporter Donald Trump at the top of the polls, for chrissakes. My guess is, if Obama switched to the Republican Party, they would support him in the general election and claim he is the new Tea Party candidate. It’s not about principles for them. It’s a football game. It’s about the red team versus the blue team and nothing else matters.

    Well, if winning is all they care about, they should check out the latest poll posted below by Ron Wheeler: Ron Paul is the only candidate with a shot against Obama…all other candidates trail by 7 points or more.

  87. Here’s the deal, I’m voting for Ron Paul. I don’t care if he’s the republican nominee or an independent. I will not follow you or the republicans. Many of us feel the same way. So, I’m turning the tables on you. You vote with us or give obama a second term. obama is a puppet and incompetent. Newt is a greedy, immoral, psychopath. If obama gets a second term, it’s your fault. It’ll be a cold day in hell before I vote for the eye of newt. Ron Paul is our only chance. Why do I hate Newt?

    Eighty-four charges of ethics violations. House banking scandal; Newt bounced 22 checks -GOPAC sleaze: Taxpayer subsidies for his partisan campaign course -Lobbyist (historian? Lol) -Relentlessly pushes military spending – Flip-flopper -Draft dodger -Serial Adultery -Presenting cancer-sick wife with divorce just prior to surgery. The hospital visit wasn’t the end of it, either. Jackie had to take Newt to court to get him to contribute for bills, as utilities were about to be cut off. Quote: “I don’t want him to be president and I don’t think he should be.” – Newt’s wife Marianne.
    Newt worked for Rockefeller in ’68 opposing Goldwater. Sen. Barry Goldwater wrote in his book With No Apologies: “Does it not seem strange to you that these men just happened to be CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and just happened to be on the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, that absolutely controls the money and interest rates of this great country. A privately owned organization … which has absolutely nothing to do with the United States of America!” In case you didn’t know, Rockefeller funded the CFR and now Newt’s a member. It’s also possible that the Rockefellers are stock holders of the Federal Reserve. I’ll bet Newt still works for them.
    Newt wants you to surrender your thumb print in order to purchase a firearm. Sounds like a national registry to me. In addition, he’s soft on illegal immigration. Have we forgotten how much we used to hate this guy in the 90’s?

    Like I said, it’ll be a cold day in hell before I vote for the eye of newt!

  88. Ron Paul has stated publicly that the “Patriot Act” was written prior to 9-11.
    He should know. He has not been called out on the statement.
    So what that means is the intent was to take another right away from us prior to terrorism. We need them ALL!
    Ron Paul would head us back in the right direction. This is our last chance to get this right!
    Obama, Ginrich, Romney, Bush, are the same thing!

  89. I will accept that as you don’t consider Beck a Racist and that was my only point.
    I am no longer interested in the continuance of rehashing the other points you have added as I will agree are just as boring and not worth my time or yours.

  90. I disagree. Electing a Big Government Republican would be worse than President Dumdum getting a 2nd term.

    If Newt or Romney were elected, a disastrously large number of conservatives would figure that everything is fixed and they would go back to not paying attention.

    If Obama were re-elected then at least those people would realize the battle isn’t over.

    They might ALSO start to realize how important legislative and State/Local elections are.

  91. Newt sucks! He’s been married how many times? And then he claims to be against gay marriage because of how dearly he holds the sanctity of marriage?

    Come on guys, wake up! Newt is the least conservative of the bunch, and he’s the MOST politician. A vote for Newt may as well be a vote for Obama, since they both want to destroy this country.

  92. Well I am glad Glenn that you would vote for Gingrich but PLEASE, I was one of your biggest fans on FOX and you called him a progressive. He is the most conservative and that is why the rest of the candidates are afraid of him. I cannot afford to subscribe to GBTV since I just retired and we are cutting corners. But I truly miss you on FOX.

    You should express your opinion on the republican candidates discrediting each other, they sound like children and they should be focusing on the issues and attacking the biggest failing president right now, Obama. Your influence on people is amazing, but please don’t talk against Gingrich, he is the most qualified to run this country.

    1. Supporting individual mandates, carbon taxes, and bailouts makes Gingrich the exact opposite of a conservative.

    2. You are ill-informed. Stop watching and listening to the talking heads in the media. Former NH Gov. on Newt: “He has a personal priority over all else. The country comes maybe second or third. This is a man who is unable to prioritize needs in a constructive way. And frankly, his colleagues saw that when he was leader, Sununu said. Tom Coburn, Susan Molinari, Mickey Edwards-all these folks who were part of his inner circle, who watched him on a daily basis said, ‘Enough is enough. This man is not stable.'”

  93. …wow, so Beck would consider voting for someone who makes the US a bigger priority than his beloved israel?
    Maybe he can tune into the Jersey Shore for his fix of disagreeable whining, Israel is getting a little expensive for such cheap drama.

  94. Newt embodies everything that is wrong with big government. No one has even considered whether he would be good for the country! Electing Newt will have resonating and disasterous effects on the liberty seeking “Tea Partyers.” All the progress that has been made will be abandoned because the D’s trumpcard will be, for another 20 years, “you [all] voted for Newt Gingrich.”

    Newt= Business As Usual/Greedy/Corrupt
    Mitt= RINO

    Spread the word about Ron Paul. He is only ‘unelectable’ because the media has created a group mentality which hypnotized us that care to think “he would never win so why would I waste my vote?”. If the primary voters cast ballots with their hearts they won’t be disappointed. Let the campaign teams play political chess to unseat Obama AFTER we get the candidate that we trust to do the job right once he wins it.

    1. No. He’s unelectable because his foreign policies are disastrous and some of his economic answers are rooted in more idealism than they are in what works in practical reality.

      1. Stop clinging to your dated 1990’s McCain style theories. Have courage and put faith in the SOURCE of our country’s success, the Constitution.

        1. I have plenty of faith in our Constitution. But ignoring people who are hell bent on our destruction is kinda like dating OJ Simpson….just never a good idea. I’ve spent years in the middle east. I’ve seen the cultural differences. It’s not a “you leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone” thing. Neville Chamberlain tried that in the 30’s and look what it got him.

          1. Isolationist? Hardly. We have been socialist enablers that have brought our own selves to ruin. We have provided all of the defense for former great nations, like England, France, Germany, etc. at incalculable expense to ourselves. And for what, honest trade partners? No. Backing in the UN? No. Sharing of medical and technical knowledge? No. Friendship? LOL

          2. Bad analogy. Neville Chamberlain didn’t have a nearly 100 year history of installing and uninstalling puppet regimes in Germany. We have an extensive history of supporting militarism, despotism, and terrorism in the Middle East. Not to mention, you’re arguing against yourself bringing up cultural differences. The 9/11 hijackers were Saudi and I do believe Saudi’s just executed a woman for, get this, “sorcery.” We LOVE Saudi Arabia. Are POTUS’s all kiss and bow to them. We are totally inconsistent and goofy with who we do and don’t support in the Middle East and don’t really care who is even paying attention. People who have their roofs collapsed in on their families do. Denying the blowback concept and rejecting cause and effect is a talent I see rampant in your cynical type of conservatism. I’ll leave with another very practical reason why our militarism sucks. We are nearing $1 Trillion in cost for the Iraq occupation (just Iraq). That is $1 Million/day FOR 3000 YEARS. Our economy is tanking and many here want to continue spending like drunken sailors. When it costs $600 to fill up your F-150 because we HAAAAD to protect little Israel, I hope you have a big smile on your face because it was worth it.

        2. Also, I really can’t support someone who will say that Pres Bush was ecstatic over 9/11 which killed thousands of Americans. That’s the most irresponsible thing to say of any president whether you agree with him or not. Also without proof……sad. I can go on and on about some of the whacko things he’s said.

          1. Yes, please, let us discuss Obama/Bush/Gingrich. Recent Freedom Of Info Act document releases from the Fed reveal that the initial TARP bailout, totaled 7-8 TRILLION $$$$. Not the 850 billion that Bush lied to us about. A LOT of bailout funds went to Fannie & Freddie. Who was making lots of money as a lobbyist for Fannie & Freddie? OH YA, I remember now. NEWT GINGRICH. You see where this is headed, right? Now that we’re done with the history, let’s start talking about the future President Ron Paul.

            Before it’s over, we might be discussing jail time for Newt.

      2. Our tax system is the foundation for our failing economic policy as well as our immigration issues.

        The following quote is directly from, his official campaign website: “While a Flat Tax or a Fair Tax would each be a better alternative to the income tax system, Congressman Paul believes we would have to guarantee the 16th Amendment is repealed to avoid having both the income tax and one of these systems as an additional tax.”

        The flat consumption tax is precisely what EVERY LEGITIMATE CONTEMPORARY ECONOMIST SUPPORTS. If you do not know about H.R. 25, The Fair Tax, I highly suggest picking up a book on it. I read the second installment on a 6 hr plane flight. We can discuss after.

      3. It sounds like you like the six, going-on-seven, UNDECLARED wars that we are currently involved in. Do you like wars that never end? Do you like having 900 bases in 130 countries that cost nearly $1T/year to maintain? As to your saying “practical reality” with Ron Paul’s economic policy, do you mean by that term that it is fine that America has been bankrupted by the Federal Reserve? One dollar is now worth less than 5 cents since 1913 when the Fed came into existence. It’s called inflation, the silent tax. Wake up, bro and fast.

      4. Uhhhh…I’d ask for you to elaborate on your statement but I’m trying to stay in a serious mindframe and can’t afford to lose a half hour laughing

  95. Beck, if you truly believed in the Constitution, then you would jump up and down endorsing the ONLY Constitutional candidate we have. He does not flip flop on his views. He has steadfastly denounced the Federal Reserve for the “personal property” stealing illegal entity that THEY ARE!
    Only the truly “mentally challenged” do not see.
    Without the ability to print money without end, this massive debt, and huge Government, would not have been possible. If we end the ability to print, the majority of our problems go away. It is late in the game, but better to start now and end the tyranny.
    You are not a Patriot when you take a Cafeteria approach to the Constitution.

    Quite frankly, the solution to our Federal Reserve problem is very simple.
    The central banks of the world suppress the gold price to maintain the confidence in the “Fiat” system of Dollars.
    The central banks own most all of the gold in the world.
    The central banks of the world own VERY LITTLE SILVER.
    The supply of silver is very small.
    With enough people(your audience Glenn)bought SILVER, AND demanded an end to the FED, AND a return to Constitutional money, this corrupt system of fiat money would end.
    Silver & Gold are sister metals, where one goes the other soon follows.

    We are being attacked on every front, and you want to hide behind your mommies skirt!
    We need to stand up now and make demands to keep our Liberties! We need to give those demands ” TEETH” by buying Constitutional Money.
    George Washington(whom you like) said…
    The second amendment gives the Constitution “TEETH”!

    Be a man Glenn, and support the entire Constitution!
    I AM!

  96. I find that really interesting Beck. You claim to be a big supporter of Israel, yet you would support Paul who is not. Beck you claim to be a supporter of our military, yet you would support Paul. Really Beck, I do not beleive you. In the end you will endorse Romney, the “white horse” prophecy has been placed on him. Now, Beck anyone with a brain knows you will get with the program.

    1. Active duty military have contributed more to Paul than all the other candidate’s combined. The troops support Ron Paul. Why shouldn’t Beck?

        1. IT’S ALL OVER THE FRICKIN’ INTERNET! We see you have access to the Internet. Why don’t you try using to find facts and not just spout your lying BS?

        2. Ron Paul has more contributions from the Military personnel than all other Republicans combined. It’s a public record, by law.

        3. Well there’s yeeer problem right there. Ron Paul (and his supporters) believe you should be afforded the freedom to be responsible for yourself. Be responsible and GOOGLE THE STATISTIC.

    2. Paul is the only supporter if Israel in the race. Dr. Paul proposed legislation to ALLOW Israel the authority to unilaterally attack Iran if it feels threatened. The U.S. is not Israel’s big brother. If it’s necessary for them to defend themselves with a preemptive strike, then they should do it. Pounding their chest in public will no longer suffice. The U.S. is tired of being ISRAEL’S “muscle”. Israel needs to stop kowtowing to Obama and the EU. In the long run, this strategy has weakened them.

  97. Beck has lost all credibility with such a statement. A third party run by Ron Paul will ensure a second term for Obama, and disaster for the USA. I am hoping that Rand Paul will convince his father not to go third party.

        1. Good thing Dr. Paul doesn’t need your vote to win. When Ron Paul becomes President you’ll be glad he won, and ashamed that you were’nt part of helping him win.

          1. If Ron Paul becomes President, I will celebrate the removal of the Marxist Obama from office. If Paul is the Republican candidate, I will even vote for him, but it ain’t gonna happen.
            Don’t get me wrong, I’m not thrilled with the Republicans either. Too many of them are too willing to go along to get along. They selll us and the Constitution out to further their own careers. Too many of them are NOT patriots, just parasites feeding on the system.

    1. Relax. No need for a third party. Paul will win. If the media was actually reporting the news, Ron Paul would be all over it. Check out ABC’s polling after their own debate.

      Ron Paul 64%
      Newt Gingrich 19 %
      Mitt Romney 9%
      Michele Bachmann 3%
      Rick Santorum 2%
      Rick Perry 2%

    1. “The Program” has been paid for and produced by Newt. Turn off your TV, and turn back on your intelligence and integrity.

  98. How serious can someone take a person who weeps like a woman on TV and on radio? Fade away, Glen. Fade away.

      1. Turn on him? I was never a fan of Glen Beck. Skimmed over his TV show while channel surfing, tuned in to the radio station that carries his show just long enough to conclude that he’s nuts. Nope, can’t accuse me of “turning on him.”

  99. I hope GB does vote for Paul. That will be one more vote for the guy I’m voting for. Romney, Newt, or Obama? Just close your eyes and in the end you’ll get the same thing. More big government, more spending millions in nation building and killing thousands of people in foreign lands, and more intervention/control into our daily lives.

    If I’m going to sit through another four years of horrible waste and bad economy then I will do so with a clear conscience knowing that I didn’t follow the idiotic mantra of anybody but Obama. Also translated into talk show speak: Anybody but Obama except for Paul.

    Keep letting the “conservative” idiot mouthpieces (Hannity, Levine, etc.) lead you down the same path while they tell you this time there will be real changes. Trudge forward like good sheeple and vote for any of three (Obama, Gingrich, Romney) and in the end it will all come out looking and smelling the same.

    I for one will vote for more individual freedoms. Count me in for Paul.

  100. That is really big of you, Glenn.
    How about Ron Paul as the Republican nominee?
    You should start considering that very distinct possibility.
    Ron Paul is the only candidate that matters in this race.
    The rest are flip-flopping NeoCons who are Ron Paul wanna-bes.
    Ron Paul always puts America and the Constitution first, and he has voting record to prove it.

  101. Sorry to burst many bubbles out there, but Ron Paul is currently polling 2nd in Iowa as a REPUBLICAN; not a 3rd party candidate. There is plenty of time for him to surpass Newt for #1 in Iowa. For some reason, many of you would rather keep being used and lied to by establishment candidates, than to give a chance to the only honest one in the bunch. Whatever happens, we deserve what we elect.

  102. Glen is playing some very telling things of Newt. In Newt’s book he praised Andy Stern, there is audio where Newt is saying FDR was the greatest President of the 20th century. And I read on this forum that people will “crawl over glass” to hold their nose and vote for Newt. And we wonder why the country is so screwed up!

  103. According to the latest NBC poll, Ron Paul was the only one who could defeat Obama in the general election. He’s 2nd/3rd in the GOP polls and first in the general polls. It only makes sense to vote for him.

    Ron Paul 42%, Obama 42% (tied)
    Mitt Romney 39%, Obama 46% (-7)
    Newt Gingrich 37%, Obama 47% (-10)
    Rick Perry 37%, Obama 48% (-11)
    Michele Bachmann 31%, Obama 54% (-23)

    1. An NBC poll, really, how dumb are you? It’s funny how everyone knows what a kook propaganda outfit it NBC is and dismisses everything they say right up until they find something that serves their own purpose. The left wing Obama sycophant media has been trying to pick the easiest target for him to pick off from the beginning and now that they realize Romney will never get any traction they’re going for the Paul.

      Go look at the results of a real polling organization like Rasmussen as see who can and can not beat Romney.

  104. Glenn, buddy, time to step back away from the microphone and get a grip on reality. Encouraging Ron Paul to run as a third-party candidate is guaranteeing Obama’s re-election. That’s the problem with those that naively believe they are following their “principles” vice recognizing the reality of the situation. They guarantee things will only get worse.

    1. Kevin, buddy, can you tell me how much better things have gotten for our country in your lifetime? Every President in my adult lifetime has been worse for our country than the one before him, yet it seems folks like you can’t wait to line up to vote for “more of the same.” Ron Paul is the only candidate who can save our economy, our Country, and perhaps the World. With age and the Internet comes wisdom. I see that you have access to the Internet. Perhaps one day you will have wisdom as well.

        1. I loved Ronald Reagan. He gave me a 20% pay raise shortly after taking office. He defeated the Soviets in the Cold War; perhaps the greatest feat of any President in the History of the U.S. But he spent $2.5 Trillion dollars to do it and in doing so, set a precedent for unlimited Gov’t borrowing and printing. But don’t take my word for it. Don’t take Ron Paul’s word for it. Check it out on the Internet and watch the video on Youtube IOUSA. Also, go to kookyronpaul dot com to see other good vids which should convince any reasonable adult that we must have Ron Paul as President in 2012.

  105. RON PAUL is the ONLY candidate that puts freedom, liberty, and America before himself. He is the ONLY candidate I have any faith in to avoid corruption, crony capitalism, and pandering to a national committee. He is the ONLY candidate to openly support the simple and logical answers to the mounting problems that face the United States called for by the average American. He is the ONLY candidate I trust to reign in government’s trespasses on individuals’ liberties and to shrink the size of the system financially.

    RON PAUL is not the Republican Party’s favored candidate. Instead, Ron Paul is the candidate for the silent majority. Ron Paul is the People’s candidate.

  106. Newt Gingrich wants the Constitution to die. This is not hyperbole, it’s in black and white…

    In 1995, Gingrich wrote the foreword to the book Creating a New Civilization: The Politics of the Third Wave by authors Alvin and Heidi Toffler. Gingrich “urged all Americans to read” this book. Here’s an excerpt…

    “For this wisdom above all, we thank Mr. Jefferson, who helped create the system that served us so well for so long and that now must, in its turn, die and be replaced.”

    Gingrich supporters: How do you justify this?

  107. Beck is only concerned about the message, not the outcome. For that I think he’s lost it. Paul is dangerous for this country, and splitting the vote is even more dangerous. I’m appauled!

    1. I’m with Beck on this one. That is rare, but in this case, I would rather see a 2nd Obama turn than to ever vote for Socialist Light, ever again. It seems our populace NEVER gets tired of electing skilled liars to office. Ron Paul is the only one who’s word has been consistently accurate. We deserve BHO #2 if we even consider Gingrich or Romney.

  108. Can you please explain why Newt would be any better than Obama… I’m hoping Ron Paul gets the GOP, but if he doesn’t, then why would I want Newt instead of Obama?

  109. So the last Tea Party gathering I went to (admittedly many many months ago…. ) Newt had just said or done something stupid.. I don’t remember specifics.. right at the beginning of the election cycle he said something that angered the GOP base and without exception everyone there at the TP gathering was calling Newt the biggest Rino there was and how he needed to retire a long time ago, and career politicians are what they are fighting against in Washington.. overall everyone was saying ‘Newt needs to learn how to shut up’.

    And I am finding it hard to imagine after that experience, that the Tea Party has now embraced the man they were calling the biggest career politician RINO that needs to learn how to shut up and is part of the old guard that is now the stick in the mud.

    Anyone have clarification on what the Tea Party (in general) really thinks of Newt? I can’t imagine after what I witnessed so many jumping on his bandwagon just a few months later as the wind blows.. something doesn’t smell right.

    1. The issue you’re referring to was likely Gingrich bashing Paul Ryan’s plan as “right wing social engineering”. He took a lot of heat for that with the right wing. But people have short memories. In the first few debates, Newt called out the media for “gotcha questions” and all of a sudden the GOP became enamored with him. As if a few one-liners is all that is needed to be the POTUS. It’s a sad commentary on the shallowness of the American electorate.

  110. I’m glad some of you want to wait until 2016, but what do you think 4-6 trillion more of debt is going to do to this economy in the meantime? Guess what? All those policies liberals are mad at Obama for not doing yet is what he’s going to be doing second term, so you ‘we’ll just wait til 2016 so MAYBE we will get the candidate we want’ are just willing to watch the country burn on a CHANCE. Meanwhile, if newt’s as bad as you say and that candidate is there in 2016 he can just replace newt, or whoever the President is. I sense the right is going to shoot itself in the foot and give obama this election to prove their idealogical purity. You guys do realize that he’s already close to having half the country dependent on the government as it is? Once there are enough dependents who will vote there’s no chance of winning elections, and future demographics don’t look to help republicans either. It’s win now or face future irrelevance.

  111. Ron Paul’s foreign policy is no more important than that of Lucas Papademos’s (new Premier of Greece): insisting on maintaining the foreign policy of a bankrupt nation is an homage to insanity.

    Once President Ron Paul gets America’s domestic economics under control (in part by terminating five federal departments), we can then consider replacing him in 2016 with someone fit to resume conquering the universe.

    1. Ron Paul cannot beat Obama and that is a fact. Unfortunate…but the reality of the matter. I do not want another 4 yrs of Obama.. If Paul tries to run on another ticket we will definately loose the election.

      1. Ron Paul 42%, Obama 42% (tied)
        Mitt Romney 39%, Obama 46% (-7)
        Newt Gingrich 37%, Obama 47% (-10)
        Rick Perry 37%, Obama 48% (-11)
        Michele Bachmann 31%, Obama 54% (-23)

      2. NEIN NEIN NEIN! National polls show that Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who beats OhBugger. Nice try though troll.

      3. He is only ‘unelectable’ because the media has created a group mentality which hypnotized us that care to think “he would never win so why would I waste my vote?”.

        I agree, however, that running a third party candidate destroys the chance at removing Obama from office however a Gingrich presidency would not reverse our “progressive” culture in this country. A Gingrich presidency would barely prove to be a road block for it.

        Besides, aren’t we all nearly in agreement that all registered R’s are going to vote AND vote R? The republican party has a range of identifiable subgroups but the one thing that is universally agreed upon is that Obama MUST go. So doesn’t that very fact make Ron Paul at least remotely electable? Of course it does!

        This is why spreading the word about Ron Paul’s virtues is important. America needs him to win the primaries.

  112. These people who insist on ideological purity and an unsullied past are completely unrealistic. Democrats don’t worry about such issues. The Left will make noise about Obama’s betrayals, but they will vote en masse for him in November while Republicans tear each other to pieces. I admire Beck’s principles, but voting third party or staying home are acts of selfishness and petulance. Obama is praying for this.

      1. Then you’ll have to vote for Ron Paul because NO GOP candidate can win without Paul voters and us Paul voters will NOT vote for anyone but Ron Paul. Now, the ball’s in your court. You decide: Ron Paul or Obama.

  113. So … it’s that important to you that a Republican wins, that you’ll even vote for a guy whose policies are essentially identical to Obama’s (just as Obama’s are essentially identical to Bush’s), just to have the comfort of knowing “your” party is in power?

    That’s the essence of serfdom, when two equally despotic slavemasters are running, and you feel comfort in knowing that your own party’s slavemaster is the one ruling over you. “Don’t blame me; I voted for Kodos!”

  114. A Gingrich or Romney presidency will be practically indistinguishable from an Obama presidency, which has thus far been practically indistinguishable from the GWB presidency.

    1. Are you fricking serious? They are so opposite. Maybe Romney is close but NEITHER of them hate America like the the present POTUS. FOOLS ALL OF YOU.

      1. The only difference between Obama and GWB are the letters beside their names. Same foreign policy. Same economic policy.

  115. Newt is no different than Obama. Why waste a vote on a guy who will destroy the Republican Party? Either Obama fights for single payer mandate, bailouts and big spending, and works with corrupt lobbyists or Newt does. Why does having a destructive force with a (R) behind his name make us better than having a destructive force with a (D)? If the president is going to ruin the country, might as well let that president be a democrat instead of a republican.

  116. Why can’t Ron Paul win??

    People said Obama couldn’t win but his supporters got behind him, held rallies, campaigned on “hope and change”, spread the word and in spite of his lack of qualifications and America’s supposed racism – HE WON.

    It’s a sad day when the progressives and liberals are more principled and committed to their cause than conservatives.

  117. It is NOT conceivable that the GOP caucus goers and the delegates across America would vote for anyone that would co=sponsor a bill with the likes of Barney Franks to legalize drugs, nor would these extremely informed conservatives be likely to vote for anyone that would blatantly blather and suggest that 911 was done by anyone but the Islamists’ extremeists, nor would they likely vote for anyone that would deny that the holocaust existed. For the most part, these caucus goers are died in the wool lifelong conservative Repulicans that have their heads screwed on straight.
    They KNOW Newt Gingrich to be the problem solver that he is. We sure do not need an old lady like Ron Paul drawing the wagons in a circle and proposing a bill that would further dumb down America by making drugs available. All the countires that have tried making drugs legal have since reversed this destructive law.

    1. Ron Paul supports the decriminalization of marijuana at the federal level. It is a states rights issue and a public health issue. Just because you need the nanny state to tell you what to ingest doesn’t make you a conservative.

      Ron Paul doesn’t think that anyone but Islamic terrorists was behind 09/11. In fact, he is willing to tell the American people the truth, that blowback from the federal government’s foreign policy helps to cause terrorist attacks of which we are the victims. The CIA, the 9/11 Commission, and the majority of counter-terrorism experts agree with that conclusion. But I guess you preferred to be lied to. If it makes you feel better, you can continue to believe they attack us because of our freedoms. But that doesn’t make you a conservative.

      And Ron Paul isn’t a holocaust denier. Just because Ron Paul questions the entangling alliance with Israel doesn’t mean he is an anti-semite. He just places Americans safety and prosperity above all others. That makes him a patriot.

    2. Nobody’s for “Legalizing” drugs pinhead. Ron Paul is for “de-criminalizing” drugs at the Federal level. Now, I know that you’re scared that you’ll run out and try heroin the moment it’s de-criminalized; that is, unless the laws in your State say it’s NOT legal. But I guess that won’t be good enough for you though right? You need a FEDERAL LAW to keep you from trying heroin!!! Effing pinhead…

  118. When Newt became speaker of the house, he did many things that made him a conservative hero, then he imploded. Newt is a conservative, no doubt in my mind. However, Glenn Beck is right too. We need someone who will take the federal government around the neck and wring it. That is the only way to stop the spiral we are on. Without that, it does not matter whether Newt or Oba are in the White House, the country will collapse. We know Newt has the brains but does he have the moral courage to do it. Courage is the commodity that can’t be shown in a debate. And it will take more courage than Audie Murphy to stop the collapse of our government.

  119. This “anyone but who’s in there” is the same rationale the left used to put Obama into office and look what we got. You criticized them and now the Republicans are doing the same thing.

    1. Yes, but they got exactly what they wanted and we didn’t want. So you’re saying that if we go with ABO, we will get exactly what we want and they don’t want? Sounds good to me.

    1. Youtube Morning Joe and Ron Paul. Great vid of Joe saying he was “stunned” by Ron Paul’s prediction of the Mortgage meltdown in Sept, 2003

  120. Beck used to have a credible opinion, but the last couple of years I have begun to wonder? Like on his show for instance, he will advertise gift baskets one minute, then talk about gloom and doom and how bad its gonna be but yet wants people to buy gift baskets………..
    If Gingrich gets elected, then he loses money due to not having things to talk about so he secretly wants obama re-elected so he can continue to make money, he talks about phony capitalist……………………….. UH, GLEN BECK IS the poster child of phony capitalism………………..

  121. I assume you are speaking to Ron Paul’s non-intervention foreign policy? If Paul’s an idiot then he’s in good company with Thomas Jefferson…

    “Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.”

    “Friendship is but another name for an alliance with the follies and the misfortunes of others. Our own share of miseries is sufficient: why enter then as volunteers into those of another?”

    “Peace and abstinence from European interferences are our objects, and so will continue while the present order of things in America remain uninterrupted.”


  122. I assume you are speaking to Ron Paul’s non-intervention foreign policy? If Paul’s an idiot then he’s in good company with Thomas Jefferson…

    “Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.”

    “Friendship is but another name for an alliance with the follies and the misfortunes of others. Our own share of miseries is sufficient: why enter then as volunteers into those of another?”

    “Peace and abstinence from European interferences are our objects, and so will continue while the present order of things in America remain uninterrupted.”


    1. No, it was a response to some fool WAY up the thread, but the bulkyness of this thread threw it down here. sorry.

  123. Ok, this is a bit boring, but out of respect for discourse, I will try to explain something to you. I NEVER CALLED BECK A RACIST. My first post to you stated that Beck himself used the race card as a tool. That does NOT mean he is a racist. It means he used something that he had no right to use to prove a point. Please try to stay focused.

    At first, you told someone Beck never called the Tea Party racist (go back and listen to the tape). That’s where I stepped in and said he used racism as a tool. Where you could get that I called him a racist is beyond me. Unless, of course, you are just making things up only to be argumentative. In which case, you’re not worth the effort to dialoque with.

    Now if any of my words were too big for you, please let me know and I’ll explain. Otherwise, try to have a coherent thought. I don’t mind idiots accusing me of something, but it better be something I did, not something you made up. You’re just wasting my time and everybody else’s air.

      1. Perhaps, but we need a candidate strong enough to fight a vigorous campaign and take it straight to Obama. We need a president who will not only survive his term in office but will not start down the path of senility. McCain lost because he was unable or unwilling to fight. I have confidence that Gingrich will fight.

        1. Paul isn’t showing any signs of senility. His mind is sharper than any of the other candidates on that stage.

    1. NEIN NEIN NEIN. The good doctor is in great physical shape. With age (and the Internet) comes wisdom. I see you have access to the Internet. Perhaps one day you will have wisdom as well.

  124. To prefer Obama to Newt is unacceptable to me, and that would be the result of a Ron Paul third party candidacy. I’ve stopped watching Beck some time ago. I think he’s a bit bonkers. As for Romney, I never liked him and never will. He’s just another shallow politician, like the Clintons.

  125. This election is NOT about getting Obama out of the White house, it is about righting our country and about restoring our God-given freedoms and liberties. We cannot just vote for someone besides Obama, we must vote for THE BEST PERSON, the one most familiar with the Constitution, the one most interested in restoring America to her former glory, the one who truly wants to reduce the government to it’s Constitutional size (a size that requires NO federal income tax – that’s a 0% plan!!). A RINO or a moderate WILL NOT bring the change that we NEED or WANT, it will only bring more of the same and simply delay the inevitable slide into full-bore socialism. If it is a choice between a RINO or a moderate or Obama, I say we give Obama another 4 years and maybe, just maybe, “We The People” will be awake enough and frustrated enough, to take this seriously. Ron Paul 2012!!!

  126. You just lost half your supporters out here. The one’s without jobs, the one’s struggling to survive in this Obama disasterous aftermath. Your support of Ron Paul – just may be enough to get those on the fence to lean right back to Obama. Gee thanks Glen. I’ve been a listener of yours for years. I can’t believe you’d hand this right back to the train-wreck in our Whitehouse. We feel like you’ve stabbed us in the back. After all the good you’ve done, after all your flowery words of support for Israel. It was all a scam? Really? You think pandering to the Ron Paul cultists is going to increase your subsription numbers? Is this all it ever was? You are a huge, dissappointment. Ron Paul? My God.

    1. Ron Paul “cultists.” Gee, no bias there… You shouldn’t be allowed to blog on the Internet or vote for that matter.

  127. The media knowing we will vote for the lesser of two evils is why they keep picking our candidates even in the primaries. In the latest debate, Ron Paul was still allowed about 1/3 the time than two other candidates got (and only half that of another), even though the latest key polls show him placing second. As others have said, if the GOP again conspires to prevent a true conservative from being nominated, then I would rather have Obama blamed for what is coming rather than have the idea of conservative policy blame falsely for what we will get from the candidates the media and the GOP establishment consider “acceptable”. If the GOP won’t nominate a constitutional conservative this time, then the GOP is no longer the party for those who would like to see such candidates elected.

  128. The hatred of Obama is blinding Republicans. Everyone wants to defeat Obama so badly that it’s clouding our judgement. Obama’s defeat is an understandable short term goal. But the right wing needs to decide on the future of the Republican Party. Will the GOP continue to be just another version of the Democrats? Will the party continue to be for big government and big spending? Will we continue to advocate for endless overseas adventurism even though we can not afford it? If the goal is always to win the next election, then we’re more likely to elect a big government country club Republican because we think that’s the type of candidate that can win. But if we’re always just about winning the next election and maintaing/regaining power, when does the GOP ever move back to its roots of conservatism, both at home and abroad? Many Republicans refuse to support Ron Paul because they feel he is unelectable or they disagree with his foreign policy. But in your heart, you know he’s right. The country is bankrupt. Ron Paul is the only candidate whose policies reflect the dire situation in which we currently find ourselves. The federal government needs to be cut drastically at home and the foreign adventurism needs to be reigned in. If we continue on this path, the economy will collapse. Our armed forces will be forced to retreat because we will be unable to fund the military. Better to regroup now then retreat later when we’re unable to defend ourselves.

  129. Something must have happened to Glenn Beck. He seems to have lost contact with reality. It’s a shame, since he always had good stuff on his show on FOX. A third party would simply hand the election to O’Blamer and end the USA as we know it.

  130. Beck usually has something helpful to say. In some cases he steps into it worse than Newt. Beck needs to focus on making non-perfect candidates better by riding them hard. Let’s first wait to see if a non-newt is primary-ed before we act. Newt is far better than Obama, and we can always challenge him in a primary if he is his liberal self. Better to be fighting someone from the middle than left.

  131. It stands to benefit someone like Glenn Beck a whole lot more for Obama to get re-elected. He’ll have much more to talk about with another disastrous four years of Obama than being faced with castigating republicans (for many of the same actions — sadly and ironically). With that in mind, I like Dr. Paul and agree with him on most issues, but he’s not the right person for the job.

  132. So a war with Iran that sends gas prices to $12 a gallon is better? Iran is no threat to the US. Paul wants us to return to the foreign policy the founders had, not the foreign policy of the progressives. War is not a conservative idea, it is progressive all the way.

  133. Glenn, you’re losing me on this. Gingrich became a Catholic in the past decade, he’s done a marvelous video on Pope John Paul II. You of all people who used to drink, lost everything and CHANGED. Don’t you give other people the credit to change as well? I have all of your books, am with you at GBTV, but you’re really off base here about Gingrich.

  134. What if the Republican nomination were a progressive lefty in (R) clothing? I think that is what Beck is talking about, and he won’t vote for another fake Conservative(remember McCain?). Obama wins if Newt or Romney win, cause they wont backtrack on the incantations he has built.

    1. Being a strict Constitutionalist does not preclude one from being an idiot about other worldly affairs.

      1. And being an idiot about other worldly affairs has apparently not kept you from blogging on this thread. Sorry but, running around the world paying for everyone’s defense, killing all of the bad people in the bad countries (and some of the good people too. Oops. Sorry, our bad.) while paying for it all with a credit card in your child’s (and their children’s) name makes you an idiot about “other worldly affairs.” You couldn’t even stand in the same debate room with Dr. Paul. With age (and the Internet) comes wisdom. I see you have access to the Internet. Perhaps one day you’ll have wisdom too.

  135. You can say they don’t get your vote, but your lack of vote for McCain, was, in effect, a vote for Obama. Sometimes it’s like being given a choice between being poked in the eye with a sharp pencil or being poked in the leg……BUT….if you don’t choose, you get poked in the eye! Nobody wants to be poke in the leg with a sharp pencil, but it beats the HELL out of being poked in the eye!d By not voting, you got poked in the eye!!!

  136. When you vote the lesser of 2 evils in the end you still get – evil. As long as we vote the lesser the system will keep putting up these progressives in conservative’s clothing and give us a false choice. When you settle on a candidate get ready to settle on results. #RonPaul2012

  137. Beck, you must be drinking again. Your FOX TV show was stupid, comments like voting for Paul are stupid, therefore you must be stupid or drunk!

  138. I have read all the bashing of Glenn and bashing of his Ron Paul statement, but where I am confused with the lot of those who are supporting, or at least defending, Newt is this:

    Who sounds more like Ron Reagan or Calvin Coolidge?

    Who sounds more like our FOUNDING fathers?

    And, to make a final point, we didn’t attack Russia before they got the nuke, but we are strongly talking about doing it to Iran. And, yes, I know what you are gonna say, they want to wipe out Israel, but Russia wanted to wipe US OFF THE PLANET!! Reagan knew all out war wasn’t gonna win, but to do a build up(sounds similar to Ron Paul’s stance, if you were to actually pay attention to what he wants to do) and show strength through our forces(not actually battle), and, funny enough, drilled oil on our side of the world(something Michelle Bachman wants to do), and tanked the oil market(what Russia used to back their money supply during Reagan).

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I support Ron Paul, but know he isn’t charismatic enough to win(because the masses want young/good looking for POTUS). So, if it comes to it, if we vote for a progressive(Newt/Romney/Obama), what can we expect?

    I would almost bank my life that we would see little to no difference from where we are now, in terms of heading the right way. In other words, we won’t see a retraction in Obamacare, and, we will continue with the high regulations we have now, which in turns keeps unemployment high, if not higher than it is now.

    Are you all prepared for what could happen if Newt’s record, not what he says in a debate, comes to fruition? What about Romney? Or how about Rick Perry’s record? I would take Bachman over those three, and I worry she would get pounded by Obama. If record is what we have to go on, then we are pretty well screwed this go around, and Obama is gonna win, whether or not he is in office.

    And as sad as it is, Ron Paul’s record with the earmarks(as trivial as I take it as), is far from voting in regualtions and higher taxes(or fees as Perry puts it). And, at least Paul has the gumption to say we need to cut 1trillion(by far more than the rest put together) out of the budget the first year.

  139. Nope, sorry. I decided long ago that bad candidates would not get my vote. When it was Obama v McCain, I voted for neither. If it is Obama v Gingrich or Romney, I will again vote for neither. Either Newt or Romney would be a bad President, and neither is likely to try very hard at all to reduce spending, reduce regulations, and reduce the size and scope of government… which is what this nation badly needs.

    We need a candidate who wants to balance the budget TODAY, not in 20 or more years.

    Did Beck say anything about endorsing Ron Paul in the primaries? It’s puzzling to me that so many people focus on a possible but unlikely Ron Paul 3rd-party run and ignore him in the GOP primary.

  140. Only a moron or fake conservative would vote against the Republican nominee and for Ron Paul or anyone running in a third party, thus ensuring an Obama victory. Whiny pissants like Beck are at their core frauds and sensationalists, wrapped up in their own egos, like babies seeking attention for getting their soiled diapers changed. I also put O’Reilly in this category. They are the “Mold and Mush Tour,”
    complete fakes.

    I can’t stand Romney. But I’d vote for him or even Huntsman or any Republican nominee before I’d go third party. That said, I will vote for Newt or Santorum in the primary.

  141. How about we all run to the polls and VOTE FOR RON PAUL??? wouldn’t that be the right thing to do here…. I believe Ron is the man for the job and he will do the right thing for America.

  142. I see Glenn’s point. Unless there a strict conservative in the White House when the financial cataclysm hits in 2012/2013, it’s a matter of blame game and who is in the white house is going to be tarred and feathered. I rather see Obama’s picture in the history books for this event then some frugal socialistic GOPer’s. If we elect a strict conservative, then America has a chance to recover, there will be no hope if we elect the same old agenda that has brought us to the threshold of this global financial cataclysm.

    1. Regardless of who “your guy” is, if you support a third party or don’t hold your nose and vote for whomever the Republican party chooses, then you are GUARANTEEING an Obama second term. I will crawl over broken glass to vote for Bozo the clown if he’s running against Obama!!!!!!

  143. My feeling is a second term Obama, hampered by a Republican House and perhaps even a Republic Senate, is preferable to a President Gingrich who would implement the same policies with full House and Senate approval. That’s why I’m STILL voting for Ron Paul.

  144. If we don’t kill Obamacare with this election there is no turning back. It sucks voting for the lesser of two evils, but Obama is a much greater evil than Newt. Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, the NLRB and the EPA are all keeping this economy from recovering. We desperately need to get rid of Obama no matter what. Despite his weaknesses, Newt would be a huge improvement.

  145. Ya know, just voting for whoever because they’re “not obama” is a guaranteed way to put someone just as bad as him (if not worse) in the office. Newt is the Republican version of Obama: Statist phony who has delusions of grandeur! If Newt is the best we can do, we might as well vote third party to send the GOP a message that this kind of crap won’t suffice anymore, and from there we can focus on strengthening our position in congress and look towards nominating someone good in 2016…

  146. Don’t settle for Newt! Demand Better. Listen to what Beck says, He is saying Since Newt feels FDR was the best president in History! Go look it up.

    1. Currently it is clear to me there are 3 front runners.

      Romney – this guy is McCain, no gonads to call out Obama. Just look at how he lost to Kennedy when simply pointing out his opponents imoral behavior would have won the election. He also didn’t have the nads to veto Romneycare and force the legislature to overide his veto, imagine where he would be in race today if he had done just that.

      Paul – sorry but this dude is completely isolationist on foriegn policy, you all think 911 was bad, imagine a world where we have our heads in the sand.

      Gingrich – adultery – not a game changer and from what I understand he has married the next woman, that says to me he was mentally done with current relationship and had moved on before divorce finalized. record – seems to me without Newts house we would not have had balanced budgets under Clinton. The single largest issue we have is SPENDING – I see his record as a positive on this front.

      The main stream media wants to dictate our candidate, hence the hatchet job on Mr. Cain. They have a vastly inflated opinion of Obama’s intellect and therefore his debate skills, this leaves them woefully under estimating Gingrich.

      I believe all 3 would rid us of onerous regulations imposed executively by Obama, Dodd Frank bill and Obamacare. All three will seat judges and potentially justices that are conservative. Newt is the only one that can stomp Obama in debates, and lets face the facts, we need a candidate that will call Obama on his record and relationships. I know Romney won’t do it and I know Paul will end up babbling about the FED instead.

  147. I’m with Beck. I was thinking the same thing the other day. I could never vote for a dirtbag like Newt. The man is immoral. Where are your principals?

  148. Gee thanks, Glenn. You will GIVE the election to Obama if you do this. Sometimes you have to take part of the loaf even if it has started getting moldy. I normally agree with most everything you say and do, but this is stupid.

  149. Beck, I used to like you but no more. Why don’t you just come out for Obama? Vote for him, then all of your catastrophic prophecies will come true and you’ll look like the second coming on Nostradamus. Maybe that’s what your after, after all. A giant I told you so, engineered by you. Who’s good enough for the great Glen Beck? George Washington’s dead pal. Face reality.

  150. The fact that the Republican Party refuses to nominate a Constitutional Conservative and would allow that person to run as a third party candidate speaks volumes about the sad state of the American electorate. Those Republicans who claim to be “conservative” but don’t support Ron Paul are frauds. And please stop with the nonsense that Paul’s non-interventionist foreign policy is not conservative. Open a book for Christ’s sake. The Republican Party wasn’t always the war party. It was the Democrats for the majority of the 20th century initiating wars overseas. The Old Right was non-interventionist and always questioned and stood against the foreign adventurism of the Democrats. The GOP used to be the party of restraint. The new Republican foreign policy of trying to replace the Democrats as the war party is a relatively new phenomenon.

  151. You gotta be kidding me!!! Neither Obama or Newt is worth voting, so why do people assume we have to settle for less??? Until people realize YOU have the power to change this, they will never learn.

    1. The Tea Party was formed to get rid of lizards like Newt-wit, not support them. It’s time to draft a real conservative. Yes, they’re out there.

  152. I know what you are saying, but I really do feel the same way as Beck…If Newt is given the nod, I don’t know if I will be able to push the button next to his name…he is a slime ball and an ultimate insider….I will have to close my eyes and then barf…ugh…why oh why don’t we have someone I can vote for with a clear conscience

  153. I am a longtime registered republican since 2001, and I will be casting my vote for Ron Paul, if he’s the nominee, or if he’s not the nominee. If Obama gets another term, so be it. The policies that are hurting our country will continue under Gingrich, who supports the endless wars, the big bank bailouts, the erosion of our of our liberties through unconstitutional bills like the Patriot act and the National Defense Authorization Act. I voted for McCain in 2008, not because I believed in him but because he was the nominee. Not this time.

  154. It’s simple. Vote for the true Anti-government candidate. That is clearly Ron Paul.
    End of story. If enough people did this and stopped worrying about helping Obama win for voting for what the media says is a candidate that can’t win, you are letting the MEDIA decide how you vote.

    1. If all GOP would get behind Ron Paul, the good doctor could play golf from here until Nov. 2012 and still win the general election in a landslide.

  155. there is no democracy anymore, all elections are rigged, even if a third party canidate were to somehow win, some activest judge would just throw out the election results

  156. Now, I know in the last few years your top priority has been to defeat Obama in the next election. When he inevitably wins next year, because all of your candidates are entirely useless, will you finally make fixing the god damned country a priority instead of destroying it to win an election?

    1. Your candidate is a “failed experiment.” His worthless arse will be sent packing in 2012 if there is a God.

      1. So, when Obama wins will you finally accept that there is no god? Once he’s won can Republicans get back to actually fixing the economy since they’ve failed at their primary goal for the past 3 years?

        If you people actually believed in small government you’d vote for Ron Paul but you don’t actually care about small government, regardless of what you say. You just want big government in the things that benefit you directly.

        If you were actually conservative you would laugh each and every one of the current Republican candidates off the stage.

  157. Exactly! There are two types of GOP voters: Ron Paul supporters and non-Ron Paul supporters and “ABOs” (Anybody but Obama). At least the ABOs will have the good sense to vote for Ron Paul IF he gets the nomination, but that’s the battle; i.e., getting the nomination. Ron Paul will win the general election in a landslide without question, because of his broad, unwavering support, a lot of crossover Dems, and the ABOs. Having said that, the “non-Ron Paul” GOP supporters need to understand that they cannot win without Ron Paul supporters. Ron Paul supporters are not ABOs! They will not vote for anyone other than Ron Paul, so if you non-Ron Paul voters want to prevent Obama Part II, you’d better get onboard Ron Paul’s campaign now. Believe it.

  158. If you like Obama and want to see the full force of his agenda enacted, vote Gingrich.

    Only Gingrich has the connections and Washington know-how to finish the job Obama started.

  159. Idiotic statements like that are part of the reason we have stupid in the White House now. Protest votes don’t get it done. Ron Paul is suffering from a severe case of myopia.

    1. Ron Paul is full of awesome! And his eyesight is 20/20. Best get on board or break out the popcorn for Obama the Sequel.

  160. You are right! Right now a third party is disaster! My plan is to vote for whomever is the Rep candidate, then weed out RINO’S and all libs in future elections.

    Obama must not win again, he has to go!

    1. Glad to hear you’ll vote for Ron Paul if he get’s the nomination. Sorry to hear that you’re not actively supporting the only candidate who is NOT “more of the same.”

  161. Done voting for the lesser of two evils. I will vote for the best candidate out there. I will write in Ron Paul if necessary. The two party system has created a game with the American people as a whole the loser.

  162. Sorry, it’s Ron Paul or NO GOPer at all. You want to stop “hell?” Ron Paul’s the only guy who can keep our Nation from “more of the same” ‘hell.’ Best get on board. A vote for anyone but Ron Paul is a vote for OhBugger.

    1. And its statements like that which will allow Obama another four years. There is a difference between being conservative and being Libertarian. You can be conservative without being a libertarian. The problem is that the majority of libertarians think you need to be both in order to be conservative. The majority of conservatives are weary of Ron Paul because he goes far beyond what their own views of conservatism are. This is the reason why the majority will go with Newt or Mitt simply because Ron is simply too much for them.

      To say you won’t vote or will write in Paul, if Paul does not get the nomination, or some other nonsense like that is throwing the election to Obama. And that is something no conservative wants, be they someone who became conservative simply because they saw the direction Obama is taking the nation and want to stop it, as many did after the 08 election or if they’re hardcore libertarians.

      1. No, the problem is that the GOP has sold out what “conservative” means to the establishment interests to the point that any candidates actually holding real conservative values now looks like a libertarian in comparison.

    1. Really, even if the GOP’s nominee is every bit as far left as Barack Obama and plans to enact similar policies … as would be the case with Mitt Romney?

      Tell me, exactly how do we benefit if the person sitting the White House is flaming kook-leftist with no regard for the Constitution with and R next to his name as opposed to a D?

      Sorry but Glenn Beck has simply allowed his personal religious beliefs and desires to support a fellow Mormon interfere with his objectivity and in doing so shredded his credibility as far as I’m concerned.

      One need only look at his actions as Governor to understand that Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are essentially the same person when it comes to positions and policies and Romney’s recently adopted pale hue “conservatism” are merely campaign contrivances.

      If Mitt Romney is the nominee I will not vote for him and will instead write in Sarah Palin’s name knowing full well Obama will win a second term and it won’t be in any substantive way different from a Romney first term would have been.

  163. While I’ve always liked Beck….that is the most stupid thing he has said in years! Has he no memories of the Ross Perot debacle…siphoning off votes….costing an election. For someone who supposedly is desparate to get Obama out of office…he’s doing everything he can to insure him a second term. Glen…you need to go back to steps 9 and 10.

    1. Beck is spot on with this statement. Voters against Obama need to wake up to the truth. NO GOP candidate can win without Ron Paul supporters and us Ron Paul supporters will NOT vote for anyone but Ron Paul. If you want a GOP POTUS you’d better get onboard with Ron Paul. For Liberty!

  164. If all you ‘conservatives’ are so afraid that Obama will get re-elected, why don’t you give up on your pretend conservatives, newt and mittflop, and back the one true conservative, Ron Paul? Why do we real conservatives, who support Ron Paul, have to hold our nose and vote for your phony baloney, big govco candidates? I have news for you, calling us stupid is not helping your cause.

    1. And here’s the answer to your question. If the President’s only responsibility were to manage the budget and address Constitutional issues I could easily vote for Ron Paul… but unfortunately those aren’t the only responsibilities.

      Ron Paul’s views on foreign policy, the threat of Islam and the role of the US in the world are so far out of left field they belong is a Code Pink newsletter and essentially suicidal. His grasp of history is so shockingly poor it the thought of his being President should be terrifying.

      If he were to somehow win I would expect Israel to be overrun with in months and a second holocaust to be well underway and the WW III to be starting well before the end of his term.

      1. You are obviously poorly informed and easily manipulated. Just the type the progressives love. You must be one blissful fellow.

      2. Yeah man. We’ve got to kill all of the bad people in all of the bad neighborhoods in the name of “Neighborhood Defense.” Threat of Islam? Kinda like the threat of Communism, right? My first instinct here is to call you dirty names but I’ll just ask you to do some basic Internet research. Google US-Iran relations. See the Wikipedia article to find out how we’ve been effing the Iranians since 1953. Then…try to find any foreigner, anywhere in the World that it pro-American. I don’t see anyone in the Middle East waving American flags. Do you? And just what are we getting for the Trillions of Dollars we’re spending and the lives destroyed in battle? If you really are afraid of “The Threat of Islam,” then let’s just nuke ’em all and then get on with the healing.

      3. And another thing. You could not even stand in the same room with Dr. Paul with respect to knowledge of History. Apparently, you’re either too young to remember the “7 Day War,” and the “Yom Kippur” War. Google those and you will find out that Israel is BAD ASS and they can take care of themselves just fine. Also, they have over 300 nukes. Who’s gonna eff with Israel? The only reason Israel has not ‘conquered’ the Middle East is because we keep them on a leash.

  165. What a stupid thing to say. Encourage a third party run and guarantee another four years of Obama! Well, poor old Glenn has been getting crazier and crazier, but this is it for me. I’m boycotting him and asking my local radio station to get rid of his program.

  166. I have high respect for Glenn, but this, “Ron Paul or no one” mindset is crazy. If he’s trying to get B.O. re-elected, he’s on the right track.

    1. I actually have very little respect for GB but there’s nothing crazy about voting for Liberty. Ron Paul in 2012 or NO GOPer at all.

  167. All these gopers licking Jewish boots. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that will keep us out of WWIII.

    Israel is a death sentence for america in the 21st century. We cannot kill 1.3 billion Muslims – in a suicide pact with Jews.

    Look at the Wall St crooks. Look at the 1% which is really the 25 – but nobody has the guts to make a connection too close to home for comfort.

    The Fed families ? .. .again all Jews.

    America DEMANDS a change. But we suffer Stockholm syndrome. We’ve been hostage to WWII 3 hanky holocaust film since childhood.

    We are hostages and victims of this clash of civilizations.

    I say if we get Gingrich… and there’s a very slim chance Americans would commit collective suicide …. it’s really the END.

    1. Oh yeah, right! Retreat, build a fence around the country and reduce our military…that’ll keep the missiles out. Please soak your head, rinse and repeat.

  168. RP? Is Ross Perot running again? Look what happened the last that twit …. Oh, not Ross Perot. Ron Paul, you say? Well, that’s different then. Only not very much.

    1. He’s only “Ross Perot” if people like you don’t get informed. He’s America’s last hope and if you used your computer to Google and Youtube Ron Paul you’d know that. Instead, you just get on threads like these and repeat the lies you’ve heard from the talking heads in the media.

  169. Please let us not forget the reason Glenn says things like this. Glenn, as much as I love and respect him, has made the mistake of openly endorsing Michelle Bachmann live on the air. Now, I don’t mean an endorsement of Michelle Bachmann is bad. I love her too. But, when you have such as audience as Glenn does and you openly endorse someone for President, everything you say about every other candidate has to be seen through the veil of that endorsement.
    Glenn made the mistake of openly endorsing someone before a candidate was chosen. Now, when he begins to talk about politics I have to turn him off as much as I love him because in the back of my mind, I know why he is doing it.
    Yes, he is telling the truth in many cases, but “maybe” he is picking and choosing his truths in order to bolster HIS candidates run.
    That is the danger of the endorsement. You don’t know, at this point, where Glenn is coming from.

  170. Who are you Glenn Beck? I didn’t buy into your whole schtick, but never doubted your love of country and fear that our national sovereignty faces extinction with Obama at the helm. You would vote third party, split the vote and guarantee his re-election? If you were joking, it isn’t funny and if you’re serious, you and people like are an obstacle to all patriotic citizens fighting to save this country for our children and grandchildren. Maybe you are just a flim flam man afterall…..sad.

  171. Mr. Beck talks with God and that is fine. It’s when he talks to himself, gets the answers he’s looking for, and then drops it all over others that trouble begins. Perhaps he can’t see due to that big, honking beam in his eye, but any encouragement, aiding or abetting of the cackling mad scientist and his troupe of flying monkeys in the Attic can and very well may be to the detriment of his favorite country. Glenn Beck is a professional talker, and speech is silver, the adage goes, while silence is golden. But for him, a God-message may help. “Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding,” the Proverbs say. Please, if you can’t do more than divide us and invite an Obama triumph, shut the hell up, Glenn

  172. Newt’s record in office is clearly not conservative, George et al. Newt has been a “big government” politician his entire career and a greedy Newt selling influence as well. Investigate what items were taken off budget 1996,1997,1998,1999 so that the politicians could claim that they balanced the budget. The debt grew during that period. Explain to me how the debt grew if the budget was balanced? Newt is part and parcel a poster boy for the spending crowd, self dealing in office for relationships that could be profited from after leaving office. Ask yourself, what strategic advice is worth 1.6 million from an organization that is underwater with its financial obligations which is hoping for a bailout from the US Government from a career politician who just happened to be an ex speaker? What other politicians have been hired and well paid by the same organization? Lots of Democratic operatives have used Fannie and Freddie as a cash cow while in between political jobs for their party machine – heck even Clinton sent Rahm Emanuel there for a stint. Raines, Reno et al looted over 100 million from there before Raines et al became an economic adviser to Obama. Now we find, that Newt was part of the in crowd there. My pure speculation was that Newt was helping strategize the package being presented to garner enough Republican support and politically engineer it so that the bailouts would happen. Within Fannie, Freddie the real accountants had to know that their paper backing bad loans was rampant and a risk to the company.

  173. I couldn’t agree more. I like Glenn Beck, but I have to be honest. I like him less and less every day. He’s an interesting guy, he’s been right more than he’s been wrong, but it seems like every time he blows a fart, he writes a book about it, that you “must buy.” As time has gone on, there just seems to be a little too much shameless commercialism with Beck.

    One incident that began to turn my opinion of Beck happened when he released “Common Sense”. Common Sense seemed to be very hastily put together and offered nothing fresh and new. It looked to be more of a sop to his publisher than to his readers, but what struck me about it, was the timing of the release. At the same time, Mark Levin’s, Liberty and Tyranny, was #1 in the NY Times Bestseller list. I don’t think anyone would argue that Levin’s book was much better done and far more important than a rehash of Thomas Paine and an essay from Mr. Beck. It seemed piggish of Beck to use his popularity to knock Levin’s book off the #1 slot. I like competition as much as the next guy, but Beck looked like he was being selfish to me. I never felt the same about him since.

  174. You just keep telling yourself Ron Paul “can’t win,” Moose, and that he has “no chance” of getting the nomination, as Paul wins Iowa and Nevada, and finishes a strong second in New Hampshire. News flash for ya – the stronger RP is in the early states, the better the chance he has of being nominated. And with the GOP’s new proportional allocation of delegates now in play, Ron will come with potentially hundreds of delegates, whether he wins the “outright” nomination or not.

    Again, just keep telling yourself he “can’t win,” as he engineers (at the very least) a brokered convention. THE GOP GRASSROOTS (you know, US) are sick and tired of “NEWT/ROMNEY” (thanks, Michele!)

  175. You are absolutely correct! That crazy old coot will Ross Perot us another 4 years of O’Bama. Can you imagine what that Communist would do in 4 years….with no more hiding….he can just come out and finish the job of flipping America to Socialism.

    If RP and GB do that, they better be looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives!

  176. Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I disagree with Glenn’s assertion that anyone in a third party role would be good for our country. Maybe in another time, but not now, not with a base/core of Democrats hovering around 30% of the electorate…these are the pull the lever no matter what crowd. They could care less abotu destroying th ecountry and in fact, many of the round glasses crowd actually thinks that’s what they want (until the goons come to get them, that is).

  177. If Ron Paul runs third party, it’s proof that he’s more bent on proving a political point than on removing Obama. But what if he wins the primary? Is everyone going to rally behind him?

    1. If Ron Paul runs third party it will be because he thinks he can win. Ron Paul has been trying to protect our Constitutional Rights and protect our Civil Liberties for over 35 years and uninformed people like you don’t deserve his service and you should be ashamed for making the comment you did.

  178. Lets have a little perspective here… Newt is NOT Obama. Lets tone down the rhetoric just a bit. Last election Glenn thought Mitt was conservative, now he thinks he’s a pinko when Mitt hasnt changed. Beck has fallen off the back of the reality bus and bumped his head. Newt isnt my guy either. He can be a loose cannon, but the reality is we have to own the Senate and the congress and other people – including us will have to keep Newt in check. It can be done, The alternative cannot be even considered – a second Obama Term would be US destroying the Nation!

  179. Sorry Glen but there are times where your just a complete idiot! A Ron Paul third party or any third party is only the idea of the COMPLETELY STUPID or someone who truly does want to see this idiot Messiah reelected. How do you spell STUPID = Glen Beck

  180. Right now I will not vote for Newt or Romney. Slowing down the rate of growth in spending is not enough. We have to balance the budget or accept the extreme economic pain of hyper-inflation in the next decade or so. The deficit is by far the greatest long-term domestic problem we have and the greatest long-term national security problem that we have. Over $400,000,000,000 already disappears as interest on the debt every year. This is fiscal suicide.

    We are living okay today only because we are spending $5,000 we do not have for every single person in the country every year. The boomer generation is retiring and the need for entitlement funds is growing rapidly. Tax rates and spending plans must be sent to the back of the bus so balancing the budget can be given the importance it must have. It some pain now or deadly pain later.

  181. I used to like Beck when he was the “old Beck”,but since he has gone all entrepenureal and commercial he has really gone off the reservation on a lot of things.Ron Paul is a certifiable nut job on foreign policy and will get us all killed and Beck will be out there with his “let’s all get along and have a group hug” crap. I long for the old Beck who exposed Soros,Van Jones,and the rest of the Obama communist regime. The new Beckwimp really sucks.

  182. First of all, Ron Paul has stated repeatedly that he has no intention of running third party. He’s been down that road and he knows it’s a rigged game. And it’s even more rigged now than it was in 1988. The only reason he doesn’t speak in absolutes about it is in case the GOP establishment pulls some funny business during the primaries, which is not unheard of. So the good news for the Newtwits and the Paul-haters is they don’t have to worry about a third party run, that’s just a scare tactic by the establishment Republicans.

    The bad news for the status quo supporters is that it doesn’t matter if Paul runs third party or not. If Paul is not the nominee the Paul supporters will sit it out. Don’t believe for a second they will hold their nose and vote for Newt Romney or Mitt Gingrich. During the last election it was reported that only 38% of Paul supporters voted for the GOP candidate, John McCain. I’ve seen surveys, as well as talking to Paul supporters, that indicate that percentage will be much smaller this time. And this time around he has a larger following. That’s enough to swing the election by itself, without counting the number of independents, moderates, cross-over Democrats and youth vote who intended to vote for Paul that will be lost. So whether he runs third party or not, his voting bloc will react as if he had.

    The equation is simple: if Ron Paul is not the nominee then Obama wins re-election.

    1. Rand Paul as a vice-presidential candidate would be more like it. He has his father’s small government principles, without the foreign affairs extremism.

      1. What’s so effing extreme about not paying for the defense of England, Germany, Japan, S. Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, (we could go on forever)? WE’RE BROKE and war mongerers like Romney and Gingrich want to INCREASE military spending. WITH WHAT MONEY???

  183. Nope, voting third party against Romney. I guess most people don’t get it, we can’t fix what is wrong with this nation in Washington. Our solutions have to come from a different place, and if you look at what Beck is doing, you might understand that. Constitutional conservatives have apparently given up on the concept that the power lies in the House and Senate. You win those two houses Obama is controlled. Is it about principles, or is it about Obama, you guys decide. The Tea Party is dead.

    1. Andrew you underestimate the power of a president. He only becomes insignificant if the opposing party has VETO PROOF majorities. Without that then OBAMA can veto any legislation he doesn’t like AND continue to issue executive orders and appoint LIBERAL judges. You’re willing to accept that?

  184. It is amazing and frustrating to me that the Republicans cannot field a strong conservative candidate without the the flaws of Gingrich and Romney. A quick look at Ron Paul tells you he is over the edge. Still, I will not vote for a thrid party conservative candidate because to do so is to hand Obama his second term. (The one exception to this would be if they had a clar lead over Obama in the polls…almost impossible) I will argue with anyone who might suggest voting for a third party. Beck is looking for ratings here or is just speaking out of emotion.

  185. Obama is Bush’s third term, and you guys had no problem with Bush. This is not a sport. This not about getting your team to win, it’s about trying to fix the problems with this country. Obama has expanded nearly everything W did. Yet those on the right bash him and those on the left praise him(and they hated Bush). Gingrich changes position based on whose paying him. Remember him supporting the federal mandate on healthcare and now says it horrible. Sitting with Nancy Pelosi about man-made climate change and so on. This team mentality is killing this country. Whose gives a damn which party wins but which person wins. The major parties are more alike than different.

    1. Stop speaking truth! 🙂 You’ll upset the rabid Dem’s and Rep’s. You know the one’s that feel whatever their Party does is good, whatever the other Party does is bad. Been out of high school for forty years but isn’t that how the clicks operated in high school?

      1. You’re VERY naive if you think that most conservatives believe that “whatever” their party does is good. Really childish. You need to grow up and realize that another 4 years of Owe-bama is the WORST thing that can happen. I hope you wake up soon.

        1. Did I say conservatives? Sorry if I did I meant Republican Party pundits. Of course it is childish to consider “all” do it but read these posts. People will hold their nose and pull the lever for which Republican is running, doesn’t matter about their polices. Oh except for Ron Paul. On Paul they won’t hold their nose.

    1. Then you are truly asleep Tyler. Even Ron Paul AGREES with most of the other candidates’ position. He only differs on foreign policy issues. And FOR THAT you’re will to allow Owe-bama to finish destroying the Constitution? Incredible.

      1. Not quite, as it is more that all the other candidates have suddenly started talking more like Ron Paul now that the people have started to realize just how much sense he has been making all along (but that the media and the GOP establishment tried to keep muzzled as best they could). None of the other candidates have a record of supporting even what they are suddenly now claiming to have always supported.

        1. Wrong. I have been following politics for years. Obviously you have not. Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum have been consistently conservative on every issue. They may disagree with Ron Paul on foreign policy but they are true conservatives. Stop being lazy and find out who you are criticizing before you criticize them. If you represent a typical Ron Paul supporter then he doesn’t have a chance, even though I like and would support Ron Paul if he won the nomination.

  186. nthisrain… I suspect you to be a leftist sock puppet… if not you’re just stupid and poorly informed.

  187. I have to respectfully disagree with you Strawnman. A republican candidate that only pays lip service to Tea Party values would actually be worse then Obama. Beck is good at one thing, getting people thinking, I think he has done just that when it comes to Newt. Voting for the lessor of two evils just won’t cut it this election. I intend to cast my vote based upon my values and principles, so if the GOP fails to put forth a viable candidate, then I will vote my conscience with a third party or write-in. If Obama wins a second term then so be it, that would be the lessor of two evils, and I can still sleep at night. Its time to pick a side, make sure you pick the right one for the right reasons, not the side you think will win. I’d rather lose the election then lose my Honor!
    Semper Fi

    1. How you can imagine that Owe-bama could be the lesser of two evils is beyond me. Do you SEE what he’s doing to the county? HOW could Newt Gingrich be worse than that? Surely, you’re joking.

  188. Right Josiah, and I’m Batman! This message board is the scariest thing I have witnessed in 25 years. Adults accepting hyperbole as truth. The reason the most virulent of the posts against Newt don’t include the name of an alternate choice is because every candidate has warts and can have holes punched in their savior suit.

  189. Glen I’m com’in back as a listener. It is refreshing to hear someone is voting with integrity & heart for a principled candidate and not just voting for who can win. I would not tell my son who will be voting in his first Presidential elections, “son don’t vote for who you think is the best person, vote for who can win.

  190. Newt is a huge upgrade over John McCain. It’s a little tiresome to see the immaturity of adults who take the Goldilocks approach to their presidential candidate. If they are not “just right” then I’m not voting for them. I’ll take my vote third party or not vote at all.

  191. I agree. Michael Savage and Glenn Beck always do this. They act like useful idiots for the left. They demonized Bush to such a degree that ANYONE remotely similar to Bush, i.e. John McCain, had no chance of winning. They are doing it again. They need to WAKE UP and get behind the GOP nominee WHOEVER it is. Because another 4 years of BHO is unthinkable. I suggest Savage and Beck CEASE AND DESIST from tearing down potential GOP nominees going into 2012… NOW!

  192. I agree. If I were voting today and Romney and Gingrich are the leaders, I’m voting for Romney. If Romney is way out front and Newt is not an issue, I’m voting for Paul.

  193. Beck is not stupid. He knows a 3rd party would split the Republican vote and elect Obama. So what are we to conclude about Beck? He has just lost credibility with me, and I suspect with a lot of conservatives. He is going to have to walk this back or much of his audience will abandon him, I suspect. Any Republican candidate is superior to Obama, and that needs to be our focus. Trying to get your guy in by threatening to re-elect Obama with a 3rd party candidate is reckless and irresponsible. Get your head in the game, Glenn!

  194. Voting for Newt is the same as voting for Obama. There will be no difference. Obama suffers from NPD. Newt suffers from NPD. Both think they are smarter than everyone around them. In fact, Newt could be worse than Obama. One of the things that “saved” us was Obama’s ignorance of how to work DC. Newt knows how DC works and where Obama failed to bring people together, Newt could. Think I”m crazy? Look at how President Obama is more like George Bush than candidate Obama. When they ran, they could not have been more different. But once Obama gets in there he’s like GWB on steriods. Imagine what a Newt presidency could do to the country. So either way, if it’s Newt or Obama, it’s the same result for us. Only Ron Paul is the true constitutionalist. Only Ron Paul will seriously cut the budget and get us back to a Reagan like country.

  195. I’d sooner vote Libertarian than for Romney.
    Get a clue, GOP, Newt has his “baggage”, but so does Ø’Bumbler. Do some digging and get those records unsealed – ALL of them, especially academic.
    Now, who would you rather see Ø’Bumbler debate, Mittens or Newt?

    1. why not support a candidate that actually follows what you want (as close as that may be) thats what was intended . Not Running out pull the lever for a D or an R . Sorry But I won’t vote for Newt Or Romney or Obama..

  196. I can’t support Beck on this view. I will support whoever the GOP nominee is, but I would really have pause to turn up and vote if it were Ron Paul. I can’t stomach another weak foreign policy and open borders person. Neither can my country. If Glenn actually ever followed through on this threat, he would lose me as a listener permanently. I can’t stand stupid.

    1. You show your ignorance and how you just parrot what you hear. Ron Paul is not an open borders guy.

      Ron Paul’s six point plan puts a stop to illegal immigration:

      Physically secure our borders and coastlines.
      Enforce visa rules.
      No amnesty.
      No welfare for illegal aliens.
      End birthright citizenship.
      Pass true immigration reform.

      Now isn’t it nice to know what you are talking about.

      Can’t stand to not send the military all over the world? Why? We haven’t tried such a policy in oh about 70 years. So how can you say it wouldn’t work? What we’ve been doing sure isn’t working. The middle east is still unsettled, we’ve lost thousands of solders lives, we are almost a bankrupt country, we had 911, we’ve lost individual liberties. Yep your way is working so well. NOT!

  197. “I’ve made my position clear about Newt. He’s not my guy, but if he’s the nominee, I’ll run to the polls to vote for him and I’d encourage all of you to do the same.”

    So you’re just another great American Lemming. Be Proud! Stand tall! You vote not on your principles, nor your hopes.. But based off the idea that maybe Newt might be Better than Obama… Sort of like that false “Lesser Evil idea” You can’t have a lesser absolute, Newt would be just as bad- And if you actually follow this stance; and you want to know who caused this ‘mess’ over the last ‘century’ go look in a mirror.

  198. QUOTE: “This is suicide and it doesn’t get any simpler this: voting third party on our side for whomever guarantees Obama a victory.”

    Exactly, and for all of the reasons you noted.
    Fortunately, Ron Paul doesn’t have the money that Ross Perot had at his disposal. HIS hatred of GHW Bush prompted a third party temper tantrum that gave us BillyJeff.
    If Newt is the guy – please NO Mittens, GOP! – Newton gets my vote.

  199. The GOP is going to blow this, snap defeat right out of the jaws of victory. What I’m seeing is a bunch of idiots falling all over themselves to make each other look bad.

    All this is going to do is give Obama a second term, what a bunch of idiots.

  200. Oh, you mean like Ron Paul’s information that he brought up in Iowa last week that Bush was “gleeful” over the 9/11 attacks? Ron Paul is a truther. Why don’t you Paulists admit it? Do we really want a president who cannot even bring himself to acknowledge the grave threat this country faces from worldwide Islamic imperialism?

    1. Boy Marx would have loved you because you are such a useful idiot. The Islamic Imperialism is not going to be through war. It is happening before your eyes around the world and they aren’t firing a shot. They are doing it by taking up residence in different countries. Those little Islamic countries could never win a war against the west. Get real! Although they can wage an economic war and win. People like you are helping them win the economic war by spending all of the money in Fort Knox to wage war in the Middle East. Thanks for helping them! I am waging the opposite by going on mission trips to show people a different way, to introduce people to my Savior.

  201. What choices do we really have? We can either vote for Newt like we did for McCain or we can vote our conscience and go to our graves knowing we did the honorable thing. Personally I can not support Newt or Romney, I disagree with Paul’s isolationist foreign policy, but can find no fault in his arguments or his political record. Bachman appears to lack the force of character needed for the office, another Palin, plenty of conservative values but lacking in the strength of character needed. I was hoping to see someone come out of the Tea Party movement, but was disappointed when they decided to back Newt.
    Newt is a great debater, highly intelligent, but lacks the conservative foundation that we are looking for. Newt is all about himself, he would only do the right thing if it benefited himself and increased his prestige. Not the correct motivators for a Tea Party candidate. He needs to believe in the cause not just pay lip service to it.
    Third party or write-in, may be a wasted vote for some, but at least I can sleep at night knowing I voted my conscience and didn’t settle for the lessor evil.
    Semper Fi

  202. I was Herman Cain; now I’m voting for Romney. It’s about image folks. Newt’s image is absolutely horrible. Romney’s a good looking guy, with a great family, and squeeky clean. Yeah, he’s more a moderate Republican. But independents, particularly in the Northeast, love moderate Republicans. And you know what? I wouldn’t mind winning New Jersey, PA, Maine, New Hampshire and Michigan for once.

  203. What’s Ron Paul’s plan for fighting Islamo-Naziism? Does he even acknowledge that Islamism exists? Yeah, he’s good on domestic policy, I’ll give him that. His economic views are superb. But his foreign policy is a complete and utter disaster. His views are no different than America-haters Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan and Dennis Kucinich. Ron Paul is a 50%-er. He gets 50% of the equation 100% right, and the other 50% 100% wrong. Bachmann, Perry, Romney, Santorum, any one of them would be better than Paul. (Except maybe Gingrich who is an appeasor on Islamism, as well.)

    1. Over the last 40 years, we have all but proven that fighting radical Islam on the ground, through foreign aid, or by propping up dictators who are “friendly” to us has been a waste of lives and resources. In fact, there are convincing arguments that we have made things much worse for ourselves in how we have been handling things (e.g. our meddling in Iran). Recently, we have “given” Iran our predator technology well before we might actually engage them ourselves. Pulling back and letting them figure things out on their for 30 years can’t be worse at producing a stable long term culture, and since they won’t be investing internally, if they try to flood out we will have the means and reserves to push them back on to the reservation

  204. Ron Paul is an Islamist’s best friend. If he’s elected president, he’ll turn this country over to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. The guy doesn’t even acknowledge that Islamo-Fascism exists. Last week in Iowa, he even engaged in a little 9/11 Trutherism suggesting Bush was “gleeful” over the attacks.

    1. Being a Neo-conservative (Hes not a real conservative please don’t try and tell me he was) , I don’t doubt their were people in his cabinet and himself who were dying to use military action in Iraq- sorry if that hurts to hear. But Perhaps you should be a bit more worried about fighting Fascism at home, before you defeat another brand of it abroad.

      And how do you plan to pay for it? And whos going to fight this ‘war’ [which of course if truly started would never end]

      1. I know several people above pay grade O-6 and I can tell you that they think war on a daily basis. They may not be gleeful but they sure as hell ain’t too upset when they get to play war. It is what they do, it is what they study, it is what they train for and they are ready and willing to start it. Gleeful may not be a good adjective but the big brass sure aren’t mournful when they get a chance to use their trade.

  205. So Glenn can re-invent himself, but no one else can? What if everything Glenn had done was brought up to him today to explain as if what he did 20 years ago had relevance?
    Glenn will expect us to forgive, forget and understand anything Glenn did while drinking, but if Newt did things will he was in the throes of youth, finding his wings, discovering what commitment means, trying on ideas, Newt cannot be forgiven.

    Glenn, let’s say there was a 12-Step program for people who, in their earlier years, had grown their hair long, changed spouses, flirted with liberal ideas? Would your forgive Gingrich then?

    (PS I like Glenn.)

  206. All Rinos and Dinos must go. Press Alt,ctrl,delete. I think we CAN survive 4 more years of the Marksist. We will walk through the fire, because that is what we will do
    to salvage America.
    If a new vision is not successful in 2012, it will be in 2016. Many messages will be sent, even if a third party just makes a good showing in the general election.
    1 We are on to you progressives
    2 We are coming to take our country back
    3 We will take our parties back
    4 Progressives will no longer hide in the liberal or conservative parties
    5 We will end your corruption and cronyism and greed
    6 We will restore the Constitutional government
    7 We will forward future generations a restored Nation
    8 We will walk through the fire to defeat you
    9 We will come out victorious


    I have a question….why did the democratic party alow itself to be taken over by progressives? Do we have 2 parties or 3 or 4?

  207. I like Glenn. He has TAUGHT us, a lot about the Domestic Enemy. in the Oval Office, and the people he has installed under the Radar.
    HOWEVER. I think that Glenn might be losing perspective. Come back to us, Glenn. You’re just a man. Perhaps, if you tried to Walk on the Water, when you come upon the next Fountain, or Swimming Pool? Any third Party Candidate, I believe, would be putting their lives in danger.
    We are way past the time, for some Full of Himself, FOOL, to be siphoning off votes from Obama’s Rival.
    We don’t have YOUR kind of Money, Glenn. We can’t weather another 4 Years.
    Understand? Stop leading your flock, over the Cliff.

  208. I will vote for “my” candidate in the primaries, then put my “big girl panties” on for the general and vote for whomever runs against Obama in the primary. I will also lose a lot of respect for any candidate who goes rogue third party, and for those who would support him. Yes, that includes you, Mr. Beck and Mr. Paul, two people for whom I have lost a lot of respect over this one issue.

    Keep your eye on the prize: to ensure that January 20, 2013, marks the end of an error. The defeat of Barak Obama should be the goal of every conservative, if not Republican, in this country: otherwise, I’m not sure we’ll have a country by the next election – at least, not the country I know and love.

  209. Sorry Mr. Beck, a year ago you were a icon for conservatism, after canceling your Fox TV show, you have all but disappeared, charging the faithful for access to your shows and much needed info, you are no better than those you complain about. Newt may have a tarnished background but so did Clinton and it didn’t stop him. You are expecting the media and Obama’s goons of “ministry of enlightenment and propaganda” to paint Newt’s kettle black and destroy his campaign the same as they did with Sarah Palin, however something vital is missed in all the media noise. People are hungry for the truth, this country is in the worst shape EVER, that is how you get listeners & viewers, that is also why Newt is doing better in the polls, people can see his ability to stand out in a ground of also-rans who bring nothing to the party. Newt was a get it done congressman, he provided leadership in a leadership vacuum in the 90s. As proverbs says, “where there is no vision the people perish.” This country is at a crossroad, liberal Progressivism as embodied in Obama vs conservatism, the same as when George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Lincoln felt called to keep this country and it’s ideals alive, so is Newt.

    Knocking Newt and even suggesting you would support a 3rd party candidate, is stupidity and your lousy example would have many following you.

  210. Glenn beck does not support Ron Paul’s true constitutionalist policies of non intervention….Bush then Obama and now Newt, all are the faces of the same coin. This country has enough resources (oil,gas, water,land) to easily become the most powerful nation without debts and foreign involvements. Defence is protecting our borders and not creating more enemies for the benefit of the military’s interests. We need someone strong to protect our borders and not a bully who will be mocked by the entire world in unison. How many friends have we created in the last 20 years? And hoe many enemies? The failure is the foreign policy which needs a drastic Change which no one except Ron Paul or Denis Kucinich offers.

  211. I’d never vote for that slimy Newt in a zillion years. But I’d vote for the only trustworthy candidate–and the only constitutional conservative (who also isn’t a neo-con/demo-con) running for POTUS in 2012–Ron Paul.

  212. If people are so worried about Obama winning if Ron Paul splits the Votes then why do you just vote for RON PAUL????
    Newt CAN’T BEAT Obama!!!

  213. Don’t worry, I’ll be running to vote for Newt if he is the nominee. Has Beck gone off the deep end where he’s more worried about being right than saving the country from a wannabe dictator?

  214. You’d love it if Obama got reelected again Glenn. You are nothing more than the modern day equivalent of Jim Baker or Jimmy Swaggert. Like the left, you need a boogeyman too to spread fear and profit off of it.

  215. You’re full of sh*t. Newt is just what the oligarchs want. Or they know Newt will lose to Obama, but either way, the central bank will be protected and they can keep robbing Americans via inflation and transferring our “wealth” to other banks and governments.

  216. I’ll vote for Ron Paul if I have to write him in. If I can’t do that there is no sense in voting at all. The lesser of two evils is still evil. PERIOD!

    1. True, but Ron Paul is the lesser of two evils. I respect the guy, but he would be a terrible President….especially with foreign policy.

        1. In my words “now”? Seriously, whose words do you think I have been using?

          Ron Paul is an isolationist. I applaud his determination to use our military on our own border, but he thinks we shouldn’t be involved in international conflicts where we are not attacked. Granted, it’s debatable over whether or not we should have gone into Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya, but I have serious doubts that he would use force against Iran if they started a war with Israel. We have allies, but not for long if we don’t stand with them through thick and thin. I truly think that Ron Paul would sit by and watch the rest of the world waging WWIII even after our allies get decimated. We formed NATO for a reason, and that’s to ward off or stand up against communist or dictatorial attacks. We live in a global market, so our interests stretch way beyond our borders. It would not have benefited us to let Hussein invade and conquer the Middle East, or for Hitler to finish his rampage across Europe. We’d be looking at a much, much more hostile world right now if Ron Paul was in charge throughout those times, and it’s possible we may have fallen in the end if we didn’t stand up to tyranny and waited until it crashed our own borders.

  217. I liked and respected you and your opinions up until you made this comment. Want to GUARANTEE Emperor Obama stays in office and completes his destruction of this country?? Just run a third party candidate!! Only a complete moron or someone who wishes to see the country destroyed would support such a move. For a student of history try looking back to the Ross Perot debacle. Have you thought about the tertiary effects of people not voting out Democrat Senatators and Representatives because of the confusion of a third party candidate?? It won’t do any good to elect a Republican (any Republican) unless the Senate is taken back from Harry Reid and the House has a supermajority… Get real, you claim to have made siginificant changes in your life yet you deny the possibility of Newt doing the same. Hypocrite, look at yourself in the mirror!!!

    1. You must have missed it when he said you’re a racist if you support Newt and not Obama because there isn’t a difference between the two. This is two days in a row that he has gone off the deep end with irrational statements.

  218. I met Glenn way back when we he started at Clear Channel’s flagship station, WFLA- AM in Tampa, Florida. I listened for years, I watched his show, first on CNN and then on Fox.
    When Glenn started having his health problems, is when I believe his thinking got muddled. I know he does no recreational drugs, I know he no longer drinks, so I can only attribute his flawed logic on his health issues; there can be no other explanation.
    I stopped listening to Beck when he declared that he had no problem with “civil unions.” Quoting Thomas Jefferson he said, “That which neither picks my pockets nor breaks my bones is of no concern to me.” If he truly wanted to discuss Thomas Jefferson’s attitude about homosexuality, one only read how he believed that all “sodomites” as homosexuals were then known, should be castrated and sent into the wilderness.
    Anybody who claims they will vote for the worst candidate in either voting for Obama, Huntsman, or Ron Paul, just because they don’t “like” Newt, are worse than fools; they are complete idiots that put self above country. I am not a Newt “fan” but he is a far cry better than anyone else running with the exception of Rick Santorium.
    We need to get behind whoever is the RNC candidate, swallow our pride if it is not our choice and support the candidate so that we can stop this socialist takeover of America and bring to justice those who have committed acts of treason.

  219. Tell that to Newt. I’m not playing this game anymore. I want someone honest. And if I can’t get someone honest, I’ll take the next best thing. But I’m not taking Gingrich getting slammed down my throat by the GOP. They pulled that BS before. Self-serving wastes. Done with the two party system. I’ll write in Michelle Bachman. You people who don’t want Obama elected better get Newt out of the way.

  220. I’m a recovered alcoholic and I tend to trust others like me and get screwed for my trouble. Beck never engendered that trust however, never could stand him for some reason which is now becoming apparant.

  221. Just to add a little spice…. Can you even imagine how far the electorate has sunk to allow Newt, after what he has done blatantly stealing from the voters and justifying his actions. Allowing the POS to walk onto a stage and tell everyone he has learned from his mistakes and he now has the character to lead this country. Showing off his trophy wife until she is onee day terminal. Imagine, up to fifty years ago he wouldn’t dare show his face outside his house for less than a tenth of the crap he’s pulled. Yet there are those that want to kiss his ***

    1. Did you notice how many times he winked at her through the debate? Arrogance, typical of a Progressive.

  222. Just to add a little spice…. Can you even imagine how far the electorate has sunk to allow Newt, after what he has done blatantly stealing from the voters and justifying his actions. Walking onto a stage and telling everyone he has learned from his mistakes and he now has the character to lead this country. Showing off his trophy wife until she is terminal. Imagine, up to fifty years ago he wouldn’t dare show his face outside his house for less than a tenth of the crap he’s pulled. Yet there are those that want to kiss his ***

  223. Glenn Beck is a Mormon, so is Mitt Romney. So who do you think Beck will endorse? Mitt Romney will lose the election since many republications & independents do not like him, they consider him a RINO. Unfortunately obama will have another four years to bring this country to the ground if Romney is the Republican nominee. Newt Gingrich, I believe, would stand a chance against obama since Newt knows what he is talking about that will immensely impress the conservatives & independents. The only thing that Romney has is Mormon money to back him up. BTW, Glenn Beck is a “blowhard!” If Ron Paul runs on a 3rd party than he is insuring obama will win the election. Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance of winning except to take votes away from the Republican nominee; just like what Ross Perot did to the lst Bush.

      1. Yep, I have a mind of my own! Carlos I bet you are an obama angel, if he would poop on the floor, you & your kind would say how beautiful it is & want to take a piece of it home as a souvenir. After all obama gives you free entitlements such as food stamps, sec 8 housing, etc. Am I correct? BTW, Viva ll Duce (our obama).

        1. Actually I voted for a CHANGE that was better than the mess BUSH put us in, But came to find out he is pretty much Bush the 3rd.
          So I now have as much respect for him as I do BUSH.

          Well since you have the typical NEO-CON views you would say some crap like that… BUT NO I’ve NEVER been on Food Stamps or Section 8, only receiving HIGHER TAXES and I BET I PAY MORE THEN YOU being Self Employed LOL

          and its VIVA 1776 REVOLUTION!! Too bad you don’t remember what that was about…. RON PAUL 2012!

          It’s too BAD you’re always going to suck in what the MEDIA tells you to think. NEWT has NO chance of Beating Obama so to save this country you should support Ron Paul.

          1. Actually I wasn’t referring to Viva 1776 Revolution. Why don’t you engine search “Viva ll Duce” which I am applying to obama. I stand corrected, you and I are alike, and we pay taxes so that freeloaders can enjoy what we provide, in taxes, to them. I still stand by my remarks, Ron Paul running as an Independent will be another Ross Perot; taking votes away from the Republican nominee. Can you imagine another four years of obama; god forbid! If Ron Paul is selected as the Republican nominee, I WILL vote for him (even thought he is not my choice as Republican nominee). Cheers!

    1. Look at my post below and know that it is true. If Paul runs third party, the only chance you will have is to vote for him, period.

  224. Political parties change people. Remember the Whigs? I think it’s time for a new party to take the stage: Libertarians. The elephant and the donkey are deadlocked they can’t see the mess they have created. Neither one will be able to get us out of the mess we’re in. Ron Paul is the only answer. What exactly is wrong with him? tell me a reason why you like someone and i bet i can find that same reason taken care of by Ron Paul.

    1. Definitely. I left the Republican party and went Independent. Unfortunately, in the last state I lived in, the Dems and Reps went to court and got the Independent party removed from voter party affiliation. They had it changed to Non-Affiliated. At least that’s what the voter registration office told me. Wasn’t notified, just received a new voter card in the mail.

      I’m now in the Libertarian party, but will change to Republican to vote for Ron Paul before the deadline in a month. After that I’m not returning to the GOP until they are taken over by the Libertarian wing.

      No reason to join the democratic party, there is no conservative movement inside it, so I’m not wasting my time with them.

  225. If Paul does not get the nod and goes third party, which is what I will push him to do, I and many like me will vote for him. When this happens, you will be given a choice, vote Paul, or give Obama four more. Plain and simple. I just know how many will vote for Paul, and I believe Glenn will be in the mix.

  226. Ron Paul wins Iowa. It gets tighter. I read the differences between Newt and Mitt. Made me realize how similar they were.

    Personally I think the occupy whatever stuff gave more power to the Tea Party. If Ron Paul were elected all you occupy people could smoke pot, or heroin or whatever. They probably just want a free handout from the government even though they dont pay taxes. Obama supports I would presume. But those that are not should be Ron Paul supporters. Obama will lose this election no matter what. Dont be fooled. He already lost the way he handled the situation he was given. This is America, and the best doesn’t give second chances.

    But anyway, this race gets tighter people. I really hope it doesnt come to this but imagine a nomination situation so close and so clouded with debate and defense and propaganda… Ron Paul is forced to Independently run. With the backing of the Tea Party and a growing number of awoken independent voters give victory to Dr. Paul.

    Everyones lives would be so much better. Do you not hear yourselves bickering back and forth sometimes name calling and insulting one another. Our country really is in something bad. Our fists are so mangled together trying to fight that we are not able to step back and let the punches be thrown at the real bad guys. It really is all an illusion. Democrats and Republicans are fighting for the same future.

    We were all given the right to vote in order to control our government, to elect people that would uphold the constitution. Ron Paul is the only person with the balls to be different than everyone else.

    It’s quite simple really. Democrats usually like to be fiscally liberal and socially liberal. While you have the Republicans that tend to be fiscally conservative and socially conservative. A Libertarian is fiscally conservative and socially liberal. If you don’t know what this means go look it up. its not hard to find. Don’t let the simplicity confuse you.

    Ron Paul can get love from all around. Hopefully he can get enough love pulled towards the middle that he can win this baby. And that would be the lower part of the diamond middle, because the top middle position would be socialism which is socially conservative and fiscally liberal. Or no personal freedom or economic freedom. Ron Paul gives you the most of both. Mitt or Newt will only give you economic freedom but personal freedom isn’t all the way there. And I dont even know what Obama is doing. He just had a disaster. Sorry for rambling but wake up people. Ron Paul is what we need and what we want you just dont know it.

  227. RON PAUL 2012! I think he has the BEST chance at beating OBAMA.. He can actually pull Democrat voters from Obama and He’ll definately grab all the 3rd Party Votes. I’m one of those Democrats that Voted for Obama in 08

    1. Dr. Paul has a better chance then anyone else at beating Obama because if he has to he’ll third party it and like you said it looks like obama for another 4. But i guarantee Obama is scared of Paul. so why not vote for paul as the outright contender and beat obama? what is wrong with the docter?

  228. Beck while I like some of your rants you self importance like so many in the media today is overrated. The American people will settle this election and just like in 1941 they have finally been awakened by all the fools that have driven this country in the ground .

    It may be a slow process at first put the people will drain this swamp.


    The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president.

    The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince.

    The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic. Someone over there has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

  229. If Newt gets the nod, and you blindly vote for him, simply because he’s better than Obama, when will it end? The GOP was supposed to get the message about moderates when McCain lost. If we keep voting for horrible Republican nominees we’ll never get a good one. Ron Paul might not be the best choice, but compared to Newt or Romney, at least he’ll help undo the piss poor way Obama ran the country. Newt, Romney, Obama, they’re all the same, any one of them will keep our country down and there will be no recovery.

  230. If Newt gets the nomination it will be the end of the Republican Party. Another McCain, Dole or Ford type candidate/loser, will certainly bring about a real 3rd party. Republicans need a Reagan type candidate. Which candidate looks like Reagan, Newt or Romney?
    NEVER EVER VOTE FOR A DEMOCRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  231. The national debt is my number one concern. If the GOP puts in Newt or Romney, might as well vote for Obama. Nothing will change if any of those 3 are in power.

    Might as well let the country spend itself into nothing so we can start over with real fiscal conservatives. Not the neoconservative progressives, who are as bad as the Leftists.

  232. Anyone who says that he or she despises The Messiah but votes outside the Republican party this election cycle is completely delusional or lying – take your pick. There is only one way that the Republican candidate wins: by everyone who thinks the Messiah is a menace voting Republican. I don’t care if that Republican is a RINO. Doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care if it’s Romney or Paul – despite them being the worst of the lot (Paul, because he will not answer the question about who fills the power vacuum if America pulls in and acts like there are no bad guys out there). I wouldn’t care if the Republicans went to some insane asylum, pulled out a guy who thinks he’s a reincarnation of Napoleon and Marie Antoinette. If they stamp “Republican Nominee” on that person’s forehead, I’m voting for him or her. The Messiah is THAT BAD. If you care about America, you’ll see the wisdom of these words and join me. Otherwise, you’re voting for The Messiah, and I’ll see you in hell.

      1. There is nothing to think about. If Ron Paul is the Republican nominee, I will vote for him. I will donate to his campaign. I will do my level best to convince everyone I can to vote for him. But if Ron Paul – or Donald Trump – or any other supposed conservative runs a third party campaign, I will despise that person, along with The Messiah. A “conservative” in a third party will split the conservative vote and will hand a victory to The Messiah without him having to spend a dime. So again – if Beck or anyone else votes for a conservative who is not at the top of the Republican ticket instead of supporting the Republican nominee – whoever he or she is – then such people are fools and I’d rather hang out with the Occupy idiots than such conservative imbeciles. After all, the Occupy crowd has an excuse for being stupid: they are liberals. What is a conservative’s excuse?

  233. Well said, Rightscoop. That’s how Obama won last time around. I will vote for Newt or Romney if either of them is our nominee. But as much as I criticized people for not voting for McCain, because it was a vote for Obama, I will not, in good conscience vote for Ron Paul if, God forbid, he becomes the nominee.

      1. Nope, I would not vote, for the first time ever. I would do what everyone else did the last time around, and sit this one out. I did my damndest to get people to vote for McCain, because even a no vote was a vote for Obama.

        1. I don’t understand why Republicans want 2012 so bad. Maybe that’s why Christie is waiting for 2016. And Rubio. The economy is so horrible..we need drastic change and most of the candidates don’t have a clue. So if say the Newtster or Romney get elected and become POTUS. They won’t be able to fix the problem. Why jump in a fire if you don’t have a hose?

  234. I watch the riots here and abroad. I watch the leeches demanding more. I watch the idiots calling attention to the problems in this country. They have no idea who caused these problems for if they did they would be choking the halls of Congress, the Whitehouse and the Supreme Court. It is the American voter hoping to redistribute wealth from wealthy states to states in need; from taxpayers to the irresponsible, from the haves to the have nots. Our failure is from the responsible shirking their duty to hold an out of control Federal Government in check. We have failed this Nation and now expect the political elite who have nothing more but self-interest to fix a problem that can not be fixed through the ballot box. I watch the riots and hope they grow. I know those in power that are required to uphold the laws are poisoned by the chains of political correctness and will sit by as the nation burns. We are doomed. It is quite comical reading those stating other politicians need to GO…. This is true of all elected elites. However, you collectively complain of other self-serving voter’s meal tickets. The Federal level of government is too far removed from the voter to care for their constituency. They only have to pander to the ones that help to keep them in power. The only way to correct this perverted mess is to pray for the collapse. To believe the ballot box will correct this joke is hilarious.

      1. And you think your boy Pauly can send a little pork cash my way? C’mon, I want some too, it’s only the taxpayer’s money man.

        1. I don’t know what comment you are replying to…this website is a joke. I’d like to see Paul cut the budget by 50% so yeah, you would get a little bling bling coming your way.

  235. Rich I respect your thoughts its obvious they are your own. I am just curious how ‘we’ will restructure anything after Newt is elected. Can you tell me how Newt gingrich is the best man to represent the people and be their voice? Thats what its about afterall right? Government for the people by the people not parties and lone individuals. So will Newt actually be that or will we have more of the same or worse? Whats worse someone who tells you what they are upfront or someone operating from the shadows as one thing but presenting themselves as another? We all knew what we were getting with Obama but Newt seems to be a serious question mark even amongst his own family and friends. Personally I believe “we the people” have more of a chance to restructure things w Ron Paul.

  236. Gingrich is the boss! He made a ton of cash working for Fannie and Freddie while the housing market was collapsing. They hired him as a consultant…I guess that’s like hiring me as the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

    1. Yeah and Ron Paul never made a dime the past 500 years he’s been ‘serving’ in Congress. All those stories about him being a king porker are just not true. Just because he’s served 500 years doesn’t make him an insider. Just because he spreads the pork to his pals back home doesn’t mean he is at all disingenuous.
      At least Newt’s graft was from a semi-private company, Ron paul just takes the taxpayer money directly, much better that way.

  237. Any Republican who votes for a third party candidate is ushering Obama into a 2nd term. I don’t care how much you don’t like the Republican candidate. We MUST get Obama OUT in 2012! I don’t care who does it. 4 more years of that inexperienced empty suit will ruin this country. Glen Beck should be ashamed of himself.

    1. So what radical things will change if a Republican is Prez…because this economy is so F’d that its going to take a little more than a few minor cuts to social programs. We need drastic cuts…

    2. There isn’t a difference between Newt, Romney and Obama. Bachmann and Santorum won’t make the nod, and the GOP will never nominate Ron Paul.

      So, if you think something will change by voting, you’re insane.

      1. Sure there is.Gingrich balanced four straight years a federal budget and led to a surplus.He brought about welfare reform and put people to work.He has actual record.What a novel ideal about a balanced budget.They don’t even have a budget anymore in D.C.

      2. So why are you commenting? Who’s more insane? the insane or the one telling the insane they are insane?

        Actually things have changed, for the worse, thanks to Mr Hope and Change. Voting matters, Elections matter. Hyperbole and nihilism do not.

        1. I’m sorry you feel that way.

          The government size will continue to grow. The government will continue to increase spending, and special interest will continue to run Congress.

          Keep dreaming there are two parties, with your interest in mind. It’s safer, and makes you sleep better, I guess.

  238. Beck, get your heard out of your arse. If you endorse a 3rd party you’re saying you’d rather have a 2nd term for Obama. For the past several years I’ve stood up for you against liberal and conservative friends who thought you were a nut case, if you think giving Obama a 2nd term is no different than a Gingrich presidency, then you are a nut case.

  239. Ron should leave the GOP and join the libertarian party. At lease start living his life as a honest man.

  240. Voting for anyone other than a third party ensures that America follows the same ol status quo we are stuck in now. Get your heads out of your rear ends and quit towing defunct and ineffective party lines. Both Dem and Reps are controlled by the same group and a vote for either is a vote for the globalist elite.

    1. No way…I’d rather vote for the Republican who will rack up trillions in debt and take away our civil liberties…I mean the Democrat…oops..wait..yeah for sure the Republican. I feel better when a Republican is in charge of war and stealing my wages.

    2. Chane your social views a little and terror views and the Libertarians might go smoe where.Not till then!

        1. Newt or Romney or Perry – 51%
          Obama – 47%
          3rd Party – 2%

          Wait that’s can’t happen right? It has to work in Obama’s favor because the MATH says so.

      1. Don’t have to be good at math to know RP’s 10% he’d get as a 3rd party would be 60% R, 20% D, 20% Libertarian.

    1. It is the only way we will ever change the status quo, we Independents don’t want to continue the Democratic party or Republican party way. One is no better than the other, both have good and bad but now both are corporate controlled through lobbyists. Until we can take all outside special interest money out of elections, we have nothing but money from corporations controlling and corrupting nearly all politicians. We have two politicians, on each end of the spectrum that don’t take anything from corporations/lobbyist. That is Ron Paul TX and Bernie Sanders VT. One, six year term limit for all politicians would end seniority, running for the next term(that takes a lot of money, that comes from special interest), and make the politician feel that when he went back home people would feel that he went and voted for what the people wanted. If Ron Paul run third party he has my vote and monetary support otherwise my vote goes Obama, I cannot support a party of bible thumping religious fanatics.

      1. I’m definitely sick of the Democratic and Republican party. I was independent until the state I was living in got rid of that political affiliation- thanks to lawsuits by the Dems and Repubs. They changed it to Unaffiliated.

        I moved and changed to Libertarian, but, I can’t vote in the caucus, so I changed to Republican. I’m voting in the caucus for Ron Paul, and then switching again.

        Unless more fiscal conservatives and Constitutional Conservatives take back the Republican party, I’m done.

  241. That’s the point of voting for Ron Paul. An overt, naked threat from the Tea Party to the Establishment Republicans: Vote our way, or we will be Ross Perot/Ralph Nader you for another four years. Throw your friends under the bus or be thrown under the bus yourselves.

    1. I can’t figure it out…you really think Ron Paul can swing the whole election in Obomba’s favor? I didn’t think he had much support..a fringe candidate but now he can swing the entire election? Really?

      1. Yeah really. There’s enough loons to give Ronny 3 or 4%, making it possible for obama’s union thugs and illegals to vote him another 4 years.

    2. Enjot some more Hoax and Change then.Paul has no chance at all to be nominee.Keep living your pipe dream!

  242. I just lost all respect for Beck. Ron Paul? Good grief, should we really have to endure the wimpy little anti-war man who would get more people killed on American soil than a democrat? Where would he put the blame? Paul’s great on fiscal matters, but his foreign policy stinks the same as all Libertarians.

  243. I have voted republican for nearly 20 years and will only cast my vote for Ron Paul. Newt is a joke candidate. there are so many things that I disagree with him and romney that I can’t even begin to name them. Ron Paul 2012

    1. I agree with you but the ruling class of the party will never let Ron Paul be nominated. He has to pull out of the GOP, he probably would have to go Libertarian because they are on all state ballots. There is little time left to do that with a new party. I as an Independent will not vote for him on Republican ticket. I do not like the direction of the GOP and the fact that bible thumping religious fanatics have taken over the party.

  244. I love ya Glenn…but you are wrong on this one. We can wrangle over who we like best during the primary…that is what it is all about….but in the end, whoever gets the Repub nod….we all have to rally around as the alternative is 4 more years of Obama. As for third party…that is just individual selfishness…and guarantees Obama another term. I held my nose in 2008 and voted for McCain…..well…actually I voted for Sara……..much easier in 2012 to vote for any Repub candidate. A third party guarantees 4 more years of Obama. That is much worse than the worst Repub.

    1. Newt has NO CHANCE of beating Obama, he cannot even get all the Republicans behind him much less anyone else. You will NEVER hear a democrat or Independent say “Newt, if not Obama”. If the Republicans pick Newt then they are asking for 4 more years of this hell.

  245. wow GLEN BECK you are an idiot! And quit stealing your info from the Alex Jones Show……Ron Paul 2012…..Hang Newt for treason and stuff an apple in your fat beck pig mouth. Long live the Constitution and Bill of Rights….if you don’t believe in that move to a different country where the real Americans can bomb you into submission.

  246. I think Beck is right, you are endorsing a candidate when you vote for them. Picking the lesser of two evils is still evil (I.e. Obama and Gingrich). You must vote for someone that when you go to sleep at night you know that your vote counted towards the candidate who is most fit for the job. Why vote for someone you don’t agree with.

  247. We can’t judge a man for what happened 15 years ago? WTF we do still have people in prison for?! I say live and live!!! Set those inspirational criminals free!

    Hey! In the process we can decrease the size of government right? Right? Onboard for that! Think of all the money we can save! Woo Hoo!

  248. I am afraid in this case that impeachment does not go far enough, by any measure. Attorney General Holder is part of a seditious cabal which conspired to undermine and subvert the Constitution of the United States, specifically the Second Amendment. This offense is at times, as in a time of war for instance, a capital offense which means it is punishable by death after trial and conviction.
    A case may be made here that Mr. Holder and his minions at The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATFE), did conspire to subvert the Second Amendment by clandestinely directing certain federally licensed firearms dealers to illegally supply firearms to ineligible persons for transport across international borders, in direct violation of US law in order to facilitate murder and mayhem and thereby create the impression that these weapons were legally sold and transported. The next step in the conspiracy was to then uncover these heinous crimes and publicize them with the understanding that they were only possible because of lax restrictions on this type of firearms trafficking. The hope would be to create a ground swell of support to force the Congress into altering United States law to further restrict a U. S. citizens rights under the second amendment to legally own, transport, use and sell firearms.
    After all if the deaths of United States law enforcement personnel and numerous Mexican government officials and hundreds civilians could be traced to firearms which were apparently handled in compliance with our laws, that the laws must be lacking and in need of drastic overhaul.
    The number of laws violated by this cabal is many. They directed gun dealers who they themselves directly license, I know this as I had a Federal Firearms License (FFL) through the 1980’s and early 1990’s, to violate federal laws, which in this case are serious felony violations punishable by 10 years or more in prison plus hefty fines, for each violation. When requested they further refused to put these instructions in writing, not wanting to leave an evidence trail and consequently establishing knowing intent of the unlawful nature of their instructions to the licensees.
    This is the type of behavior one might suspect in some third world junta or banana republic; not in the world’s most respected democracy (republic).
    To compound the situation when the death of a United States Border Patrol agent was inevitably carried out using one of AG Holders weapons a cover up was begun. This escalated to both verbal and written lying to Congress, perjury by many high level ATFE managers including AG Holder himself in ongoing testimony during Congressional hearings convened to investigate this whole sordid affair. At this date the lies and obfuscations continue and unbelievably the conspirators and many high level Democratic politicians are not only complicit in the cover up but are actually pursuing legislation to restrict the rights of legal gun owners as if none of this traitorous affair had come to light!
    The brazenness of these conspirators and their confidence in the continued complicity, in some cases, of their media enablers/co-conspirators if you will, speaks volumes to their wantonness. It would seem that when it comes to exceeding their authority and frankly their willingness to commit murder and treason in order to achieve their ends they feel confident that they are and will remain above the law and out of the reach of justice. This arrogance may well be the result of the anticipation of the issuance of pardons from the highest level of government should this vile house of cards be properly discovered and prosecuted. It either this or a potentially fatal case of arrogance brought about by a lifetime of illegal behavior which has gone unpunished.
    Many of those involved here are themselves those who would normally be involved in the investigation and indicting of those involved and I suspect they feel that they can suppress this investigation via the powers of their respective offices and those of other prominent Democrats in both the Legislative and more importantly, their co-conspirators in the Executive branch.
    In closing this attempted sedition must be exposed and all those involved prosecuted and punished to the absolute fullest extent of the law. I am almost sixty years of age and never in my life have I witnessed any events that can even approach the danger that these present to our current form of government nor have I seen such potentially damaging activities conducted by those who hold the very highest offices in our government.
    These people must be made examples of what is and what is not acceptable if our very nation is survive.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  249. Beck is just wrong. Newt is way more conservative than Romney. So he once did a climate change ad with Pelosi, big freakin deal. Newsflash people… there ain’t a perfect candidate out there, deal with it.

  250. Well this thread exploded. I listened to Glenn to give him a chance, he only doubled down and lashed out. The issue isn’t wether he supports Newt or some other. The issue is he is trashing Newt and unfairly twisting facts. Glenn is suspiciously not picking Romney apart and doesn’t touch Huntsman. (Glenn: “My dearest friend and hero is billionaire I barely know.”) The other issue is, he says there is NO difference between Newt and obama, and if you support Newt, it’s because your a racist.
    That is unbleieavbly HYPOCRITICAL and UNFAIR. And also stupid.
    Glenn is now on a crusade against progressivism. Ok, but how far do you go in defining progressivism? Who decides what is and who is progressive? GLENN BECK DOES!!! He wear those special sunglasses from “They Live”, and when he wears them he suddenly sees progressives infilitrating every walk of life!
    You know, I’m not professional historian like glenn :-|, but I will bet you $10,000 that Ronald Reagen has said positive things about Teddy Roosevelt (and FDR too!!! AHHHH!). So I guess we should go dump dogsh*t on Reagen’s grave because he was a FAKE conservative, and a PROGRESSIVE P.O.S. Am I right guys!!!? YEah! Let’s go!!! Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul WOOOOOOOOOH!1!1!
    So Glenn would vote for Pauly in a 3rd party over Newt? Awesome, a protest vote to gaurantee obama wins! I tell you what, if Ron Paul wins the nomination, I will write in Newt or Trump and vote 3rd or 4th party.
    I think the REAL progressives are giddy about this Glenn. Way to go. Barry has his feet up on the oval office desk “…Excellent…” Like Mr Burns. Van Jones is massaging Barry’s feet “everything is going according to plan Mr Prezident” *insert lisp*

    1. yes on the food no on the radio. I peruse political discussion blogs instead. Why do you attack me tho as a loon if i do stockpile food or operate ham radio. You can always tell when someone is insecure in their own beliefs when they attack a persons character rather than have a dialogue

  251. That’s certainly your right, but I’m in “anyone but Obama” mode. If my local dogcatcher is on the Republican ticket next year, I’m voting for him.

    I’ve honestly looked at every one of these candidates and I don’t honestly believe they’re the same or worse on policies (overall) the the current WH occupant.

  252. Its interesting to see the willingness to vote for your party override deep contemplation of your values and does this man represent what i feel is best for america not to mention the complete lack of loyalty to any moral code Im witnessing tonight in alot of these posts. Thomas Jefferson was willing to let the newly formed country called America divide when he said he would not intervene if Virginia wanted to secede because he had values that he held more dear than some nationalist sense of obligation to hold the nation so many had died for together. To do so would negate their deaths since secession was how we came about. Its the same thing folks we’ve got people saying screw your convictions as long as we get our guy in there. Washington merely reflects the moral fiber of society because on some level we put them there. I personally feel like dissension from corrupt government is my duty as an american and even if this country burns I’ll go to my grave with peace knowing I was true to my heart and voted from my conviction rather than some manic fear that our guy is the lesser of two evils and we better hold our noses just to get an R in the white house. Someone earlier said thats a kindergarten notion and we need to grow up but a vote is your voice. Im not religious but Im pretty sure there was another guy who felt like life should be simple and often used children as examples of how we all should be but then the” informed grown up ” status quo we’ve got to work from the inside and tolerate compromise people killed him. And thats just one example but history if you really want to know it is full of these examples. A key belief of communism is that morality and ethics are moot in the face of the advancement of the communist party; does this sound familiar?

    1. I am in favor of many Libertarian positions myself but I am more in favor of getting Mr. Obama the heII out of town, as soon as is possible. Ron Paul has a very vocal, dedicated and unfortunately small constituency. I am fear it is far too small to ever elect him to any at large office never the less the Presidency.
      As a veteran I will not sacrifice my country, my children’s nor my grandchildren’s future to make a statement or to be too rigid in my beliefs. The election for the president in this case is not the proper forum for such self aggrandizing and philosophical statements, not this time.
      We must rid the nation immediately of Mr. Obama and his cohorts in the Democrat party along with the most egregious RINOs out there. After we disassemble Mr. Obamas constructs, such as the Obamacare debacle and start to repair, via a complete tax code overhaul the long term fiscal damage he has started, may we then begin to engage in esoteric discussions and elections. Right now our country is mortal danger and we haven’t the luxury of doing anything, anything at all except to win this upcoming election and for my money we only have a chance if we limit our choices this time to Mr. Romney or Mr. Gingrich. In Mr. Romney I see a northeastern, Massachusetts Republican (RINO) or Mr. Gingrich, a man of many accomplishments. Mr. Gingrich’s accomplishments include the taking of the majority after over forty years of uninterrupted Democrat rule, the balancing of four consecutive budgets, the overhaul of welfare as we knew it, the Contract With America and manifold other successes.
      I caution you folks out there to not be taken in by the same old media lies, such as Mr. Gingrich divorcing a dying wife as she lay in a hospital bed. It was after all the wife who requested the divorce at that time and as for her being a dying person, well she is still alive and doing quite well, I am even given to understand that she is supporting Mr. Gingrich in his current bid for the nomination and hopefully succession to the presidency. Remember the media will savage Mr. Gingrich as he is the only one out there who will take them on directly and show them for the utter scum that they are and he is also the only person who capable of consistently destroying Mr. Obama in a series of debates. He is the sharpest tooth on the blade and in this election we need to cut deep in order to excise this Democrat cancer invading our body politic.
      Rich in New Mexico.

  253. Paul is the only candidate that doesn’t speak from both sides of his mouth, and while many may “hate” his foreign policy, rest assured that at least your children won’t die in another pointless war.

    And it doesn’t mean Paul is a pacifist or an isolationist, it means he will not send the military to war without a Constitutional declaration. So no more “peacekeeping” baloney or “meals on wheels” missions where our brave die because of prohibitive rules of engagement while under a foreign commander as was the case with every Clinton initiative.

    Do all of yourselves a favor and get behind Paul. He is the one single embodiment to the original concept of a Jeffersonian. Alternative, elect a Hamiltonian and get 4, 8, 12 or 16 more years of stead decline until there is nothing left of our Constitution.

    1. “Remember when, “Speak softly and carry a big stick,” used to mean something?”

      omg omg omg !!! Look everyone! I found one! a POGRESSSIVEEEEEEE omg get the butterfly net. He just quoted TEDDY F-ing ROOSEVELT! GET HIM!!!!

      omg , SCOOP report this man to Glenn Beck !

      1. Point being, Newt will tell you anything you want to hear to get your vote.

        I have to admit though… the “butterfly net” sarcasm made me laugh. I couldn’t ever picture myself running through fields of flowers trying to catch butterflies.

        Look, I don’t think Newt is a pure Hamiltonian, I think he’s a pure opportunist. If he goes up against Obama, I believe some seriously dark, perverted things will come out of that man’s closet. It will make John Edward look like a really well meaning guy. Just because Newt knows how to play the media and can command a podium doesn’t mean he’s altruistic in the least. He’s a scumbag.

        1. I am afraid they are all “scumbags”, as you say, or they would not have reached this level of success in a field as utterly disreputable as politics has become in the last 50 years. This includes Dr. Paul.
          As any trip to the drug store or even the restroom vending machines in truck stops one may see that there are a great variety of prophylactics available, and while they all accomplish the same end they simply look and feel different from each other.
          My main complaint is that the Dr. Paul variety simply doesn’t sell enough to be successful and for some reason never will.
          Rich in New Mexico.

          1. hehe – well, I won’t argue the finer points of politicians being scumbags. Though, I do think Paul is different. The guy is squeaky clean. Perhaps annoyingly so… like the obnoxiously obedient kid in school promoted to hall monitor or take names when the teacher was away. That said… he’s got the cleanest record and I know where he stands on every issue as his platform hasn’t changed in 30+ years.

  254. I look forward to the political retirement of Ron Paul. Maybe then the fanatical Cult of Paul, that annoying, sophomoric fraternity of tin foil hats that would actually prefer four years of Obama if they can’t get their perfect little way with Ron Paul will go the way of the Heavens Gate Cult, politically speaking, by going back to faithfully voting for the Libertarian Party every four years. Maybe some day they will be able to met Ronny baby on the mother ship currently hovering on the other side of the moon.

    1. blah blah blah.. so tired of this pathetic anti-Ron Paul garbage about him being crazy. There is nothing crazy or tin foil about him. If you really believe anything you just said than I suggest you actually take some time to look at what he stands for. Ron Paul could wipe the floor with Obama in a heartbeat and it wouldn’t even be pretty.

    2. Yeah the guy who has a straight 30 year constitutional voting record is crazy. While the flip-flopper who was fined $300,000 for ethics violations and forced out of politics is the normal one. ah stupid people the reason we are in this mess

      1. If, like many fanatics of the Cult of Paul, you would vote third party and hand the election to Obama if you can’t get your little way with Paul as the Republican candidate you are are demonstrating a complete lack of judgment. You are essentially taking your children’s future as Americans and committing violent anal rape. You should seriously rethink your position.

  255. I liked Newt before Democrats extorted him (based on infidelity, etc.) into bad deals in the late 90’s. However, I’m not a big fan of any of the leading Republican contenders given their left-wing tendencies on rewarding illegal invaders, energy taxation, spending, etc. Of course you never know where they truly stand because politics is all about tricking as many people as possible into voting for them. Obama tricked tens of millions into thinking he is not a socialist with the primary objective of misusing government to redistribute wealth and extorting private enterprises to do the same just like Clinton et al. did with disastrous affirmative action lending they pushed for using FLA 1968, ECOA 1974 & CRA 1977, which idiotic Bush continued to avoid being mislabeled a racist by Democrats if he ended it. Even though Obama is so far to the left that, if he could get away with it, he’d do the same things Mugabe and Chavez did, he and others before him run our government as Third Way socialism where there is a degree of private property rights, but a massive portion of the government is dedicated to taking private property in order to redistribute it to unnecessary government employees and others, as opposed to only paying for necessary goods and services to run government. It’s just neo socialism recognizing that a semblance of private property provides a better economic engine than original socialism and communism. As a result, 60+ million people in America and tens of millions of foreigners have become American taxpayer dependents (22+ million usually overcompensated government employees, 40+ million welfare recipients, overcompensated lobbyist/contractors, foreign countries, etc.). It’s become us (people who fund government) vs. them (people who benefit much more than they pay in from our wealth siphoned by government and redistributed to them). So we are forced to pay to promote irresponsibility in other people. We are living a less dramatic version of the movie Idiocracy. Too much of government is simply public organized crime since our weak (unvested and unintelligent) democracy permits so many people to vote for politicians to steal and give them more. It went bad when politicians co-opted private, voluntary charity and turned it into forced charity to buy votes with other people’s money while skimming off the top of the tax proceeds for useless and overpaid government employees. There shouldn’t be forced charity to begin with, but since charity is forced then at least future responsibility should be forced too, e.g., spaying and neutering in exchange for child welfare or voluntarily crossing back into your own country in exchange for letting you keep property you acquired while illegally here. Not only that, but our Constitution has been rendered meaningless by a pile of legal fiction from left wing judges/justices whose primary objective is to misuse government to redistribute wealth, or worse. The left wing, including some Republicans, actively encourages an illegal invasion by misinterpreting the 14th Amendment to give away citizenship to illegals and by forcing taxpayers to pay for their welfare cash, subsidies, meals, housing, education, healthcare, defense attorneys, incarceration, while we suffer their crimes and also let them play the judicial jackpot lottery. Both Bushes were/are liberal idiots who wasted thousands of men and trillions of dollars. Clinton was/is a Third Way socialist who set us up for real estate loan disaster. Obama’s a communist practicing as a Third Way socialist squandering trillions because that’s all he can get away with. We’re left begging for someone, anyone who is not financially retarded. Long story short, all I can say is I am in the any-Republican-but-Obama camp.

  256. History tells us that the Libertarians could not win more than 3%-4% in virtually every election contest through 2008. Now they determine they will join with the Republicans and attempt to reform the Republican party. Ron Paul has even gone so far as to threaten a third party if he doesn’t win the Republican nomination. Libertarians, either you stand with the Republican nominee or you force all Americans to live in a Socialist/Communist/Fascist country. Suicide for the US and its Constitution, its freedoms, its capitalism is voting third party in 2012.

    1. For all the hype, I’m seeing more and more people thinking… I’m not voting for the lesser of two evils, I’m not voting for the person picked by the party elite… I’m backing win or lose the person that I feel is best. Many didn’t hold their nose and vote for McCain. We need a strong Constructionist in the Whitehouse. That’s not Newt or Romney. If either win the nomination they will fail the general. Obumer has his 45% of useful idiots in the bag. Throw in those that refuse to vote and a little voter fraud…. Game over. Repubs need someone better than the current top two. No matter who gets the Repub nomination, I and my extended family are going to hold our heads high and vote for the only Patriot, Ron Paul….

    2. I guarantee you that if Ron Paul ran as 3rd party…he’d get more than 3%. Just a hunch. Yes, the US is a Socialist/Communist/Fascist Country…has been for a long time. Were you born yesterday?

  257. The beltway kingmakers and the RNC can’t handle Newt clearly winning the debates and having us little racists and non-intellectuals pick the standard bearer.

        1. pay attention Matt and you might learn something.

          Newt is dangerous. His ethics are questionable and his loyalty is also very questionable. Do you really believe he will work in the public interest? I don’t, and why should anyone else? Then there is Mitt, who is funded by Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and JP Morgan.

          Ron Paul is the only answer and the only Presidential candidate that’s not looking to undermine the American people or our Constitutional principals.

          1. Your a laugh.Most people remember Gingrich and teh good times during the 90’s.His luggage is already built in to his negatives.He will be the next President!

  258. Another thing Ron Paul? Beck must be back on the sauce.

    Ron Paul WOULD NOT listen to his own Generals,
    Iran getting nukes:
    9/11: skip ahead to the :55 sec mark and a lady ask him, “Why can’t you come out about the truth of 9/11”:
    Busted Lying, Stuffing Pork:
    Ron Paul, the Texas congressman who is the darling of the libertarian right, has more earmarks in the pork-laden $410-billion spending bill than any other Republican.
    #1 Ron Paul Stop aid to Israel:
    #2 Ron Paul would NOT help Israel:
    #3 Ron Paul Opposes House Resolution Supporting Israel’s Attack on Gaza. Which Recognizes “Israel’s right to defend itself against attacks from Gaza” supports a peace agreement… Ron Paul votes NO:
    Pro Drug, Prostitution, Gay:
    Ron Paul Took $1 Million dollars in donations from Communist News Network RT TV:
    Ron Paul blames America for 9/11
    Paul: 9/11 prompted ‘glee” in Bush administration:
    Ron Paul would increase this activity World Wide:

    1. Why does Israel need help? I don’t get it. Israel has 200 Nukes and Iran has 0. Do we need to spend billions on “aiding” them?

  259. Amen Scoop,

    I will be voting for Santorum or Bachmann… From my heart.


    If Romney or Ron Paul are to close to Newt in the polls and BAchmann and Santorum are to low in the polls , THEN YES! It is a No Brainer I will be voting for NEWT! I would love to see Newt debate obama, it would seal Newts victory.

    Now if Newt also picked someone like Bachmann or Santorum or Palin as the VP then it would seal the deal.

    1. Newt vs Obama…

      Obama, so tell me, you claim to be an outsider…

      Newt, Ya.

      Obama, How many years in office in DC ?

      Newt, almost 30.

      Obama, how much in fines for breaking ethics?

      Newt, over 300k.

      Ya that debate will go well.

    2. No, you won’t be voting for Bachman. She can barely raise enough money to buy a flight to Iowa. She’ll be dropping out soon.

    1. Israel has 200 Nukes…We have 5,000…Iran has 0. Do the math…do you really want to spend billions of dollars and thousands of lives fighting Iran and defending/bailing out Israel? This country is too broke but I guess we can just print more dollars….nevermind.

    2. Israel is their own country. We owe them nothing and they owe us nothing. How can you be a traitor to Israel if you’re not an Israeli citizen? That doesn’t even make sense.

  260. I’ll vote for Newt or Paul if they are the R nominee. But a third party will ensure an Obama victory. Argue it all you want but the truth is in the math.

  261. Glenn Beck is playing the primary electoral system to try swaying the election results. He also thinks he’s more important than he really is. Glenn needs to shut his trap and let Americans decide on the issues instead of playing the system.

  262. I know what you mean, but DAMN…t sure would be nice to be able to vote FOR someone occasionally, instead of always against the garbage.

  263. Obama and Newt are two peas from the same pod. Both are big government politicians who only care about themselves.

      1. lol, if you believe everything that politicians say, especially Newt, then God help the US.

        Seriously, suspension of disbelief only applies to entertainment, not politics. If you’re going to simply ignore what he has stood for prior to his running, then you’re a dishonest person.

        1. Not being dishonest…just living in the real world…which includes 57M people that bought the “Hope and Change” garbage. Look…40% of Americans will not vote for ANYONE opposing Obama, because they’re on the dole. So that means we, as conservatives, need the 20% of the indie vote, and ALL of the 40% that reside right of center. The margins are thin. Beck is wrong on this front. He’s let his ideology get in the way of reality, and he’s not willing to extend to Gingrich, the same level of forgiveness that he’s received himself…which is hypocritical.

          1. Why so serious? Geez…you have the whole election mapped out with percentages and everything. It’s 1 year away…the economy is surely going to get much much much worse…in 2012. How does that bode well for Obama? If the Republicans don’t win the election in 2012 its either because they are idiots are they aren’t trying.

  264. I will not vote for Newt or Obama, either. I will vote 3rd party, if there is a true fiscal conservative running. I will not vote for another big government elitist in 2012.

    To the people crying about it, that’s your problem.

        1. Just because other people do not share YOUR principles doesn’t mean that they have none: it just means that they have different ones that may be equally valid. To insult them as you have will hardly persuade them to vote for your candidate, who I assume is Paul. Why? Because his supporters hurl the most insults toward their fellow conservatives and have the snootiest attitude toward the other candidates. To be blunt, I have a bigger problem voting for Paul because of the behavior and comments of his supporters than I do with Paul himself… you might want to think about that, and the reasons why.

          Why should I vote for – or even respect – your candidate when you show so little respect for the others and their supporters? It gives me pause and makes me wonder, what is it about this man that attracts such fanatics who would rather see Obama win than their guy lose. Such an attitude doesn’t help Paul in his bid for the nomination; rather, it turns people like me off, bigtime. It doesn’t come across as principled; it sounds more like a bad case of sour grapes. You might want to think about that, too.

  265. I’ll give my short reply to Ron’s foreign policy…
    As much as RP scares people with his belief in the need to pull back all forces world wide…. Since Vietnam, I have been a staunch believer in if you commit troops, you do it to win and then reap the spoils. If the nation isn’t willing to do that then don’t waste one life on world social engineering. I believe in total, vicious, dirty and horribly bloody war that is fought to WIN. Service members are dying as this is written and for what? We’re going to walk away in the near future and have gained WHAT? WHAT? Newt and Mitt are a part of that elite that will play with our children’s lives like usless pawns. Research and think before you settle for the establishment pick. And have a little more smarts and base you belief on polls.

      1. why do think its that way? This stupid “that’s the way it is mentality” is why we are this mess to begin with. Lets make a real change from this scam of a life we live

    1. You could do what a lot of the grassroots have decided for 2012: disregarding the opinions of the Establishment politicians and pundits during the primaries, while depriving them of your money and support. A lot of us are working for and contributing to individuals rather than our local/state/national level RNC. Haven’t you heard all of their whining about how they’re being sooo ignored and disregarded this cycle? Don’t fall for what I call “McCain syndrome” in which our ‘betters’ lecture about Buckley’s old chestnut, how we must have the votes of moderates/Indies, and conservatives need to get back on the bus that just ran them over. Ignore them – I have for years and the world continued to turn. Until we can pry them out of power, that’s our only option.

      If you really, really cannot vote for Newt, there is one other option for stopping Obama, one you’ll seldom see mentioned. Ensure a veto-proof Senate which is also within our power this year due to a rare opportunity in the numbers and make sure we hold onto the House. If we can do that, Obama’s a lame duck from the moment he’s inaugurated, an empty suit whose opinion will matter as much as three-day old news.

  266. Newt is just as bad as Obama. I’d vote 3rd party before I’d vote for Obama, Newt or Romney. If you think Newt deserves your vote, check

        1. you’re deluded if you think Newt is a good leader. He should be in prison much less running for president

          1. Maybe, but I’ll still vote for Newt if he gets the nomination: all I really care about in 2012 is defeating Barak Obama. Are you saying that you’d rather have four more years of Barry rather than four years of Newt? And yes, it may come down to that simple of an either/or question when you walk into the voting booth: either you vote GOP or we get four more years of Bozo.

            “My guy” was/is Perry, depending on his numbers when my state’s primary rolls around. But I’m not going to pout and whine if he loses or drops out, and I definitely would not vote for him if he goes all crazy third-party on me. It’s called acting like an adult and realizing that even crazy Charlie Manson would be better than Barry: The GOP motto for 2012 should be ABO – anyone but Obama.

  267. The Federal Government is a cancer eating at the viable people of this nation. A cancer that grows consuming the host it was elected to serve. A cancer with a simple cure that lulls its host to complacency and death. A cancer that the people have brought unto themselves. A cancer that is best cured by excising the disease. When will we the voter learn?

  268. Greg Mathers….working overtime? A Vimeo video of a Bircher? Are you kidding me? Oh yeah…Newt voted for amnesty…that was Reagan, you idiot! Are you denigrating Reagan as well? Are the Bircher’s doing the same? Sheesh…you Paul Zombies will do anything.

  269. It is your right to stay at home and not vote in this upcoming election as it is my right to vote for Gingrich when I do. Calculate your intentions wisely, it could be the last opportunity you ever get to vote again. I can promise you that if RP wins the primary, I’ll still break my neck to vote straight Republican, handing my vote right on over to him….BUT I will NEVER vote for a 3rd party after the primary results have been determined.

  270. seems our kids future has been penned the by the last generation and they weren’t even aware they were allowing it.. now they are gone and we are faced with the reality of what our government has been doing to it’s citizens.. that all that DIED to give us our freedoms..was for nothing.. Our fore fathers warned us however what they didn’t figure on was a CORRUPT system that LIES.. CHEATS.. AND STEALS.. Now we are fighting CONGRESS.. SENATE and PRESIDENT to a total of about 650 some odd people (have to include washed up PRESIDENTS who DON’T know how to keep their mouths shut.. like GORE.. CLINTON).. so our kids have the same freedom we did that they are now taking away.. Our kids will never know what it feels like to hear the TRUTH.. to SPEAK FREELY.. to GO WHERE they EAT what they want.. AND to DO WHAT THEY WANT… UNMOLESTED by LAWS that inhibit know the RULE OF LAW applies to ALL EQUALLY.. it’s something I have been telling people about LONG before GLEN even came on the scene.. but something I found out was not alone in thinking.. I can’t say on this I agree with GLENN don’t know if I can vote for a man who left not 1 but 2 wives while they were seriously ill.. I know he asked GOD for his forgiveness and I believe him however as a women and human I am NOT sure I can.. not to mention his POLITICAL POLICY’S

  271. what you guys fail to understand is there weren’t that many republicans to start with in the first place.. gop never quite recovered from the blow they suffered from bush’s failed presidency which even some ‘republicans in name only’ would agree–if so, how would you think then the independents might feel? while you guys are whining about a 3rd party run, you have to realize that many independents joined the republican party in the first place because of paul whom you are now bashing for lack of loyalty.

    many people, including myself, became interested in politics for the first time in 07 because of paul and the financial crisis. we were totally new to the political arena and the rhetoric of both parties. since then, all we have received had been nothing but venom from you ‘republicans in name only’ who all of a sudden became enlightened to what a small government really means the past two years. the comedic rate of overturn in your ideas on just what a big government means is as ridiculous as someone changing his religion once every year, like some kind of born-born-born again christian.. but besides your embarrassing display of self that makes others hesitant to vow loyalty in the first place, many of us hadn’t even thought about what to do after paul, because we were never even involved in politics before paul.. to speak as if there were some sort of loyalty owed to the party to begin with is ridiculous..

    in fact after paul dropped out in 08, some of his supporters refused to vote, some voted for green party, constitutional party, libertarian party–you name it, and some voted for obama. i’m not gonna speculate how much of it was responsible for mccain’s failure and i’m not retrospectively voicing support for paul on the vice president ticket in 08, but sarah palin? how stupid do you guys have to be, really? if you want to blame, blame bush. you just simply never recovered from the loss of independents from that round of massive failure.. to speak as if the world owes you some kind of loyalty is sickening.. has the entitlement attitude become so prevalent?

    and look at the likes of lindsey graham who have been viciously attacking paul supporters since they were around 5% and as his supporters double and triple, turning around and softening attitude and ask with this half-begging attitude ‘well i hope the paul supporters in the end come around and help us win this fight’ in the softest tone i have ever seen him speak, fucking sickening.. PROVE that you deserve loyalty.. start by stopping unsightly attacks on paul supporters by your republican-in-name-only peers and your popular radio hosts like mark levin, or of course as the alternative, refuse to do that. many of you are already hateful to the bone anyway. you keep this up and alienate your ‘fellow’ supporters, see what happens. right, while we’re at it, have your favorite fox allies ask again ‘is ron paul really electable’, right, after he loses, i think every paul supporter will just automatically see the establishment as their friend, bend over and support whomever the establishment thrusts down throat.

    1. “gop never quite recovered from the blow they suffered from bush’s failed presidency which even some ‘republicans in name only’ would agree”

      Where were you during the 2010 mid-term elections ? …

    2. Well, when you’re talking about Miss Lindsay, our southern belle senator from SC, you have to consider the source. He’s attacked me via various issues multiple times, e.g., amnesty for illegals; right now, he’s “cya-ing” for 2012, hoping to ride to re-election on somebody’s coattails. The more people who refuse to vote the straight Republican ticket (in his state), the fewer votes that will be cast for him. As always, Graham is simply looking out for Graham – I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked.

      Here’s my deal with my friends who are Ron Paul supporters: we will argue with comity during the primaries over the issues, tear them apart to down to the nuts and bolts, try to convince each other about the policies AND electability of our respective guys. Then, we will suck it up if our guy loses in the primaries and vote for the GOP nominee in the general. Why? Because we’re putting country before selves: Obama must be removed from office or we’re screwed.

      I will swallow my doubts and problems with Paul if he is the candidate – all of the kookiness and the crap with which I strongly disagree – because Obama must be defeated. Are you Paul supporters saying that if he’s not the nominee, you’ll “take your toys home” like a bunch of spoiled brats because you didn’t get your way? Go third party, split the conservative vote, and in essence, re-elect Obama because your guy lost??? And you all wonder why a lot of Americans have a problem with Paul? A great deal of that problem lies with his supporters who expect my support if he wins the nomination, while threatening to go third party if he loses. That’s not the way it works in my world, and that’s not the way to get my vote.

  272. Of all people I would not have suspected that Glenn Beck, a reformed man himself, as he says, will not give another reformed man, Newt Gingrich, the second chance that Beck himself got. If that isn’t hypocrisy, then I don’t know what is. And I really admire what Beck has done for the country. Did you miss Newt tell the Attorneys General that his favorite Founder is George Washington? SO where did the Teddy Roosevelt favorite status come from? I find it difficult to listen to GB anymore after his rant against Newt. He’s starting to sound paranoid and delusional, and by the way, I’ve never heard or seen Newt behave like Beck did. Get a grip Glenn.

  273. I am so done with Beck! &%”!!#!!! First we are racist to support Newt, then he half endorses an isolationist nut like Ron Paul! He has lost any credibility with me. I would at least respect his position on Newt if he would just stick to rational arguments. With the racist meme and the Ron Paul third party crap, he is simply trying to harass or “NUDGE” his “former” audience into voting for his Mormon comrade Romney. Beck can tolerate his policies because at least they worship the same type of God. Why can’t I make this connection?? Obviously he can draw odd conclusions about why I would vote for Gingrich. He has lost the intellectual debate and now he is desperately launching all missiles in all directions. Does not the genius Beck know that 80% of conservatives feel the same way about Paul as he does about Gingrich? Over 70% do not want Romney as the nominee!! Get it through your thick head Beck! What a goober. Beck must have other motivations. Maybe he is just trying to get ratings and to be in the news again. What is that crap about that he refuses to comment on Hunstman cuz he is friends with his daddy!?!? Beck is sure covering for at least 2 in this race while going ape sh_t over Gingrich. I am so done with Beck!

  274. He hasn’t always been, but Beck has become a fool. It’s true that Gingrich has issues, but casting a vote to put Obama back in office (which a vote for a third party candidate is) is glaringly stupid. Don’t get me wrong. I have voted for third party candidates in the past; in the fairly recent past, in fact. I wrote in Ron Paul when McCain ran. But the stakes have never been as high as they are now. The time for playing games by “sending a message” are over. There is still a chance to turn our nation around with a political solution, but if Obama gets back into office the political option will be gone. Beck is so all over the board. If he is as concerned about our nation as he says he is – if he so concerned about violence and upheaval (sometimes concern to the point of tears on camera) and if those concerns are more than just show, then he needs to put his inflated ego aside for a moment and think about what he’s saying. If too many people agree with this and thereby put the utopian Marxist alinsky radical in the white house for another four years, then we will be that much closer to anarchy. This kind of backwards rhetoric is precisely what Obama wants. He needs only to sit back and watch while so-called conservatives dismantle America for him. Obama must go and *that* is what we need to focus on.

    1. I agree with you and I too have voted Ron Paul at least four times in the past as write-ins. Glenn Beck isn’t worried about another Obama term as it will give him fodder for future shows and drama. Moreover, he is so rich that he can pull up stakes and leave the country more easily than most of us. Switzerland would be a perfect place for the Beck family. The Mormon church has become quite prominent there, the schools are still good and the private schools are unbeatable in excellence. Switzerland is not an EU member. Beck did a great job while on Fox cable, but since he left I no longer follow him. Like every celebrity eventually does he is burning out.

  275. No way. Republican better get the right guy to complete with OB. If the republican candidate is as bad as OB, then either I vote for others (anyone non republican) or not to vote at all. Two wrong wont make it right. There won’t be any compromise here.

  276. Let’s face it Romney is and has been the pick of the Republican litter. Now we’ve even got Glen Beck saying he would vote for Romney. It’s the same play they made with McCain in 08.

    Romney 2012, gag. Obama 2012? Suicide.

    1. Actually Ron Paul is the one with the best chance of winning. Many people voted for “Hope and Change” and all they got was continuation of the same elitist policies as the several previous administrations. Many people from all sides will come to vote for Ron Paul. I am a conservative and I am tired of voting for the lesser of two evils and will stay home if Gingrich gets the nomination. Ron Paul is the only one that will shrink government.

    2. I don’t enjoy being a bad news bear, but I am afraid that it will be suicide. The Republicans simply don’t know how to fight except each other. Obama and his cohorts provide lies, gaffes and other material on a daily basis, but the Republicans are unable to use this stuff to their advantage. How dumb is that?

  277. The problem with the establishment mantra that “Ron Paul Can’t Win” is that when he starts winning primaries the ruse won’t hold up any longer. The establishment media blackout and propaganda campaign against Ron will fail. Ron Paul has garnered 20 GOP Presidential Straw Poll wins — more than ANY other GOP candidate — and FIVE TIMES AS MANY as establishment favorite, Mitt Romney. Flavor of the Month, Newt Gingrich, has won ONE straw poll. Ron Paul’s straw poll victories constitute 50% of the 40 GOP Straw Polls thus far.

    2011 GOP Straw Poll Wins for Ron Paul:
    1st – February 12, 2011, Washington, D.C. – CPAC Straw Poll
    1st – February 27, 2011 Phoenix, AZ – Tea Party Patriots Virtual Summit Straw Poll
    1st – March 20, 2011, Sacramento, California – Republican Liberty Caucus of California Presidential Straw Poll
    1st – June 16-18, 2011, New Orleans, Louisiana – Republican Leadership Conference Straw Poll
    1st – June 19, 2011, Clay County, Iowa Republican Party Straw Poll
    1st – August 20, 2011 New Hampshire Young Republicans Straw Poll
    1st – September 12, 2011 Cincinnati Tea Party Straw Poll
    1st – September 17, 2011 California GOP Straw Poll
    1st – October 7-9, 2011, Washington, D.C. – Values Voter Straw Poll
    1st – October 13, 2011, Los Angeles County, California – RPLAC Straw Poll
    1st – October 18, 2011, Charleston, South Carolina – Charleston County Republican Party
    1st – October 22, 2011, Columbus, Ohio – Ohio GOP Swing State Straw Poll
    1st – October 29, 2011, Des Moines, Iowa – National Federation of Republican Assemblies Presidential Straw Poll Tally 1
    1st – October 29, 2011, Des Moines, Iowa – National Federation of Republican Assemblies Presidential Straw Poll Tally 2
    1st – November 5, 2011, Illinois – Illinois Straw Poll
    1st – November 14, 2011, North Charleston, South Carolina – Charleston County Republican Party Straw Poll
    1st – November 14, 2011, San Diego, California – San Diego GOP Straw poll
    1st – November 15, 2011, Springfield, Missouri – Missouri Tea Party Straw poll
    1st – November 19, 2011, North Carolina- NC Registered Republicans Straw Poll
    2nd – November 19, 2011, Rockford, Illinois – Memorial Hall Straw Poll

    Ron Paul’s 2nd Place GOP Straw Poll results:
    2nd – January 22, 2011, Derry, New Hampshire – New Hampshire Straw Poll
    2nd – (Statistical Tie for 1st) – August 13, 2011 Iowa Straw Poll, Hilton Coliseum in Ames, Iowa.
    2nd – (Statistical Tie for 1st) – August 27, 2011 Georgia State GOP Straw Poll
    2nd – October 29, 2011, Tuscaloosa, Alabama; West Alabama Straw Poll
    2nd – November 19, 2011, Rockford, Illinois – Memorial Hall Straw Poll

    Smackdown of Salon Attack on Ron Paul

    Truth Is: Ron Paul Is Winning!

    New Iowa Poll Places Ron Paul Firmly In First, With 25%

    Ron Paul Claims Frontrunner Status, Soaring Past Gingrich, Romney

    Shhhhhh…Ron Paul Could Win California and Therefore the Nomination

    Ron Paul Can Win On Arithmetic, Not Just Philosophy

    Ron Paul Can Win the Presidency

    Ron Paul Reaps Leads in Donations from Federal Workers

  278. Please research the candidates records before the primary in your state. The Ron Paul people have and that is why they do not switch, that is why they will write in Ron Paul if he doesn’t win the primary.

  279. Voting for Newt is the worst thing we could possibly do. An Obama presidency would at least keep our base energized and keep the Republicans actually acting like Republicans.

    Newt and Obama have all the same policies and we will not only become complacent as we did with Bush, the left will have something to rally behind.

    I’m sorry, but our government is beyond morbidly obese government, and you’re basically giving us the choice between Obama being an cheese diet or Gingrich as an all cake batter diet. I’m not going to waste my time actually calculating which one has less calories, I live in reality and accept we’re not fixing anything with either candidate.

    Ron Paul is the only proper diet and exercise out there, and it doesn’t matter if he runs 10th party- I’m not voting for cheese or cake batter and I’m not listening to some moronic rationale justifying either.

  280. These days both corrupt major political parties have their brain dead 40+ percent that will vote for whomever is on the Presidential ticket. Who are you. The challenge is to entice the undecided to vote for your candidate. This is why Obummer recently said he wasn’t worried who was on the Republican ticket. Most freethinking persons of intellect will not vote for Mitt or Newt because after being burned all these years by the status quo they are fed up. I have to agree Newt may get the nod but many women and a lot of principled people will refuse to hold their noses and vote for Newt. Ergo Obummer gets another four and we can rebuild the country from the ash heap of history.
    RP and/or MB are the only chance we have.

  281. None of these clowns are who we want, but nothing could be worse than 4 more years of excuses and payouts. Elect the damned elf and get it over with, because otherwise we have to choose between Romney and his kid brother, Obama.

      1. Keep repeating that if it makes you feel better!Newts past record gets in the way of your outright lies.

        1. Newt is really smart. He made millions working as a consultant to Fannie and Freddie while the subprime market was going belly up. He is savy. I bet he will figure out a way to make millions while our economy gets worse…

          1. Just to add a little spice…. Can you even imagine how far the electorate has sunk to allow Newt, after what he has done blatantly stealing from the voters and justifying his actions. Walking onto a stage and telling everyone he has learned from his mistakes and he now has the character to lead this country. Showing off his trophy wife until she is terminal. Fifty years ago he wouldn’t dare show his face outside his house for less than a tenth of the crap he’s pulled. Yet there are those that want to kiss his ***

          2. Yes newt can ask Ron Paul how to swindle taxpayers money and spread the pork around. That’s the kind of intergrity we need! RON PAUL 2057!!!! Woot!

  282. You know who’s worse than Newt? Romney! This guy has changed his mind on every issue several times and will say whatever he needs to to get elected. Romney supported abortion on demand until he decided he wanted to run for President, so he “suddenly” had a change of heart which no one with an iq higher than their belt size really believes. He claims to be against homosexual marriage, but Massachusetts became the first state to allow homosexual marriage by his executive order. He opposes Obamacare and yet he gave Massachusetts Romneycare, which Obama based (stole) his plan on. Cain was my choice, even with all the so-called accusations against him (none of which were proven). My current favorite out of those currently running is Bachmann, though I admit it’s highly unlikely she’ll make it. And that’s a shame, because she’s the Tea Party favorite, and if Newt or Romney get the nod many of the Tea Party members will revolt and go third party (if it’s Romney I definitely will), possibly even starting their own party. And if that happens we’ll be stuck with 4 more years of the Obamanation and he’ll be able to finish his complete destruction of the America I was born into.

  283. that’s what the obamaites are about – lies and distorting the truth about someone’s character. As if Obama could survive close scutiny….at least the media will NEVER expose him, the fu**ing Assh*Le

  284. I believe we have to have a back up plan folks. How are we expected to believe that voting is going to change the direction of this corrupt and tyrannical leviathan, that you and I created in this Federal government?

    I am thinking Ann Barnhardt had an epiphany awhile back. How can we as conservatives, libertarians, Christians, etc continue to allow our labor to foment and support such vile and abhorrent actions, in our opinions? The Constitution was not created to limit our freedoms, our beliefs, our rights, it was created to limit the federal government and allow the 50 differing states to create their own systems. So that those that worked well would attract more people and those that did not withered. We have that occurring right now in states like Illinois, New York, California where people are fleeing in droves and going to freer states. The federal government does not like that, that is why you have the redistribution models that the communists…..erm Democrats to make things “fair”.

    I believe it is time to have a multi faceted plan. Not just the voting booth. The Democrats have taken over the media in most part. They have taken over the schools in most part. They have taken over the public jobs in most part.

    How are we, the private individuals and the taxpayer going to continue to fight that?

    I myself saw something the other day, Who is John Galt?

  285. This is crap. Newt is NOT big government; he’s responsible government. You’ve all paid into your entitlement programs and no one, I mean no one, is gonna say I’ll take nothing. Newt hates waste, needless departments, and foolish military. He’s pragmatic and understands a strong America depends on strong economics. That’s why Mr. Massachuesettes is outta here.

    1. Newt made tons and tons of cash working for Freddie and Fannie while the housing market was collapsing…and his role…was a consultant! Haha! Is that not a waste or what? I wonder if he is prez if he’ll help me get a sweet FHA loan…

  286. I would suggest you not settle for the lessor of two evils. Obama sure as h— will not get my vote, nor will the freak Trump, Newt, Mitt, Rick, Michelle or Ricky with hair. So, if you want to ensure that Barak is ousted, I suggest you use your head and the process of elimination. Because there is no way “WE” are voting for anyone but the name that was not mentioned.

  287. Actually Ron Paul is the one with the best chance of winning. Many people voted for “Hope and Change” and all they got was continuation of the same elitist policies as the several previous administrations. Many people from all sides will come to vote for Ron Paul. I am a conservative and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils and will stay home if Gingrich gets the nomination. Ron Paul is the only one that will shrink government.

  288. How about we worry about the primaries before we start speculating on third-party runs in the general? I will be voting Ron Paul (principles) in the primary, but supporting the nominee (survival) in the general. Obama must go, period.

  289. We often here that I like Ron Paul except for his foreign policy. But our foreign policy has been a failure unless you consider having Muslim theocracies taking over the countries we have gone to war with a success. Please consider Ron Paul, the only candidate that will shrink government.

    1. I was born and raised in Switzerland and Ron Paul’s foreign policy suits me just fine. Since I have been a voter, I have disagreed with every president’s foreign policy. Call me an isolationist, I don’t care. This country has no business interfering around the world, unless it is directly being threatened from outside. Agression is unacceptable, self-defense is acceptable.

      1. Ron Paul is more non-interventionist, in my view. Isolation is probably never going to happen again, since the economies are too intertwined.

    1. Proof please, been waiting for someone to back up these claims with some real evidence but alas….still waiting. Also I highly doubt the American government is helping out some of the Mennonites down south, does that make our leaders anti-Mennonites??

    2. I think Israel hates us…all they do is leach leach leach off of us and no thanks. Where is the thanks we get from Israel? We can’t send them a bill because they are as broke as we are.

  290. You should NEVER vote for the lesser of two evils. Vote for a third party or our system will never change! Take a stand for once!

    1. Yes, take a stand. Then scratch your head later and wonder why your candidate’s third-party run basically reelected the current president.

      It’s about pragmatism, not fantasy.

  291. Romney pushed Romney care and the big bailouts, Perry pushed NAFTA North American Super Highway and forced vaccinations, Gingrich is a New World Order globalist and was a Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae lobbyist. Everyone of them will expand government. Look at what they do, not what they say. The only one that has talked straight to the American people is Ron Paul. Please vote for Ron Paul.

  292. Absolutely agree with you – if we go the third party route we are SCREWED. This Republic cannot survive another 4 years of the Usurper. I used to like Beck, but he is out of his mind if he thinks Paul is the answer.

    1. We are screwed either way. Corruption is so ingrained that it has evolved into a natural state of being, i.e. most people can’t differentiate corruption from integrity any more. Just look at the mobs that are shutting down our ports. The elected authorities negotiate with these people?

  293. I’d rather see Obummer win and destroy the country than have Newt kill us with ‘Death by a Thousand Cuts.’ I and most people I know are voting Paul no matter what.
    If Paul doesn’t win then we can rebuild the country from the ashes of the fall. Look around… won’t be much longer.

    1. If you could only step back and realize just how foolish your comment is. So it’s either Ron Paul or let the republic crash and burn. That is not the reasoning of a thoughtful patriot that cares about his country but a suicidal fanatic that is out of control. You really don’t have any idea about what you are talking about.

      1. 80% of Paul supporters are like that.Its their guy or the highway.Thats why they never win anything along with about three other issues!

  294. One of the greatest reliefs of 2013 will be the retirement of Ron Paul from the political stage of this great Republic. He is our Al Sharpton. Provocative and entertaining if you’re interested but any man who believes that we killed our own citizens to start a war is beneath contempt. He was funnier when he was a Libertarian.

    1. He has distanced himself from the 9-11 truth movement. He is basically saying that the government exploited the event to increase its size and scope and liberty suffered. What’s the quote from Obabms dude ” let no crisis go to waste…”
      They lied about yellow cake, about being welcomed as liberators, about them paying for their own liberation and after looking at the evidence, no plane hit the pentagon and you’d have to be dumb to think so. THERE IS NO EVIDENCE.

        1. Where are the video surveillance tapes from the hotel DIRECTLY across from the site where it hit that would back up these claims??

          1. Please explain the damage to the pentagon on the same day, how a plane is missing and where are the passengers? You cannot and how dare you question the eyewitnesses. Were you there?

            1. It’s pointless to argue with a “truther.” They’re plugged into Infowars and PrisonPlanet all day long and Alex Jones is their Messiah. You should go there or listen to his show for laughs.

              The majority of his audience is the under 25 crowd. No wonder. Is this not proof that our public schools are producing an increasing amount of ignorant people? By the way, those two sites are Ron Paul’s base.

      1. You truly are a a worthless piece of garbage, tell my 3 co-workers that died when that plane hit the pentagon, that it wasn’t real you stupid little freak.

        And you have the nerve to call someone dumb for believing this, when you can drive by it on the way to Arlington National Cemetery and see it ?

        Are you really this stupid ?

        1. lol, that yellow cake that was known and safeguarded for decades? The one with the UN seal? The one the Bush administration claimed was a secret stash and were busted for lying about it?

          It was NOT the same as what you neo conservative progressives claimed. What a joke. People should stop replying to you.

      2. No he didn’t distance himself from the 9/11 truth movement and for that matter neither did you.

        Your points of contention are the same that have been repeated from people who don’t bother to investigate or explore beyond the slogans of the Left. 500 tons of yellow cake imported to Iraq from Niger were disposed of by the Canadian Nuclear Consortium.

        The problem is the Muslim Psyche when it comes to thanking their Liberators. It is a honor society and they dishonored themselves by submitting to Saddam for so long. They loathe to admit weakness.

        The comment about a plane not hitting the Pentagon is simply mental defective talk.

    2. He’s never said that. Ron Paul has not blamed the US for the attack.

      He has explained Al Qaeda’s rationale – as per the 9/11 Commission’s findings.

      The 9/11 Commission Report on pages 47-52 explains Al Qaeda/Bin Laden’s rationale for attacking the US. see

      1. Yes he did but modified it to appear less insane. There was no preemptive war. The first Gulf War was an international coalition comprise of Muslim and Western powers to remove an Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. Throughout the 1990’s, Iraq violated the terms of the cease fire throughout 1990’s while it broke the Arms embargo and corrupted the UN with the food for oil program. The second Gulf War was for the repeated violation of the Cease Fire treaty.

        Al Qaeda and its founding organization the Muslim Brotherhood is committed to re-establishing the Islamic Caliphate after its founder lived in the United States in 1940’s.

    3. & instead you’d rather have a corrupt, out of control establishment which has shown in broad day light that to NOT be in the American peoples best interests but for their globalist masters. it isn’t a coincidence when their plans are found or given to outside sources that they come to fruition, it is historical fact that the CFR has infiltrated all branches of government & intend to destroy our sovereignty. I highly recommend Propaganda is a 1928 book by Edward Bernays, Tragedy and Hope” by Dr.