Glenn Beck interviews witness who saw Cain and Bialek together in October

Earlier today I ran this story from the Suntimes and my impression of that story was that Amy Jacobson, the witness to this encounter between Cain and Bialek a month ago, was that it was suggesting that the encounter didn’t appear to have happened as Bialek has represented yesterday in her press conference. However, after listening to this interview, it seems to me that, if anything, Jacobson is actually corroborating Bialek’s story to the extent that she can, given that she doesn’t know exactly what was said between them.

But when it comes to judging Cain and Bialek’s the body language, Jacobson described their encounter as ‘intense’, that you could ‘cut it with a knife’, saying that she knew not to interrupt them. Jacobson had wanted to get a photo with Cain and said she was bum-rushed by Bialek who beat her to Cain and then had his ear for 2-3 minutes. She said it was clear Bialek had something she wanted to tell Cain and “by God she was going to tell him what she came there to tell him”. When asked about her characterization that it was ‘flirtatious’, she said she meant that Bialek was in Cain’s personal space, very close to his ear. Again, she affirmed she had no idea what they were actually talking about, only that Cain was saying “uh huh” several times throughout their brief encounter.

It’s also worth pointing out that Jacobson said she has also been sexually assaulted before (not with Cain) and that she believes Bialek’s story. She also challenged Beck’s belief that Gloria Allred isn’t credible, saying that Allred does serve a purpose.

Here’s the full interview:

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85 thoughts on “Glenn Beck interviews witness who saw Cain and Bialek together in October

  1. Sorry, but I don’t really care if he said anything inappropriate to her or not. Sounds like Mrs. Cains issue, not ours. Why are we still talking about this? We all know why. I don’t believe those women…the whole thing stinks to me because it happened like 14 years ago. If it hasn’t been an issue til now, it isn’t one now either. Go Herman. If Herman likes flirting with the ladies, that is between him and the lady…and the Mrs. Just not any of my business. I want him because of the way the rest of his brain works, not the one concerned with pleasure or sex. Period!

  2. What I find troublesome is how easy it is to destroy a man’s character in the court of public opinion. The way this media frenzy is being conducted is shameful.

    Stand tall Mr. Cain. Stand tall….

  3. Look how easy it is to completely destroy a man’s character based on induendo. The court of public opinion is a cesspool where quick and dirty character assassination can take place. Stand tall Herman. Stand tall….

  4. Today he claimed he had never seen her before. No idea who she is. Now this radio host is stating that she saw them talking for a few minutes recently. He’s lying when he claimed he never met her. This is the smoking gun. They guy is telling a lie. He’s met her period.

  5. it’s amazing how all these allegations and inuendos are coming from obama-land! I just found out that the TEA party in chicago has been infiltrated with some strange characters like Amy Jacobsen,,2933,288869,00.html

    They rightfully they canned her after she was caught with bikini in the home of the husband she was supposed to be “investigating” after his wife went missing. She then filed a lawsuit on them.

  6. I have no doubt she is telling the truth. Look at the Odds 3 cannot come forward one has and one is waiting in the wings for # 5 . Now guys you know as well as I do
    that he was out of town away from the wife by the min 500 miles. You know damn well ole Herman was trying to get some. His hormones where raging, he out of town and has a few drinks and now he looking. I see so many excuses in this blog. I was the owner of a building material company and went to at least 50-60 out of town events and have personally witnessed Men who are out and away from there wifes
    it was like letting a dog off the chain. I would stay sober and watch these guys in the bar and disco with a few drinks turn in to Don Juan it was Hilarious. Yep
    ole Herman is caught and he has no other option but to do a Bill(i did not have sex) Clinton. I am Sorry Herman but you just lost.

    1. Yeah?? Well you “other” wingers sure know how to pick them, too. Scum? Asswipe? Hmmm I can’t print on this blog what I would call Obama and his band of thugs. RS would have me removed. Your comment was shitty, mpclark 12.

  7. Rut ro Raggy! Somethings rotten in Denmark. I hope it isn’t true just for “our side’s” sake. What a blow to the Party.
    (no pun intended).

    1. When did this thread change to the subject of talents, basic platforms & foundational beliefs instead of Cain’s accusers??

      I have no doubt loyal TRS participants would NOT be for “billy boy” or anyone like him to be POTUS. You have no idea what dastardly things there are in billy’s past (not just womanizing) and I’ll just leave it there. But what do I know – I’s jes a lil ole Suthen’ gal.

      btw There’s only one r in Fire. 🙂

  8. Clearly this Bialek chick either threatened Mr. Cain or attempted to get hush money out of him. It is obvious to me. I will wait patiently for the truth to come out. It always does. I support Mr. Cain and I have heard nothing to change my mind. This woman reeks of sleaze.

      1. Best cover there is and always with a smile!! Haven’t you ever watched “the mob” or espionage movies??

  9. If there is smoke you will most likely find fire. Cain was never getting my vote anyway, but this may be the proverbial straw for his 2012 candidacy. Though I should add look at Bill Clinton. He had sexual allegations flying from the governors office and still made President. Clarence Thomas here is another fine example that Politics and Sex scandals go together.

    1. “If there is smoke you will most likely find fire.” (TPA)

      Or a crackhead.

      We aren’t talking about smoke or fire, we are talking about truth or liar. See, it ryhmes.

  10. A set up…

    It seems that Sharon Bialek’s 3 minutes on stage with Cain in October was a premeditated set up to get a current “contact” picture.

    Something smells fishy… rotten.

    As Amy Jacobson said in the segment – not in the order Amy mentioned them

    -Bialek asked to see Cain
    -she bum-rushed Amy
    -hugged Cain briefly
    -got up close and personal in his personal space
    -whispering inches from his ear for about 3 minutes
    -she had something to tell him
    -it looked intense
    -Bialek stormed off and removed herself from Cain’s side
    -she went into the audience



  11. so, a woman who has a man try and force his hand into her vagina, and her impulse upon meeting him (again) is to “bum rush” people so she can hug him and whisper into his ear?

    poor woman must be suffering such emotional trauma. *sniff sniff*

    that said, if cain is guilty he should be shunned but so far this all reeks of a hit job.

  12. The identity of the second accuser has been revealed. From The Daily Caller:

    “The iPad-only news outlet The Daily has revealed the identity of one of the women who, according to Politico, accused presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment during his tenure as CEO of the National Restaurant Association.

    The Daily reports that Karen Kraushaar, a communications director at the Treasury Department’s Office of Inspector General, was a National Resturant Association spokesperson when, she alleges, Cain’s inappropriate behavior took place.”

    She works for the Obama Administration. Oopps.

  13. Thank you David…exactly! Good grief people…look at this sex scandal regarding Penn State (not to compare!). This coach was a caring concerned coach and this ordeal couldn’t have been imagined. BUT…it happened! Wake up and smell the coffee people. All that glitters is NOT gold. We have to take our prideful heads out of the sand. Because we really want something, and work really hard to create it…that does NOT mean it’s the best thing for us. Let’s move on to candidates who are more credible and can beat Obama!

  14. Thank you David…exactly! Good grief people…look at this sex scandal regarding Penn State (not to compare!). This coach was a caring concerned coach and this couldn’t have been imagined. BUT…it happened! Wake up and smell the coffee people. All that glitters is NOT gold. Many were sold on Obama because of his personality and articulation…he didn’t have experience nor qualified. Look ohw

    1. i think you’re confusing idol worship with being critical of low credibility accusers.

      most criticism leveled at these women are not because
      1) they are women
      2) cain is a republican
      3) cain supporters are star struck

      most criticism leveled at these women is because
      1) some accuse behind a veil of anonymity
      2) offer no information
      3) claim their agreement w/ the nra keeps them from saying anything yet make vague claims anyway
      4) offer no info even after nra’s ok
      5) those (two) who come out simply are not credible because they offer improbable stories and/or character.
      6) justly question the timing of this flood of alleged serial sexual abuse.

    1. JUST REMEMBER PEOPLE this is not Cain vs liberals this is This is Cain vs liberals+romneysupporters+perrysupporters+establishmentRepublicans. Do not let them win . I will never vote for cain if these things are true . But I will never ever believe the accusers on face value . Incontovertable proof or nothing

      1. Until Cain comes out and puts this whole thing to bed, this is Cain vs Cain. This is not liberals, Romney supporters, ect ect , what is going on with the media reporting this whole thing is nothing NEW. This happens every single time we have elections, so its not just attacking Cain as their will be stories about Romney if he becomes the front runner again. Most of the time though, if you look back throughout history and the media is that when stories like this get out they usually have some or all truth to them.

      2. About Herman Cain Accuser by the Daily Mail

        Herman Cain claims sexual harassment accusations threatening to derail his presidential campaign are a smear campaign. But friends and family of one accuser say she is a principled and dedicated professional who was only trying to right a wrong no woman should suffer in the workplace.

        Karen Kraushaar, a 55-year-old former journalist and seasoned government spokeswoman who served on the front lines of the Elian Gonzalez custody battle, is a competitive equestrian and lover of golden retrievers. She has been married for more than two decades.

        “She wouldn’t be the type to make false allegations,” brother-in-law Ned Kraushaar, a Georgia software consultant, told The Daily. “This happened [more than] 10 years ago. It’s not like she wanted to try and hurt the Republican Party.”

        Karen Kraushaar currently serves as a communications director at the Inspector General’s Office of the Treasury Department, a position she …

  15. Anyone else think that they are trying to recreate the Lewinsky-Clinton hug?

    No ‘proof’ of this again. As opposed to the video of the Clinton-Monica hug, this has only hearsay and eye witness… while eye witness accounts are important, if you take this at face value, then everything else makes much less sense than before.

    This is totally manufactured. It is so obvious that it is manufactured, it isn’t funny. If she really is upset about this, which I don’t believe due to her demeanor and the stories, if she really was ‘harassed’, do you run up to your harasser, a decade later, and closely embrace them? Is she simply trying to pull Cain away from his wife? What is her angle?

    This is a setup or a completely manufactured lie. Something is wrong, big time.

    1. Honest questions: 1. Why does something have to be wrong? 2. What would your comments be if Cain came out after a while and admitted to these accusations? 3. If Cain admits and confirms these allegations are true would you still vote for him?

      1. In my opinion…
        1. The stories don’t match. So someone, if not both, are lying. (That’s ‘wrong’ in my book.)
        2. My comments, if Cain came out and admitted guilt? Well, I have maintained that I assume innocence until proven guilty… if he admits guilt, I have to assume he is guilty.
        3. I probably would not vote for him, but not because of the allegations. I believe in repentance, and his current conduct so far doesn’t indicate a loose philanderer, (He maintains his positions amid fire, which indicates an ideal of commitment. Not ‘proof’, but a premature judgment call on insufficient evidence, but the best I can do, and better looking than the other candidates so far.)

        I would not vote for him on the basis that he lied to gain political points, or retain political clout. My personal qualification for politicians is that they are honest. (I know, I can’t vote for anyone…) I’ll vote for the ‘most honest’ person in the primary, and the best candidate in the general.

        If these are true? I’ll probably not vote for Cain.

        What about you?

        1. That was as clear as mud . Mine is simpler I will NEVER NEVER NEVER believe anything started by politico and backed up by Gloria Allred . can you see that crazy story by that checquered charecter having credibility in a court of law 100 plus stories each in every liberal media in the last 7 days . they are trying too hard WAY TOO HARD if this story really had any meat to it. as for WHAT IFS what do we do if we find out this was a planned lying left wing alinsky attack to take out the lefts worst nightmare A BLACK CONSERVATIVE and we were all duped CALL FOR A DO OVER. bbiter and david must take us all for fools . NO NO NO not another meg whitman NOT WITHOUT INCONTROVERTABLE PROOF.

          1. Clear as mud… It is clear you didn’t understand me. Perhaps I’ll try again if you will permit…

            It is also clear that you haven’t seen or read my other comments, (that’s fine, I don’t expect you to read every story looking for my comments. If you want to know, just ask). I make it clear that all the allegations are fruits of a rumor-mill operation to slander Cain and get him out of the race and thereby control the election. (Reason enough to seriously consider voting for him.)

            Legally, there are no legs for ANY of these allegations to stand on. There never was, and never will be, and that has never been the drive of the media/establishment/accuser/anyone behind this. No cases have been filed, (and only one has actually been willing to be more than ‘anonymous’, which is nearly identical to the media simply making-up stories out of thin air). This is all a drive to knock Cain out of the race. Gloria all but stated that. I thought that was clear.

            But David’s questions did not deal with legal issues or whether I thought it was real or not, so I did not address those angles. However, my original post on this thread makes it clear that I believe this is manufactured. I personally believe it is manufactured by the establishment, Republican or Democrat, as Cain is not really a denizen of, or easily controlled by either.

            As it stands, David’s assumption that I favor Cain right now is correct. And unless a personal admission of guilt, or actual proof comes out against him, proving a lie/cover-up, or a better candidate miraculously appears, I will probably vote for him in the primary.

            (“Proof” will be hard, as there is so much in this mill behind slandering Cain that it will be very difficult to actually believe that ‘evidence’ is not manufactured as well… if it wasn’t, why not release it now? Why take time after the story? It will likely take a confession from Cain or his wife, as David suggested.)

            I think we agree on this issue.

        2. Thx for replying BB, I respect you’re answer and also have similar thoughts about the situation. The one part I really respect from your post was that you will look at another candidate if the allegations turn out to be true. Thats important in my mind because it says that some people (You) will not stand for ANYONE caught lying for political gain regardless of what party they’re for. Thx.

  16. Cain supporters have a choice: They can sit around and keep making excuses and blame the media when they should be blaming Cain or they can accept that Cain is know tainted and move on to another candidate. The fact is, the media isn’t the one you should be blaming, instead you should be very angry you wasted time and energy on a candidate that is full of lies. These types of stories always come out at these times, but that doesn’t make them false or made up stories. One thing republicans need to start doing if they want to gain respect from others in the middle is to hold people of their own party accountable for their actions instead of standing by them as if they did no wrong….really lose a lot of credibility when you stand by those that do wrong.

    1. I think this applies to your post, just read on Beck twitter:
      If the MSM didn’t have an agenda, why would they focus on Herman Cain, but ignore OWS rapes?

    2. back up gloria allred you have not given us one fact, if this woman was a witness in a trial she would be laughed out of court HOW DO YOU JIVE THAT Mr perry/romney/obama supporter if you were an honest broker you would first tell us what your allegence is. You are as credible as her.
      p.s. Karl rove says allred lends “credibility” to all this . believe that

    3. Nope, don’t buy into your line of thought. Not in the least at this time.

      First and foremost is NONE of the allegations have been proven in the least. The fact that the 2 earlier women were paid, fairly minor amounts actually, is NO indication of guilt on Cains part.

      The latest accuser has at this time proven absolutely nothing.

      Yet you say kick him to the curb.

      Jesus, the leftist can do this same thing hundreds of times till we have no more “candidates ” left…
      They hated Palin so they spent 3 years in an attempt to destroy her, Now Herman Cain is their next target, why expect anything less than the lying B.S. they put on Palin.

      I challenge you to produce proof of the validity of any of the claims made to this point in time.

      If the allegations are proven true then that changes everything and conservatives will do what is necessary unlike liberals.

      But your statement is crap. The days of conservatives allowing the media and leftist slime to dictate the order of the day are over bud…

    4. Are those the only choices? Could you please add a “none of the above”? I’d check that one 🙂

      In other words, your post is toast.

      May you have similar allegations aimed at you…and may the bluebird of happiness…nevermind.

    1. Remember one thing or one very important thing and that’s the internet is full of stories and anyone can post anything and make it look real. That said, the website macsmind…I’m not sure that is the idea place to confirm reports. You can always find what you’re looking for on the internet, but that doesn’t mean its true.

  17. Whatever way she went about getting to the truth does not matter. If this man did this he needs to step aside NOW! This will be a black eye for the party if Cain stays in the race. Come clean sir!

    1. You say come clean….he’s said he isn’t guilty of any of the allegations…what more can he do to come clean? Or are you presuming guilty until found innocent?

      1. The “AFRAID OF CAIN” posse is en masse here because it is all falling apart. when this becomes clear and it will way before the primaries . the backlash will be atomic to the connivers and plotters . because we are the final arbiters and they will be “dead to us all”

    2. Your idea of coming clean surely differs from mine. I live in America, where innocence is assumed until guilt is proven, not alleged.

  18. Cain is done…unless cain releases more details or has nra release their investigation with redacted names this is over.

    1. Wow you must know something the rest of us don’t. If anything, he is getting more support. People aren’t so easily fooled anymore.

  19. RS,

    That is not Bialek in the photo. It’s Amy Jacobson. The two women do have a similar look from a distance, but the Sun-Times story indicates that it is Jacobson in the photo with Cain. (I posted this on the original story, too – sorry for the repeat. But I know you want to give us accurate information.)

  20. Is this another “Roe vs Wade” moment? Remember how Norma McCorvey was used by the liberals to legalize abortion by claiming that she had been raped? She eventually came clear and admitted she had lied about the story, but not after the damage had been done.

    This is how Marxists operate – “the ends justify the means”. The “end’ is in destroying ANY conservative candidate regarless of the “means”.

    I don’t buy this story one bit.

    1. Absolutely. Remember the Tucson shootings and how Palin was blamed. Horrible as that incident was the left used it to try to accomplish what they wanted, silencing Sarah. It didn’t make any difference that she had nothing whatsoever to do with the crime, getting rid of Sarah was all that mattered.

    2. Just wait till JUSTIN BEIBER takes his peternity test and his accuser is confirmed a liar and goldigger and that will be front page of every newspaper in the country . OH THE IRONY BEIBER takes down the LIBERAL ESTABLISHMENT attack in Herman cain

    1. I saw the entire Martha McCallum (sp?) interview on Fox this morning, which was done extremely well by Martha….my first impression at the time was that Bialek was believable….and I like Herman a lot!

      Now we have this interview of Amy Jacobson, who is also believable for what she brought to the conversation.

      Unless Herman has something earth shattering to say today at his 5PM press conference, IMHO…..Herman is in trouble.

  21. sticks in my mind: the accuser told Amy “we are old friends”, she hugged him briefly, took his arm and was talking inches away from his left ear. A victim so friendly to her victimizer who tried to touch her privates. Another thing she mentions is that this lady is known as an aggresive woman.

    The word flirtatious is not the same as confrontational. Why the change in words, why was Amy quoted as saying flirtatious 1st. Amy says she could hear him uhm uhm, but she did not hear the rest. That does not make sense. All this people standing right there, I’ll be waiting out to see if anybody else noticed the intense moment that could be cut with a knife. Finally she says she does not know what was discussed but has adjetives galore to interpret.

  22. I hate this whole ordeal. Cain has never been my pick, but these sleazy things played out in the public square repel me. He said/she said is bad enough, but *five different women* isn’t good either.

    1. No Conservative would be associated with Gloria Allred in any context, under any circumstance. Painting this Bialek gal as a Tea Partier seems a stretch, even if she attended Tea party functions.

      1. You really have to wonder if she wasn’t setting Cain up by attending these Tea Party functions – waiting for her cue to strike. There’s just too much rot surrounding all of these “allegations” – follow the rot to the source and see who is at the bottom of this. It’s too orchestrated, too cut and dried and too staged to be genuine.

        1. Although Jacobson sounds like a nice enough lady… she injects her own experience into her interview with Beck… fair enough… but what does that have to do with Cain. She admits the conversation between Cain and Bailek was tense. Blackmail by any other name (gee! I just want him to fess up… that’s all!) is still blackmail. What else could it be after fifteen years. Jacobson is probably the polar opposite of this Bailek woman.

          Something doesn’t meet the smell test here. There’s an open spigot pumping effluent into all this somewhere… an orchestrated search and destroy operation going on.

          Yeah… no one wants to believe their “man” would do any of this. That’s the beauty of accusations. Accusation is the language of hell… and all it takes is a half truth to be injected as a truth. Vivacious flirtiness by a likeable guy gets translated as assault. Accusations are designed expressly for this purpose… and it’s working wonders.

          Then again… if it’s true? What a mess! Now where’s my crystal ball?

          1. The words of Jean Chretien, one of Canada’s worst prime ministers rings true here: Da proof is da proof is da proof.”

            So far, I have not seen any proof other than half truths wrapped up in innuendos, wrapped up in hearsay, lapped up by the slime-stream media and promoted by leeches like Gloria Allred (so aptly named, I might add) and the “alleged victims” in order to have their moment in the sun.

            What this does is turn sexual harassment into a joke, a laughing stock and women or men who face genuine cases of sexual assault are tarred by this kind of media sensationalism.

            No, no one wants to believe someone they support would do any of this. But, in order to follow through on this, one must have solid, credible, incontrovertible proof. So far, that does not exist and until is is shown, Herman Cain should not be judged or found guilty in the court of public opinion.

            1. Linky1, I’m not sure if you’re a male or female, but lets for this post pretend you’re a women. If you were riding on a train and male passenger (Stranger) was sitting next to you and he started putting his hand up your skirt before you could fully stop him, what charge should be brought against this person. If you went to the police would you expect the police to make you prove it more than what you say happened or would you expect the police to charge this male passenger?

              1. David-let’s not talk in hypotheticals here. I am female and have been subject to real sexual harassment many, many, many years ago, in the workplace. This was long before laws were in place and I did not have the resources at my disposal as there are today, but I got the issue resolved. That’s all I am going to say on the matter because unlike this gold-digger, I don’t have an axe to grind against a politician or anyone else for that matter.

                BTW, as to your scenario above: Forget the cops- I’d grab him by the cojones till he took his hand away. That’s way more effective than calling the cops.

                1. You’re right, you would be better off handling the hypothetical situation yourself than rely on the cops. I wasn’t trying to start a war of words with you, but just looking at it from a different way.

                2. David, I think a lot of women have something against this whole business, is because these women seem totally unreliable and vindictive. My problem (and yes, I was sexually harrassed years ago- I slapped the perv and quit my job as that was the only recourse I had available at the time.) but my problem, and I think a lot of us share this, is that why now? These women are making allegations of something that happened after sexual harrassment was a known problem. These women IF they were, why did they not fight back then? OK there are those closed legal documents which no one has seen. Assault is what this woman is claiming, she had every right to go to the cops- back then. And, if I had a boyfriend of 4 years, I certainly would have told him what had happened.

                3. Looking at it a different way? There’s only one way and you don’t have to be a Cain supporter to see someone who is the victim of a highly placed smear campaign, who has been found guilty by the opposition and the media before being allowed to state his case.

              2. This is my issue with the allegations.. the incident she describes is an assault, not harrassment. Why didnt she report this to the police 14 years ago? what does she have to gain by revealing it now?

                1. Because, silly us, reporting sexual advances/assault/harassment came in vogue only two years ago. How could she know that way way way back fifteen years ago it was sexual assault.. heck they didn’t even have a word for it then.

                  But… she’s very sincere you know. She only wants Cain to “come clean”, unburden his soul and fess up.

                  And of course… the media is so breathless… they’re hyperventilating.

                2. What does she have to gain? It depends on who set Cain up and what they plan to pay her. Personally, I think she’ll go for endless media appearances, a book, a reality show, all the usual sleazy things that egotistical parasites do for kicks.

                3. Say’s more about her than it does Cain. It seems this is somewhat her MO.

                  Let’s see (I’m not pinpoint sure of the dates)14 years ago the alleged incident in the car happened. At the time Sharon Bialek had a live-in boyfriend of 4 years (an MD).

                  Almost 14 years ago she got pregnant by a “Media Mogul” with whom she was involved in a paternity suit (son now 13).

                  One busy umm… lady.

        2. “It’s too orchestrated, too cut and dried and too staged to be genuine.”

          Nail straight on the head! I stand by Cain. Innocent until PROVEN guilty folks!

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