Glenn Beck: Is Chris Matthews drinking on the job?

This started out as a discussion about the debt limit but as they listened to the clip of Chris Matthews trashing the Tea Party, he seemed to be slurring together an awful lot of words and Beck and crew couldn’t just let that go without a few laughs:

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15 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: Is Chris Matthews drinking on the job?

  1. The word policies sounds like posses!! Oh Mushmouth of PMS-NBC…Welcome back to harbaugh? Jim Harbaugh has nothing to do with the debt scene!! His presency? Wow!! Malaise=eyeore like state, droopy.
    Matthews is in the words of Phil Rozzuto…Gaaahne!

    1. I believe it’s working pretty well. Glenn is one of the most influential and successful radio/TV commentators in the world.

      How’s your 12-step program working? Do they have one for people who make stupid comments?

  2. I am personnally offended by the baiters within the Progressive wing of Congress that are now using the word Extremist, Terrorist as the new Racist terminology.
    Yo Chris get another 40 ounce!

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