Glenn Beck mocks Keith Olbermann’s Ground Zero mosque special comment

A little humor to start the morning.


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19 thoughts on “Glenn Beck mocks Keith Olbermann’s Ground Zero mosque special comment

  1. You’re all retarded, the mosque is CFR funded, its right on their own website. Thomas Kean, Republican, CFR member and 9/11 Commission chairman, is also chairing the Carnegie Corporation directly funding this mosque. Its a stunt to keep people upset and divided and the endless wars raging. Glenn is doing his part to hide this. 9/11 was an inside job, perpetrated by members of the CFR, so in reality, it in fact IS a victory monument. They are laughing right in your face.

  2. Glenn having more listeners doesn’t make him right. That’s why rights are something we don’t vote on, because they’re there exactly to protect minority views. The 1st amendment is exactly for these kinds of scenarios – controversial ones. Glenn didn’t offer any arguments here, and it’s funny that the one thing he mocked was something he does himself all the time – shout that we’re America, and that his positions is more patriotic.

  3. Even IF this mosque, community center or whatever goes forward – my question is WHY THERE? What about the Greek Orthadox Church that was destroyed on 9/11 – why did their permit to rebuild get put on ice while this one is apparently on the fast track? If they REALLY want it to “bring everyone together”, then build a “tolerance museum” or something and REALLY let it be open to everyone…

  4. You are a complete and total ass Beck. Plain and simple, no if’s an’s or but’s, you are just a total ass! Lose some weight on that fat face of yours! The jiggling is disgusting.

  5. Great website guys! This is a great 6 minute video of Beck debunking Olbermann’s arguments. Obviously, since Beck has many more viewers, he must be right!

  6. It’s not a mosque, it’s a community center. It will have basketball courts and it also happens to have a prayer room.

    Islam is as valid a religion as Christianity or Hinduism or Judaism. There are more muslims in the world than any other major religion. They already outnumber the Christians. So if all Islam was about was to destroy the infidels, they must really suck at it.

    Oh wait! That’s because Islam is a peaceful religion and only a very small percentage of dickholes in the world are using it as their vehicle for political change.

    We are America, and the Founding Fathers decided to not support ANY religion as the State Sanctioned Religion. Period. And they supported the free practice of ANY religion here. Something we could all do well to remember.

  7. Okay, I’m probably drunk off some crappy pinot, but this made me laugh until I cried (seriously). Whoever this is in this video thinks ratings triumph over correctness? There was not one salient point about what Olbermann said. So what does that tell you about what a-holes like this are after? The truth, or ratings?

    I’m off to buy some gold.

  8. EXISTING mosque near WTC is not the same as the PROPOSED community center. If you listened to more of Olbermann’s special comment than the snippet Beck played, you would have heard Olbermann discuss the history of the mosque near the WTC – it was established in 1970, shortly before the first WTC tower was finished in 1970. It is not at the Burlington Coat Factory building that is the proposed site for the new community center – the BCF building was heavily damaged on Sept. 11th and isn’t currently in use. Researching this for .5 seconds may be too difficult for you, but it sure would have saved you from looking like a moron.

  9. Perhaps if you actually watched his show He has said where he stands on it and has raised questions about connections everyone in the LSM has either overlooked or ignored.

    1. LSM? Are you joking? Do you know who owns all of these networks including Fox? They are all on the same side it is total theater. Rupert Murdoch and his News Corporation are on the same Council on Foreign Relations as George Soros, Time Warner, and everyone else in both the LSM and the “C”SM. Wake up people.

      By the way, this mosque is 100% funded by your own globalist government. Everyone supporting and protesting it are all CFR members too, from Bloomberg to Newt Gingrich. Go to and download the membership roster yourself.

  10. interesting, no comments of substance from beck. just makes fun and boasts about ratings. where’s the healthy debate?

  11. How liberal will Olberman be when that dirty bomb in waiting goes off in NY. Every body understands this is a bad idea except Dem’s and Obama supporters, wake up.
    Register to vote.
    T.E.A. Party + GOP = LOVE 4 EVER.
    Join your local 9 12.
    God Bless America.

  12. The mosque he is talking about is not the community center that’s been proposed. It’s a separate building entirely and has been there since before the WTC. Consider watching the original Olbermann rant before throwing out uneducated shlock like this and making the rest of us look as uninformed as you.

  13. So if I am hearing Oberdink correctly he is asserting “it has been there since before there was a World Trade Center” ? Keith,booby, construction on the WTC began in 1966, Tower 1 was completed in December 1970 and Tower 2 in July 1971. So by your reckoning this mosque has been in that location from at least 1965? Must have been a tight fit being as it was I believe, The Burlington Coat Factory until the building was damaged in the September 11th attack, the site was not used as a space for Muslim services until 2009.
    Keith,your math and history skills really suck,you should sue your instructors or the school or maybe just retire and fade away.

  14. The proposed site of the mosque is 600 feet away from Ground Zero which begs the question,how far away is far enough?

    Here’s my formula.

    WTC1 was 1,727 feet tall at the top of the spire,in my opinion no mosque should be built any closer than that.

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