Glenn Beck mocks Olbermann’s symbolic gesture

Keith Olbermann admitted the other day that he doesn’t vote as a symbolic gesture, I guess for his viewers. And now it’s being reported that he has given money to Democratic candidates in this election, which I guess must be another symbolic gesture.

Well, let’s just say that Beck and crew have a lot of fun with this. Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Glenn Beck mocks Olbermann’s symbolic gesture

  1. I guess Bathtub Boy, according to the President of NBC, is now the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD!!! I expect to see him in a bathrobe, outside Beck’s studio, with a sign that says, “YOU SIR, ARE STILL EMPLOYED!”

  2. I hate to see anyone’s speech limited… especially when their speech is the most obvious example of leftwing insanity… but hey I’m not going to miss the guy.

    By the way political contribution is speech I believe the Supreme Court recently ruled that way.

  3. what a bunch of fools bath tub boy must think his former audience is. he doesn’t vote but he gives money to pols in a district he doesn’t inhabit, what a twisted set of ‘principles’! ‘i don’t vote i just like to b-itch about politics’, that’s a great example to set- even lost credibility in the eyes of those on set with him!

  4. if obama had half the up bringing bush did maybe he would be half the man. better speaker that obama is , no class in someone who always blames his failures on others. dont we all know people like this?

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