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9 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Show Discussion – June 14, 2010

  1. Great show, once again Beck raises many interesting points and put's the words of individuals right in their faces. Once again much to think about and much to look into.

  2. Beck is our Morrow.
    Beck and his staff should be commended each day they bring an interesting and educational show that keeps you from going back into denial.
    Thank you rs for all you do to keep us informed I enjoy the mix on this site.

  3. The politician who assaulted the students must have studied his fighting technique from Jean choke-hold Chretien.

  4. Best Beck show evah. Obama is going down. Game is over little boy. And I do mean boy. Signed typical white person.

  5. I'd love to read or see an interview with Beck's writing team for his TV show. They really seem to be on a roll these days! It must be an exciting and thrilling place to work right now.

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