Glenn Beck Show Discussion – November 3, 2010

I saw the second half of the show and thought it was great, but missed the first part. I’m sure it was good though.


Thanks to for uploading the videos.

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8 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Show Discussion – November 3, 2010

  1. One thing you can count on….his shows are well researched. They must be so he can’t be sued to shut him up. They are left to small things like running off his sponsors and closed door meetings with the powers to be at Fox. I have noticed a tendency for some conservative talkers to dismiss Beck. Is it his style or jealousy? I like his style …. who wants 18 hours a day of the same news presented in the same style? Thank goodness someone has the courage to tell the people what is going on.

  2. Why is there a profile of Alfred Hitchcock on the chalkboard behind Glenn? Is there some hidden message there?

  3. So Glenn is going to expose the Koch brothers and their ties to the Americans for Prosperity Foundation,Freedom Works,the Cato Institute Reason Foundation and the Mercatus Center.No? That’s to bad,would be interesting to see how the far right business interest compare to the far left business interests.A man can dream can’t he?

    And what’s with all the anger about Nevada and California? The people spoke. I thought we were supposed to be about freedom and elections.Or we supposed to fight until there is only one party? I have trouble keeping track nowadays.

    I’m sure Glenn’s “special”,who by the way tried to pay him off or is it just a bluff,on Soros will make Fritz Hippler proud.

    Sorry to keep it short,I’m worn out from having to use a wheelbarrel to cart home all my papiermarks home from the bank.Wanted to make sure I got my marks out in case everyone forgot that the Reichsbank was going to stick it to us.The Weimar traitors were going to do something to us today right?

    1. The Socialist Republic of California is a lost cause. There are still some fishy business in Nevada but the Margin that Harry Warbucks won buy is amazing, looked like alot of the socialist that destroyed California have moved to Nevada…

    2. Did you even watch the clip? You are missing the point completely. Yes, the people have spoken in CA, but it is a socialist/marxist voice that spoke and that is the issue, not “freedom”. Take the blinders off. Get educated. In the scriptures most people killed prophets for speaking out. The left is trying to kill Beck. Maybe he is not so irrelevant.

  4. You think Glenn did enough to help during the elections?
    Glenn Beck should interview John Boehner. This is pretty big news, and he’s the most powerful person to take out the “progressives” he loves talking about. I think they could do what Rush did to Gingrich in the 90s.

  5. What do we want? Blood.

    Commie blood.
    Socialist blood.
    Establishment enabler blood.

    And we will have it.

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