Glenn Beck Show Discussion – November 9, 2010

It’s the big show tonight. Soros Soros Soros. And it’s very good.


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49 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Show Discussion – November 9, 2010

  1. Some people just don’t get it . Once people hear the truth they will not go backwards , they will not unhear it no matter how much trash you try to heap on it to hide it .
    “Nothing burns hotter than the truth .”
    Sorry , HistoryBuff your comments are just more smoke.

  2. Most people would probably think I’m an idiot for saying this, but if there was any one around in this age to fund the Antichrist- it’s got to be Soros.

  3. Remember when Beck was talking about Europe starting to fall into the abyss? I believe he said at the time Greece was starting to go off the rails that Spain would be next then Ireland? Well as we have seen Greece is economically in flames,Spain is spiraling into the toilet and now Ireland is heading into it’s dive,
    Add to it this little tidbit as well,
    Hold on to your backsides folks.

  4. We need to fight fire with fire and turn defense to offense, stop being victims and and let this lunatic know we own ourselves. How can we make this lunatic Soros spend his money faster than he can steal it from us to keep him too busy to create more mayhem. Another message board mentions a few other names that are behind Soros, Maurice Strong and Rockerfeller, Rothschilds.
    Where do the Koch brothers fit in all this?
    Which brings up the question if Soros donated so many millions just spent on the elections where did all that money go and why didn’t it jump start job growth?

  5. Although I strongly support drug law reform, it really bothers me that $oro$ is the $ugar Daddy of the movement. I tell my fellow legalizers that $oro$ is bad news & should be shunned. There are plenty of conservatives & libertarians to help move pot legalization along, especially now w/ TEA Party candidates entering the new Congress in January. There is a groundswell of States’ Rights advocates out there that could help us if we let them.

  6. – Hillary Clinton likes George Soros (today’s video) and former progressive presdents like Teddy Roosevelt (2008 campaign, just like John McCain).
    – Rupert Murdoch liked Hillary Clinton in 2006 (Financial Times). (Does he still like her today?)
    – Bill Clinton does not like Rupert Murdoch (Chris Wallace interview a couple of years ago).
    – Glenn Beck likes neither former progressive presidents nor George Soros. Rupert Murdoch hasn’t fired him.

    So, what does this all mean? I’m confused. Help!

    1. CDS, I think the explanation is less complex than it first appears. Murdoch is a businessman, pure and simple. This means he would support whichever candidate he feels will help his businesses make a profit. He’s evidently not a political ideologue, just a hard-nosed businessman. I could just be talking through my hat, but this is how it seems to me.

  7. Beck has a lot of researchers making sure that his information is correct. I have been hearing about G. Soros for the last few years and he IS a spooky dude.

  8. Beck a puppet of the most obvious kind… and he knows it. LOL, Beck always delivers the goods though, which makes his masters VERY happy 🙂

  9. Beck a puppet of the most obvious kind… and he knows it. LOL, Beck always delivers the goods though, which makes his masters VERY happy 🙂

  10. Beck a puppet of the most obvious kind… and he knows it. LOL, Beck always delivers the goods though, which makes his masters VERY happy 🙂

      1. ‘historybuff’ appears to be a paid Sorosite…

        He only appeared on the site about 11 hours ago, and posted just enough (2) innocuous posts to serve as a cover for his ‘don’t believe what you read/hear about Soros (and the MSM complicity) stuff’.

        1. I didn’t say anything about Soros or the MSM, please don’t put words in my mouth. As far as blocking me from the site… are you kidding? Well, I suppose it’s your right, but I didn’t step outside the rules by kindly stating my opinion. I guess this site isn’t as cool as I thought it might be. Bye…

          1. Did you get blocked from here? I’m still seeing your comments so far.

            Surely you wouldn’t get blocked for speaking your mind…We all know that you have the right to do that even if we don’t agree with you.

            1. I work from a few different computers, which is why I was able to comment after they blocked me from the first one. They will probably now block me from this one… very odd, I must say. Oh well, I really thought this site was cool.

              1. Maybe if you presented an actual argument…wait, thats to much to ask for?

                Why don’t you watch the episode and actually debunk what Glenn has said? Stay on target, go point by point and disprove what Glenn is saying. She Glenn to be a loon and making stuff up.

                And all we get is “Bring on the tears”

                You make Soros very happy knowing that useful idiots and not in short supply.


              2. People on here can express their opinion, all you have proven is that when a fool keeps silence they have the appearance of wisdom, but, then you start typing and remove all doubt.

                Are you have shown so far is that you are a hack, you just troll in and try and stir up trouble.

                Better yet, just keep doing this stuff, expose you side for how shallow it really is, you are doing the heavy lifting for us.

          2. “As far as blocking me from the site… are you kidding?”

            No, but with an endless supply of archived/unlisted domains, such as:


            …I’m sure you can run your next appearance through another Onion Router for another ‘ghost’ IP.

            …and you thought I was just another dumb, pretty face.

            Not paid by Soros, eh?

            Should be, with that kind of tech savvy.

              1. “Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so.”

                ~~Ronald Reagan~~
                A Time for Choosing, Address on behalf of Senator Barry Goldwater,Rendezvous with Destiny, October 27, 1964

            1. Go get him!
              Boy do these guys hate that bright light you’re shining on em.
              I just helped PayPal nail two other guys who thought they were invisible.
              Wish I could have seen their faces when the cops snapped the cuffs on them.
              It’s amazing what a little software can do.

            2. No, I work from a few different computers, and didn’t think the email address was important so I filled in a random one. I’m sorry you feel I was some kind of attacker and I hope you are able to sleep well at night.

              Take care. It is a good site, apart from this strangeness…

        2. Sorry, let me be clear, I meant “I didn’t *think* I stepped outside the rules”…

          Anyways, no I’m not paid by Soros. But I guess you’d probably not believe me now… oh well 🙁

          1. Hey Buff. Just who ARE you paid by, hmmm?
            “Let me be clear” wow, that sounds familiar.
            Where have I heard that about a billion times???

    1. Beck’s a puppet?
      How do you explain “Mercury Radio Arts”?
      Scab, go tell your boss your comments don’t work here.

    2. Yeah, you’re right. That whole “tell the truth” stuff is overrated.
      Just sit in your little room and take the pablum they feed you and then regurgitate it here. Yep, guess this site ain’t “cool”. Try MediaMatters. I hear they need another drone.

    3. you go bro’…mister historybuff….good idea – distract the facts with rhetoric…can’t wait to see what other dilusions you throw out…how about something like clinton when he “didn’t inhale”….wait hold the breath longer…ya man

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